Generally favorable reviews - based on 24 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 24
  2. Negative: 2 out of 24
  1. Triumphs by taking an elliptical approach that still reaches directly into the very core of genius.
  2. The camera, freed to glide, flows as if through the old man's memory, discovering both the glory of his life and the tragedy.
  3. Far more than a mere visual feast.
  4. Reviewed by: Eddie Cockrell
    Feverish, elegant movie.
  5. Superb, contemplative.
  6. Reviewed by: Elisa Turner
    Saura's storytelling style draws us deep into Goya's world, a disturbing but bittersweet place that can look hauntingly modern.
  7. It assumes considerable knowledge of his life and times. But, with even a little of the familiarity it demands, the movie is something special.
  8. 70
    Storaro's gorgeous cinematography imbues every frame with an enthralling subjectivity.
  9. 70
    The luminous images--as much the filmmakers' as the painter's--are occasionally transcendent.
  10. 67
    Plods and frustrates, but forgivably, it is a deeply felt picture.
  11. What can a movie tell us about the painter that the paintings do not? The effort has done no favors for Picasso or Rivera or Bacon.
  12. Reviewed by: Robert Horton
    Worth a look, even if it doesn't quite find the internal logic it seems to be searching for.
  13. 58
    Covers some bases, but it feels like the Cliffs Notes version of a grander epic.
  14. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    This film's splendid visuals suit the subject, Spain's greatest painter, but its stilted dramatics are wholly at odds with Francisco de Goya's tumultuous life and times.
  15. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    Rich as it looks, it lacks the feverishness of Goya's art.
  16. The meandering story doesn't gather much momentum and Vittorio Storaro's camera work is less awesome than usual.
  17. The movie never catches fire with the emotions.
  18. Sumptuous to behold, although one will not leave the theatre with a much deeper knowledge and understanding of this great Spanish painter's career.
  19. 38
    Pretty but tedious Euro-pap at its most self-indulgent.
  20. While it's visually stunning, the pretentiousness makes it hard to take seriously.

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