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  1. Reviewed by: Chris Cabin
    Jul 5, 2012
    The banter is playful and brazenly self-aware, but the ideas are a bit stale and don't lead anywhere emotionally substantial or narratively spontaneous.
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  1. Mar 19, 2013
    i enjoyed this film, it's a sad story from the start. a lost soul looking for some form of comfort or understanding after failing to find a place in the world. ultimately the acceptance of rejection (at least that's my take) i would like to say more but its an easy movie to spoil, so ill just say i was moved by it. tv presenters were tacky, but that may be intentional im not sure. not sure what adam(critic) meant by identity confusion, as i didn't get that theme at all. not having a go, it just wasn't my take on the film Full Review »