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  1. Aug 28, 2010
    I'd like to keep my review rather to the point. Pros: 1. its theme - dream is a fascinating topic to say the least. There are a lot of unknowns in the dreamworld. 2. its plot - there are several sweet twists and unpredictable turns. 3. its edgy drive - although you know what's coming next but still you feel jumpy about it. 4. its fast storyline - the story moves fast from one scene to another, making the viewers feel like on a roller coaster ride. At times, it's hard to keep up, even at the second viewing.
    5. its sophistication - there is a lot of information to remember and digest. This is the very thing the modern moviegoers are after, I believe.
    6. its realism - okay, pun intended. The movie explains (or at least tries to) the ins and outs of what dream is about and how it functions, some of which are very familiar with and dear to us.

    1. its poor character development - although the acting was convincing enough there was not enough of character development. I wonder how many people really felt connected to the main character(s) after watching the movie. Yes, the movie talks about emotional struggles but it was more of an action film, if you ask me.
    2. too many distractions - I found that the movie had more than enough characters than necessary. They may play some roles in the plot but they seemed more of distraction than anything else. I wish the movie was more focused.
    3. a bit preachy - I noticed the characters would explain things about the dreamworld and then the exact things happen later in the movie. I'm afraid, Inception overused this trick.

    In conclusion, its theme is fascinating but its delivery is not without room for improvement.

    I highly recommend you to go and read Somewhere carnal over 40 winks, if you dig this kind of flicks.

  2. Aug 17, 2010
    I thought this movie was not as good as people are saying. Because we knew it was dreams inside dreams the over the top fight scenes had no bearing. Who cared? As a result the movie became boring and repetitious. I would be very hard pressed to recommend this movie to anyone. Stay away.
  3. Feb 24, 2012
    Inception is a daring original, and mind-provoking film. One of 2010's best.
  4. Aug 28, 2010
    We went because we enjoyed Memento, once we read a 3 page analysis of it; and Metacritic's high "score". But it was a disappointment. Where Memento was confusing but clever, and, once comprehended, brilliant.......Inception is confusing and boring, and way too long. The entire Alpine dream could have been eliminated with affecting the story line. Who was shooting who, anyway, and besides, who cares? I actually dozed off during this sequence. The chases scenes were also overdone and relatively uninteresting because it didnt much matter who got hit and who didnt. It is a dream, after all. The CGI is clearly clever and the links between the physical world and their effect on the dream world, amusing. But visionary? No. Entertaining? Only briefly. Expand
  5. Jul 14, 2011
    EVERYONE! Inception, was good. But......................................................................................................................................

