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  1. Oct 9, 2013
    Its Diablo 3 and the latest Sim City only this time on the big screen. Ie looks great but quickly gets boring and leaves you feeling like youve been had.
  2. Oct 9, 2013
    I honestly don't know what to say about this film. Special effects were amazing, the film was an absolute technological marvel on par with Avatar and Lord of the Rings. The action and all aspects of this film were very artistic and beautiful. The acting was hard to judge because of the space helmets, but the voice acting that you could hear through the com was realistic and helped add to the suspense and emotions of the film. The problem with this film is that you don't really care about the characters. They seem like amazing people walking around in space, and you get to know a little bit about their home lives, but it just wasn't enough. Really the story was all premise, which I find rather boring and aggravating in a film. 2 people floating around above the earth trying to get back home. That really is all there is to the story, so it gets pretty boring. Add to that the complete lack of an interesting compelling script, and you get a movie the was pretty pointless. If all you need is good visuals, then you will love this film, if you need something a bit more sophisticated, then you will hate it. I would have rated this film higher for the visuals and technology, but seeing as it is already extremely overrated I will just give it a zero. Expand
  3. Oct 9, 2013
    This is a very good movie. The first 30 minutes is outstanding. George Clooney delivers a great performance, and nearly steals the movie. The script and the production values are AAA. I actually like Sandra Bullock as a film actress, but she could have added more depth based on her character arc in the script.
  4. Oct 9, 2013
    Excellent movie with great visuals and atmosphere. Even with some boredom when we have to sit through with the characters mental breakdown and psychological struggle to stay calm and get through the occurring mess in open space, the movie is a great experience that makes you worship the ground you are standing on.
  5. Oct 9, 2013
    Lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I am in utter awe of the cinematography and visual effects on this one. Immersive and innovative. A career-best from Sandra Bullock. This was a project of intellect, craftsmanship and dare I say spiritually coming together perfectly as one. I cannot imagine anything topping this for me. I have never seen anything like this, and I'll even sound hyperbolic and say that this will be one of the films that defines our generation. A triumph. 10/10. Expand
  6. Oct 9, 2013
    There was an article in the LA Times asking if it was the best space movie ever. Let's pause a sec. I know in this day and age we like to say how everything is the best ever but to compare this to 2001 or Star Wars is a bit ridiculous. It does not have the weight (pardon the pun). It is pretty good and quite enjoyable but it is not overly memorable. Some of the devices stretch credibility as well as the ways the problems are solved. Overall a good movie but let's hold back on the accolades a bit. Expand
  7. Oct 9, 2013
    Few movies manages to resist the urge to simply go a big and load as possible to add dramatic effect; Gravity is a master at doing a lot with as little as possible. From the eerie sounds of being in space to the disorientation of spinning out of control, the atmosphere in Gravity is everything. As someone who is skeptical of 3-D, this is one movie where it really does add much to the experience and left me feeling that it is best seen as such. There are some cheesy scenes, courtesy of George Clooney, but they do much to add levity to what Sandra Bullock shows as a traumatic and horrifying scenario. All in all, Gravity left me with some of the most memorable and intense scenes I've seen in a movie while doing so little. Expand
  8. Oct 9, 2013
    Realistic (to some degree) space movie at last, thanks to senior Alfonso Cuaron! The best thing about it is the visuals and the thrilling atmosphere. As for the narrative, let's just say it's not the strongest side of "Gravity"! Even though some laws of physics has been violated for the sake of plot, it is one of the best picture of 2013!
  9. Oct 9, 2013
    Mala por donde se la mira, George Clooney hace un papel de payaso insoportable, es una película que no te deja nada, ademas de las carencias por parte de los analistas y asesores con respecto al comportamiento de las "cosas" en el espacio, la película carece de dialogo, se trata de inventarles un perfil a los personajes pero no se logra. Se abusa del retoque digital en Sandra Bullock teniendo mejor cuerpo que una mujer de 20 años. Quien le dio tan buena critica? Expand
  10. Oct 9, 2013
    After seeing so much regurgitated crap at the movies this year Gravity is a breath of fresh air. I left blown back at how beautiful the film was. There is long continues shots that make you wonder how it was done. I'm probably going back to see this in IMAX.
  11. Oct 9, 2013
    Sure it looks great but thats not what movies should only be about. Not to mention casting two celebrities who pretty much make the film not work because they are too famous. Both are overrated and are only there to make profit. Children of Men was brilliant but this? Give me a break.. Should have hired Sigourney Weaver..Ripley would have pulled herself outta that mess.
  12. Oct 9, 2013
    This is one of the most visceral, heart-pounding, and, at times, achingly-beautiful movies I've ever seen. It's entirely an superficial experience, and that's ok. However, anyone who compares this to the genius of 2001, apart from its obvious setting, is really stretching. This is not an adult movie, but a movie for the kid in adults and appeals to your base instinks like no other.

    That said, the story and dialogue is a bit of a cheesefest, obviously dumbed down for a mass, international market. There were a few exceedingly cringe-worthy moments of banter and individual parlance where I and audience members audibly groaned. The movie would have been a ten if all dialogue was removed.
  13. Oct 9, 2013
    Phenomenal in every respect. It had a surprisingly deep level of reflection upon death, life and our place in the Universe. I couldn't stop thinking about this film for days after watching it. Visually fantastic, the performances from Clooney and Bullock were incredible, marks of truly seasoned actors, and even the slightly Hollywoodised script was amazing. 10/10, best film of the year so far. A must-watch. Expand
  14. Oct 9, 2013
    Great movie. The cinematography was just out of this world... pardon the pun. The sound and music was captivating and it had the best actor credits I have ever seen. Hate the name though, it should be called lack of gravity. Calling it gravity is misleading and suggests the writer wasn't bright enough to research a better name.
  15. Oct 8, 2013
    "Oscar-worthy" BS is put out there by publicists and PR folks; sorry, it was PAINFUL. Unbelievable, far-fetched, and so badly acted. A vanity project to end all vanity projects. Tom Hanks had cast away. This is her BS. Sorry, you're not that interesting. Your character is unbelievable. Your acting stinks.
  16. Oct 8, 2013
    Gravity delivers the weird juxtaposition of the film's creators allowing a fictional character to overcome unforgiving space, but won't trust the audience to think for themselves.

    Yesterday evening I joined my good friends in a showing of the Sci-Fi survival thriller Gravity. I was expecting a documentary with George Clooney narrating, and wasn't quite sure of what to expect when I
    popped on my thick-rimmed 3D goggles. I am very interested in astronomy and the remoteness and aloofness of the celestial bodies has always strongly informed how I feel about living on Planet Earth. Their distance and indifference is a majestic mockery of our trivial, and temporary, existence.

    Settling into the first five minutes of Gravity, I quickly realised that of course a work of fiction would make an over-pronounced imposition of human beings into the glorious inertia of space. This realisation that I can now expect people to provide the thrust of the story profoundly disappoints me. The feeble juxtaposition of a towering, placid spacescape with the minute actions of studious astronauts has no more of an impact on me than would watching the same people sit around an office drinking weak, freeze-dried coffee.

    Therefore, precisely what I find refreshing about the film 15 minutes in is that it hasn't (yet) condescended to the audience by loading the flimsy cardboard cutout characters with some morbid modus operandi, thereby making totally unrelateable spacewalking astronauts into amenable accomplices of the viewer. It therefore makes sense to streamline the cynically unlucky protagonist to such a degree that the only necessary instrument at her disposal is the pure and simple instinctual thrust of survival.

    The depiction of the characters in broad strokes continues as the audience is struck forcibly by the information that, believe it or not, spacewalking is either a very mundane experience best accompanied by country music, or that novices are terribly excited by it on their first run. Both contrasts are totally within convention, and this silly space symphony's opening bars have all the reverie of a pastorale.

