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  2. Negative: 1 out of 15

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  1. 75
    By no means a typical concert movie; the selections are played mostly in short takes and snippets. It's more a road movie with music, its war topic treated with earnest seriousness.
  2. Doesn’t break any new documentary ground, but it does exactly what it sets out to do: Preserve a live event and make it available to a broader audience.
  3. The average age of the band's members is 62. They don't even bother to disguise that fact. These men look like your grandfather, right up until the downbeat. Then the magnificence of their playing sweeps away all concepts of age. Rock on.
  4. 70
    One of the great strengths of CSNY is how skillfully it deflects criticism of "four balding hippie millionaires" taking to the stage to criticize American politics; the film is peppered with excerpts from some of the tour's earliest and nastiest critics.
  5. Though it may be another in a long line of choir-preaching, anti-Iraq war documentaries, CSNY/Déjà Vu, Neil Young's effective hybrid of concert film and political snapshot, is one of the shrewdest and most entertaining of the bunch.
  6. 67
    What saves CSNY/Dejà Vu from its self-importance is the surprisingly lively, timely and timeless music. The only dicey onstage moments involve Stills' falling over or wheezing his way through "For What It's Worth."
  7. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    The film, like the tour it documents, wallops you in the face with politics.
  8. Reviewed by: John Anderson
    Making music, making fun of themselves and making as much political hay as possible, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young set out to alleviate the public allergy to Iraq War films with CSNY Deja Vu, a doc that seems quite likely to effect a cure.
  9. "I hate this stinkin' war," Neil Young announces in this chronicle of CSNY's "Freedom of Speech Tour," and the rest of the movie is just as unapologetically blunt.
  10. 50
    The film's mishmash of news footage and concert reviews threatens to devolve into a CSNY wank-fest.
  11. 50
    The music isn't much of a relief either, mostly because Young keeps cutting away from the performances.
  12. The documentary seems equally divisive. Like most of Young's recent work, it's scattered and unsubtle.
  13. Has some delicious moments, but you never quite shake the feeling that it’s documenting a tempest in a teapot.
  14. The concerts themselves are only exciting when Young is at center stage. Although a balding millionaire in his 60s, he retains the ragged energy of a rock 'n' roll road warrior. Not so with the other members, particularly Stills.
  15. 25
    If Young ever converses with the gentlemen from al Qaeda, I expect his comments to be along the lines of "Please don't cut my head off."
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  1. DylanG.
    Aug 10, 2008
    From Kyle Smith's review: 'Given the way the situation in Iraq has improved, though, another CSNY album could have provided a far From Kyle Smith's review: 'Given the way the situation in Iraq has improved, though, another CSNY album could have provided a far more appropriate title: "Daylight Again."' "Improved"? For whom? I'm sure the Iraqis are seeing plenty of daylight. Sheesh. Full Review »