  6. Nov 23, 2010
    for me, the best movie this year so far.....10 out of 10...i really loved the was kinda confusing but it was well done..a well written script and a great director...A+
  7. Aug 22, 2010
    Inception was highly entertaining to watch and very fun just for the talented performances, especially Leo's. I'm a big fan of his. However, as a science fiction fan too, I have to say that this movie falls short in providing anything that we haven't already seen. I can sight examples like The Matrix, Total Recall, The Cell, or Dreamscape. Inception's plot is chock full of all sorts of logical flaws. This is the only one I will note here to avoid spoiling the show: Ask yourself how Leo's character knew the van was falling into water when he was asleep. In the dream within the dream he commented something like "wait for the van to hit the water". That's just example No. 1. Watch it carefully - you'll notice many others. The story is definitely gripping and interesting but it seems that it tries too hard and one is easily distracted by all the unnecessary violence and action that just takes away from the movie's underlying idea. Not even a single mention about how they're actually hopping into eachother's dreams - the most we see is a briefcase with some kind of device contained within. If you want to see a better take on the Inception idea, I suggest Dreamscape (1984) starring Dennis Quaid. Same idea, less fluff, more story, less budget. Inception is worth one viewing and maybe a second just to list out its flaws. For what it's worth, I didn't like the Dark Knight either - I couldn't even finish one viewing there. This movie hasn't changed my opinion of Christopher Nolan's work. Expand
  8. Sep 8, 2010
    Watching Inception is like watching an episode of the A-team or Hart to Hart. You find the same scene in all three things, a car in slow motion falling into the water. The shame is that when in those tv shows it lasts 3 minutes to the max, in Inception it lasts 1 hour and a half. One could think Chris Nolan did it on purpose and was giving us his thought on pop culture... Alas, C. Nolan doesn't reflect on his art at all... He only wants to entertain and impress us with a cheap special effect from the 80s... Nothing will be as deep as your deception when you'll watch Inception.
    If you want a good and fun summer entertainment movie go see piranha 3D, if you want a beautiful and thoughtful film about dreams qo see Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, by Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
  9. Aug 8, 2012
    The story of this movie is one that is not realistic whatsoever and it's not interesting in any way either. The movie itself is so boring it made me hope it would end soon. I think there is one joke in this movie and there are 2 smiles. It is a complex story partly because everything takes so long to explain itself. I really had a bad night at the cinema,. Nolan's style is really horrible if you ask me. That's my honest opinion. Expand
  10. Sep 10, 2011
    The movie's plot may baffle the audience, but Christopher Nolan's "Inception" dazzles us with powerful visuals, an ensemble cast, and mostly the director's mind blowing creativity.
  11. Feb 22, 2012
    Inception is a movie from a genre that has appeared in this century and since that date is becoming more strong a popular. I am talking about films that mess with our minds, that make you think and make you doubt between what it is really and what is not. These movies are like a subconscious tornado or a complete paradox. Some of those pictures are Inception, Memento, Black Swan, Alice in Wonderland and Rabbit Hole.
    Inception treats a dark and interesting topic, the dreams and the power of the subconscious; and because of that the plot is so tangled, complex and even timeless. The barrier between reality and fiction is broken; so who can tell which thing is which? Or what is the difference between those? Even if you discover the true reality, can you be sure? There is only one or there are more realities? No one can tell for sure. This film also has some enjoyable concepts: Carpe Diem, the Leap of Faith, the bad remember dream and the unconditional love. The quotes that represent these concepts the most are: -An old man fill with regret waiting to die alone- and -You are waiting for a train...
    Besides the amazing topic, the screenplay, direction and performances are very good. But the most outstanding thing of Inception is the visual effects: the explosions in the cafe, the bend of the city, the free fall of the van, the fight in the hotel and all the things that happen in the limbo. What better way than a cliffhanger ending.
  12. Aug 12, 2010
    was like a writing exercises by Nolan.Lacks depth in the characters and action sequences were poor,could have been better if Nolan gave more emphasis on direction department
  13. Jul 11, 2012
    Yeah, Incepiton is complex. Is that a bad thing? No. If you look past the craziness the first time through, and the fact that Ellen Paige's character is only there to be an "exposition shovel", the movie has a lot of treats for people who go to see it more than once. Also, there's a twist ending. Watch it.
  14. Aug 14, 2010
    Inception is one of the rare movies that you need to watch twice but can completely enjoy the first time. Stunning visuals, great acting, and a superb setting more than enliven the complicated plot. More importantly, Inception is truly unique. Make no mistake, Inception is a heist movie. In structure it is more similar to Ocean's Eleven than the Godfather. Unlike other crime movies, however, it examines crime as part of the human condition endemic to even our dreams. Expand
  15. Aug 25, 2010
    This is one of the finest and most intriguing movies that I have ever seen. It has been years since a Hollywood movie kept my attention from start to finish. My hats off to Chris Nolan for restoring some of my faith in film.

    I am trying to pinpoint what really drew me into the story but am unable to even come close. Sure the plot and sense of dream vs reality but it was more of the
    whole package. Just about every aspect (including the film score, acting, and effects) was right on. The movie was so intense for me that I literally said WOW at the end each time. This is a movie that gets better with a 2nd viewing. This film should be shining light to all the Hollywood establishment that they have the power to make great films. Expand
  16. Sep 19, 2010
    Christopher Nolan's creation falls short in the ponderous, heavy-handed suspense film Inception. With its self-importance drummed into the viewer throughout, Inception is a ticket to a headache.