    At one moment as Bullock careens off into the vast emptiness of space, an apparition of home; a large, indifferent planet Northern Lights added for aesthetics sits serenely behind, sleepily unaware of the plight of our hapless protagonist. It is a moment of genuine beauty, and for a second the film has an actually interesting principal actor the “gentle indifference of the world”.

    But then as Disaster, that catalyst of so many Hollywood movies, arrives, all of a sudden it occurs to me that we are going to have to suffer character development as this thing goes on. We haven't learned enough by Hollywood standards to care enough about Bullock and Clooney yet, but a few stories from good ol' Planet Earth ought to set that right.

    I wouldn't have been totally against this inevitability if it wasn't for the central character spending the remaining 90 minutes undergoing a juvenile transformation from naïve to determined (via seriously mopy). Bullock's performance is languid enough to have made me believe that survival in the face of almost certain death is a bit of a drag.

    Therefore, into the wondrous oblivion of infinite space strolls a character so disengaged from life that I stopped rooting for her from basically the beginning. Marcus Aurelius writes in his Meditations that “Today I escaped from anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions not outside.”

    The tenets of stoicism don't seem to really have fallen into the scope of Bullock's character, because there is always a sense that what she is facing is injustice it's not fair!!! rather than coming to any acceptance that her predicament was an exceptionally fair one an outgrowth of her being in a totally extraordinary position as remote from human experience as one could possibly get, and therefore, not entitled to expect the same accommodations from the universe.

    What accompanies this extraordinary situation, and what makes the film so oddly cold, is how extraordinarily muted un-human Bullock's character's response is. There is neither a hint of completely justified despair, nor the slightest sense of confusion at the totally mindboggling predicament facing her character.

    This might be an attempt.

    Instead, unfortunately, Hollywood is the exemplar of an industrial process of creativity so eminently capable of mistaking the addition of melodrama for character complexity. It is not enough that survival and hatred of death are ingrained human qualities up to and including the point of irrational denial of fate Gravity also needs us to buy into a crumby story about a deceased child in order to force the operationalisation of instinct.

    It was not enough that a Harvard-graduated space-genius had to get a face full of satellite shrapnel. We had to have our own emotional capacities for empathy inc
  17. Oct 8, 2013
    This movie is undoubtedly gripping, intense, and exciting, but it is not what I would consider a great movie. The plot is rather limited, and even though the movie has absolutely stunning special effects that cannot change the fact that it lacks much of the plot that I like in movies.

    Incredible effects, every scene is memorable.
    You'll be on the edge of your seat the entire

    Story is rather sparse.
    Some plot points make no sense in scientific context. (minor)
  18. Oct 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bottom line this movie is overrated. It's not worth the money. Boring. The same thing happens over and over again, space debris and spinning out of control in space. Some weird music too. I think it was a cheap way for the two big actors to make money for the holiday's and based off these ratings they will sadly. Expand
  19. Oct 8, 2013
    Best space film I've ever seen with it's stunning and realistic visuals. Gravity takes us and gives us the experience of outer space; the eerie vacuum silence and the feel of claustrophobia while spiraling into unknown with uncertain chance of survival. This is not just a film. This is epic.
  20. Oct 8, 2013
    The experimental filming style works big time, making you feel immersed in gravity. 3D effects are also incredibly well done. This film would make for the ultimate Universal Studios movie experience (Earthquake/Jaws style). Only negative is the Clooney/Bullock casting could have been better. They were good but not great. Script was also not perfect
  21. Oct 8, 2013
    Intense and gripping! This movie was shot as a simple survival story in space... but I connected to it even more at a much deeper level. The way that the cinematography was shot, I felt I was in space floating with Sandra Bullock's character, Dr. Ryan Stone... that was a technical achievement in itself... But I was also able to feel what it was like to be in the mind of her character
  22. Oct 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An interesting movie... interesting, not awesome. The Idea behind the Movie is quite original, though simple. There is only 1 important Character (Dr. Stone) and Sandra Bullock is doing a good job. Still, the whole Movie seems kinda messed up. Not because of the Story, you dont even really have to pay attention to the Movie, because you'll usually know, what will happen next. And that's bad. But there's something else: Some Scenes just dont fit. For Example, when she enters the ISS, she's floating around in space doing almost nothing for a couple of Minutes... Smae thing when she's talking to that Chinese guy... these Scenes are calm and peaceful, while others are completely different (eg. when she escapes the ISS). The Movie is trying to be thrilling, but it doesnt really work, because the whole Movie is very predictable (well, except for that Dream Scene, where Kowalski returns). The Special Effects are good, that's for sure and George Clooney is just doing an awesome job, but the Movie cant make me feel with Dr. Stone, neither Kowalski. I always felt like i was watching an experimental Movie, and not a very good one in particular... Expand
  23. Oct 8, 2013
    The only thing that holds this film back from being truly perfect are the limitations that are created by the fact that the characters are in space. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney both do a solid job, particularly Bullock, and Cuaron will certainly blow your mind with his camera movement and directorial choices. This is the most visually spectacular movie I've seen since...well, since I can't remember when. This might be the best looking film I've ever seen. My friend and I raved for 30 minutes about the visual after we saw it, non stop. While there are a few cheesy lines and some of the plot is relegated to exposition, I can't see anyone disliking this film. Expand
  24. Oct 8, 2013
    Breakthrough kind of film. Milestone. Subject of study in Universities of Visual Arts.
    Cuaron is a genius All the things he had to overcome to do this the way he wanted!!...Awesome Bullock in her part.
    It has been some years since the last time we can share at a movie theater a cinematographic experience so organically vividly and in some many different levels, and it will pass some
    time for the next one.
    Some may say is a simple story, but there are layers if you want to go deep, it´s up to you. You choose. or just relax if you can) and enjoy the most amazing out of this world space trip you'll ever gonna get.
    ( Can't understand critics of physic, astronomy, etc... Its only a movie! Get over it.!. those critics speak for the persons who talked, by the way))
    Pure cinema spirit. Marvelous
  25. Oct 8, 2013
    Visually stunning, but preposterous. Within 15 minutes, I said this is ridiculous. Not even superman could have as many lives as Sandra Bullock. The dialogue is also lame. There is some emotion, but you really don;t care. There is no comparison to 2001, except that both movies take place in space.
  26. Oct 8, 2013
    This movie sucked. Badly. The first 20minutes are cool and have a great cinematic feel. (Saw it in IMAX 3D) The film quickly goes away from these cinematic views to unravel the story which is pathetic and told by terrible acting. Very, very poor film. After 30 minutes you've had enough of this weak woman to want to leave the theater. It is aggravating to watch. Giving it a 2 for the first 20minutes of cinematics. Expand
  27. Oct 8, 2013
    Great movie with awesome visuals superb acting and intense atmosphere. Cinematic is beautifully filmed, you feel like you are with Dr. Ryan in every scene. and Definitely an Oscar contender in multiple categories!
  28. Oct 8, 2013
    Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are 2 astronauts who struggle for their lives when their space walk is shattered. The cast is small and the plot is simple, but this film packs a colossal wallop. The groundbreaking effects are truly spectacular (in every sense of the word). Director Alfonso Cuarón has created a dazzling cinematic masterpiece with gripping suspense that never lets up. Even with the amazing spectacle of outer space, he and Bullock create an intimate, emotional roller coaster ride. This is a filmmaking at its best. Don't miss it! Expand
  29. Oct 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I expected bad, and wow did I find it. I'm all for suspending disbelief, but this.. was so in your face about what an idiot you had to be to enjoy it.
    She checks her watch and has 7 minutes and 30 seconds before another round of space junk, then.. just puts on a space suit.. and still has over 2 minutes left.
    Let's not even go down the "he let her go because" road.
    Or the "wow, it's sure convenient to have all the space stations so close"
    Or finding a drifting Sandra after How Long?
    Or maintaining an impossible radio connection for how long?
    Or the whole "stuff got destroyed" and now it's amazingly fast and going to eat you!
    Or the whole "chain reaction" in the first place?
    AND BIG FREAKING DEAL with the 17 minute opening shot! It's not like it was all filmed in real time, it's just a long CGI scene.
    Space danger was the key, and when it's so horribly unreal I couldn't buy in. Like a supposed Dracula with pink blood running down his fangs.
  30. Oct 7, 2013
    WTF...This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I am scratching my head thinking what if anything I can see good about this movie. Oh Oh! I found one. I like the main two characters but not in this crap bag of a movie. I would like to ask them why the even accepted being in the movie. I'm not going to say anymore or I will piss people off. Go waste your money. You were warned.
  31. Oct 7, 2013
    As a spectacle this film is pretty much the definition. It's definitely spectacular, but I think it's appeal would disappear on the small screen or not in 3d. It's really pretty gimmicky.

