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  1. Jul 22, 2011
    I go to the movies almost every week, some weeks I go more than once. I must say this summer has been full of disappointments. I was getting so upset at all the big summer movies being ok at best, but then Captain America comes along and blew me away! The movie moves at a fantastic pace with the right mix of action, comedy, drama and romance to interest almost everyone. This is one of 4 movies this summer that is movie perfection. With Super 8 and X-Men out of theaters and since everyone has seen Harry Potter then this is the movie to see. I couldn't have liked it more! Expand
  2. Jul 22, 2011
    Never was a huge Captain America fan, but since 2008, starting with Iron Man leading up to Cap's movie, the quality of the movies have gotten better and better - with an exception of Thor - and Captain America is the pinnacle of Marvel Studios' movies' quality. The whole time, you're immersed in the 1940's. I only say "1940's" because I'm trying to use as little spoilers as possible. But the movie is a blend of a WWII movie, a Superhero movie and a Sci-fi movie. It explains the origin of Captain America and really brings you into his shoes and makes the viewers understand his views. The movie is loaded with action, supporting cast - Nick Fury's father, Tony Stark's father Howard, Bucky and even Stan Lee which is a fun little thing to throw in - and interesting, intense story. The movie definitely made you realize that Captain America IS a hero and the world would be different without him. Bottom line, see the movie. It will make you laugh, it will make you want to punch Nazis and it might even bring about a tear. Expand
  3. Jul 31, 2011
    I really don't know why I'm seeing so many good scores to this weak, terrible and, surely, dispensable movie.
    First of all... Where is, in the hell, the background story?
    Oh, I got it... It's just some kind of excuse for these meaningless gunshots. "Oh, damn, is a war!" YES! The great super-hero Captain America is shown as a big brainless mass of muscles and a damned shield that I don't
    know HOW works against all those attacks, because it only defends his empty head!
    And, of course, in the middle of all, he finds a space to kiss the girl.
    No, I have no problems against the Cap, but this movie is simply useless. Made just to say that all of the Avengers have their own movies. I'll really appreciate if the Avengers movie have something smart on it, just like the Iron Man's... and unlike this Cap America's crappy thing.

    But, beyond all this, if you want some movie with no commitment to physics nor background story; if you really want to face something just for fun - or maybe for some excuse to kiss in the dark of the cine - go on, but I am not responsible for the consequences
  4. Jul 22, 2011
    They really did good for once. You cheered you laughed some kids behind me cried and tried to be brave and cover it up. Unlike the abortion that was Thor this was a movie I did not regret paying to see. Don't bother with 3d. There are about 15 seconds of footage that is crap flying at the camera but the rest is just as good in 2d. Only other Marvel film that was this good was Iron Man 1. I loved the 1940s backdrops that were so exaggerated it was great. It should be fine to take your kids to. A couple people get shot and one guy turns into red mist after getting thrown through a propeller but not so much as a swear or boob. There isn't a nerd alive who Steve Rogers doesn't remind of their childhood. Take kids and elderly if you are a 20 something hipster you will like it to you just won't admit it in public cause it's so dorky. They even worked the punching Hitler in the jaw scene in. Oh and the preview of the new Spiderman? It looks like crap. Expand
  5. Jul 24, 2011
    Chris Evans stars a scrawny but scrappy guy who can't enlist to fight in WWII. Thanks to science, he's transformed into a hunk with mildly super powers and sets out to fight a diabolical villain. The film has no style; visual, directorial or narrative. It's earnest and lacking in humor, but the scifi elements aren't cool and the action is mediocre. It never drags, but it never soars either. NOTE: Stay thru the credits for a teaser for "The Avengers." Expand
  6. Jul 29, 2011
    This movie will not wow you but all in all a solid entertaining movie. The main problem I found with the movie is that the story does not develop well and some parts are told in a sloppy manner. However the characters are well developed and genuine witch will cause the movie goer to care about the characters and ultimately be attached to the story. Captain America turns out to be an average but fun super hero movie that's worth your time. Expand
  7. Jul 31, 2011
    Ignore all the negitive reviewers they dont know a good film if it smacked them in the face!. This film has everything, humor, action, story, fun, fight scenes, and above all ITS TRUE TO MARVEL LORE! THIS is without a doubt the best marvel movie to date. Marvel studios with every production seem to get better and better and this film has everything. You will enjoy it more if your a marvel fan, but there are some fantasic performances from actors in this movie, Tommy Lee Jones is amazing, Chris evans as Captain America is also amazing, and there is a fantasic support cast making this movie one of the most thrilling, enjoyable experiences in cinema released in cinema this year. Highly Recommend you see this movie. Will be buying this as soon as its out. Oh and btw make sure you stay behind after the credits for a little treat ;) Expand
  8. Aug 12, 2011
    11£ wasted on this crappy attempt for making another good MARVEL Avengers movie. I have to admit, First half an hour for me was full of excitement and expectations from this movie, but after that I started yawning, sleeping, moving on the chair from one side to another and eventually I left the cinema. Look at movies like Ironman, X-men, Spiderman, Hulk. Those movies have not only amazing effects but also great story, actors feel their characters, authentic historical facts and language. I don't understand why Marvel made this Capt. America such an expected movie when the actors can't even learn German language, and naming the main villain Schmidt and placing there Agent Smith from Matrix is just pathetic. So therefore, this movie deserves nothing but grade 2 for effects and for Hailey Atwell, who's hot. I strongly do not recommend to go see this movie in cinema. I got a 3D glasses and I did not find one single 3D effect, so waste of money. Expand
  9. Sep 10, 2011
    The movie is similar to Thor; the movie's background is heavily limited, the actions are similar to stealth missions in games, and the dialogue is uninspired. However, this is better than Thor because of its capability to bring the morale of the movie and a bad-ass trailer for a upcoming movie in 2012.
  10. Oct 30, 2011
    It is basically an above average film. However, I just personally do not like the ending - The ending is not proper enough - It does not respond back to the exposition of the film. It is just a fake cliffhanger which tries to attract us to watch "The Avengers" in the coming year. Pfff...
  11. Jul 22, 2011
    Another marvel film lives up to itâ
  12. Jul 22, 2011
    A mediocre film that mixed a comic book with a big production old time movie which detracted from both. The historical periods were inaccurate and a distraction to the movie. Tommy Lee Jones was able to put on a good performance but his age limited the impact of his character. The 3D version did not mesh with the time period of the movie and there were nary any spots giving 3D excitement. The 2D version would have given the movie a more authentic look. The direction was good but the script needed more work. And finally, Captain America was unable to raise the hair on the back of my neck. I was left wanting for that feeling of cheering and being proud of the hero. Expand
  13. Jul 24, 2011
    What can i say? This is Captain America! The best way to put it, they did him justice! I am sooooo looking forward to the Avengers!! You quickly grew to root on Captain America, the graphics were amazing, and the plot was strong. A++!