    The originality of the film, many great performances, and abundant special effects don't add up to an enjoyable movie experience. Inception should have been much better. It's not that Nolan
    aimed too high. It's that he took the psychological surrealism way too seriously here, and it nearly sinks the ship.

    Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, an expert thief who is specially trained to extract valuable information from the subconscious minds of targets by accessing their dreams. He assembles a team to help him on a new mission, including a dream architect Ariadne (Ellen Page). Wealthy industrialist Saito (Ken Watanabe) has hired Cobb to implant an idea into the mind of a rival businessman Robert Fischer Jr. (Cillian Murphy).

    The main incentive for Cobb is Saito's promise to return him to his children at the successful conclusion of the mission. It's one last plunge into the nefarious, multi-leveled dream layers for our hero.

    The screenplay's heavy emphasis on the labyrinth distracts significantly from character development. After an all-too-brief look at the characters, we are subjected to dizzying explosions, shoot-em-ups and earthquakes. The dangers of this imagined world are so overplayed that finally we become numb. Sharper editing could have saved the day, especially during the film's final hour.

    Visually Inception is ambitious, especially in an enjoyable, M.C. Escher-like scene where Cobb and Ariadne walk amidst a collapsing Paris streetscape.

    An excellent cast is led by DiCaprio and Page. Marion Cotillard undulates between life and half-life as Cobb's troubled, dead wife Mal.
  17. Oct 11, 2010
    Probably the best psychological thriller of the decade, at least. It's not flawless, since different aspects of the movie will appeal to different personalities (for example, not everyone will be on the edge of their seat for a zero gravity fight scene), but yeah, definitely a complex and mind-boggling movie that's worthy of appreciation, if you're up for the challenge. And, honestly, I was confused my first time watching this movie (maybe it had one too many layers), but it was much more clear the second time around fyi. Expand
  18. Oct 16, 2010
    A tedious and unoriginal spectacle. Completely saturated with blindly complementary hype and build up but I'm afraid it didn't take the biscuit. Perhaps a film for ITV 4 in 5 years at 10 on a Wednesday night - but truly undeserving of mass takings at box office
  19. Oct 25, 2010
    This was easily the most disappointing movie of the year. I really wanted to like this movie. But it's a pretentious, mess of a movie. The acting was weak. DiCaprio is back to his old, bad acting habits. The only reason Ellen Page is in this movie is so DiCaprio has someone to explain things too. I just wanted to scream at Christopher Nolan, "SHOW ME, DON'T TELL ME". The characters are all one dimensional. I didn't care what happened to any of them. Some of the special effects were interesting, but they were in a vacuum. There was nothing compelling about them. This movie was trying to be original and clever, but you've got to have a compelling story with interesting characters for it too work. It was too complex for it's own good. Expand
  20. Nov 12, 2010
    Like it's Idea of dream within a dream Inception is masterpiece within a masterpiece.
    Christopher Nolan's idea is unique and brilliant.
    The Director is in top form :).
  21. Jan 21, 2011
    Inception doesn't need to be told by every review that it's new and fresh or (the opposite) stupid and "puzzles me as to why people like this crap." I understand that. It needs to be told it's a classic.
  22. Aug 10, 2010
    Not since The Matrix have I been this enthralled by a movie that happens inside the subconscious. Very cool film, smart, detailed but not confusing, and a great ending.
  23. Aug 17, 2010
    Definitely the most innovative and original movie of the year with an amazing and metaphorical storyline along with sophisticated visuals that will keep you intrigued throughout the whole two and a half hours.
  24. Aug 24, 2010
    Can't for the life of me figure out why this movie got such high ratings. Another movie rigged by reviewers to get people in seats. DO NOT SEE THIS IN THEATERS. Wait for the DVD if you must. The plot is stupid and confusing, the characters are annoying and far-fetched, the premise is so unbelievable it boggles the mind. Whoever came up with this should be shot. The dream sequences are just excuses to use some CGI effects and basically stray from reality as much as possible, and OMG but I had NO IDEA my dreams could be so vivid and real, to the point where you can arrange heists and kidnappings and create 'projections' that can actually kill you. I've never sat through so much nonsense in my life. This is a poorly written movie. If M. Knight had of written this it would've been viciously attacked, in stark contrast to the rave reviews and high ratings this has received so far. I will never get that hour and a half back. What a waste. Expand
  25. Aug 14, 2010