    The story is about as barebones as you can get while still being able to bill someone as the writer. The acting is alright, but I don't think they'd make anyone who is prone to panic attacks an
    astronaut. Nor probably the inventor of something. Anyway, most things in this film aren't really plausible in any sort of way.

    I dunno, the fact that a major part of the story hinges on a momentary inconsistency in the laws of motion kinda bugs me a lot.

    Either way, it's a pretty fun waste of 90 minutes, but if you see it, see it on the big screen or not at all.
  32. Oct 7, 2013
    This is a very simple movie at heart. A 90min thriller that takes place in the vacuum of space. There is very little dialogue, back story, and minimal sound effects (no sound in space after all). Clooney is the veteran spaceman and calming voice of reason while Bullock is the 6 months trainee and panicking. You'll instantly be familiar with story, characters, and setting 20mins in, but thats OK. Visually this movie is amazing using lengthy, single shots (my guess to show the infinity of outer space) and the occasional 1st person perspective. 90mins is a perfect length for Gravity cause Bullock's escalating bad luck does start to get ridiculous. Bottomline: Total worth seeing in theaters!!! Expand
  33. Oct 7, 2013
    This movie has been so hyped that people are afriad to say they don't like it. I didn't like it. I was bored, Bullock didn't act she just hyperventilated through the movie. Clooney was only comic relief. Explosion scenes were unrealistic. In a "gripping" movie, when the hero lives, the audience applauds. NO applause here. Only comments of disappointment were heard on the way out. I wanted to like this movie as I did Apollo 13. I would not recommend this movie to anyone, even on Redbox! Expand
  34. Oct 7, 2013
    I'm not sure why people are so enamored with this film. It's pretty good, but not spectacular. George Clooney was too much his typical self to give him much credit for acting. Sandra Bullock perhaps pushed into new territory as far as her acting goes, but when her scenes required genuine emotion, she was hardly convincing. The best thing this film has going for it is neither the script nor the acting, nor even the direction or pacing, but the visual effects. Expand
  35. Oct 7, 2013
    I strangled my popcorn bag from the tension. i have to watch again and i will definitely be buying it. Really well done CG 2 years this has been in the works and it shows.
  36. Oct 7, 2013
    I don't understand the hype on this movie. The cinematography is absolutely stunning for sure, and some pretty great acting, but nothing else. Pacing becomes irritating, not enough characterization to care about the ONLY characters we interact with and the back story to the vent occurring isn't strong enough to make us feel the tension.
    Good film, but not the greatest thing ever made like
    everybody is saying. Expand
  37. Oct 7, 2013
    This movie is the JAWS of this generation. Gravity is a silly action movie, where the ignorant audience believes they are watching a real event happening in space. There are so many flaws in the science, I lost my disbelief. Yet, the visuals were stunning. But visuals alone, don't make a good movie. The story of Gravity was also bad, filled with clinches and up to the last minute escapes.

    The critics got this movie way wrong. A very big disappointment for me, when I thought I was going to see a serious science fiction movie. But all I got was a space circus drama.
  38. Oct 7, 2013
    I'll save a few bytes on this website. Just read the review from "abramedi" and ditto for me. My only question is why does the review score not go to "11"?!
  39. Oct 7, 2013
    It is difficult, if not impossible, to convey how utterly dreadful "Gravity" is without a viewer having at least a small taste of experiencing it yourself. Given the overthrowing praise the film is receiving, countless thousands will waste 90 minutes of their life wading through this oddly lifeless film. The tedious screenplay evokes the worst of James Cameron but adds hundreds of Sandra Bullock "Aaaaahs." Water boarding couldn't be this painful. By the 30 minutes mark you will be begging that a massive asteroid pulverize any survivors on screen; by the 60 minute mark you will beg for the 3D effects to deliver an asteroid to your own skull. They shoot horses, don't they? Expand
  40. Oct 7, 2013
    I'm not feeling it. This movie was BORING. Thank goodness it was only 90 minutes long since most of that 90 minutes was spent watching Sandra Bullock gasping, grunting, and hyperventilating out in space. There was hardly any plot and zero character development, George Clooney was practically non existent except for a few minutes of "witty repartee" with Bullock at the beginning. Oscar-worthy material? Okay, maybe for special effects. Expand
  41. Oct 7, 2013
    Good but not great movie. Visually, this is a beautiful movie. It's also suspenseful as you want to know what's going to happen next. But it's the kind of movie you can only watch once. After the first time, the movie isn't very interesting. There also there is only one plot in the movie. No sub-plots or side stories.
  42. Oct 7, 2013
    A big disappointment! The story line was so unbelievable there was no possibility of drama. Direction was weak. George Clooney’s character acted silly for the position he occupied. Sandra Bullock did a good job but she was the wrong person for the part, and her character lacked continuity. The visual effects were good and 3D was a good choice for the movie. The movie wasn’t terrible but if that’s the best that can be said it would be better to wait for it to be on TV. Expand
  43. Oct 7, 2013
    What can I say about this highly acclaimed movie? Gorgeous CGI-produced space, fabulous work of Sandra Bullock's plastic surgeon (for 49 she looks incredible).
    What else? H-m-m-m... Oh yeh! Sandra's hair style is perfect, especially considering that she is in weightlessness.
    I was bored mostly all the time. It reminded me a TNT ad "We know drama" where all action happens at the very
    possible moment. Kinda cheap. But again, the visuals and special effects were astounding. Expand
  44. Oct 7, 2013
    This movie was AMAZING!!!! I was able to watch it on IMAX and I was just blown away! The thrills start right away and watching Dr. Ryan Stone swirl around in space made me feel light-headed, which is a very good thing since few movies can really do that. The special effects are some of the best I've ever seen!! One scene, in particular, where we see one of the space shuttles get destroyed by debris in the middle of the film, was nothing short of breathtaking. I also love the acting: George Clooney gives a light-hearted performance sure to get a few chuckles out of you, but this is Sandra Bullock's show, and she gives, probably, the best performance of her career. She's a character to root for since she has very strong character development. However, there are times when the dialogue gets a little sappy,but the actors give it their all, especially Bullock. Overall, with a mastery of special effects and a strong emotional core shown through great performances, Gravity is one of the best thrillers I have ever seen and will definitely blow you away as well! Expand
  45. Oct 7, 2013
    Gravity is a fun "Ride" ala Star Tours experience, but as far as a "Movie" goes, the story and character development leaves much to be desired. As far as a 3D $18 90 minute Star Tours/Type spectacle, if that is what you are looking for then I am sure you will love the film. The CG and Camera moves were impressive and the film was done very well. Films like Gravity are just not what I am looking for when I go to the Cinema. Now If I was at Disneyland it would be a different story Just my two cents, and obviously I am in the minority since it appears that almost everyone on earth loved this Film and thought it was the greatest film of all time. Which I do find a bit disconcerting because in my opinion it would not even make my top 100 films of all time list. Sadly this is certainly the type of movies film corporations will want to put out more of. 3D up-charge along with a short running time which equals more showings per day and more revenue. Will we ever see a popular motion picture released with a strong script, with strong acting again, or will that just be relegated to art houses and on demand TV viewing? Expand
  46. Oct 7, 2013
    This movie is all about the visuals. Be sure you see it in 3D. Sandra Bullock is excellent, although somewhat panicky for a highly trained astronaut. Even at the beginning before disaster strikes she is having a panic attack. The astronaut played by Clooney is a stereotype you've seen before, but it doesn't matter as Sandra Bullock is the main focus. You will be asking yourself how they are doing the special effects all throughout the film because it looks so real. I was on the edge of me seat the entire time. Expand
  47. Oct 7, 2013
    This movie is a perfect 10

