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  • Summary: Captain America: The First Avenger will focus on the early days of the Marvel Universe when Steve Rogers volunteers to participate in an experimental program that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America. (Paramount Pictures)
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
  1. Reviewed by: Shawn Levy
    Jul 21, 2011
    It gives you all that you could ask for when you buy a ticket to a thrill ride.
  2. Reviewed by: Michael Phillips
    Jul 21, 2011
    The most stylish comics-derived entertainment of the year...It's paced and designed for people who won't shrivel up and die if two or three characters take 45 seconds between combat sequences to have a conversation about world domination, or a dame.
  3. Reviewed by: Andrew O'Hehir
    Jul 20, 2011
    Captain America is exactly what the third week of July needed: a curiously fun, surprisingly imaginative and unashamedly old-fashioned yarn of skulduggery and adventure.
  4. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Jul 23, 2011
    On its own, Captain America is a modestly engaging little-big movie in the median range: well below the first "Iron Man," somewhat above "X-Men: First Class."
  5. Reviewed by: James Berardinelli
    Jul 23, 2011
    Captain America falls into the prevalent pitfalls of origin stories. So much time and effort is expended explaining how the protagonist gains his super-powers (and exploring his initial usage of them) that there's not enough opportunity to develop a compelling storyline beyond his "baptism."
  6. Reviewed by: Nick Schager
    Jul 20, 2011
    Tommy Lee Jones provides wisecracking levity as Rogers's commanding officer, Hayley Atwell supplies the aforementioned buxom chest and accompanying tough-girl grit as Rogers's British love interest, and Johnson directs with flair, his set pieces defined by both muscularity and clarity.
  7. Reviewed by: Karina Longworth
    Jul 19, 2011
    (A) hokey, hacky, two-hour-plus exercise in franchise transition/price gouging, complete with utterly unnecessary post-converted 3-D.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 17 out of 228
  1. Jul 22, 2011
    I go to the movies almost every week, some weeks I go more than once. I must say this summer has been full of disappointments. I was getting so upset at all the big summer movies being ok at best, but then Captain America comes along and blew me away! The movie moves at a fantastic pace with the right mix of action, comedy, drama and romance to interest almost everyone. This is one of 4 movies this summer that is movie perfection. With Super 8 and X-Men out of theaters and since everyone has seen Harry Potter then this is the movie to see. I couldn't have liked it more! Expand
  2. Aug 14, 2011
    Outstanding movie. Maybe best of the summer. I really had high hopes for Cowboys and Aliens and was kind of let down. Had no real expectations for Captain America but was blown away. Good story, good character and development, reminded me a little of a cross between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Ironman. Funny, all kinds of connections to Ironman (Marvel too) so well set up for sequel or sharing the next movie! Expand
  3. Aug 11, 2011
    The girlfriend & i found this movie to be really enjoyable.I'm a big fan of Captain America,always have been,but i admit i was a little disappointed when i heard this film was set entirely in World War 2.I know thats the time he comes from,& was expecting to see that,but thought at least half the movie would be set in the modern day.. But when i saw the movie,i appreciated that having almost the whole thing in WW2 allows you to get to know that Cap better about the kind of person he is,& the era he's from,with a totally different way of life.It also allows us to see the Howling Commandos in action as well as Dum Dum Dugan & seeing Tony Starks father,Howard Stark.It made me appreciate more also,the way that Cap was a man ahead of his time,being one of the first Super Heroes.I thought the film had alot of heart,& i liked all the main characters,as they all bought something to the story.So as it goes,i REALLY enjoyed the whole WW2 era in the movie,& it was all done really well,but part of Captain Americas origin is the fish out of water/man out of his time part,which wasnt really covered in this movie,so that important part of Cap's story is going to be have to squeezed into & shared along with the other Avengers.I hope Weedon can do him justice under those conditions still,time will tell.Avengers will be epic i'm sure,but i'm not sure its fair on us Cap fans,to have the remainder of his origin story squeezed in with the big events & many other characters that are going to be in the Avengers.Great film though. Expand
  4. Aug 8, 2011
