Universal Pictures | Release Date: November 24, 1999
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ballpark_frankNov 24, 2012
This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. In the rush to capitalize on the 'impending doom' of the year 2000 (and the public panic regarding Y2K), this 'end of the world as we know it' movie can only make us wish it had ended, so we wouldn't be subjected to periodic showings of this trash. Bottom line: Ahrnold's (sic) big arms take on the Devil himself...and wins? I don't consider that a spoiler, since this film has probably been rotting away on the shelf for years. If this is how the millennium goes down, one can only hope they have a new plot for Y3K. Compared to other Schwarzennegger flicks, the 'action' is mild, the 'humor' forced, and the plot (which normally doesn't need high standards when Arnold's the star) is almost as ludicrous as "Santa Claus vs. the Martians". There was only one scene that I actually enjoyed: when "Satan" (Byrne) compliments some roller-blading kid for wearing a nice shirt (emblazoned with words like: Satan Rulez or some such). The kid, unimpressed, flips him off and shouts some obscenity ("Up yours"? or something along those lines), and while distracted rolls in front of a truck or buss and is promptly flattened. Satan sees this, turns away, and in an off-handed manner repeats his "nice shirt" line. Otherwise, the remaining 2 hours is junk. One thing I really hated was the attempt to re-create the 'buddy spy' team of Schwarzenegger/(Tom) Arnold which worked so successfully in "True Lies". Needless to say, the attempt failed miserably. There isn't even the decent 'love interest' (ala: Jamie Lee Curtis, also from "True Lies"). To paraphrase William Shatner, from his latest 'Priceline' ad (with the cliff-hanging bus scene): "Save yourself...some pain" and stay away from this truly idiotic experience. Expand
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