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  • Starring: , ,
  • Summary: When the long awaited holiday of cement truck driver Danny (Ifans) goes south thanks to his scheming girlfriend, he escapes his suburban prison and blasts into the skies in a garden chair tied with helium balloons. (Lions Gate Entertainment)
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  1. Danny Deckchair may be a trifle, but it offers a breezy lift for the dog days of summer.
  2. It's pure romantic fantasy, almost too cute and naively innocent for its own good. Jeff Balsmeyer, a former storyboard artist making his directorial debut, stumbles through the clumsy establishing scenes, but his playful direction smoothes out as the characters settle in.
  3. A breezy romantic comedy, boasting a shameless silly streak.
  4. Reviewed by: Carina Chocano
    As instantly gratifying and devoid of surprises as a Club Med vacation. It bears no relation to reality whatsoever, but sometimes it's nice to imagine that, somewhere, there's a place nothing like home.
  5. 50
    A splendid movie while its hero is preparing for his flight and actually experiencing it, but it's not nearly as interesting once he descends to earth.
  6. 50
    The limp movie seems to be an attempt by an Australian to mimic a bad American romantic comedy, and, unfortunately, he succeeds admirably.
  7. 40
    It's a pleasant enough ride, certainly, but in the end it also has all the wicked emotional punch of Bill Cosby on Quaaludes.

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