    Never in my many years of going to the movies have I ever felt like walking out. NEVER. And I've seen a lot of bad movies. This movie is, without a doubt, the single WORST movie I have ever seen. It's film garbage. It has no soul.
    Hated it.
  26. Aug 15, 2010
    Ridiculous, and ridiculously boring. No character development, no authentic emotion: Nolan gives you no reason to even CARE. Little by way of original ideas, or original film making. And the screenplay! 99.9% pure drivel. In all, it's a crappy movie inside a mindless movie inside a pretentious movie inside a boring movie. Skip it.
  27. Sep 4, 2010
    Easiest 10 I've ever given. Unique story that really wrinkles the brain. Leo was great, Ellen Page was great. Saw it a second time to answer some questions I had but ended up leaving the theatre with a few more. In my opinion that's a great movie. Christopher Nolan does it again.
  28. Sep 5, 2010
    watched it twice and loved the mental challenge induced, the great visuals, the performances! one of the best films of any genre for 2010! hope we see some Oscar noms for it soon!
    I loved the way Marion Cotillard gave so much depth to her haunting Mal and the understated yet key performance of Michael Caine's Miles.
    One of the best film opening scenes I have seen at least for this year if
    not longer. And an imposing yet 'enveloping' music score. Expand
  29. Sep 5, 2010
    Its a crime that this only got a 74 metascore, so many people are trashing the special effects in this movie even though Christopher Nolan tried not to use CGI at all...
  30. Sep 14, 2010
    What Nolan accomplishes is amazing, a film where the framework is so complex, the premise can stun the idle brain. I was blown away through the whole ride, from the performances, to the breathtaking visual effects. It really boils down to the strange and wonderful plot, a plot that stays with you long after the credits roll, and implications still haunt me.
  31. Sep 13, 2010
    What makes "Inception" a summer blockbuster hit. One, the cast was amazing. Two, Christopher Nolan (The Director of "The Dark Knight) wrote a fantasic screenplay. Three, the scenes in this film were "Mind-Blowing!" Inception is a fantasic, action/sci-fi thriller for anyone. I can't wait to purchase this on DvD.
  32. Sep 22, 2010
    i loved this movie!!! the graphics were trippy, all throughout the movie i was on edge then BAM! a cafe is obliterated and they all wake up back in reality. I love how at times its vague story line keeps you thinking with their fast faced action. christopher nolan obviously had a hell of a lot of time on his hands as his imagination ran wild!
  33. Sep 26, 2010
    The best piece of advice I can give you is to stop reading this review and go see Inception immediately, because the less you know going into it, the more rewarding your movie going experience will be, however, if blind faith is not your cup of tea (and since you're reading this, it probably isn't), read on, as I share a few words about one of the greatest summer blockbusters in recent years.
    The easiest way to describe Inception is to say that it deals with dreams, and people who enter other's dreams to find, or implant, information. As we soon learn, gaining information from dreams is difficult enough, but to implant information (a process called, you guessed it, inception), is a different story entirely. If you must know the plot, Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) are hired by Saito (Ken Watanabe) to perform inception on Robert Fischer, Jr. (Cillian Murphy) in an effort to convince him to divide his father's (Maurice Fischer [Pete Postlethwaite]) company (this, as Alfred **** would say, is the MacGuffin). After consulting his old teacher, Miles (Michael Caine), Cobb picks up Ariadne (Ellen Page), Eames (Tom Hardy), and Yusuf (Dileep Rao), to assist him and Arthur on their mission of inception. There is also a side story involving Cobb's wife, Mal (Marion Cotillard), and their two children. My plot synopsis ends here, as saying more would detract from the amazing moments you'll witness on-screen.
    Those who have seen director Christopher Nolan's 2000 effort, Memento, will not be surprised by Inception's requirement of the viewer to take each scene as it comes. Viewers and critics have called the film confusing. It's not confusing, it's complex. The film itself is explained in detail, and without the usual boring dialog that screams "Did everybody get that?". There's even well-timed comedic moments that serve to break the tension. The difficult complexities of the film come from what is not seen, the bigger picture, happening outside the parameters of the movie. This is why Inception has been the subject of debate on forums, blogs, and even around dinner tables. It's as though Nolan puts the viewer in the middle of his maze, gives them the map, then turns them loose; but, there's a catch, the edges of the map are burned and faded.
