Good Morning, Night


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  1. 88
    Combining a thoughtful script with splendid acting -- especially by Sansa -- Bellocchio has fashioned a tense thriller that is both understated and powerful.
  2. Reviewed by: David Rooney
    Numerous filmmakers have attempted to dramatize the terrorist activity that gripped Italy in the 1970s, but few have done so with the unsettling power of Marco Bellocchio's Good Morning, Night.
  3. Bellochio, who began his career in 1965, has made some of the most trenchant Italian films on political themes, and Good Morning, Night is one more of them.
  4. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    It's a thoughtful and ultimately chilling take on a tragedy that still has the power to disturb and divide.
  5. 70
    Bellocchio's film, which enlivens the grim realities of months in a stuffy apartment with striking bursts of lyricism, is often a powerful cautionary tale about the dangers of becoming a slave to ideology.
  6. 70
    Like its oxymoronic title, Good Morning, Night is sober yet filled with fancy. There's a wistful aspect to the movie.
  7. At times Good Morning, Night feels as claustrophobic as the apartment itself, and you may feel that the director is handling his volatile material with a bit too much delicacy. But the movie's atmosphere is a curious mixture of obliqueness and intensity.
  8. 70
    It's a strange and murky movie, at times a frustrating one, but I also found it profoundly moving in a way no regular thriller ever is.
  9. Though he doesn't possess the dangerous confusion of his tragically misguided heroes, veteran director Marco Bellocchio does share their capacity for raising thought-provoking points that end in an ineffectual tangle.
  10. The writer-director's inquiry into this tragedy makes for a moving and intelligent film, but the dark story never feels fully realized.
  11. It has been called both detached and loaded, unfairly slanted as well as balanced by some of its critics--I can only testify that I found the film both troubling and absorbing over two separate viewings.
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  1. ChadS.
    May 10, 2006
    "Good Morning Night" avoids a Hollywood ending, which is admirable, but it's conclusion is so anti-climactic, some may pine for a little "Good Morning Night" avoids a Hollywood ending, which is admirable, but it's conclusion is so anti-climactic, some may pine for a little political thriller-know how. What this ultimately disappointing film has going for it is a nice performance from Maya Sansa (as Chiara), who looks like an Italian Phoebe Cates, sort of. As to the answer for the question, "Is she, or is she not, a good revolutionary?" remains enigmatic because we're not sure what is dream, and what is reality. Full Review »