    P.S. Stay till after the credits!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Jul 24, 2011
    Since my last time that the new Captain America movie could be the lamest superhero ever, and I'm saying "Come on that's not gonna be good for best superheroes like The Dark Knight, Spider-Man, or Iron Man." So I take a chance to watch this movie, and I have to say that this movie was very good with huge CG effects with lots of pulp descent action film. The CG effects are pretty amazing that sometimes it could be handy like creating worlds with atmosphere, instead watching CGI in people on their faces. The actor who played Captain America (Chris Evans) was very good and that's a perfect choice for the superhero. The characters are well acted and I enjoy watching that villain named Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) was dark and very cruelty that he did best villain as Agent Smith in The Matrix Trilogy. The background is neat and the visual looks amazing, of course that I didn't see it in 3D, but I recommend that see it in 2D if you can. Captain America is a solid summer blockbuster hit for the best comic book movie that could attach to my top of X-Men: First Class and more changeling than Transformers 3 that it didn't look too good (of course it stinks!), but very good. Expand
  15. Jul 26, 2011
    I thought Captain Ameirca was a pretty decent movie, but the weakest out Avengers prelude movies. The two biggest problem I have with the movie is the slow pace in the middle of the movie and lack of a really good soundtrack I expect from a super hero movie.
  16. JLW
    Aug 2, 2011
    I am shocked by all the good reviews of this film. It is terrible. I felt like I was watching a bad 80s B-grade action film. Please, Nazi motorbikes that come out of nowhere; ray guns powered by divine Norse-god energy cubes; a serum that makes a weakling into a superman....what utter contrite crap. WORST OF ALL: It was another embarrassing attempt to inject some American exceptional-ism and Imperialism back into the movies. Aren't we over this yet? No wonder other we are hated so much around the world. All this poor excuse of a movie was, was an exercise in setting up the Avengers movie...oh joy. Capt. American was an utter waste of money....And what is up with all the good movie reviews? Makes one suspicious about who is on the take. Expand
  17. Jul 22, 2011
    Captain America was a great movie, stayed very true to the comics (from my knowledge at least) was not to over the top and it tied in with the rest of the marvel universe quite well. In short 9 out of 10. MERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Jul 22, 2011
    I was lucky enough to see this at an early screening, and it did not disappoint. One of the summers better comic book movies (better then Green Lantern, and Thor). The special effects are amazing and look natural in the movie. The acting is pretty good, and the writing is actually quite good. The score is one of the highlights of the movie. Overall a great movie, and it gets you excited for The Avenger's. By the way, stay after the credits, there should be a scene. 9/10 Expand
  19. Jul 22, 2011
    just saw captain america the first avengers and it takes the place of iron man in my eyes as the most dominating marvel comics movie ever made....and iron man set a high bar to reach...
  20. Jul 23, 2011
    While some I did find some of the action to be a bit too "montage" like, Captain America: The First Avenger is the best comic book movie of the summer thanks to it's excellent cast, thrilling action, and appealing script.
  21. Jul 23, 2011
    This is one movie where I really can't understand how it is critically pretty good. The whole time I was watching it felt like the movie was on a thin line between being humorous and serious. It was like the whole thing was a parody of itself. It glorified the propaganda that was in the U.S. during the 1940s. The action scenes are unexplained and mindless for the most part, there was not a single scene in this movie that I honestly enjoyed. Expand
  22. Jul 26, 2011
    Captain America: The First Avenger succeeds more as a two-hour prequel for things to come than it does as a standalone film. It features an abundance of over-the-top action sequences, a series of convoluted plans that test the limits of your disbelief suspension, and a tacked-on romance that very much feels like it was added just so the producers of the film could claim to potential female movie-goers "hey, we have smoochies along with the punches!"

    See the full review here:
  23. Jul 30, 2011
    I watched this movie to see Tommy Lee Jones, and was disappointed by the fact that nobody was disemboweled by TLJ. I cannot see a difference from this movie and a Power Rangers Movie. The only thing good about this movie was the trailer for the Avengers after the credits, But even to see that, you have to sit through two hours of war profiteering to witness this trailer. This might as well been animated. Expand
  24. Jul 30, 2011
    This summer has had a lot of lackluster blockbusters, including transformers 3 and Green Lantern, but Captain America is probably one of the best movies to arrive all year long. It has a very good story, and the acting is actually very well done compared to Thor and Green Lantern. It also has it's funny moments which are actually funny, unlike Transformers 3, which were stupid and repulsive. Definitely my favorite movie this summer and probably one of the best Super Hero Movies I've seen to date. Expand
  25. Aug 2, 2011
    The action kept the interest, but the plot was an average Marvel film. It was was a good film with good video content and a must watch for Marvel fans.
  26. Sep 4, 2011
    Captain America was a watchable movie, thanks only to its campy/retro style and its mildly charming cast. The script was lazy and quite mediocre at best, with inconsistent dialogue, very little semblance of time and a plot that only skimmed the surface of what could have been achieved in this world war 2 adventure flick. In one instance; montages were used to show the captain and his team's earlier missions, rather than detailed scenes showing such missions (which was unfortunate). Such script weaknesses caused underdevelopment in both the story and characters. The score was perpetual and annoying, and the acting was okay (with the exception of Weaving and Jones who were quite good), but luckily; the simple character arcs and the romance between our leads, added a little to these 2 dimensional characters. The retro production of this movie won me over completely and its pulpy qualities were nice to watch as its hardly being done now. The comic book movies of this summer comes to an end, and I must say it was a pretty average group of movies (ranging from horrible to 'okay'). I may forever be baffled as to why this film got such good reviews. But its technical attributes are easily the best of the 4 comicbook films. but it surely wasn't the best, artistically. Expand
  27. Aug 20, 2011
    This film i was expecting to enjoy. But overall, i didn't at all. It gets a 4 because I give props to it's great effects, and the beginning was good. But when he became captain america, it all came down. A forgettable, ABSOLUTELY unrealistic superhero film with just an OK performance from chris evans. This movie was a guy on superhero steroids. It did not explain anything about his powers. Yeah he was muscular, but that doesn't mean he immediately knows how to use his shield super well, and fly a HUGE ship at the end. A huge disappointment. I didn't care for ANYONE in the film. and every superhero movie, Batman, superman, spiderman, iron man, have scenes showing the heros developing their powers. This movie didn't at all. Uninteresting, and BAD. Expand
  28. Nov 13, 2011
    There has been few good superhero movies over the last decade (excluding the first Iron Man and Christopher's Batman franchise) and Captain America is no exception. While the movie had some originality at the beginning, with the movie staying true to the WWII setting, the movie quickly veered away from that. It quickly became another bland modern action thriller. Terrible dialogue, extremely predictable (though some decent character development), this is no exception to a failing superhero genre. Expand
  29. Apr 25, 2013
    A solid performance from Chris Evans and an enjoyable first half kept my attention. However, the second half becomes primarily concerned on cramming in as many action set pieces to make up for the quieter first act.