    The technical side of the film is near perfect. I can't recall another film where the special effects and cinematography were better matched to create a visual buffet that simultaneously feeds our hungry eyes and mind. Nolan's long-time cinematographer, Wally Pfister, has done a great work here that tells the story as well as the actors and their dialog. All the while, Hans Zimmer's score flows throughout the film, taking us where we need to go. While Nolan and his crew juggle the technical side of the film, Leonardo DiCaprio, and his cohorts, are in full-form as we journey alongside them through dreams inside of dreams.
    Inception is that rare treat that comes down the line when a studio (in this case Warner Bros.) is smart, and brave, enough, to take a chance on something great and original. If you see one film in the theater this summer, make it Inception.
  34. dgr
    Sep 26, 2010
    A Great Achievement - The Effects are brilliant and there are strong performances especially from Marion Cotillard - The Dark Knight is better but it has competition with this film.
  35. Dec 10, 2010
    THIS movie is completely overated. Watercooler prestige for those who sit through & pat theirsleves on the back at oh what smarty pants they are. This movie is crap that drags and is no where near as intersting as the nap & dream I took before it ended. Dreams are abstract, impossible to set up house in, one persons flying burritos and chairs with ship sails makes sense to them only. Original? Ive seen better folding cities in the Matrix and Dark City.Its down right sad that spew like this and Monsters are loved by critics and yuppies everywhere when their comlplete dribble and will only contribute to the horrible drought of anything decent. DO yourself a favor rent Dark City & skip this nap maker. Expand
  36. Feb 11, 2011
    everybody hyped this movie up so much but man were they wrong this is one of the slowest moving most boring movies I've ever seen what little action is in it is good but I could barely keep my eyes open waiting for something to happen
  37. Feb 12, 2011
    Extremely overhyped, no actual intellectual content. Good if you want to pretend that you're watching an intelligent movie without actually having to use your brain. For those who enjoy actual stories with characters you care about or original ideas with relevance over pretentious, overthought, and purposely "complex" (not really) crap, this movie should be avoided. Unless you're a wannabe intellectual, don't watch this. Action scenes would earn it a 5 (it's actually a decent popcorn movie), but amount of hype and intended audience make it get a 0 from me. Expand
  38. Feb 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. When I first watched the film, I didn't see why it deserved so much praise. I saw that the acting was awesome, the plot, cinematography and score was great but something just didn't click. However, I decided to watch it again and find out a little bit more about the film. That is when I found out it was perfection and unique. No one really knows what the ending is supposed to mean and whether he's still in a dream and what is and isn't a dream. That's the beauty of it. You decide. There are so many different concept and every time you watch the film you can think of a new one. No film has ever left such a lasting impression on me. Many people love it but many people hate it because it is too complex for them or they didn't understand a concept. It is interesting and I was talking about it for weeks. Masterpiece. Expand
  39. Dec 13, 2011
    The film is both ill conceived and ill produced mess. It's to be expected that Hollywood will throw awards upon efforts which appear to be smart, though really aren't. I enjoyed Batman Begins. Memento was ok, but highly over-rated for the same reasons. This thing was nothing but a painful POS. An offensive turd.
  40. Jan 5, 2012
    A pretty good thriller that steps into tedium a few too many times. What is quite remarkable about this film is that it has gained a reputation for treating its audience like intelligent, thoughtful people. This view was illustrated by British film critic Mark Kermode when he used it as a primary reason to place Inception at the top of his best of 2010 list. I am quite surprised as I really didn't find this film to be much more demanding or hard to follow than most films. This is due largely because of the over expository dialogue. There were entire reams of it that were so laden with explanation that I cringed at times. I'm surprised that they didn't just wheel on Basil Exposition to explain the next part of the plan. In contrast to many reviewers I felt patronised by the script and that it didn't trust the audience quite enough with the various complexities of the plot. Leonardo is currently stuck in a 'I'm a bit edgy, little bit mad' mode - differences between his role in this and Shutter Island are inscrutable. Tom Hardy? Not sure about him yet. Caine was certainly my favourite thing about this. The final set-piece was brilliantly executed but I feel that the entire first part of the film served as little more than groundwork for it. Sorry for fractured and unplanned review just had to get it out, thanks.

