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  1. The movie also captures Thompson's tragedy: the haze of drugs and bad writing that consumed him for no less than his last 30 years.
  2. A biographical documentary doesn't get any better than this.
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    The July 4th release is fitting, for Thompson was a true patriot. His longstanding association with the counterculture notwithstanding, Thompson loved this country and the things it once stood for, and his voice is sorely missed today, and whether you were a fan of his work or not, you'll find Gonzo well worth your time.
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    Gibney's immensely funny and sad new motion picture Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson -- the "Dr." was a mail-order divinity degree -- is principally intended to rehabilitate Thompson and introduce his work to a new audience.
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    It is to Mr. Gibney’s great credit that while he pays due attention to the outsize, cartoonish celebrity persona Thompson fell back on when his literary powers began to wane, this film concentrates on the bold, innovative journalism that secured Thompson’s reputation and assures his immortality.
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    Johnny Depp, who paid for the 2005 funeral in which Thompson's ashes were fired out of a cannon, narrates with just the right mix of awe and impertinence.
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    It leaves you wondering, how was it that so many people liked this man who does not seem to have liked himself?
  8. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    A mesmerizing look at the mythic quality and anarchic spirit of the irreverent and rabble-rousing journalist.
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  1. Dec 14, 2010
    As a long time fan of Hunter S Thompson and Ralph Steadman - who I was introduced to at about 16 or 17 by their book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Having come from a very disturbing family - with it's equally destructive consequences, instead of being equipped with a great range of life skills, almost every shred of self esteem had been torn from me, and thus the only people who I could have hung out with were similarly affected people into drugs, motorcycles and generally very self destructive life styles; When I read the part where Thompson describes going way too fast into a cloverleaf on or off ramp, stoned off his **** on everything, and doing a huge power slide all the time, and having this motorbike cop come pull him over and come up to him white with fear, and how he **** his way out of it with "just being a bit tired"....

    I mean I was a seriously **** up kid who was in with a bunch of other seriously **** up people - all doing drugs, and I was stoned as I read the book... and I was thinking that this was "seriously inspirational // comedic reading".

    However the drugs stopped being a back door to reality and about some 15 or even 18 years after getting drug free I reread that book and I thought, "What a crock of drug **** bullshit".

    In the following sentence I will use the word shit - and by that I mean "nurturing, interactive relationships, etc., I guess tho, at that time I read it, when the only shit you get to eat, is dirt flavoured crumbs, a real bread crumb of brighter significance is better than nothing, and it's better than dirt flavoured crumbs.

    So in one respect HST, and Ralph Steadman were great influences for both good and bad - or perhaps significant points in an unmanageable life.

    I saw the show on TV last night.... and I watched the start of it.. and had to tune out for a while because of the drug **** bullshit that was going on.

    Then I tuned back into it, and I saw that HST was another man, from another time, with his own agendas and politics. I also saw just how **** up a lot of American culture is that this drug **** idiot (HST) was, and how many people were prepared to put up with his shit....

    I also saw that as he got older and lived more and more on his ranch, with the booze, the other drugs and the **** around - along with the guns and crap... just how much he was like the drug **** idiot who lives a few doors down the street from me. The guy wakes up and takes a slab of pills and has a skin full of piss and staggers around glassy eyed on welfare and just out of his mind and talking shit And seeing Thompson walking around in his later years with the bottle of booze in his hand........

    As one of the critics said, "He lived on his celebrity status for the last 30 years of his life".

    I felt it was really sad that he went out as a cop out and the end of it was really sad.

    About Hunter talking about how he wants his ashes to be shot out of the top of a huge monument, and how at the Final Send Off, that is just what happened. I thought that the Logans Run "crystal in the palm" was part of the monument....

    6 months before he shot himself, I wrote him a letter - he never answered.

    It was sort of good that that part of my life has ended. There was a sense of permanent closure. I was appreciative of his taking on Nixon and many other things, but where people need to escape from reality - through drugs, sex and some kind of mood or mind altering experiences, then they are not really living - they are just wind up shells, who spend their time going through the motions.

    I am glad that he lived and that he made his contributions - but take away the hype and the drug **** pop cult bullshit of his time, and how he slowly fizzed out into obscurity....

    I am not sure if I am influenced by or contaminated with his persona......

    The movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it's one of the few movies I do own, and that was done exactly as per the book.... Johnny Depp and HST - and Ralph Steadman - that was a work of genius in the replication of the story and images, into a moving picture.

    Too bad the drug **** life style - although it does have it's funny parts, it's all bullshit, it's all a futile waste of **** time and opportunities.

    I felt the song by Warren Zevon - "Send Lawyers, Guns and Money" played at the shooting of his ashes into the sky - was a sad, but fitting closure to Hunter S. Thompson's life and the documentary.
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