  30. Jul 22, 2011
    This movie had everything you could ever want fora superhero movie...and then some! The most fun I had at the movies in a long, long time. The story is great! The action is great! The sets, the pace, the villains, the CGI, etc...Great! Great! Great! The dialogue is even great! (And we're usually forced to forgive superhero dialogue.) Despite knowing that this just the final piece before the big ensemble assembles next summer, it never felt like a bridge movie to the Avengers. It was it's own animal.
    MINOR Spoiler: Positively the best after-credits surprise you could ever imagine! Standing ovation worthy.
  31. Jul 22, 2011
    This is by far the best superhero movie of the summer. A satisfying blend of action and humor that while not directly take from the comics keeps most of the spirit of the modern interpretation of the character to heart. The film has plenty of nods to various Captain America characters and objects that should keep fans of the book entertained. This feels much more like a complete film than something like Iron Man 2 did with only a pair of bookends tacked on to smooth the transition to the Avengers. As usual make sure to stay after the credits for something extra. Expand
  32. Jul 22, 2011
    Five Stars. Yep, that's right. Because I cannot be objective about Captain America one single bit. My first comic book (when I started collecting) was The Avengers. Through years of reading many comics, The Avengers was always my favorite and Captain America was always my favorite hero. Yes, I know they did a really bad movie in the early 90s of Cap, but given the budget and the plan to make the Avengers movie happen in continuity, I EXPECTED perfection out of this movie. They would NOT have been able to pull off any Avengers movie without a solid Captain America foundation. While Chris Evans definitely had the LOOK, I was initially concerned since he had very recently played Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies. And, in my mind, him playing the immature Johnny Storm was much different than the responsible, mature Steve Rogers. Chris was absolutely perfect. The story was absolutely perfect. The cheese was minimal. The setup for the Avengers movie was perfect. People who have no emotional connection to the characters may find some of it cheesy, but Marvel, while not churning out dark masterpieces like DC is doing with Batman, this was everything I could have possibly wanted in a Captain America film. The Avengers trailer at the end put me over the top. My childhood coming to life on screen is mesmerizing. Excelsior! Expand
  33. Jul 22, 2011
    Captain America was another great movie to add to Marvel's ever increasing list of successful box office events. Chris Evans and the great supporting cast of Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, and Hayley Atwell showed great chemistry and delivered the lines of a script without fault. Captain America does a great job steering up the future Avengers movie. It's still a shame that they were unable to keep Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. Expand
  34. Jul 22, 2011
    A superhero with as much courage and grit as flash and gadgets. The best example of this since Peter Parker in "Spider-man." Hugo Weaving continues his streak at playing great villains, and Tommy Lee Jones dominates scenes as always. The supporting cast is less memorable, but with no obvious casting/character flubs except for a bumbling Howard Stark.
  35. Jul 22, 2011
    Marvel comes through again with Captain America! Chris Evans stars as Steve Rogers/Cap and does a fine job, Tommy Lee Jones and Hugo Weaving, who plays the villain Red Skull, both steal the show. Story was solid, and the actions scenes were good. My main complaint is some cheesy scenes and one liners that took away some of the momentum the film had, but besides that very good movie! Plus, the scene after the credits is just incredible! Expand
  36. Jul 23, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I go to the movies almost every week, some weeks I go more than once. I must say this summer has been full of disappointments. I was getting so upset at all the big summer movies being ok at best, but then Captain America comes along and blew me away! The movie moves at a fantastic pace with the right mix of action, comedy, drama and romance to interest almost everyone. This is one of 4 movies this summer that is movie perfection. With Super 8 and X-Men out of theaters and since everyone has seen Harry Potter then this is the movie to see. I couldn't have liked it more! Expand
  37. Jul 23, 2011
    When I saw this movie, all I could think about was how it instantly stacks up to the all-time great films in its category. What I said about classics like Iron Man, Spider-Man 2, X2 or X-Men First Class holds true for Captain America.

    I love the range of emotions and development you experience following Steve Rogers from beginning to end of the film. He grows in to the hero role and you
    grow to like and admire him as you watch, maybe more so than any other Marvel hero. I know, that's saying a lot since that's what truly makes Marvel great. It's not superpowers but relate-able pathos and depth of character. Well, Cap delivers all that and more. It all works remarkably well as they humanize Steve and draw you in to the story. First Avenger is not just a good comic book movie. It's a great movie period.

    The complexity, depth, heart, emotion and action are off the charts. I honestly can't believe we're going to see a better movie this summer and, for that matter the rest of the year. I totally agree with most of the film critics who are raving about it. The complexities of a man dressed in a flag are more then anyone could have been expecting. The evolution and growth of the characters is also something you rarely see in a summer film. I loved the supporting cast a lot, how many summer films can you say you've seen that flesh out supporting characters? I'm so glad this movie turned out as good as it did and that most people are finding it and loving it as well.
  38. Jul 23, 2011
    This movie is awesome. 2011 turned out to be maybe the best year ever for the comic book movie adaptation. Marvel knows exactly what they are doing,
  39. Jul 23, 2011
    7 action hero that emblematizes more than an unwanted web-dweller, an opulent ecolocator, or fancied scrap metal; 'America' is the real deal! This latest film of the Star-Spangled Avenger is one that embodies a perceptible outpouring of nationalistic spirit and ardor, that draws from you, a rallying cry worthy of a few U-S-A-'s. The result, is a fanboy's dream, a new, improved look, and a comic-franchise-to-be, that just might become Marvel's next biggest thing. Think about it...What other comic film, after viewing, could you say made you feel proud to be an American? Zilch. Hey, and who knows, maybe with this country's ever-falling history test scores, a movie--this movie--of all things might be the cure; with Cap on your side, WWII might again be discussed and remembered. But, let's move on. So, you may be wondering: "Besides the 'feel-good' affect of a potential franchise, and the revival of academic decadence, how was the actual movie?" And I would tell you..."Captain America: The First Avenger" is the first of the historic 2011 summer blockbusters that aims to deliver on a textual basis, in lieu, of on a visual level; granted the visuals are far from peripheral. Farther, the 40's setting is a real delight to rivet in, as well. As for the acting...Chris Evans does a serviceable job as Captain Rogers, although, the 90 pound version is even more refined, and spectacular than the advanced CGI seen on Benjamin Button (2008). Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter) also does a fine job, albeit, her presence is most known in the form of tightly-fit dress, showcasing her impeccable figure---she fits very well into the 40's dame picturesque. To my own surprise, is the real treasure in 'The First Avenger:' Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Chester Phillips. Jones' stern, dead-set demeanor was to be expected, but his character brandishes more wit and charisma than other roles. More than anything, and what propels this film past all of the other of its genre---slightly more than X-First Stand---is its element of aptness of tradition; the feeling is conditioned within us. Captain America 'Wants YOU' to come to the theater! Expand
  40. Jul 23, 2011
    Captain America is great popcorn movie! do not go to the theater with your expectations high.Marvel comics take a few liberties with the comic book adaption and it works during Steve Rogers 1940's transformation and the explanation of the origin of the Red Skull and his relationship with Bucky,as well as the costume changes.The acting was great by all! The direction by Joe Johnston proves to me that this was the right guy for the job,he gave the movie an epic look and kept the action sequences tight and to the point.The battles scenes with a mixture of world war 2 and sci fi was perfect for this sort of film.So far the best superhero movie this year,keep up the good work marvel films! Expand
  41. Jul 23, 2011
    When have you ever heard a male character in any film mention the idea of "waiting for the right partner"? The concept of a man being true to his moral principals, down to his personal/romantic life is admirable in this story. The pace and detail of how Steve Roger's character began and evolved made this movie stand out above all other hero films. This is one of those few movies that doesn't totally insult my intelligence or rely heavily on CGI and silly macho sexual crap. Sure, there was plenty of explosions and cool effects - but unlike Transformers 3, this story had heart and intelligently executed dialogue. I give the screenwriters praise on how they handled the initial silliness of Cap's name and uniform as well as the humorous moments with Tommy Lee Jones. By the time Captain America was saving the world I didn't question the believability of his journey and by the end I was wanting the story to continue. Expand
  42. Jul 24, 2011
    While paling in comparison along-side "Thor" and "X-Men: First Class", this war-centric superhero soars well due to some admirable performances and a surprisingly bitter sweet climax, that makes Steve Rogers' tale of origin stand apart as a rousing and energetic, though at times flawed and miscalculated period popcorn adventure piece.
