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  1. Reviewed by: Joe Leydon
    Despite a couple of slow stretches along the way, director Mayfield does a generally fine job of integrating the eye-popping special effects with the simple but serviceable plot. The pace is just brisk enough to satisfy youngsters with short attention spans, and Williams is winning enough to keep audiences of all ages involved.
  2. Reviewed by: John F. Kelly
    Flubber, the substance, has more personality than many Hollywood actors. And if Flubber, the movie, isn't quite a slam dunk, at least it's a relatively bouncy way to spend an hour and a half.
  3. As computer-generated special effects have grown more advanced, they threaten to overwhelm such minor matters as story, character, and emotion. This, however, is not a problem in Flubber (Walt Disney), an agreeably unhinged slapstick jamboree.
  4. 63
    In fact, there are times when this movie feels like the latest installment in the over-milked Home Alone saga.
  5. Robin Williams is no Fred MacMurray, but he plays the hero with his customary energy.
  6. Children may get a kick out of Flubber's lowest-common-denominator antics. They may not recognize that Williams' prodigious talent has been reduced to something sub-blobular. [26Nov1997 Pg 38]
  7. Director Les Mayfield ("Miracle on 34th Street") has his moments, of course, but what ultimately was needed in the case of Flubber was a movie with more bounce and less talk.
  8. Though Mr. Williams sometimes seems on the verge of "Aladdin"-caliber improvisation with the ever-morphing green flubber, the film bogs him down with a fiancee (Marcia Gay Harden) hellbent on making him remember a wedding date, and with the full Hughes retinue of thugs and bullies.
  9. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Too bad the film isn't nearly as elastic as the miraculous green goo: It can barely contain all the flubber-induced chaos and still make sense, but the filmmakers don't quit till they've run out of funny things for flubber to do.
  10. 40
    With the exception of the handful of scenes in which the Flubber does its stuff, however, the youngsters will no doubt be bored by it all.
  11. 40
    Williams is so unique that his presence automatically changes any project he stars in. Surprisingly, in this case, the change isn't particularly welcome.
  12. 40
    The more pathetic the role, the more evident Robin Williams's conscientiousness--but his professionalism doesn't make this fantasy worthwhile.
  13. 38
    Writer/producer John "Home Alone" Hughes, the Marquis de Sade of kidcom, and director Les Mayfield manage to squeeze the very bounce out of what should have been a can't-miss update. [26Nov1997 Pg09.D]
  14. Reviewed by: Ron Wells
    Remember when John Hughes made small, original, oh say, GOOD movies?
  15. Reviewed by: Jeff Giles
    If only the movie itself had so much spunk—Flubber bounces but it never flies.
  16. Let's blame it on poor Robin Williams, who tries so desperately to be likable, whimsical, lovable, smart and funny all at once that he just wears you out. Blame it also on the behind-the-scenes engineers at Disney who think that effects are more important than story and character.
  17. 25
    Although the movie may appeal to kids in the lower grades, it's pretty slow, flat and dumb.
  18. It's a perfect fit for Williams -- a hunk of slapstick, a dose of schmaltz -- and yet he can't save the film, which is overproduced, mechanical and resoundingly unfunny.
  19. 10
    Like everything else in this needless remake—from a heartless performance by Williams to the patented kiddie-sadism of screenwriter John Hughes—it's sloppily grafted onto a skeletal version of the original, with scenes lifted from the source and reinserted in a manner that doesn't make sense.
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  1. Feb 14, 2012
    When you stop by and watch movies like "Flubber", I always seem to wonder....WTF?
  2. Jan 22, 2012
    Just a kids flick, filled with both a childish storyline and childish acting. If your a kid, Flubber satisfies. But adults should beware. One of Robin Williams' weaker films. Full Review »
  3. JayH
    May 31, 2009
    Although the film can't compare to the original, it does have its charms. Robin Williams is amusing but animating the flubber and giving it life was a mistake. Good special effects, imaginative. The musical number with Flubber is a complete miss. Full Review »