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  • Summary: Times have been tough for Heaven, with Hell winning the battle between good and evil. So when Heaven's managers have the opportunity to win the soul of a boxer and shift the balance of power, they send their best angel for the job, Lola Nevado (Abril). When Hell gets wind of this, they counter by sending their most experienced operative to Earth, Carmen Ramos (Cruz). The battle between Heaven and Hell is on! (First Look Pictures) Expand
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  1. 60
    Perhaps only a filmmaker from a country steeped in Catholicism could turn out a consistently sharp and profane "divine comedy" (the title means "blessed hell") that is also, for the most part, theologically correct.
  2. 50
    Short on both life and laughs.
  3. A stylish comedy low on amusement but high on sensuality.
  4. 38
    What starts as a fairly lighthearted satire ends in a tiresome, ultra-violent shootout -- and the film pretty much throws away the possibilities of Cruz's gender-bending role.
  5. 30
    This must all make sense to Yanes, somehow, but the film plays like a private joke with no punchline.
  6. 30
    An unfocused, overplotted, painfully derivative comic fantasy.
  7. What ensues is so glum and disjointed that the film becomes an even bigger mess.

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