    Love you byeeeee.
  41. Aug 12, 2010
    The movie had great special effects but it was lacking in its plot.The director should tell us more about this dream technique and if he wanted to confuse us he should try something different because the only thing he succeeded is to make us throw up.
  42. Jan 23, 2011
    "Inception" is, technically speaking, a masterpiece. Surprisingly enough, the story and the screenplay in general are even more stunning than the visuals are! One is never quite certain what is going on - is it all a dream, or is it reality - which is the theme that goes across the whole film.
    With an amazingly original screenplay by director Christopher Nolan, it is hard for "Inception"
    to leave you without thinking. It is actually a rather engaging film, and I cannot imagine many people walking out from the film thinking that it did not offer food for thought, if nothing else.
    The visual effects are stunning, and in the same class as were the ones from "The Matrix" back in the day. Surely, it is not as breathtaking as "Avatar" was, but that was not it's intention in the first place. It is just visually a great film.
    The cast was also rather superb, especially DiCardo, Gordon-Levitt and Cottilard. Not really amazing performances, but definitely good and not over the top, which would have brought the quality of the film down.
    Christopher Nolan's direction and imagination are at it's peak - he has definitely surpassed "The Dark Knight" by far, with this film. Definitely a new masterpiece of cinema, that will leave no one apathetic.
  43. Aug 13, 2010
    It was a masterpiece. One of the best films I've ever seen, and quite possibly, the best. It has everything you can possibly ask for. Smart, original, emotional, and utterly ambitious, Inception is the best film of 2010, and yes, it is better than The Dark Knight. Anyways, take a "leap of faith" and go experience the unforgettable masterpiece that is Inception. A 10/10.
  44. Oct 13, 2010
    A very good movie that makes you think about dreams in a new way. I have talked to friends about dreams and the idea of controlling them, AND the idea of inception itself, and that's the kind of stuff that helps you know it's a good movie.
  45. Aug 20, 2010
    After all the hype I found the film mildly dissapointing. I don't feel enough was done with the clever concept and the amount of gun fire was over the top. Despite this De Caprio does very well as does his side kick. However, this is not on the level of 'The Dark Knight'.
  46. Aug 18, 2010
    Fantastic movie. DiCaprio goes from strength to strength. A wonderful blend of sci-fi and mind-bending physic with a simple driving core message. Love. Blended perfectly. Well worth the effort to understand.
  47. Aug 19, 2010
    Whoever thinks this movie is boring is because they are stupid. YOU HAVE TO THINK FOR ONCE IN A MOVIE! The hallway scenes with Joe are the best scenes i've seen in a while. I thought everything was perfect and Christopher Nolan is the Alfred Hitchcock of this generation.
  48. Aug 20, 2010
    There are some good scenes in the film, like the anti-gravity fighting and the car chases to a degree, but they aren't enough to carry the film.
    Everything we find out about the world is explained by Cobb to one of the supporting characters at one point or another. There's nothing for us to find out for ourselves, and this is very disappointing in a film receiving such hype about how it's
    clever and makes you think. I saw a review praising how the film isn't dumbed down, but I find the exact opposite to be true. Everything is clearly explained before it happens, and re-explained if it happens again later on. For example, they explain a paradoxical situation, fairly early on, and when it comes into play later Arthur shouts "paradox" as the camera pans around to see exactly what happened, leaving nothing to be thought about.

