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  1. Even the special effects are more to the point of the comedy than they were in the first film. For some reason, this appears to leave more room for the sort of random funny business that Mr. Murray and his friends do best, or to which they react with most aplomb.
  2. Reviewed by: Staff (Not Credited)
    Ghostbusters II is babyboomer silliness. Kids will find the oozing slime and ghastly, ghostly apparitions to their liking and adults will enjoy the preposterously clever dialog.
  3. 80
    Here, the comedy breathes, and the illusion that it's not a factory-assembled product (which it most certainly is) is a nifty one. For a major studio blockbuster, the thing is darned chummy, and above all, that rare, modest thing, a good show.
  4. Ghostbusters II doesn't seem to be pushing as hard as its predecessor, which of course makes it even more fun. There's an old-shoeishness to the proceedings; even Murray's owlish put-downs seem a little less snide-they're almost affectionate, if that's not too outrageous a word in this context. [16 Jun 1989, p.1]
  5. Reviewed by: Desson Howe
    Everything and everyone you liked in the original are there. But GB II often seems like "Ghostbusters: The Preview Reel, Extended Mix," with its rather see-through buffet of special effects, comic bits and music-video transitions.
  6. Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    Jumbo budget and the same talent notwithstanding, the element of surprise is missing. And ghostbusters, it seems, need that every bit as much as their targets. [16 Jun 1989, p.1D]
  7. Ghostbusters II is a comfy experience for all concerned - easy bucks for the producers, easier yuks for the consumers; nothing ventured, money gained. [19 Jun 1989, p.D9]
  8. Reviewed by: Staff (Not Credited)
  9. Reviewed by: Richard Schickel
    The movie and everyone in it remain, under Ivan Reitman's determinedly casual direction, very loosely organized. They amble agreeably, but not necessarily hilariously, from one special-effects sequence to the next. These are not better, worse or even different from the original's trick work, and their lack of punctuating surprise is the film's largest problem, especially at the shamelessly repetitive climax. [26 June 1989, p.89]
  10. Reviewed by: Llyod Sachs
    As amiable and formfitting as Ghostbusters II can be, it's a thin, dimly conceived affair. For all its rave-up special effects, it adds little to director Ivan Reitman's original, which itself was no fountain of wit but at least had a fresh gimmick going for it. [16 Jun 1989, p.37]
  11. 50
    The film gets by on the sheer good-naturedness Reitman is able to place in all of his efforts, though it doesn't seem likely to inspire the same level of affection as the original. Innocence is one quality that can never quite be recaptured. [16 Jun 1989, p.28]
  12. Rather wan in its anything-goes spirit of invention, the movie has a surprisingly low number of laughs; some of the initial premises are good, but there's very little energy in the follow-through, and this time Murray's listlessness seems more anemic than comic.
  13. Reviewed by: Staff (Not Credited)
    Ghostbusters II is such a lazy effort that the formula machinery is laid bare for all to see. It suffers from writing that is obvious, sloppy, and unimaginative.
  14. The best thing in the movie is Peter MacNicol as Dana's boss at the museum, a slippery character with an incomprehensible accent. [16 Jun 1989, p. E1]
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  1. Sep 5, 2014
    It tried to be a copy of the first one and was a disappointment. However, there are a few things that are worth seeing like lady liberty walking while being controlled by an Nes controller. Full Review »
  2. May 25, 2014
    Ghostbusters II is a good sequel but its not on the level of the first movie. Granted i still enjoy the hell out of this movie even to this day. The cast is amazing with all the main characters returning from the previous installment so that was nice. My problem with it though is that for most of the first half of the movie it felt disjointed and it seemed like there was a lack of comedy which is a shame becuase thats what makes these movies so great i know compared to the first film i barely laughed. Also Bill Murray was rarely helping out the Ghostbusters and spent most of his time with Sigourney Weaver i understand that it was about building a relationship between them but it gave off the feel that the Ghostbusters dont really even need him anymore.

    Overall i give it a 7.0 If Ghostbusters III ever gets made it will be cool to see how it turns out also i would LOVE To see Rick Moranis in it.
    Full Review »
  3. Feb 15, 2014
    Not nearly as good as the first film in the Ghostbusters series, but like the first still manages to capture the viewer in the strange world of the paranormal--In a comedic way. Full Review »