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  • Summary: A heartbreaking film from Iran about a young 15-year old girl by the name of Taraneh.
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  1. 88
    Censors in Iran must have been smoking weed when they approved I'm Taraneh, 15, a sympathetic portrait of an unwed mother.
  2. Can nobly stand behind its more celebrated forebears.
  3. A surprisingly frank effort that demonstrates that the country's censors may be loosening their reins. This well-acted portrait of a young single mother displays a universality that should translate well to the art house circuit.
  4. Reviewed by: Deborah Young
    An appealing film thanks to its irresistible teenage heroine, I, Taraneh, Am Fifteen delivers the message that there's a new generation of strong-minded femmes out there who aren't afraid of bucking social norms.
  5. Sadr-Ameli's unflagging empathy and Alidousti's confident performance keep us rooting for this young heroine, who refuses to accept the limits forced upon her by both society and the law.
  6. Neither approves of nor condemns the choices made by its headstrong protagonist; rather, it quietly observes her transformation from naïve schoolgirl to wary but proud single mother.
  7. 50
    Saved from bathos by Taraneh Alidosti's performance as the virtuous, wide-eyed girl.
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