  43. Jul 24, 2011
    Great movie if you love comics, but if you are an average movie goer, this movie will be good. The visuals are very good and the dialog has some really good lines, but the script is very predictable and some of the action gets a little cheesy. Unlike Iron Man or Batman, where you see them develop much of their skills or abilities, Captain America becomes an instant super soldier. The problem for me is they use a biological method to make him, but that does not explain how he has the knowledge or skills to fly a plain, ride a motorcycle, or do hand-to-hand combat. If you are looking for a popcorn flick and like sci-fi/fantasy movies, you should be able to enjoy this. If you loved Iron Man, then you will really enjoy this, but just do not expect it to be better than Iron Man. Expand
  44. Jul 24, 2011
    One of the better superhero movies to come out in ages- Captain America has a refreshingly different plot structure than most movies, some genuinely funny humor, great writing, interesting characters all around, and incredible action sequences. The pacing is far better than would be expected, certain scenes actually manage to generate emotion due to the way the film actually develops an attachment of the audience to the characters, and the film's romance doesn't feel as half-baked as most action flicks- I'd even go so far as to say it contributes a good amount to the appeal of the film. There is room for improvement- namely, the super-villain organization, HYDRA, never, ever feels like a threat, and the declarations of characters that the villains are on the brink of taking over the world can at no point in the film be taken seriously. Beyond that, though, it's an all-around great time at the movies. Expand
  45. Jul 24, 2011
    Long overdue, this movie was great, they brought the comic book legend to life, and he is truly the embodiment of the American people, no matter what walk of life you come from, everyone will be able to feel a sense of pride from this movie. He is a warrior for all who are oppressed, from any country. Avengers will be amazing.
  46. Jul 25, 2011
    This is how a comic book superhero movie should be made. Just about perfect in every area. The origin, the reasoning and the overall flow of the film is top notch. It stayed true to who Captain America is. A good guy....a superhero. No strings attached. A villain who is evil. No strings attached. No reasons. No revenge plots. No angst. No dark brooding nonsense. Classic superhero vs. villain story. Marvel is making some good films lately and I cannot wait to see the Avengers. Expand
  47. Jul 25, 2011
    '' Captain America: The First Avenger '' gives you that pleasant experience of watching a movie. I like these '' serious '' type of superhero movies, like '' The Dark Knight '' (2008). You know, the ones with an intriguing plot, with great action, with realistic situations, with cool villains. That kind of movie when it takes itself seriously. It's like if you took a superhero cartoon series for kids, and making it for an older audience (teenagers, adults and old people). Well this movie offers that special maturity, yet still awesome. Also, Hugo Weaving was so good as the Red Skull. He was believable and bad-ass. This actor deserves more credit. I must say that the cinematography was quite a success. What I mean by that is the ambiance, the lights, everything was perfect to fit the time of World War II (since the story occurs at that moment). I was also impressed how skinny looked Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans). The special effects were really well done. If you're one of those who were waiting to see this movie, with high expectations, you won't be disappointed. Expand
  48. Jul 25, 2011
    Joe Johnston knocked this film out of the park. Captain America: The First Avenger was awesome. The action was thrilling, the acting was superb. Chris Evans had an award worthy performance and Tommy Lee Jones was Tommy Lee Jones, great as always and funny. They balanced the comedy, action, and story perfectly. The effects were excellent. Few minor flaws here and there but overall a superb film and Marvel really saved their best for last before the Avengers, which btw make sure you stay till the end of the creditz because there is the first trailer for the hyped up film and it looks amazing. I was going to give this film a nine but because of the ending im giving it a ten, go see this film, you wont be disappointed Expand
  49. Jul 25, 2011
    This movie was magnificent! A lot of action and the acting was incredible. It completely blew me away!
    1. Captain America- 10/10
    2. Iron Man-8/10
    3. The Incredible Hulk-7/10
    4. Thor-7/10
    5. Iron Man 2-7/10
  50. Jul 26, 2011
    I am a fan of captain america enough to know his story but not a "fanboy". This isn't just a good comic book movie but a general good movie. The only minor flaw i could find in the movie and i'm pretty critical is the scale of everything just makes it really unbelievable. There were factories like 15 stories high and tanks 5 it just wasn't needed. cap's just a feel good action packed american movie that pulled everything together with a amazing cast and well told story. Expand
  51. Jul 26, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I saw this movie the day it came out (the first time I've seen a movie the day it came out since Toy Story 3) and it was AWESOME!!! Thor and Green Lantern were great movies, but this overshadows those two in every way. It's by far the best of the three.(I haven't seen X-Men: First Class). Great acting, great storytelling, and great fight scenes. It's PERFECT!!!
    Not only is it better than Thor and Green Lantern, it's better than Superman, X-Men, and every other superhero movie I've seen except for The Dark Knight and Iron Man. It's one of the best superhero movies ever.
    Chris Evans is excellent as Steve Rogers/Captain America. He was the best thing about the Fantastic Four movie. He did the role of Captain America much better than I expected. The rest of the cast did their roles well-especially Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull.
    The film stays true to the comics. Well, it mostly stays true to the Earth 616 Marvel Universe, but Bucky and Steve being childhood friends and Bucky protecting Steve from bullies stems from Ultimate Marvel, and so does Steve being found by S.H.I.E.L.D instead of the Avengers. Oh well.
    I do like how the film is set during WW2, because Captain America first appeared during WW2, and was frozen in ice near the end of the war and wasn't revived until decades later. I'm glad that Captain America didn't end up like Green Lantern: with reviews it didn't deserve. It's one of the best movies of the summer. I guarantee it. If you go see this movie, you will most likely NOT be disappointed. You won't regret seeing it. I'm looking forward to the sequel, and I hope Bucky appears as the Winter Soilder.