    The visuals,the audio detail, the acting, the story, and execution were perfect. I have nothing bad to say about it

    Great score

    Sandra really proved herself in this movie and I think its a good role for her and a good move

    I knew I wouldnt be disappointed by a movie with Alfonso's name on it
  48. Oct 7, 2013
    Don't see Gravity in hopes of watching Oscar-worthy performances or blinding realism. Instead see Gravity, and I really mean go see Gravity for an hour and a half ride that you really feel a part of. I cannot suggest enough that the ONLY way to see this film is in 3D. I am a complete non-fan of 3D movies they just really don't do it for me and usually detract from the viewing experience. With Gravity however the entire film is enhanced by the 3D viewing as you really feel like you are floating through space with Bullock especially during the first person camera view scenes. The premise of the movie and several actions within are somewhat farfetched, however if you take the absurd scenes with a grain of salt and emerse yourself in the uncomfortablilty of the situations and the hoplessness of space then you will enjoy yourself for an hour and a half as I did watching this film that pleasantly surprised me. I couldn't recommend it more. Expand
  49. Oct 7, 2013
    It was a nice, emotional take on a movie that portrays the will to survive at all cost! Earth views in the 3D IMAX viewing were amazing!!! However, I personally think the movie was mostly dull and predictable! If not for George Clooney's humor & high spirits, the movie would have been even duller with just whinings, groans and incoherent noises from Bullock! The emotional epicenter of Sandra Bullock was exposed. It wasn't bad, but it was no Anna Hathaway in Les Misérables!!! Some scenes got me saying "wtf', but then some scenes also left me breathless and quiet! I would recommend not watching this at home. Its definitely a must see on IMAX 3D to enjoy the best parts of the movie, but if you were expecting the next best movie of the year, this isn't it!!! Finally, if you are a Bullock fan, then you definitely don't wanna miss some of the up-close sexy and genuine scenes the experienced actress has to offer! No nudity, so don't let your imagination go that far! Before viewing the movie, you should set your mindset to that of an Astronaut, wear your cool 3D IMAX glasses and make sure your don't fall asleep to miss the best parts!!! Enjoy! Expand
  50. Oct 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There are some beautiful visuals, but like the rest of the movie, they are repeated and repeated ad nauseum. If not for them, though, the movie would have no redeeming features. Too much of it takes place inside spacecraft that isn't functioning properly, and Bullock's hapless, rather unlikable character had me drumming my fingers, wanting to just doze off, and wondering how long we would be subjected to her suffering and fiddling futilely about. Her tedious character is in most scenes; Clooney has more life, but disappears early on, and returns only briefly. Might be worth seeing for the occasional beauty of it, if you don't expect anything in the way of story or character development. Expand
  51. Oct 6, 2013
    This is an excellent movie. Let's get this out of the way first: This movie is all about character development. It's actually a character development movie, first and foremost. If you didn't catch that, you weren't paying attention. The effects were over-the-top amazing. I don't know how they filmed it, and I don't want to know. I felt like I was watching cinematic history in the sense that this movie will probably be remembered for advancing special effects to a new level, the way 2001 A Space Odyssey did in 1968. Also, Sandra Bullock's acting was phenomenal. She really grows during the film.

    I also enjoyed the 'homage' elements, i.e., subtle nods to great space thrillers of the past (notably 2001 and Alien).

    About the 3D It was the best I've seen. But that's not saying much. Great 3D is still not that good. It was a fun and interesting effect at times, but mainly it was distracting. I was constantly aware I was watching a 3D movie. It kind of reminds me of what it was like when movies first started experimenting with surround sound. The first time you hear a car come up from behind you and sounds whirling around the theater, it's cool. But it wasn't until filmmakers figured out how to blend those effects in seamlessly that surround stopped being distracting and started really enhancing movies (as the sound effects do in Gravity). I can't wait until 3D is so good you don't even notice it.

    I give it a 9 rather than a 10 because, while it's a very good movie, it didn't send me out of the theater just dying to talk about what I just saw, the way the really good movies do (like Prometheus). But I enjoyed the heck out of it. It's great movie fun. Go see it!
  52. Oct 6, 2013
    Exceptional portrayal of the human spirit in both frailty and spirit under the dire stress of life and death scenarios. Stunning special effects and amazing cinematography throughout. Good tempo in the ebb and flow of action and human aspects and never really overdone in trying to add comedy as some Sandra Bullock movies have done. The ending could have been a little better, but works for the movie. Though it was a little flat. Highly recommend in IMAX 3-D. Expand
  53. Oct 6, 2013
    Alfonso Cuaron continues his exhibition of extraordinary cinematography in this tale of one of the most frightening situations imaginable. Alongside: Bullock's acting is phenomenal, and George Clooney provides some much needed comic relief. Overall, a fantastic piece of cinema and a taste of what is to come for film.
  54. Oct 6, 2013
    Welcome back 40 years into the past where blacks say "yassir boss" and women are emotional wrecks.. Bullock's character is fraught with frantic emotionalism that prevents her from rational and intelligent thought and actions. The concept of a limited air supply does not compute to her. She is like the drunk driver that gets into an accident, kills four people, but she survives. It's like she was a secretary that knows satellite uplinking and got drafted into this job by default. A total setback for women's rights and the stereotypical way men view them.... and I love Bullock and yes, I am a big fan of Clooney too. This movie is all visual and is almost a shameless remake or takeoff of "Open Water". Expand
  55. Oct 6, 2013
    I was a bit skeptical about this movie. When I went to go see it I realized how good this movie really is. O was amazed by the effects and sound. It had very intense moments that will have you at the edge of your seat. The ending was so intense and made me feel like is she going to make it. This is probably the best movie of this year. WATCH IN 3D. trust me 3d makes it so much better
  56. Oct 6, 2013
    10/10 this movie is phenomenal. I do love space in general, taking me on a ride to actual space was breathe taking I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. The ambient music put me in the best mood, it was funny at times, it was so emotional as well. Though this is a space simulation it still has a plot and a story that leaves you going home and just thinking really how it is in space and you get a glimpse in this movie to see how it really is. The 18 people that just really dont get it well not every movie is for everyone but this really is fantastic movie and I will rewatch this movie over and over and over again. Expand
  57. Oct 6, 2013
    Yup, it's good in all the ways folks mention, a technical marvel that will get a pile of awards on that count. I do always appreciate a film that dares to do something different and Gravity takes a few chances such as having a solo character for much of the movie.
    But there are flaws or less than great aspects.
    My complaints are that some of the basics are unrealistic. Every movie today
    has a gratuitous throwing up scene, but there was none here where it would definitely happen. Also, Bullock is neat and clean when she floats out of her suit a la Barbarella and after the ordeal she'd been through that didn't fly. There'd definitely be an excrement bag to discard. And if you've seen the flick, you know she'd have a ton of bruises, if not broken bones due to the impacts she suffered. At least her shoulder would be thrown out right? I think she'd have contusions from head to toe. Her space suit never ripped and no duck (duct) tape was employed. There could have been more of a McGiver element.
    The first hour was quite gripping, but the movie kind of fell apart after that and the ending was particularly lame, no one knew how to wrap it up. But it was fun, go see it.
  58. Oct 6, 2013
    The movie was beyond my expectations. Since it was announced during Venice Film Festival, I was already intrigued. After the initial teaser trailer, I was sold. The movie was intense and gripping. The first 10 mins of the movie grabs hold of you and leaves you paralyzed, asking what is going to happen next. Sandra Bullock played her character as Ryan Stone with so much emotion that it makes you feel the pain and loneliness she went through in the movie. This is definitely a must see of the year. Expand
  59. Oct 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Okay, stop listening to the endless praise. This movie, while fairly good, is vastly overrated. Warning, this contains SPOILERS!!!!

