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  • Summary: This powerful, epic film vividly portrays the last 48 hours of the life of Jesus Christ and challenges commonly held assumptions about Him. Featuring the first depiction of Jesus as a black man, Color of the Cross is also the first to suggest that the Crucifixion could have been racially motivated. (Nu-Lite Productions) Expand
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  1. 63
    This is not a film for neophytes: It proceeds from the assumption that the viewer is familiar with the events and people of Jesus' life, and is probably right in doing so: Its intended audience is seriously Christian.
  2. Save for Jesus' skin color, which he shares with some of his fellow Jews, little about the story is re-imagined or re-evaluated.
  3. Filled with close-ups of Jesus and his apostles (all the better to hide the absence of elaborate period sets), mixing quotes from the Scripture with flat exposition, this low-budget affair is earnest and, alas, more than a little bit cartoonish.
  4. This feels like a cramped, TV-style retelling, with small groups of people, no special effects, in some ways almost cheesy.
  5. Though the film's final, disturbing image forces race to the forefront and belatedly raises wider issues of persecution, its most controversial suggestion is not that Jesus might have been black but that he might have been a really terrible actor.
  6. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    Once the revisionist frisson of a black Jesus, not to mention Mary, Joseph and Judas, has worn off, one is stuck with more mundane matters such as story dynamics, visual style and character verisimilitude, much to the misfortune of the audience.
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  1. DavidH.
    May 10, 2007
    It was the worst film I have ever seen. This was suppose to be a film about Jesus last 24 hr but turns out to be something eles. Lamar made sure the Black Jesus was a coward a skitsiod and a maniac. I could no more beleive that Jesus was black than a bat in a moon after watching this pathic attem to show people that Jesus may have been black A two year old with bible knowlege could have done better. One thing Jesus was not black he was not white he was a dark ruddy complexed Jew. He cam from the line of king David and he was Ruddy so Knowing this this film has no baering on any type of truth in fact it was a joke. Expand