    Captain America is a fairly standard Marvel origin story, but on the more competent end of the origin story scale along with Iron Man rather than the incompetent end with Ghost Rider. It's got all the entertainment you've come to expect from Marvel summer blockbusters derived from slick storytelling, creative action and a sprinkling of humour. What lifts Cap up above the rank-and-file is it's satire of wartime propaganda and patriotism. Easily one of the strongest sequences is when the Cap receives his first mission, not action scene to test his newly acquired powers as one might expect, but a song-and-dance tour to keep American hearts and minds (and wallets) in support of the war. The film does have drawbacks - not least of which is a common one amongst superhero origin stories, that is to say a pretty rubbish villian. Poor old Hugo Weaving does his best as really nasty Nazi Red Skull, but does little but scheme and gurn behind a big red face. That's what the villain in an origin story has to do, unfortunately, merely provide enough of a challenge to create spectacle, but not be too difficult for the hero to best - it's only the first chapter in their story afterall. The Cap's other chief problem is really Marvel's - rather than dedicating a whole film to introducing one of their biggest stars, they chose to share the runtime between Captain America and the origins of the Avengers, hence the title: The First Avenger. So it's part origin and part prequel to next year's super-fantastic-wonder-team extravaganza. Dispite these drawbacks, the film is still very, very fun. Some nice action, effects and humour keeps the film moving, and Evans makes a likeable protagonist. It really is quite an achievement to make such a goody two-shoes so likeable, the Cap really has always been quite a bland character (not a personality defect in sight!) maybe it's just Evans' effortless boyish charm. Stanley Tucci, Hayley Attwell and Tommy Lee Jones in usual authoritarian grouch mode, in addition to Alan Silvestri's big, brash and brassy score also add to the quality of the film. So Captain America is a perfectly decent period superhero flick, and you're sure to have a good time watching it. It's not exceptional, but that's mostly because origin stories rarely are, and Marvel just seems to want to pack everything they do at the moment with knowing fan-boy nods to The Avengers. Expand
  5. Oct 14, 2013
    I don't like Cap in comics but I enjoyed this movie after the first act. It has nice cinematography, fast action and the right actors for the hero and his antagonist. Just don't expect something like Spiderman or Thor. Expand
  6. Mar 7, 2012
    Captain America: The First Avenger is the last Marvel Superhero film of 2011, and the final film to feature the superhero quartet that will join forces in the big budget 2012 crossover; The Avengers. It is set in 1942 America and stars Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Not Another Teen Movie) as Steve Rogers, a small American citizen rejected by the US Army for health reasons. However, after being overheard arguing with his future sidekick Bucky (Sebastian Stan) over his rights to support his country, he is recruited by scientist Dr. Abraham Erskine, vigorously trained by British Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones as Tommy Lee Jones) and is chosen for the Super Soldier project, a program to give him peak human strength and agility. Meanwhile, the evil Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) and the â Expand
  7. Jul 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love action, I love fiction and I love a passionate story. Mix it all and a movie should receive 5 or more points. Captain America failed in all mentioned categories. Its not its spider-man-like story: good loser turns into super hero why the story became an abomination: Its just that it is predictable: The brave scientist which gets shot, the best friend which can not be saved although mighty Cptn. is super strong, the only girl in the story is the heros passion. Now add some James Bond gadgets coming from nowhere and you have an invincible hero. Not that they at first have to fight enemies with über-guns, they werent even surprised by what the enemy threw at them. Alas the bad guy could have saved the movie, but it was just too obvious that the impersonation of evil was played by "Mr. Smith" from Matrix: He looks like him, he acts like him, and even his metamorphosis to a red-skinned-something was just invented to pretend to have a real bad ass. In fact the bad guys act as stupid as the good guy and are nothing but cannon fodder. What was wrong with the fiction: Bad guy made through almost the same as the good guy to get his evil powers. Only difference one has a pure heart the other has not. Bad guy discovers a divine energy thingy but this does not help him either. It was just put into the movie to be able to make up some special FX with laser guns which would not have been common at the time the movie plays. The only thing needed for the good guys to block the special FX weapon is a shield from a metal which you never-heard-before and is indistructable. Funny thing: Its painting looks worn out after being shot at some times. So if you saw Matrix 3 and liked the movie because of the action, well this is what was good about Matrix 3. Cptn. Americas action is about a guy sneaking into an enemy base with a stars-and-stripes-painted shield - at least it wasnt glowing - and then beating up all enemies. Every 5th enemy is hit by the shield which behaves like a boomerang and returns to Cptn. America just in time to block the next blow. Btw. the only thing the Cptn. is afraid of is not the super powers of the enemy, nor the mysterious weapons which can dematerialize you within an instant when being hit, no, its flame throwers which make him duck and cover. At least: if you still want to watch the movie: look out for about its three funny scenes. Its not that its worth seeing them, its just makes you hope that there will be more. Expand

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