Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 29
  2. Negative: 4 out of 29
  1. Reviewed by: Michael Phillips
    Sep 20, 2012
    Calling Dredd 3D a movie is sort of a lie. It's a premise, and there are levels to reach, and always there's another grimy hallway to stalk, and then you turn right or left, and then kill some more.
  2. Reviewed by: Keith Phipps
    Sep 19, 2012
    Dredd, a second attempt at making Judge Dredd a movie star, overcorrects, veering in the opposite direction with a dark - literally and otherwise - nearly humorless bit of ultraviolence distinguished largely by a fondness for spurting CGI blood.
  3. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
    Sep 20, 2012
    All I wanted to do was escape from this aggressively ugly world and its equally unattractive characters. It's not that the movie is in bad taste or cheesy (though it is) but that all of its hyperviolence adds up to nothing: This thing is dedd.
  4. Reviewed by: Joe Neumaier
    Sep 20, 2012
    The drug that Ma-Ma trafficks in, Slo-Mo, slows its user's brain to 1% of its normal speed. Dredd unfortunately makes you feel as if you, too, have partaken.
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  1. Negative: 6 out of 171
  1. Sep 22, 2012
    The critics giving this a bad review either decided they weren't paid enough to give it a good one or have an allergy to extreme badassery. This is the most accurate portrayal of Judge Dredd we could have hoped for. And as for "no humour". There humour but it requires a strong stomach. Much like... you know... the comic did. Full Review »
  2. Sep 21, 2012
    No need to dread this Dredd. Karl Urban nails the title character, and staying true to the comic book, that helmet never comes off. The audience is introduced to Dredd's world through the eyes of Dredd's rookie partner Anderson, beautifully played by Olivia Thirlby. The movie starts off with a bang, and doesn't let up. Stylish and violent, this is one of the better comic adaptations this year. Full Review »
  3. Sep 21, 2012
    One of my personal favorite movies of the year, Dredd delivers in every way. The story is pushed by Dredd's commitment to law and the rookie, he's a gruff badass that shines throughout. Karl Urban nailed the character, you can always tell there's something deeper with him, but he pushes the story with bloody and relentless violence. The cast is superb, I love the film quality, and there isn't one slow moment the entire film. It's some of the best action I've ever seen and a very hard R rating, but if you don't mind that, jaw dropping and absolutely brutal violence, with a smart and simple plot that flows on its own, you'll love Dredd. Full Review »