    The visual effects and the soundtrack are unbelievable. There's not much more to be said about them, except that they are clearly the staple of the film. However, once you get past that, the film can become painfully dull and filled with "ARE YOU F@#%ING KIDDING ME" moments.

    For example (spoiler): When Sandra Bullo- whoops, "Ryan Stone," is caught on the thin wires holding on to George Cloo- sorry, Kowalski- there is clearly nothing stopping Stone from just pulling him over to her. But nope! She lets go because the script called for it.

    Spoiler's over, you can read now.

    Another example is that the debris cloud could not possibly travel around the ENTIRE WORLD in 90 minutes. This "chain reaction" would only be possible over the span of months.

    The character(s) have no story to them, and the one who does has a forced tragic backstory to tell WHILE DRIFTING THROUGH SPACE. During this predictable monologue, I found myself increasingly hoping that this character would run out of oxygen.

    By the way, in this, 4% of an oxygen tank takes 10 minutes to drain, but the last 1% over 20 minutes.

    I'm not saying that this movie is necessarily bad. Honestly, it is worth a viewing in IMAX 3D. But a second time isn't something I'd consider.
  60. Oct 6, 2013
    Intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. This movie is pinned as just a survival story that takes place in space, but it connects on a much deeper level with the undertones and themes of loneliness, separation, and love. Beautiful and breathtaking visual effects, along with stuffing and emotional acting from Bullock. This is a must see movie to me 10/10
  61. Oct 6, 2013
    I'm going to lead by saying that this movie is fantastic, unique, and totally worth your time. However, despite its meager 90 minute length, it was getting stale by the end. You can only put a person's life in danger so many times before it starts feeling scripted. But seriously, Gravity is just phenomenal. I never once noticed an unrealistic zero-gravity scene. In fact, I was surprised multiple times by the detail given to the anti-gravity effects. And the camera work! I swear there was a scene that lasted almost ten minutes without a cut! In short, the movie starts out stellar, stays there a while, then slowly declines. Expand
  62. Oct 6, 2013
    If I here one more complaint about 'character development', I'm going to scream. Just a few minor character details is all one needs to know to get on with the story, fill the rest in with the power of imagination. Long-winded 'character development' with flashbacks and shots of life back on earth would have destroyed this fragile film. You don't 'care' about the characters? Get over yourself. We won't even go there. 'Implausible' is another word thrown around. They have missed the boat. About as realistic 'sci-fi' film as you will see, no aliens, no death ray guns. The most dangerous situation is debris, debris!

    Look, can we cut to the chase here? This film is about nothing more than Life itself, there's nothing bigger, or better. we can throw around words like metaphor or microcosm, but the is that this film is a game-changer, a towering achievement in cinema, a landmark in motion pictures, a masterpiece constructed by a humanist, a master film maker at the top of his game. Too many cliches? Please forgive.

    Rarely have I been brought to tears at the end of a 'thriller'. This film doesn't want your tears, but there they were. Was I thinking about my own life? Did it all hit me at once at the immensity of the films themes? Yes, it's that kind of film, all wrapped in a 'thriller'. I hope this film becomes a blockbuster: escapism, pure adrenaline, a red-blooded thrill ride, with heart and soul to spare, pure poetry in motion, if you will. As intimate as a art-house flick on a a large scale budget.

    'Is anybody out there?' The mystery of being alive is all laid out here. Making a connection, the human touch, the wonder, the awe-inspiring fragility of it all. Yes it can be lonely out there, and the great unknown hovering over, but we are not solo lonesome creatures, we need to hear and be heard no matter how trivial. When people say, 'how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things', that is a scary thought. This film is about hope, the triumph of the human will to survive, reflection, deep contemplation, spirituality, without hammering you over the head. It's done with love and care. I felt a deep appreciation for a film that cares, so do we.

    A new level of excellence must be mentioned for sound design and special affects, not going to pretend I know how they did it, doesn't matter, movies are an illusion, and the trick is told when the trick is sold.

    Sandra Bullock, is magnificent. It is said that the most interesting subject in film is the human face. She is able to at once project and reflect all the necessary emotion that she feels and more important, the audience is right there with her.

    'Gravity' is the front-runner for best picture, in my humble opinion. A masterwork of pure film making, it touches your heart and mind, and is exciting as any film I have ever seen, and I don't say that lightly. You want a 'plot summary?' Not here.

    A most special movie-going experience.
  63. Oct 6, 2013
    I offer you five re-imagined film review synopses of Gravity: An IMAX 3-D Experience:

    In the great farcical tradition of Jacques Tati, this madcap caricature of modern alienation and space age technology playfully follows its heroine through an improbable labyrinth of ineptitudes, follies, and physical gaffes.

    A heart-wrenching portrayal of a mother’s search for human contact after
    the meaningless death of her daughter.

    This reboot of Méliès’s Voyage dans la lune harkens back to the golden age of silent cinema, when action, set design, and camera tricks took precedence.

    A futuristic spin on the classic road trip movie, Gravity is the story of two people who find themselves helplessly drawn together by a natural force beyond their control—friendship.

    À la Godard and Tarantino, Caurón dishes out his share of cinéphile fodder, with nods and winks to the Cold War Red Scare camp of such classics as Red Dawn.
  64. Oct 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What? Was this a joke? Is there some sort of conspiracy to give this amazing reviews?

