Evergreen Films Inc. | Release Date: September 10, 2004
Summary: This humorous and poignant exploration of family, love, dignity and class division is the story of Henri, a teenage girl who lives in poverty with her mother, but is drawn to the world on the other side of the tracks. (Evergreen Films Inc.)
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Rating: Rated PG-13 on appeal for sexual content involving teens, and for language.
Production: Salty Features
Genres: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Credit
Enid Zentelis Director
Writer Credit
Enid Zentelis Writer
Cast Credit
Addie Land Henri
Bruce Davison Frank
Cara Seymour Kate
Gary Farmer Jim
James Jensen Extra
Lynn Cohen Grandmom
Mary Kay Place Susan
Noah Fleiss Chat
Zach Zulauf Mark Zakowski
Producer Credit
Bill Pope Executive Producer
Cassy Soden Line Producer
Cheryl L. Pope Executive Producer
Enid Tihanyi Zentelis Producer
Eva Kolodner Producer
Evan R. Bell Executive Producer
Fran Dunaway Line Producer
Gary Sharfin Executive Producer
Haley Land Associate Producer
Jennifer Allan Soros Associate Producer
Leanne Clark Associate Producer
Norma Jean Straw Producer
Scott M. Rosenfelt Executive Producer
Yael Melamede Producer