  52. Jul 26, 2011
    Fantastic special effects, cool storyline and worth your money. My only frustration with the movie, is that I wish there was more action throughout the film. I look forward to the sequel next summer.
  53. Jul 26, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While the second quarter of the movie was a bit slow (the part where Steve Rogers starts singing a tour to sell war bonds), everything else in the movie shows that Captain America, along with Thor and the Incredible Hulk, make better movies then Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man movies (although to be fair, I like the Iron Man movies, just not as much as the movies depicting the other Avengers). One part I really enjoyed was the ending, showing Captain America's reawakening, setting the stage for next year's Avengers movie. Expand
  54. Jul 27, 2011
    Captain America: The First Avenger is the last of the four characters in The Avengers movie that will have a stand alone movie (at least before The Avengers comes out). It follows the fantastic Iron Man, a surprisingly decent Incredible Hulk, a decidedly meh Iron Man 2, and an amazing Thor. So, how did it live up to those? Pretty frakkin well

    The rest of my review can be found
  55. Jul 27, 2011
    This one make the american's proud because this film has made the history into an mind blowing action story. So watch this one so that you get ready for the most anticipated movie of the decade which every one is waiting for "The Avengers" in 2012. I think that this film is the blockbuster movie with a mixture of action, history, sci-fi, drama, adventure & much more. So go to watch the captain of america the Captain America : The First Avenger and get full blown away. Expand
  56. Jul 27, 2011
    I liked this movie much more than Thor
  57. Jul 27, 2011
    Captain America was a good movie. The cast was great i really liked Chris Evans for the lead role he just fit the part perfectly. The beginning of the story and how he just goes from Steve Rogers to Captain America was really nice!. How they made Chris Evans look skinny was amazing it didn't look cheesy at all! The pacing of the movie was OK, i didn't like how they showed Steve Rogers in the musical for over 4 minutes! yet they can't show Captain America In His SUIT fighting for the 1st time. It was literally like a montage. The movie had very few bad parts, it was funny and just really enjoyable if it were a bit more serious and not as kid friendly it would be on par with X-Men First Class. Expand
  58. Jul 28, 2011
    Nothing is perfect, but this is close. A great movie! Just a great adventure romp, with adequate acting. A little corny in one part, but mostly engaging the whole time. Surprised at the PG-13 rating in the US as there is some serious gore at times. This is a great movie! Sets a great foundation for The Avengers!
  59. Jul 28, 2011
    I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for a good superhero movie; but that's not why I liked this. It's a genuinely solid film. The art direction is impeccable, the special effects are seamless, and the action and dialogue are just corny enough to pull the whole thing together. This is an old fashion shoot-em-up thrill ride that really packs a major punch. It's so good, we can forgive it for being a total setup for the new "Avengers" film (Which will rock, if these lead-up films are any indication). Expand
  60. Jul 28, 2011
    The first half of Captain America had some heart, charm and an interesting plot developing; unfortunately the second half suffers due to Marvels insistence on setting up The Avengers and other future Marvel movies and not focusing on giving the audience a complete satisfying story. If Captain 'America' was meant to represent the good aspect of American values? Then why completely drop such principles to the fighting and action of the second half. Cap Amercia has some things going for it at the start, but its disappointing that Marvel having all the money in the world cant get simple established aspects of storytelling right in its movies.â Expand
  61. Jul 29, 2011
    Chris Evans does a good job as Captain America. The direction and writing is crisp. Better than the Green Lantern released a few weeks ago. Better character development, more humor, great special effects. Not a great super hero movie like "The Dark Knight", but the best one released in awhile. Like most super hero movies the plot is too predictable.
  62. nop
    Jul 31, 2011
    Well done action movie, with likeable characters, more or less consistent plot and conservative usage of special effects. Movie with a soul, which Transformers 3 did not have at all. In visual department this movie borrows heavily from WW2 fantasy action games, such as Wolfenstein. Blue glowing stuff with almost magical properties, desintegrator guns, enemies, environments - definitely not new or original. But copied with taste.
    Don't expect masterpiece, but for a mainstream comic book film this is as good as you can get.
  63. Aug 2, 2011
    Briefly, this movie shows enormous to the comics of the era and tat the same time appreciates the the more realistic trend of comic book movies that Marvel supports. Most importantly it downplays the hokey quality of the era as seen by men and women of the modern era. It also shows respect to the men and women who made the actual sacrifices that let the Allies win the war. Chris Evans deserves a lot of credit for not falling into his more comfortable joke-ster persona and taking on the sheer weight of being a human super-weapon, and he does it wonderfully. Expand
  64. Aug 4, 2011
    PIECE OF CRAP!!! Seems pretty obvious they just threw this together to make a few dollars, and to preface the Avengers film. What a waste of time and money. I have never cared less about a super hero, and was actually rooting for the bad guys, who were WAY cooler than the good guys. The editing and cut scenes were terrible. He runs, jumps the enormous, fire engulfed, opening, and... is running to the exit. He runs, grabs a chain to swing over dozens of enemies (all of them shooting at him) and... is running through a field. The good guys grab a bunch of the bad guy's vastly superior weapons, but when then storm the enemy's stronghold, then use weak, conventional weapons. Where did the shield material come from? How does it come back to him when he throws it? The ending was absolutely ridiculous. The ONLY saving grace of this movie was Hayley Atwell. WOW. Seeing her in that red dress gave this a couple of extra rating points. I will never get those 2 hours, or $14 back. If this is the basis of The Avengers, I may skip it! Expand
  65. Aug 5, 2011
    You can lay your skepticism aside, for this movie truly delivers. Unlike most, including I, believed, this movie was not some rushed Hollywood sell-out. On the contrary, this movie shocked me greatly, giving me more than I hoped for, or expected from a movie of this popularity. Instead of a glimmering, crowd-please that would be easy to draw in a crowd, it was a true homage to what Captain America is all about. It leaves you with the proud feeling to be an American, as cheesy as it sounds. More of the movie was spent on his actual story, characteristics, and the upbringing of his new suit(as compared to the comics), which was quite an interesting take. The movie tells the story of "Cap" in a very modern fashion, as it should be, without drifting too far from its roots. Most of all, the movie doesn't feel rushed, which is pretty impressive considering they had to explain how he got to the modern day world not aging a day for 70 years. Overall, this movie is a must see of the Summer, and the best choice by far to lead in next year's Avengers movie. Expand
  66. Aug 5, 2011
    Before going to the theaters I didn't really know much about Captain America. I knew the basics about him like he's in the original avengers and he originally lived in the 1940s and other things like that. That was actually a good thing because if I knew exactly what should've happened in the comics I think I wouldn't enjoy the film. The movie was good, even funny at times (Cap. America wasn't really funny in the comics I think), acting was nice and the story was pretty decent. There were times though where I felt it was a little anti-climatic. Like there was an action scene and the guy is in a live or die situation and while you wait for his fate it will cut to another scene talking about his fate but not actually showing it. But aside from other minor dislikes the film is good and is way better than the previous 'Avenger' film: Thor. Expand
  67. Aug 12, 2011
    After looking at the user score and the critic score I was sort of expecting a good movie. For what ever reason this movie was hyped when it turned out to be like the average super hero movie. I'm not going to lie, its probably at the same level Thor was. This movie did not give the viewer anything special or anything that made it worth watching. Just some mediocre action and typical mediocre comedy at some parts. Expand
  68. Aug 26, 2011
    This is a great comic book character turned big screen action star movie. It isn't Ironman good, but its pretty damn close. As an underdog story, I think many people will relate to the Steve Rogers pre-super soldier serum character. Here is a guy with the selfless heart of champion, but the size and athletic ability of Willow. On the other end of the spectrum, post-super soldier serum Captain America is a hero we would all love to be.
