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  1. Gripping, suspenseful, and spiced with fascinating information about the long history of chess between human and mechanical opponents.
  2. One of the best films ever about that game, one of the most exciting, instructive and sheerly entertaining of all chess films.
  3. 80
    An engrossing tale of ego, strategy, and the limits of human intelligence.
  4. Aside from conspiracy theories, Kasparov's undoing inspires a fascinating discourse on genius, competition, humanity and the ghost in the machine.
  5. Reviewed by: Robert Koehler
    Though it never disguises its sympathies for Kasparov and contempt for a powerful corporation's machinations, documentary is finally a speculation on the limits of the human mind and how truth can never be fully known.
  6. 70
    The competition between man and machine is fogged by distrust and obfuscation. And for now, the result is a draw.
  7. Tells a gripping story that resonates with numerous subtexts.
  8. 70
    In spite of clunky effects and often extraordinarily ugly video footage, Game Over works very well just as a sports doc.
  9. 70
    The highly partisan Game Over ably illustrates the often-silly psychological gamesmanship that accompanies world-class chess and nearly catalogs enough circumstantial evidence against IBM to convict.
  10. Kasparov is a compelling film subject: suave, sardonic and as emotionally high-pitched as he is intellectually gifted.
  11. 60
    Game Over's brazen lopsidedness may diminish its credibility, but it taps into the essence of all conspiracy theories-the desperate desire to believe.
  12. Reviewed by: Ned Martel
    This deflating documentary gives up its quest for answers too easily.
  13. Reviewed by: Peter Hartlaub
    Tricks with the camera sully an otherwise informative documentary.
  14. 50
    Game Over provides no answers.
  15. 38
    No one in the film offers a shred of real proof that IBM cheated.
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  1. Apr 26, 2013
    Great nerd drama for technology enthusiasts or anyone with an interest in the bizarre subculture of grandmaster chess competition. TheGreat nerd drama for technology enthusiasts or anyone with an interest in the bizarre subculture of grandmaster chess competition. The twelve-tone music score fits nicely alongside the sheer madness of those crazy enough to write a chess engine that could rival the skill of Garry Kasparov. Full Review »