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  • Summary: A new interpretation that takes the award-winning Broadway show into fresh and expansive cinematic realms, Chicago shifts adroitly from the reality of intrigue, rivalry and betrayal to spectacular fantasies of music and dance, offering tongue-in-cheek commentary on the cult of celebrity and the scandalous lengths to which people will go to attain it. [Miramax] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 38
  2. Negative: 1 out of 38
  1. 100
    The singing and dancing in this Chicago are uniformly splendid, right down to Gere's tap dancing. The high wit and dark eroticism Marshall brings to the famous "Cell Block Tango" number are matchless.
  2. 100
    Chicago, based on Bob Fosse's Broadway smash, kills.
  3. At times, Chicago has the feel of a revue, with the major characters taking turns at their own show-stopping numbers. If it's too much of a good thing, I say, bring it on.
  4. For some reason, the people who make modern musicals don't like to let you watch dancers dance -- there are still too few moments when you get to enjoy choreography from a dancer's hands to her feet.
  5. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Has so much razzle-dazzle that viewers may end up both raised and dazed. It's remorselessly inventive, trying anything fast and sassy to keep you watching. In other words, it's the most honest display of showpeople's need to be noticed this side of a Madonna concert.
  6. 70
    Non-musical scenes that move the narrative forward are staged realistically, while the lavish production numbers reflect the star-struck imagination of one-time chorine Roxie, for whom all the world ought to be a stage.
  7. Reviewed by: Phil Hall
    Chicago is a failure, but that should not come as a surprise. Bob Fosse, who directed and choreographed the original 1975 Broadway production, was long baffled in making a film of the show and eventually gave up trying.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 91 out of 111
  2. Negative: 17 out of 111
  1. Mar 2, 2013
    One of the best films in history, i loved it i was never into musicals until i saw this movie, absolutely brilliant performances and beautiful songs this is truly an Oscar worthy film Expand
  2. Jul 31, 2013
    An absolute knockout! I can't claim to know much about musicals, but this one is easily the best one I have seen. Every performance, song, and dance were so spot on. Thoroughly engaging and visionary. Expand
  3. Apr 27, 2014
    As a fan of musicals, this is another of my favourite movies. I love the songs and sing them all the time, they are all really catchy. Renee and Catherine are perfect in their roles, couldn't imagine anyone else playing them. Richard Gere, Queen Latifah and John C Reilly (who now when I watch all I hear is Wreck-it-Ralph) are also amazing at their roles. The story is unique to any other I've seen, and is different in the fact it's a slightly darker theme to a musical about murder and death. However, it manages to uphold a light hearted spirit with lots of comedic moments. Overall, I just love it! Expand
  4. Nov 19, 2011
    Chicago is a pretty unique film creation. An adaptation of the satirical musical of the same name, it's energetic and flawlessly choreographed, with well-performed songs and a decent helping of tongue-in-cheek humour. It's not all glitz and glamour though, and it's satisfying to see a bit more going on below the surface than in other musicals - it addresses everything from gender stereotypes to the fragility of celebrity and the fickle nature of a media-consuming public. The cast are strong across the board, but Renee Zellweger and Richard Gere are the real highlights, the former perfectly expressing Roxie Hart's journey from naive and unfulfilled housewife to calculating, image-cultivating celebrity, and the latter stealing every scene he's in with good old-fashioned showmanship. Unfortunately the film does lose a little momentum, and packs a bit less punch in the final twenty minutes or so, but this is more a testament to the knock-out near-perfection of the rest of the film rather than any particular flaw in this part of the film. Perhaps it was inevitable that shining so brightly early on would result in a certain loss of sparkle in the latter parts of the film. Overall, though, Chicago is a joy to behold, and the experience will stay with you long after the credits roll. Expand
  5. Dec 21, 2011
    Chicago is by far on one of the greatest musicals to hit the stage. The songs are sung with such strength by actors whom I never expected to have that skill. The choreography is beautifully orchestrated and the use of parallel montage between the songs and the actual story is what truly takes this film from the stage and makes it great for the screen. The only fault is that despite great performances, the songs sometimes get in the way of evoking true emotion from the actual plot. Expand
  6. Dec 2, 2011
    Bottom Line: Two murderesses and a lawyer run away with six Oscars in this flamboyant musical.

    Ostentatious musical takes a sarcastic look
    at the story of two murderesses and their rise (or rises, one could say) to fame on the stage. This was the first musical in 33 years to win Best Picture, the previous being OLIVER! in 1969, and I can now honestly say that this didnâ Expand
  7. Apr 2, 2012
    Chicago is the worst movie I have ever seen. Nothing was good about the movie. If I could I would give it 3 zeros. Disgraceful, Horrific, Disgusting, Stupid, and a total mess of a film. You couldn't pay me to watch this film. Worst movie of the year, worst movie of all time. Expand

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