    Incredible visuals, amazing technology. Otherwise, I am pretty sure the script was written in about 40 minutes, after drinking a case of bud light lime. SPOILER: The plot is just a never ending sequence of barely surviving tragedy. The only thing that could have made it more absurd would have been if a shark attacked her after she escaped from the pod at the end.
  65. Oct 6, 2013
    This movie is a cinematic masterpiece. I dont want to say more because going in with no expectation beyond something happens in space is the best way. Also see it in 3d it really uses this well not as a gimmick.
  66. Oct 6, 2013
    Great movie see in 3d Sandra Bullock is awesome. The special effects were so real. I was on the edge of my seat during the whole movie. It made me think of real astronauts and their missions
  67. Oct 6, 2013
    'd have to disagree with the 10s. I admit it was fairly good but I'd say it was great on aesthetics, but mediocre on plot. It is very comparable to tom hanks Apollo 13, with the difference being that Apollo 13 had a more interesting plot line and many more interesting characters. I've always liked Bullock but honestly it is difficult to believe her and even more difficult to believe Clooney as an astronaut. Yes I'm sure it was very expensive to shoot such realistic space scenes and they were very good but in the end I thought the story was somewhat forgettable. Expand
  68. Oct 6, 2013
    I went in with no expectations. I thought it would be a movie about survival in space and it mostly was. But then I realized how much symbolism there was and began to understand its creators meant this to be much more. I may see it again. Think of the whole thing as a metaphor for a persons psychology when dealing with adversity. I don't think most people got that side of it which is a shame. But even if they don't see it that way it's still entertaining. Look deeper! Expand
  69. Oct 6, 2013
    Brilliantly executed and acted all wrapped in outstanding special effects. I was on the edge of my seat for 99% of the film and had my hand covering my mouth for half of the movie (which often doesn't happen, even when I am watching horror films). A tour de force of a masterpiece by Alfonso Cuarón that will be in your head long after you've left the theatre. I foresee a few Oscar nominations and wins for this one. Go see this. Now. Expand
  70. Oct 6, 2013
    I would never waste the time to do this ever in my life, but for the first time, I had to register on this website just to give a review of this movie, first of all, If you're not affected by it, 3d should be your first and only option to see this movie. This is one movie that I followed on imdb as it climbed up from 8.4 to 8.8 now on its ratings. I have never been so stunned. This movie is breathtaking, there's no way to describe this movie to convince you to go watch it. This movie is one of the very first of its kind and makes you think when watching rather than making it too obvious like other movies nowadays. This movie got me on the edge of my seat, I was just mesmerized at how a movie could be so good. WOOOOW!!!, special effects, acting, breathtaking visuals, fiction at its best and good idea. This is one of the very first movie that made me want to pay again in the same theater and wait to watch the next time it was showing the same day. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIEEEEEEEE!!!!!, IT'S NOT JUST WHAT PEOPLE SAY. It's interesting, brilliant and drags you into it's world more and more, devouring you and feeding you pleasure. Movie recommended without thinking twice or hesitating, definitely watching again-3D, with another set of friends. Expand
  71. Oct 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Considering the sentiment of most of the negative user reviews I've read on this movie, I really wish most moviegoers would *try* to engage movies in a vacumm (not necessarily in the vacumm of space though...heh heh). It seems many came into this film filled with too many preconceived ideas about what it would be and how it would effect/affect them. I find it really does the movie a disservice when you think it's going to be the best thing you've ever seen before you even see it. You spend most of the time hung-up on that moment that's going to make it all happen, and in the process, you miss the overall composition. Then you consider the movie a failure because that moment never came. I say all this because I've done it too many times before. Thankfull, I didn't do it with Gravity.

    A lot of people, myself included, love film for its aesthetic advantage over most other forms of art. I don't think it's crazy to suggest that this film has done, cinematically, what no other film has yet to do; that, I believe, warrants many of the accolades it's been receiving. On the other hand, I really enjoyed the emotional 'gravity' of this movie and it's allegory for rebirth It somehow manages to quickly pull you onto an empathetic level for the main character without the normal, slow characture development we would typically need for someone who's in a situation we have a hard time relating to—and I think this is all connected to how wonderfully real this movie feels, despite the fact that 99.9999991% of us have never been in space.

    On a side note, Gravity also tugged a piece of my heart with the seemingly subtil ode to Spielberg/John Wlliams 80's style soundtrack and sound editing. What I'm referring to here is when a film's eutherial, clean, and powerful sounding soundtrack seems to shelter a softer, dirty—almost analog sounding—song. The scene I felt this during most was when Dr. Ryan had the radio communication with the civilian (non English speaking) man. While she was finally realizing things were not great (I'll spare details for fear of spoiling), the soundtrack paralled the weight of the situation. Though a spark of hope came through a man's singing to a baby in the background—an obvious but well played contrast. This scene/sound editing might not have been an overt ode, but I still liked its use.

    See this movie, but forget everything everyone has said about it!
  72. Oct 6, 2013
    "Gravity" is a directors film though and through. Alfonso Cuaron does a magnificent job of creating the feeling of being in space. When I was watching this movie, I really felt like I was drifting through space much like the characters as they tumbled and twirled around in the vast emptiness of the unknown. There’s a lot of quiet and somber moments in this film, mostly with the characters floating around and just talking about their life. However, it’s always absorbing. As you’re drawn into the experience, you feel as if you are there with the characters witnessing everything first hand. The cinematography is quit brilliant and is a major factor in giving the sense of being in space. The camera masterfully spins and turns weightlessly in a way that it would in space without giving a dizzying feeling. My breath was also taken away a few times from the sheer beauty of some of the shots and how they were composed.

    The script on the other hand is quit good as well. The story of letting go and moving on is handled well with a lot of attention to visual story telling. It gives us a real sense of the terrors and loneliness of space, a place were our screams can’t be heard. The themes of letting go are handled very well as we see the characters learn and grow. My gripe with the script would have to do with the dialogue. Some of the things the characters say either take me out of the film at times or make me feel like its unnecessary. The dialogue also sometimes felt like a crutch as it sometimes stated the obvious.

    The cast is incredibly small, but it is no short of big names. George Clooney as Matt Kowalski gives a solid performance. Kowalski is a typical quick talking charmer that Clooney is so accustomed to playing, but the character does provide some of the lighter moments in the film. The real standout is Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone. Ryan has a hard time letting go of the past as she had a terrible tragedy befall her. Bullock plays the character well with little quirks of uncertainty and gives us a very likable character that we can all cheer for.

    Visually, this film is stunning and a treat for the eyes. From one jaw-dropping shot composition to the next, I was almost always in awe of what I was seeing. Space looked incredibly real and Cuaron and crew made everything look so seamless. The score isn’t bad either. It’s usually quiet, but when something goes down, it really aids in the terror and urgency of the situation. Not only that, but it can also be powerfully moving and uplift as well.

    Overall, from a technical stand point, “Gravity” is a masterpiece. I was almost always in awe of what I was seeing and a lot of the credit goes to Alfonso Cuaron. He really gave us an experience that heightened our senses. From masterful cinematography to stunning visual effects, it is a treat for the eyes. Wonderful and unique shots are spread throughout this film and I really fell like I’ve never seen anything like this before. The only complain I have for this film is the dialogue. While interesting, I felt it didn’t fit well all the time with what we were watching. This movie was at its best when it was quiet. I give it an incredibly high 4/5, an experience.
  73. Oct 5, 2013
    Overrated is definitely the term that comes to mind. It's not a bad movie per say, but it certainly is not a 96.

    The formula here is: technical space flight problem solving of "Apollo 13" meets the human spirit and ability to survive from "127 Hours."

    The problem is, this movie doesn't do either aspect well enough. Both aforementioned movies, as well as "Moon" do a better job in
    almost all categories.

    This movie is a clear favorite for best cinematography, and the music was top notch as well. Those two areas were not enough to carry the movie for me however.

    It's not a movie I would recommend to others, but it's not a movie I would recommend against either.
  74. Oct 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I found this movie a little too hyped.

    The visuals, directing, sound & music design, science, immersiveness deserves a huge amount of praise, especially because it's a new style never explored before which makes it even more difficult for Alfonso Cuarón to get them right.

    However I felt like the script was a letdown. It was too cliche to be revolutionary. They need a twist? Debris flying in your direction! Or fuel conveniently runs out. Also felt a little too draggy at a few points. I also felt that they could have expanded on the 'Russia blowing up their satellites and somehow taking out half of US' satellites causing nationwide comms blackout'. That was such a good plot to expand on.

