Mixed or average reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 27
  2. Negative: 5 out of 27
  1. 75
    Risks trivializing history and pandering to feminist fantasies, but it may be the year's most fearless movie.
  2. Funny, eccentric and touchingly just, combining a unique interpretation of the time with an offbeat sense of humor.
  3. 74
    Banderas may have been crazy to make such a heady directorial debut, but it's hard not to be charmed by his ambitions.
  4. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    The pieces don't always fit together smoothly, but there's a lot of flavorful work to savor.
  5. Banderas directs capably enough to keep the film lively.
  6. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    The opposition of the two dramas winds up in gratifyingly moral and philosophical territory.
  7. Takes a while to arrive at what it has to say, but some of the performances kept me occupied in the meantime.
  8. Reviewed by: Sjohnna McCray
    Banderas has taken a brilliant novel and made a small movie with lots of bright moments, and honestly, that's quite an accomplishment for his debut.
  9. 50
    An ungainly fit of three stories that have no business being shoehorned into the same movie.
  10. 50
    Inadvertently does with the civil rights movement exactly what Banderas set out not to do: trivializes it.
  11. Mismatch of tone and material.
  12. It's troubling to watch it stray and ramble as first-time director Antonio Banderas struggles to pull disparate elements together.
  13. Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    Were some group to launch a rival to the Oscars called The Wackys, it could do worse than make crazed Crazy its first recipient.
  14. Tries with intermittent success to juggle two stories.
  15. 50
    There's much to enjoy here as long as your expectations aren't too high.
  16. 50
    Banderas' direction is a bit of everything and a lot of not much.
  17. Feels like two films that aren't closely related enough, either tonally or narratively, to warrant their intertwining.
  18. Reviewed by: John Hartl
    An Almodovar-like blend of laughs, drama and uplift, filled with the kinds of pop-art colors and pop-out performances that Almodovar loves.
  19. Disappoints with its simplistic, hollow narrative and characters.
  20. Reviewed by: Nicole Campos
    The two disparate yet thematically linked storylines are far too faithfully transposed for a feature-length treatment -- crammed together, they're denied the space to flesh out as a cohesive whole.
  21. 40
    Somehow, Lucille's plight is meant to comment astutely on the civil-rights movement. Now that IS crazy.
  22. The juxtaposition of grim reality and pure fantasy doesn't work...the entire film seem artificial and contrived.
  23. Reviewed by: Steve Daly
    As campy as a flick by Banderas' evident artistic mentor, Pedro Almódovar.
  24. 30
    (Griffith's) appearance often verges on the grotesque. Which, come to think of it, could be said of the movie as well.
  25. Reviewed by: Moira Macdonald
    Appears to be several different movies spliced together, with unfortunate results.
  26. 30
    Mark Childress, who wrote the screenplay based upon his book of the same name, would have been better off leaving this Southern Gothic between two covers.
  27. 25
    Although Banderas occasionally shows flashes of style, individual elements too often go together like grits in a puff pastry.

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