    The plot moves smoothly, the characters have plenty of depth and the action sequences are fantastic. Even the tension that slowly builds between Cap and Peggy Carter is done well. The only weak spot is the friendship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. I don't see how these two guys would ever be best friends. I guess they felt obligated to put Bucky in the movie, but this is one instance where deviating from the original concept probably would have been the best choice.
  69. Aug 28, 2011
    Unfortunately, this movie leaves much to be desired. I expected it to be amazing, and it was for about 40 Mins, until Steve turns into Captain America. The movie goes steeply down hill from that point. The pacing in the second half of the movie was terrible, and nothing makes any sense. The fight scene choreography was the worst I've ever seen in any comic book movie. In fact, i don't think there was any fight scene choreography at all. I may be a little harsh with this review but if you have one of the greatest fighters in the world wouldn't he have some sort of training? Wouldn't he have at least one memorable fight? The movie was not all bad, The main actors were quite pleasant due to good casting, except Evans. He looks perfect but his corny one liner jokes don't fit with him being Captain America. This is largely due to the director not having a clue. All of the scenes that were not super heroish, that were made to look like the early 1900's were great! The cinematography was not bad but suffered from lasers. Really bad lasers. It was like "that scene looks really nice, it...why are they shooting lasers? and why do they look worse then the lasers in the GIJoe movie?" The movie all in all was a good home rental but should have been at least an iron man level movie but came no where near. Expand
  70. Aug 31, 2011
    I really hoped that they would get this movie right, but I was let down. Captain America is uninspried and dull. It never finds the right tones, the dialogs are boring as is the acting. The screenwriting is as poor as it gets. The only thing I grant this movie is that the special FX are top notch.
  71. Sep 7, 2011
    To be completely honest, all i can do is adlib the trailer. Where are the best heroes made? IN UHMERICUH........

    Seriously though, this is completely the best film i've ever seen. And i've seen alot of films......
  72. Sep 7, 2011
    I really thought that this movie was going to be awesome when I saw the trailer but it was a disappointment. The dialogues were boring and so was the acting.
  73. Sep 29, 2011
    Just a good old fashioned action movie. Entertaining and fun. don't think to much into it and you'll enjoy the cool special effects, awesome fight scenes, and corny jokes.
  74. Oct 21, 2011
    American propaganda is like so 60 years ago. It's painful to watch this movie( cause I can't call it film).
    It's just too fact breaking.
    Everything about it is fake. Actors do as much as they can with such a poor script.
    Unfortunately this movie makes you understand the nazi. If you'd had a **** with a shield trying to stop you, you'll do the same..
  75. Oct 28, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Another Marvel Atrocity, It has a strong start, then quickly ran out of steam especially in the climax of the battle between good and evil. Red Skull was a seriously lousy villain. He was more laughable than frightening, especially his cheap looking face. The romance;. you can integrate a romantic subplot in a "superhero" movie and do it well, I've seen it done (Spider-man 2, The Dark Knight). But this was much too Thor-esque but the ending was good as necessary. And it was okay. I could live with it. UNTIL Steve chose to utter, "I'll be okay. But I had a date." or something to that effect. More corny scripting. Expand
  76. Nov 11, 2011
    Not a great movie but watchable if you are a fan. I felt like I was watching a Michael Bay movie were there are action scenes and no story. Good action scenes but overall a less than decent movie. Marvel movies nowadays are a complete disaster.
  77. Jan 17, 2012
    Chris Evans is surprisingly believable as Steve Rogers. You believe that he believes. I still think he is miscast though. Maybe that is down to my stubborness of believing the only person who could of played Captain America was a 50 year old Robert Redford. The story is smart, but the action isn't nor is it frequent enough. I will be interested in see this Rogers in The Avengers though.
  78. Jan 24, 2012
    I liked the film a lot more than I expected to. Chris Evans was ok as a lead but I hated the whole idea of having his CGI-ed with a small body, It annoyed me a lot because it looked terrible. There was a lot of action though and it was an enjoyable film, Hugo Weaving was a great villian. It also did a good job at providing background for the Avengers film. Worth the watch imo.
  79. Jan 27, 2012
    A fun action movie for fans of the comic books! Captain America is awesome, better than your average action film. It actually has a story and good characters! Worth the time, and I hope there's a sequel, because I will definitely be seeing it!
  80. Jan 28, 2012
    A pleasant surprise, easy cheesey fun and I say that as someone who has never read a Captain America comic book and probably never will, I'm not even American. The standard movie flag waving 'USA is awesome' even felt less hackneyed here than in many others of its ilk. It's not going to inspire many deep thoughts, but it will take you for a fun frivolous ride for an hour or so.
  81. Feb 7, 2012
    A very fun movie, with some welcome cliches and homages to adventure movies of the past. Unlike Thor, this movie delivers a much stronger script and more exciting action. Early in the movie Captain America chases down a car on foot. This scene is more exciting than most of the CG driven action scenes in Thor. The movie does a good job of building up the character and his motivations. The retro sets and costumes were also very fun to look at. Expand
  82. Feb 17, 2012
    A period piece set in the second World War! What magic is this? Actually, It's a movie known as "Captain America: The First Avenger" and it actually holds up rather well against some other recent dreadful comic book films *cough* Iron Man 2 *cough*. It a small way it could almost be likened to "Inglourious Basterds" in that it follows fictional characters in a made up scenario, but in a very REAL war. The action scenes and soundtrack are fantastic yet I couldn't help but feel that the script and direction were too overly simplified. Expand
  83. Apr 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I could not stand this movie. I hated the character of captain America and the story. But most of all it was just stupid and didn't make any sense Germans with instant kill machine gun lasers and laser tanks vs American riflemen with single shot rifles, but of course only one American dies and the massive army of high tech laser carrying Germans all die. Hated this movie and i left feeling that i had payed to watch American propaganda. (also i hated that they basically didn't include Britain at all except for one very over the top Englishmen) Expand
  84. Apr 30, 2012
    How anyone can call this movie good is beyond me. It would be similar to calling Mc'donalds good food. You can do it but you know you're just lying to yourself.
  85. May 10, 2012
    Okay, it's kid's movie. At a certain point that undeniable and disappointing. Not much in it for us sober adults. Stoned or buzzed should be the appropriate counter weight to all the corn ball simple mindedness. It starts off with just a sprinkling of mozzarella on top but then quickly gets cheezier and cheezier, until it'oozing all over everything and turning into a sloppy bland mess.