    Still would strongly recommend everyone to watch this though.
  75. Oct 5, 2013
    OH MY GOSH! this movie was so intense,damn! i was so nervous my heart was pumping like crazy oh god i don't know how to explain what the movie makes u feel,there were so many feeling,emotions just PERFECT!
  76. BKM
    Oct 5, 2013
    Gravity is a visual stunner that doesn't just expand the boundaries of what is possible with visual effects, it demolishes them. Praise must also be given to Sandra Bullock's fearless performance which gives the film its human heart. My only quibble, and it's a minor one, is that the film isn't quite as emotionally resonant as I would have liked. But that may prove to be a moot point in the long run. Expand
  77. Oct 5, 2013
    I had low expectations for this movie but after watching the film, I made a decision to never go to space. Space is a silent and dangerous place to go, that was what I learned after watching Gravity. The movie did an excellent execution of showing the dangers that space holds for it's visitors. The acting of Sandra Bullock was outstanding, the way she would say her lines and the way she acts, was such a joy to watch. George Clooney was excellent as well, his like perfect for an astronaut role. He knows that in situations like these, you have to be calm or else your going to die. The visual effects were like out of this world, scenes were ships are being destroyed by asteroids were one of the highlights of the film, because everyone in theatre had their jaws dropped. The movie showed us that giving up is not an option even if your trapped in a situation where escape is impossible and if you do succeed, your considered as an underdog. Gravity was such a good movie and it deserves a very high score. Gravity gets a 10/10 from Jetstar. Expand
  78. Oct 5, 2013
    Wonderful. Delivers that sense of grandeur only one or two movies a year can muster. Alfonso Cuaron is a brilliant filmmaker. The long tracking shot at the beginning is...for lack of better words...absolutely friggin' insane. What an amazing experience.
  79. Oct 5, 2013
    somehow i am missing what makes this great. the 3d in space is wonderful. the story is about as exciting as sandra b.'s acting. it's not that it's terrible, but there's very little to it. and g. clooney's character is a joke.
  80. Oct 5, 2013
    Cuarón has already proven himself to be as supremely talented a cinematic stylist as Michael Bay, David Fincher and James Cameron but with "Gravity" he does his peers one better by using his visuals devices in service of telling his story as opposing to straining against it. By subtlety shifting from a third-person to a first-person perspective and filling the screen with verisimilitudic detail, Cuarón and his brilliant cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki slowly take the viewer from uninvolved observer to active participant. With every frozen tear drop and fogged up helmet, Cuarón makes his world a real place to the extent that when a bunch of satellite debris came rushing at Stone, I wasn't worried about her being chopped in half, I was terrifying of shrapnel tearing into my own flesh. Mexican and proud! Expand
  81. Oct 5, 2013
    This fall came a movie that will change the course of how CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and special effects are looked at in a movie. Alfonso Cuarón's newest masterpiece, "Gravity" is guaranteed to be a game changer in the film industry.

    The film features only three people on screen, two of which being the main characters, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Bullock’s character Dr.
    Ryan Stone has had a bad life with her four year old daughter dying, and her husband leaving her. What she doesn't know is soon, her life is about to get a lot worse. Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) is a middle aged man who we know very little about, only early learning that he is a hilarious laid back character. We watch them spend the first sixth of the movie repairing the Hubble in space, which soon comes to a halt when Russian satellite debris comes toward the astronauts faster than the speed of a gunshot. Sooner than later Bullock is left floating on her own in space, and now we have our movie.

    With trailers releasing as early as the start of July, the brilliant film took more than four and a half years to make, most of which was the production and editing. With the opening scene, we have that awkward silence in the theater as the film has no audio demonstrating not a single sound in space. This is another impressive move by Cuarón, most viewers don’t pick up on. He used the quietness of space and put in near heart-pounding scenes. At these times, you could literally hear your own heart beating rapidly during the truly intense times which happened to be the majority of the film. I did happen to take note of a few slow points in the film though.

    A couple times in the movie would be one camera angle of the earth, or a shot of Clooney smiling. These shots would last for over a minute. Just a single of these would've been fine, but there was at least three, with the film just barely reaching its 90 minute length. I think that if in a few years someone would ask about Gravity, I hope that no one talks about the acting or story. With this said, I think that the fact that the movie was shot on earth with gravity is the amazing part. It’s breathtaking view and real feel is what people will be talking about. The over 470 person effect crew could've easily made any movie extremely realistic. The fact that it was about space with stars, and the (three person) cast floating, took my respect for them up a large notch.

    The plot wasn't unique, being just another film where we watch a character try to survive, like 127 hours. I don't think it would get even close to the score it has been receiving if it took place on earth, or with lower quality effects. There were times that Bullocks acting wasn't very realistic, or there was a flaw in the writing, but other than that I was overly impressed and surprised with the turns the film took, that the trailer didn't show. Gravity is a must see, but only for its flawless effects in IMAX 3D. Don't even bother seeing it on a regular screen because it is nowhere close to the visuals experienced in 3D. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Gravity, and think that Alfonso Cuarón just earned the respect, and awards he deserves.
  82. Oct 5, 2013
    A good movie. Not quite the instant classic the reviews would have you believe, but definitely worth seeing. The camera work was definitely some of the best I've seen in a movie in a long time. It definitely conveyed the senses of claustrophobia mixed with vast emptiness and the sheer hopelessness of the situation quite well. The "first person" cuts scattered through out the movie were also done exceptionally well, when they could have been very jarring and removing. A++ for the direction and cinematography. B- for the story. A- for the acting. Expand
  83. Oct 5, 2013
    a beautiful and enjoyable film with great visual beauty over outer space. great performances from Sandra Bullock And George Clooney. the best space film I've seen in my life
  84. Oct 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm giving this a 91/100. The movie is beautifully shot and is exciting to watch. It's a testament to Alfonso Cuaron. However, there are some major flaws with the movie that make me feel that it should be rated significantly lower than a 96. First, the writing is bad. It was written by the Cuaron brothers, and I'm not sure if they are professional writers, but there are some major flaws in the writing. For instance, when Sandra Bullock should be breathing slowly to save oxygen, the characters find excuses to talk until their tanks are too low. Second, the movie is incredibly unrealistic in that she is jumping from space station to space station as if they are all only within a few hundred feet of each other. Then, the space debris always come at the perfect time to add suspense to the movie. The movie seems somewhat hollow as it won't leave the audience thinking about anything after it's over it's a simple, although well executed 70 minute modest thriller. I was never really worried for Sandra Bullock's character I didn't really care if she lived or died. It's just a cheap movie. But, the effects are great and I think it probably made it seem like Space more than any other movie before. Expand
  85. Oct 5, 2013
    A movie that is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. It has everything cinematography, visual effects, acting, screenplay, music and brilliant direction. This is the best film of 2013 for me.
  86. Oct 5, 2013
    Spectacular visuals...almost no need for depth in story. Won't be seen as anything revolutionary in 20 years. I can imagine how it would be in IMAX. Don't see it on a full stomach.
  87. Oct 5, 2013
    Gravity is an amazing movie. It's also the tensest film I've ever seen, and movies rarely ever make me tense. I'm almost certain Sandra Bullock will win an Oscar. If it doesn't win the visual effects Oscar I'd also be very surprised about that. I do have some caveats however. The story felt too minimalistic for me. It's basically a survival tale set in space. There's nothing wrong with that but just think of what could have been. Despite these problems the movie is so tense, so atmospheric, and so visually impressive that it would be crazy to not catch it in theatres. I'd place it up there with Avatar, District 9, and Inception. Expand
  88. Oct 5, 2013
    By far one of the best cinema experiences ive ever had. Sure there were obvious outcomes, yet it holds the tension beautifully from beginning to end and truly crafts suspension of disbelief for the viewer.
    Even more so, the stunningly complex visuals are backed by a stimulating pallet of terrifyingly sparse atmosphere underlined with pulsating crescendo's of electronic dissonance, making
    this movie's impact all the more impressive.
    The fact that the cast is relatively small (with most of it being performed by one actress) is a refreshing change prompting new approaches to dialogue while dissipating the borders of the screen to creatively engage the audience in Dr.Stone's desperate crawl to survival.
    Cinematography in this film was practically larger than life, creating a true sense of fear, awe and utter isolation. (Highly suggest sitting in the front row if you want total immersion)
    Felt like i was being exposed to open vacuum the entire time and somehow just managing to escape; it really was one hell of a ride.
  89. Oct 5, 2013
    Given the rave reviews, this film was disappointing. In 3D & Imax, it was disappointing 3D, but no question the visuals were impressive, outer space, how could it not be, so see it in IMAX if you can.

