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  • Summary: Deepa Mehta's tender, passionate and controversial love story of two Indian women torn between their devotion to duty and their desire for love and companionship. (Zeitgeist Films)


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  1. 88
    Mehta has created a pair of memorable characters who are easy to empathize with, and who gratifyingly are never transformed from flesh-and-blood individuals into mere symbols.
  2. Washington Post
    Reviewed by: Staff (Not credited)
    In filmmaker Mehta's deft hands, the outcome is handled with power and sensitivity. [22 Aug1 997, pg.N40]
  3. 80
    Writer-director Deepa Mehta fuses the soap-opera elements of her plot -- which reveals one sexual secret after another of the variously betrayed, selfish, and self-actualizing members of the two couples' New Delhi household--into profound drama.
  4. For a film with such volatile subject matter, the performances are subdued and naturalistic. Fire burns with a rare flame.
  5. As a director, Mehta would do well to stop smothering her empathy in glibness (she uses the family's ancient mute grandmother as a sitcom prank), but her empathy pokes through nonetheless.
  6. Reviewed by: David Parkinson
    Audacious, yet sensitive, Fire may shock traditionalists but is the sort of film that ought to win Indian cinema a whole new audience.
  7. Reviewed by: Brendan Kelly
    The third feature from this Indian-born writer-director... is an underwhelming effort that adds little new to the debate over arranged marriages and fails to ignite much interest in the problems faced by two frustrated New Delhi wives.

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