  86. May 22, 2012
    I'm so sick of origin stories but that was the only part of this movie that worked. Once he turns into the Captain this movie becomes just a crappy actioner. How many times can a guy be shooting - cut to Captain America gas pedaling him? The action scenes reminded me of the type I thought we moved on from a long time ago in low budget 80s movies where 100s of soldiers kinda just fall over and somehow I'm supposed to find that interesting like if I were watching someone play Goldeneye for N64. Expand
  87. Jul 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love action, I love fiction and I love a passionate story. Mix it all and a movie should receive 5 or more points. Captain America failed in all mentioned categories. Its not its spider-man-like story: good loser turns into super hero why the story became an abomination: Its just that it is predictable: The brave scientist which gets shot, the best friend which can not be saved although mighty Cptn. is super strong, the only girl in the story is the heros passion. Now add some James Bond gadgets coming from nowhere and you have an invincible hero. Not that they at first have to fight enemies with über-guns, they werent even surprised by what the enemy threw at them. Alas the bad guy could have saved the movie, but it was just too obvious that the impersonation of evil was played by "Mr. Smith" from Matrix: He looks like him, he acts like him, and even his metamorphosis to a red-skinned-something was just invented to pretend to have a real bad ass. In fact the bad guys act as stupid as the good guy and are nothing but cannon fodder. What was wrong with the fiction: Bad guy made through almost the same as the good guy to get his evil powers. Only difference one has a pure heart the other has not. Bad guy discovers a divine energy thingy but this does not help him either. It was just put into the movie to be able to make up some special FX with laser guns which would not have been common at the time the movie plays. The only thing needed for the good guys to block the special FX weapon is a shield from a metal which you never-heard-before and is indistructable. Funny thing: Its painting looks worn out after being shot at some times. So if you saw Matrix 3 and liked the movie because of the action, well this is what was good about Matrix 3. Cptn. Americas action is about a guy sneaking into an enemy base with a stars-and-stripes-painted shield - at least it wasnt glowing - and then beating up all enemies. Every 5th enemy is hit by the shield which behaves like a boomerang and returns to Cptn. America just in time to block the next blow. Btw. the only thing the Cptn. is afraid of is not the super powers of the enemy, nor the mysterious weapons which can dematerialize you within an instant when being hit, no, its flame throwers which make him duck and cover. At least: if you still want to watch the movie: look out for about its three funny scenes. Its not that its worth seeing them, its just makes you hope that there will be more. Expand
  88. Aug 13, 2012
    Captain America is a decent superhero film. In some ways, its better than Thor, and in some ways its even worse. Some lines are very cheesy but the movie, overall, is very well paced, and has some good actors. Chris Evans does a great job as "The Captain" but honestly, I wanted more from this film. There are many stupid and unnecessary scenes that brings this movie down, and it really didn't have to be that way. Expand
  89. Feb 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The problem with a lot of these action-hero movies is that they're all anachronistic and that these superheroes are simply outdated notions of teenage fantasies from way back that do not fit today's reigning philosophy of moral relativism. (Not saying that's a good or bad thing but it does mean that all these heroes come across as terribly old-fashioned, kind of like your grandpa that won't stop raving about the olden days) This movie intentionally plays out like a propaganda movie just to hide the fact that it is a cheap action movie. The acting is okay but the set pieces, costumes and storyline are just plain B-movie quality. Nothing is ever explained and they could as well have placed the story in a 2040's setting. The fighting scenes are just horrible and the gun fights are reminiscent of G.I Joe's better episodes. The bitter irony was the ending of the movie where the antagonist, who flies a nuclear bomber, proclaims that "in the future there will be no flags" and the protagonist then proudly utters "Not if I can help it!" after which he proceeds to crash the bomber into the ground. I'm pretty sure the only people who flew nuclear bombers during World War 2 were Americans and they never had the common courtesy to fly one into the ground before reaching its destination either. And what's the deal with Red Face's vision of the future? So Captain America is responsible for 70 more years of suffering caused by the greed of individuals and governments? I reckon Captain American was an anachronism before he was even invented. What a horribly politically correct movie. Expand
  90. May 1, 2013
    This is, from what I can tell, almost perfectly accurate to marvel lore. It is funny, it is suspenseful, it has romance and loss and heroism and men rising to the challenge. Don't listen to the negative reviews, this deserves nothing less than a 10.
  91. May 23, 2013
    All eyes were firmly focused on Captain America in his first outing, simply because he was the last piece of the jigsaw which fitted into the Avengers, and my no means did this overshadow a brilliant, fun and energetic story.
    Chris Evans has bulked up and left his Human Torch days behind to take on the mantle of Steve Rogers, but when we first see him in the film he isn't exactly a 'super
    soldier'. With the clever effects of digital imaging, he is a small, skinny and underwhelming health hazard, endlessly trying to join the army during World War II, but when he is selected for a program by Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci), to enhance his abilities to the peak of human physicality, he sees an opportunity to finally fulfil his dream.
    Also part of the wider program is Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones), who is immediately skeptical of Rogers involvement, but is influenced by Erskine and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), who is immediately drawn to the eventual Captain.
    On the other side of the lines, the German's deep science division, HYDRA, is slowly trying to remove itself from the shadow of the Third Reich to make a name for itself. after finding a mythical object known as the Tesseract, Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) is out to win the war all on his own.
    Captain America has a wonderfully accurate period setting that is told very much like an older film. The characters are what we would expect with their dialogue and even occasional stereotypical whims, Colonel Phillips plays the typical sarcastic yet battle hardened veteran, Carter is a woman trying to make a name for herself while we also meet Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) who is the man with his head firmly in front of everything, looking into the future...remind you of anyone?Also appearing are Neal McDonough, Toby Jones and Sebastian Stan.
    Unlike Thor, there isn't much interference in terms of linking all these Marvel films together from S.H.I.E.L.D., our First Avenger stands firmly on his own, and some of the scenes in this film are truly excellent to watch, with a very big story being told and not too much of a reliance on special effects for a cheap trick explosion.
    Chris Evans take on Steve Rogers is interestingly enjoyable, because even after he receives the serum which changes his whole life, he remains the same, much of what the serum is promoted as, it doesn't create, it strengthens all the attributes within the body, and this film was fantastic swan song to the Phase One solo films before the blockbuster Avengers took off.
