Universal Pictures | Release Date: March 17, 2000
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RONGIUSep 12, 2010
Hey, I tell you! Damn, listen to me? Do not run, stop for a moment. Are no longer young. Thank you. I need you to just a few questions.

What is the color of your skin? What kind of question is this. Do not be angry, please, please
Hey, I tell you! Damn, listen to me? Do not run, stop for a moment. Are no longer young. Thank you. I need you to just a few questions.

What is the color of your skin?

What kind of question is this.

Do not be angry, please, please reply. Eventually everything will be clearer. Resume, what is the color of your skin.

I am a white man.

Ok. You see that gentleman over there?

Who, that reads the newspaper?

No, the other one with the dog.

You see it.

What is the color of his skin.

It 'a colored man.

Sorry, man of color is a bit generic, you can be more specific?

It 'a black man.

And the other, that is collecting a flower? Well .. one is yellow.

I'm bored? No, please. Continue.

Listen, you believe that diseases recognize skin color?

Come on, do not make me laugh, that damn question.

Yes, I recognize that the question is a little strange, but it is a question. Can you answer?

Sure, the diseases do not care your color, your religion, if you are a

Republican, a Socialist, left, center left, center right,

Democrat. I say more. Do not even knock on the door. Sign in enough

if it is trivial, you get on. Otherwise ... otherwise reach your God.

Pause ...

That's it?

We're taking taste? You like to be interviewed. Maybe call the video operator. Most people flee before the camera.

Come on. Yes, go ahead. Children, the elderly, what you think. I believe they have the right to grow, play, study .... and now elderly, die in peace. And if someone intentionally, perhaps to do a lot of money, anticipate everything. Nice catch. That's why we need a free press, free men, free information. You are informed? No. Sometimes I think it is useless. Do not be discouraged friend, it is important to be aware of the problem. So there are some brave films that tell true stories of people who pay on their skin, the careerism, the wealth at all costs, the struggle for power. It 'been a pleasure to meet you. America is beautiful, you have many problems but it is beautiful. Also in Italy we are not very good. Hello friend, thanks. Thank you to the next. And now the movie. Stubborn, loving, original, optimistic, charming, proud, dynamic, thoughtful, fearless, loyal, impulsive, foul-mouthed, angry, caring ... it has a memory of iron exercised because dyslexic. Two former husbands behind three children to care for Matthew, Kitty, Bett, respectively 8 and 6 years, 9 months' last. This woman is Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts). Even the real one, appears in the film. The encounter at the Steakhouse Restaurant. And 'the person who takes the reservations of the family when Brockovich, an "unwanted friend" in the kitchen sink, leads Erin to bring out the children. The first to be overwhelmed by our Artemis and, twice, is the lawyer Ed Masry (Albert Finney). The first. Unable to obtain compensation for the damage done to Erin's neck, the result of an accident. (By Erin poverty, called to testify in court, using language not exactly Shakespeare.) The second. Desperate for work, her days are punctuated by readings of ads and phone calls, has the idea of presenting the study at Masry and think a bit '... "get" the coveted job, no insurance, but that's something. Job, salary, ergo, a little 'sunshine. Meanwhile, the house vacated by the station is now occupied by George (Aaron Eckhart), working in construction when he wants and has a passion for the world's most famous twin. The first meeting with George is taken from the manual "How to get along with your new neighbor" far from it over time, however, things seem to take a different turn. Erin in the office and instructs an interest in a practice on real estate matters, taking advantage of the moment and asks her to dress in a less eccentric, but you know, Erin is direct when answering and his answers are "joke," It beats a retreat. Thus began the adventure of Erin Brockovich between papers, lawyers, colleagues are not always friendly, people to interview, documents to be photocopied, miles to go, people to send to that country e. . . an unexpected, fundamental encounter. An overcast most often is a harbinger of the storm. The presence of Erin Brockovich in the law firm Masry is something worse. Good Ciak!
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JonathanF.Jan 23, 2006
great performance. great story. very entertaining.
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