Description: A team of expert thieves enter the dreams of a business magnate in order to steal his secrets in a reality altering race against time.

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  • Will  

    The city-folding-in-on-itself scene = the part from the trailer that compelled me to the movie.

  • yong-i7  

    I really love it.It was so amazing.Leonardo was played a very challenging role and I was impressed.God Bless....make money online

  • attikonsinefil  

    watched it twice and loved the mental challenge induced, the great visuals, the performances! one of the best films of any genre for 2010! hope we see some Oscar noms for it soon!

  • Scodiac  

    My favorite movie of the year. There's still some of 2010 to go but I just don't see anything beating this movie in my mind. I saw it twice in the theatres and I want to see it again, right now.

  • Kewldog  

    UNBELIEVABLE FLICK! Nothing I have seen previously can compare. There is millions of things happening here and as the movie progressed I was beginning to think the Story-line would be totally inconceivable... or at best, UNDERSTANDABLE. Yet, by the end of this film it ALL came together and I left the Cinema in absolute AWE.
    The acting was SUPERB.
    The action was simply OUTSTANDING.

  • RONGIU  

    Nolan - Di Caprio. The ticking of the keyboards will be equal only to that of rain on the roof, you write a lot. The ingredients are all there: dreams, mind control, mental mazes, special effects and more. Do nothing but sit ..... and good vision.

  • tsundere  


  • whit  

    Having now seen the movie, I love how misleading this trailer is...