  92. May 29, 2013
    I thought this movie was really good but it definitely wasn't the "best superhero movie ever" like so many people have proclaimed. They could've developed some of the characters beyond Steve and Peggy more and given the movie more depth. That would've made certain character deaths more meaningful. The action sequences, while not as impressive as some of the other superhero movies, were still awesome in their own right and the fight scenes were fairly entertaining. The ending could've been a lot more emotional as well. I'm not asking for sobbing and ridiculous crying but if you actually think about what was happening, having some more emotion would've made it feel more genuine and authentic. Chris Evans is great as Captain America though. His role doesn't call for the darkness of Bruce Wayne or the charisma of Tony Stark but it does call for a certain level of confidence and straightforwardness and arrogance. Chris Evans hits all of those well. One of the few other weak parts was the villain. The Red Skull just wasn't all that terrifying or intimidating. Sure, he wanted to "take over the world" but nothing really made him uniquely evil other than his skinless head. All in all though, this was a very good movie and while it wasn't as good as the other Avengers films in my opinion, it is still better than most action movies around. Expand
  93. May 31, 2013
    This movie is the reason I like Captain America. I love the story of a weak man becoming the perfect soldier. The ending was great and it had me feeling very sorry for Steve Rogers. If you're a fan of Captain America, this movie will not disappoint you.
  94. Jun 25, 2013
    A Marvel film which surprisingly feels less than a super-hero movie and more of a great classic pulp-fiction comic (a comic that does not need to be seen in 3-D I might add).

    War is spreading at an all time high and America needs a hero! Once an average small frail man, Steve Rogers undergoes an experiment and is boosted into the super-soldier and iconic Captain America, Good in heart
    and mind Steve joins the war to aid and fight against the villianous Nazi Reign ans well as an even deadlier cause from a unknown stronger threat.

    I think the biggest surprise of this movie was hearing that Chris Evans was going to be Steve Rogers/Captain America. obviously because he had played The Human Torch in the two "Fantastic Four" movies.

    Believe me i was more skeptical than anyone, some friend of mine declared "Well, he does look alot like Steve Rogers", to which i jokingly said "That doesn't really mean Sh*t though does it?", still i was open to seeing what he could do with the character and in all honesty Chris nailed the role. His performance does make us care about Steve before and after the Transformation and it's executed well enough to make us sympathise with Rogers's plight without pushing it to deeply.

    Tommy Lee Jones is Awesome as always playing the symbol of authority, Haylie Atwell is charming an enjoyable as a Fem-fatele, yet the romance between her character and Capt's is pretty cheap and stupid, Stanley Tucci is again well casted as a wise mentor to Rogers, and finally Hugo Weaving is brilliant as Red Skull and finally justice has been done to a great comic book villain.

    Aside from that everything is fun, the references to "Raiders" was great, it mocked the old costume and popularity of the 40's comics and most importantly it made the character more than respectable, all the more reason i can't wait to see him again in "The Avengers" (stay after the credits for the Trailer!!).

    Final Verdict: Remembering when this film was first announced and the hype that went into it, Captain America will more than exceed expectations.
  95. Aug 6, 2013
    Esta es la pelicula en donde se destaca un buen trabajo el antiguo superheroe que comienzo siendo un desastre llega en el año en donde puedes comenzar la accion con buenos efectos y habilidades
  96. Jul 24, 2011
    I'm a big fan of Marvel Universe, since this is a fan review and not a critic review I'm basing my score on how I would rate this on against other popular comic movies released in the last decade (my favorite of which remains Spiderman 2). Against that sample, Captain America: The First Avenger does alright. The film appropriately takes place in altered World War II era in the US (presented largely Art-Deco style, think Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow toned down a few notches). I found the first 30 minutes of the film was the best it had to offer. It made me feel like this may be something special for the genre, but it quickly transformed from the a drama to a non-stop action flick that lacked much substance (perhaps bad editing). Overall I thought it was well cast (although this is one of Tommy Lee Jones worst performances), it's just sad it turned into another comic action-flick which seemed to kind of chug along to get to it's final destination to setup the 2012 superhero composite film, The Avengers. In fact, the audience gets treated to an Avengers teaser at the end which seems to be positioned as more of a continuation of the story started in this film. Once that film makes it release, Captain America: The First Avenger may be viewed as sort of a part-one of something bigger. Having said all of this, I enjoyed Thor (released earlier this year) a great a deal more. Captain America would probably be my least favorite of the Marvel films released so far, save for the unnecessary sequel, Iron Man 2.... If you've enjoyed the other Marvel films, you're in for something different with this one and you probably will enjoy it. Expand
  97. Jul 24, 2011
    excellent movie; exceeded my expectations; part love story / lots of action...if you are a fan of super heroes, that this movie is definitely for you. Don't forget to stay till after the credit rolls, to see a short preview clip on the Avengers.
  98. Jul 25, 2011
    The potrail of Cap was fine, in fact the potrail of all the characters was fine. The special affects were good, but that story...was a let down. Even in comics and comic movies you have wrap up the plot nicely and make sure that it makes sense and the things that happen make sense. This movie could have been a very good movie. Come on marvel you've got some good writers! Have them write these movies! What was Brubaker doing when they wrote this script? Please, Please, Please tell me someone good wrote the Avengers movie. :: cough cough Bendis :: Expand
  99. Jul 25, 2011
    Saddle up for a typical summer action flick. By all accounts, good cast, good action, good special effects. Unfortunately where Captain America fails is in the good Captain himself. Evans does a good enough job with what he is given, however the character of Captain America just doesn't have enough depth to sustain itself. This is a classic case of a superhero failing to translate to the big screen. With the superhero movie being taken more seriously these days, it also seems that there is a higher standard for character development. We are interested in the characters with more then one side, perhaps an inner darkness, or some sort of struggle within. When the good Doctor in the movie asks Steve Rogers to make sure he stays the same gee willickers gosh gee homegrown good kid from the bronx, Rogers does just that..he stays the same painstakingly so. This works to sustain itself in a Comic book, and as a Character among many characters, but in the upcoming Avengers movie, I feel that the good Captain is going to be to the Avengers what Cyclops is to the X-Men movie.....the one we want to shut up and get out of the way so the other characters can talk. Expand
  100. Jul 26, 2011
    I liked the story. Wasn't completely happy with the casting. Chris Evans looks stupid in the uniform. He was much more convincing as Steve Rogers. Tommy Lee Jones was superb as Colonel Phillips. The film also had the feel of a World War 2 epic. My only problem was the action scenes which I thought were pretty run of the mill. Since when did Captain America carry a gun? I also didn't like Hugo Weaving's interpretation of the Red Skull. The Skull I remember reading about as a child was a mad man....supremely evil. Weaver's version was way too calm. He just didn't strike fear in me. The Red Skull I remember gave me nightmares. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
  1. Reviewed by: Colin Kennedy
    Jul 28, 2011
    Charming, handsome and full of pep – all 70 year-old Cap lacks is a knockout blow. Still, Johnston should be saluted for old-fashioned heart in a cynical age, while Marvel should be confined to barracks for cynical marketing.
  2. Reviewed by: Kimberley Jones
    Jul 28, 2011
    The final conflict is so protracted as to comfortably accommodate a bathroom break. Don't worry. You won't miss anything you haven't seen before.
  3. Reviewed by: James Berardinelli
    Jul 23, 2011
    Captain America falls into the prevalent pitfalls of origin stories. So much time and effort is expended explaining how the protagonist gains his super-powers (and exploring his initial usage of them) that there's not enough opportunity to develop a compelling storyline beyond his "baptism."