Film Movement | Release Date: January 5, 2011
Summary: Silviu has only two weeks left before his release from a hostile juvenile detention center. But when his mother, who abandoned him long ago, returns to take his younger brother away - a brother Silviu raised like a son – those two weeks become an eternity. While his outcries for help fall on deaf ears, he finds himself mercilessly taunted and harassed by the other inmates. And just as Silviu's frustration evolves into full-throttled aggression, he is introduced to a beautiful social worker that he can only dream of being close to. Faced with a slew of conflicting emotions and wild with desperation, Silviu is driven to a surprising act of defiance as he makes a last grasp for freedom. (Film Movement)
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Runtime: 94 min
Production: Romanian National Center for Cinematography
Genres: Drama
Countries: Sweden, Romania
Language: Romanian
Director Credit
Florin Serban Director
Writer Credit
Andreea Valean Writer
Catalin Mitulescu Writer
Florin Serban Writer
Cast Credit
Ada Condeescu Ana
Clara Voda Mother
George Pistereanu Silviu
Laurentiu Banescu The Professor
Mihai Constantin Penitenciary Director
Producer Credit
Catalin Mitulescu Producer
Daniel Mitulescu Producer
Florentina Onea Executive Producer
Fredrik Zander Co-Producer
Marcian Lazar Associate Producer
Tomas Eskilsson Co-Producer
Victor Mavrodineanu Associate Producer