    I felt little empathy for the characters as we didn't get to know them first and Sandra Bullock's character was a downer, how did she ever qualify as an astronaut? She was suffering from

    The plot and character development was melodramatic, and the dialogue stilted., given the character's' situation.

    Worth seeing but don't drink the coolade!
  90. Oct 5, 2013
    This the best film i see ever because is a no stop of things happening a long the film and when is finish you estay there to think about the thinghs that happend in the film
  91. Oct 5, 2013
    Breathtaking, beautiful, and captivating. This is the best space movie I've ever seen. Stop reading these reviews and go see this movie already. The 3D is incredible, make sure to see it in IMAX.
  92. Oct 5, 2013
    I was very disappointed with this movie. I was expecting much better, but this was by no standards a terrible movie. It just could have been much better. Two things I loved in this movie were the cinematography as a whole and the action sequences. The effects were good and the camera angles/shots were fantastic, and the action sequences were well-produced. However, this does not make up for this movie's mediocre plot. The story was extremely repetitive, very simple, and somewhat boring. Along with the underachieving plot, I thought that Clooney's acting was uninspired and lazy, Bullock over-acted to the point that she got very annoying and unconvincing, there was minimal character development, and I did not feel any sympathy for the characters. While this movie had some of the best cinematography I have seen in a while, the rest of it was poorly done. This movie is not worthy of any oscars other than cinematography, and truly is not worth your time. Expand
  93. Oct 5, 2013
    This was an intense movie right out the gate with the opening shot. The visuals were spectacular! It is a very compelling performance by Sandra Bullock. Although George Clooney was just being George.
    It deserves all the accolades it getting. The director, Alfonso Cuaron, is a true visionary!
  94. Oct 5, 2013
    Amazing visual effects/CGI and the whole atmosphere of what it's like being in space is done nicely. However, the performances are passable at best Clooney's role is basically a cameo. Bullock... she's not exactly my favorite actress, but I know she's capable and skilled. But I didn't find her performance here to be as highly acclaimed as some people are thinking perhaps because the character she portrays is annoyingly inept and stupidly lucky for an astronaut. The characters don't have depth to them, mostly because you're not given enough time to get invested before the hits the fan. Not to mention you barely get enough background to connect either so all you really know are their names and the fact that one has been on more missions than the other.

    For a movie that's supposed to depict the realism of being in space and the potential dangers, the number of stupid, ridiculous and forced moments (though the movie would've been much shorter if they didn't) were more than enough for me to find myself criticizing nearly everything as I was simply left unimpressed and frustrated at what I was seeing on-screen. As one negative reviewer has said the basic rules of physics and space travel are oft bent or ignored.

    Thriller? Edge of your seat? Perhaps for some who haven't seen the many flaws in this movie and who have never seen videos or played video games depicting what real space is like. There was, in my opinion, one or two moments where it was rather thrilling, but other than that the rest of the movie was bland and, as I've already mentioned, frustratingly stupid.

    I regret spending the extra money to watch this in IMAX 3D.
  95. Oct 5, 2013
    So far, Gravity is the best film I have seen this year. Really, I'd be lying if I didn't say it was one of the best films of this year. The story is probably one of the most original and terrifying stories I've seen in a long time. Not only is it something different in the film industry for once, but it gives me the chills that horror games wish they could replicate. It's better here because the fear of being detached in space is real, and it really pulls this off well. The visuals and effects are by far the best part of this film. I'd even go as far to say it's this decade's Jurassic Park in terms of special effects. The film also has excellent performances from Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. The both actors do a fine job at acting and expressing emotion in this film. In the end, my only problem is the use of music. The music, while beautifully composed, is used using the formula of getting very loud and suddenly cutting off. it gets really annoying at times, but thankfully this happens only a handful of times. Even if another film surpasses this as my favorite of the year, I still cannot deny that Gravity is a legendary film, one of the best I have ever seen. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good flick. Expand
  96. Oct 5, 2013
    this is an amazing movie, one of the best movies I have seen in 3D, a different story and incredible, the performances are very good, it has very good visual effects undoubtedly one of the best films of 2013.
  97. Oct 5, 2013
    An outstanding film, I felt as if I were tumbling through space with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Amazing cinematography, visual effects and a moving storyline, along with strong performances, coalesced into a well-told tale.
  98. Oct 5, 2013
    This memorizing and thrilling sci-fi extravaganza is the perfect example of what pure movie magic is all about. From its captivating cinematography, to its superb acting, riveting production design, and exceptional use of 3D, Gravity is a terrifyingly accurate portrayal of lifelessness in the outer reaches of space and the sheer determination and struggle to grasp onto hope in the most hopeless, and virtually most helpless of scenarios. Being quite arguably one of the most remarkable outings in the history of film, Gravity cements itself as being an achievement in almost every aspect of both its genre and filmmaking in general. There is no doubt in my mind that Gravity is a once in a generation accomplishment that will be talked about and regarded as an inspiration for many ages to come. Expand
  99. Oct 5, 2013
    I had the privilege of seeing the new movie Gravity in 3D on its opening night staring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. I ended up sitting in a perfectly positioned center seat! (Thank you God!) The movie invited me very tenderly... gently into its initial scene, immersing me into deep space with the most beautiful, captivating view of earth I have ever witnessed in my entire life! It was simply breathtaking! I truly felt I was in my own space suite working weightlessly side by side other astronauts in this strangely beautiful environment with the space shuttle directly at my feet. What happens next? Oh my goodness!!! You've got to see for yourself! If you have motion sickness, bring your pills... if you like roller coasters with nonstop twists and turns... you have a seat waiting for you! A masterpiece of a movie filled with spectacular cutting edge special effects, incredibly superb acting, a story line that will make you laugh, cry, and even hold your breath! I have one word to help summarize this new film... Wow!!! Expand
  100. Oct 5, 2013
    Maybe I went into this (because of the critic reviews) with artificially high hopes, but this movie just didn't do it for me. .I am a Sci-Fi fanatic, and while the visuals were stunning and gave you the feeling of really being in space (I saw in 3D), the story just didn't match up IMHO. I also wished there had been more George and less Sandra (no, I'm not in love with him LOL his character was much more interesting). See the new Riddick instead (if you haven't already). This one is forgettable. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 49 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 49
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 49
  3. Negative: 0 out of 49
  1. Reviewed by: James Mottram
    Nov 3, 2013
    A stunning space saga that takes off for new technical frontiers without leaving its humanity behind.
  2. Reviewed by: David Denby
    Oct 6, 2013
    Gravity is not a film of ideas, like Kubrick's techno-mystical "2001," but it's an overwhelming physical experience -- a challenge to the senses that engages every kind of dread. [7 Oct. 2013, p.88]
  3. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    Oct 4, 2013
    This is not to say that Gravity is a masterpiece: Unlike Cuarón’s extraordinary "Children of Men", it doesn’t quite pull off its ambitious effort to combine formal inventiveness, heart-pounding action, and intimate human storytelling. But it succeeds thrillingly at the first two of those categories, and only misses the mark on the last because it tries a little too hard — which is certainly a welcome respite from the countless sci-fi thrillers that privilege the human story not at all.