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  2. Negative: 20 out of 23
  1. 0
    Assure Patient, who has paranoid delusions about Jennifer Lopez being molded into the new M______ C_____, to rest easy because Lopez has never made a film as bad as Glitter.
  2. Glitter does no one any favors.
  3. Reviewed by: Joan Anderman
    It touches on universal themes of love, friendship, and family. Suffice to say it falls dreadfully short.
  4. 50
    And above all, the film is lacking in joy. It never seems like it's fun to be Billie Frank.
  5. It's doubtful that even a real actress could have triumphed over the rusty tinsel of Glitter, a hapless, retro-'80s ''Star Is Born.''
  6. 10
    Just when you think it could not get more ridiculous, Hall, Lanier, and Miss Mariah go that extra mile.
  7. Glitter is, if nothing else, comfortable with what it is, namely earnestly made, wholehearted schlock.
  8. Glitter is the week's only major Hollywood release, and it offers considerable escapist entertainment while hitting an affirmative note.
  9. 25
    Glitter, the kind of movie only 11-year-old girls who dot their i's with hearts would find bearable.
  10. 20
    Take the G out of Glitter and it's litter.
  11. This is the worst performance by a pop star in a dramatic role since Madonna suited up for "Shanghai Surprise."
  12. Helplessly clichéd, predictable and unaware of its own lameness, it could easily become a camp classic on the order of "Grease 2" and "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."
  13. "Zis is not verking! Zee glitter cannot overpower zee artist!" That, in a sentence, sums up what is wrong with this picture.
  14. 10
    I desperately wanted Glitter to be trashy and over-the-top, to be so courageously awful. As it is, it isn't nearly bad enough to be that kind of good. It's simply there, all dressed up with no place to go, and that's the most damning thing you could say about it.
  15. Reviewed by: Carla Meyer
    It doesn't help that Glitter is such a derivative mishmash of cinematic and real-life situations that it's nearly impossible to count all the ways.
  16. Mostly dross, an unintentionally hilarious compendium of time-tested cinematic clichés that illustrates the chasm between hopeful imitation and successful duplication.
  17. Reviewed by: Steve Simels
    A butt-numbing exercise in tedium, sporadically redeemed by moments of unintentional hilarity.
  18. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Even the soundtrack doesn't rescue the movie from its tedious banality.
  19. Reviewed by: Robert Koehler
    Glitter deserves yet another title: "A Star Is Dull." As phony a vehicle as one could possibly concoct for a wannabe movie star, pic carries Mariah Carey into a swamp of gloppy melodrama.
  20. A heart-wrenching debacle from the starting gun.
  21. How could a major studio -- in this case 20th Century Fox -- put its name on a production with a dim-bulb, tone-deaf script that piles howler on howler? Why couldn't someone save poor Ms. Carey from herself?
  22. Reviewed by: Megan Rosenfeld
    We don't have much space to tell you about Glitter, so we'll be blunt. This star vehicle for singer Mariah Carey is primarily a showcase for her breasts.
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  1. Sep 27, 2010
    she can act.. though not that good as what was expected but she did act.. she performed well not just by singing but by her expression.. well done still.. well done...still proud of you Full Review »
  2. Aug 11, 2013
    I've watch it, and thats very good, the soundtrack, emotional buidings, all are great....... I'm very proud of her, the one who gets everything.......