    I would have loved to believe what was happening. Cobb is supposed to be the best at what he does, but the only time we see him in action, he seems to have no control over the situation and seems to fail entirely at what he's trying to do. We're told things too often, and never shown things to see for ourselves.

    I also had a problem with the entire sub-plot surrounding how Cobb is flawed, I won't go into detail, but it took up far too much screen time, and provided very little to the story.

    I expected an intelligent thriller, and ended up watching a disjointed and confused (not confusing) film with some neat action scenes sparsely placed throughout.
    See it if you want, but don't go out of your way for it.
  49. Sep 1, 2010
    A great cast, intersting concept, with high production values, but utlimately a very average action movie. I agree with JamesD that the film was "curiously impersonal and mechanical." Cut out roughly 45 minutes of Philosophy 201 level exposition and what you have is people shooting and punching each other. A film this hyped demands comment on the director: I thought Dark Knight was very good, but mostly because of Ledger's performance. Take that away, and Dark Knight is rather average fair with Bale doing a lot of growling and gloating. In Inception there is no remarkable performance; Leonardo emotes but we are given no reason to care. Expand
  50. Aug 26, 2010
    Christopher Nolan's labyrinth of a movie is likely the most complex action movie ever conceived, shifting between as many as four parallel settings at once and constantly bending any notion of reality, while still convincing the audience that everything going on makes sense. Trying to explain the movie would probably end in a horrible mess, but with the aid of superb writing and masterful editing, Nolan turns his psychotic idea into a smooth, polished vision that is enjoyable on every level it aims for. Expand
  51. Jan 8, 2011
    Normally, I am very much against all of the "high brow" negative reviews of a movie, but in this case, I have to say that Inception is very over-rated. While interesting in concept, and certainly written by a genius or someone who has indulged in LSD way too many times, it's just "too much" for my tastes.
  52. Oct 2, 2010
    Pros: Everything about the film. Cons: 0. After I saw this film, and was blown away by it, i went to check out some of Christopher Nolan's earlier films. So far I saw Memento, The Prestige and The Dark Knight, and Oh my god, Christopher Nolan is my favorite director now. All of his movies that ive seen are immensely good. Leonardo Dicaprio has come a long way since Blood Daimond and Shutter Island. Joseph Gordon Levitte isnt just a goofy love-sick guy like in 500 Days of Summer. And Hans Zimmer, I loved the films soundtrack. May we all bow in worship to Christopher Nolan Expand
  53. Oct 9, 2010
    "Inception is one of the most provocative films i have ever seen , DiCaprio gives a stunning performance , But at times this movie can be to complex to handle , and Drags at times & be confusing , but beside that this movie is a masterpiece" ... B+
  54. Sep 29, 2010
    Christopher Nolan is no stranger to making movies that will send the audience in utter confusion (i.e Memento). Inception is one of the movies that will have audiences thinking long after the movie is over. It will allow you to question your surroundings, and will cause you to question what reality truly is. The production value of the film is incomprehensible as almost every aspect of the movie is fully-thought out. Hans Zimmer has been the soundtrack producer for previous Nolan films, and here delivers a soundtrack that compliments the action and suspense of the movie as a whole. Perhaps one of the highlights the film is the ensemble of actors. Within the ensemble are three Oscar nominated actors (Di Caprio, Page, Watanabe) and two winning individuals (Cotillard and Caine). There is no doubt that it is well-acted and it adds to the reality of the film, where in fact should be absent. The minimal flaw in the film is that Nolan attempts to put too much to try to confuse its audience, but in the end this is just a small flaw in an immensely great film Expand
  55. Oct 4, 2010
    Great movie. It's definitely a mind blower. The whole story is fascinating. You can't leave the movie for popcorn though (you'll miss some interesting stuff).
  56. Oct 5, 2010
    It's not a masterpiece but is surely one of the most brilliant screenplay of the last 20 years! Great movie and great time passed watching it! My compliments to the director-screenwriter. 8.50
  57. Oct 12, 2010
    A film with dazzling technique, the real stars here are Christopher Nolan and his editor, Lee Smith. DiCaprio gives a fantastic, layered performance with a solid supporting cast around him. Hopefully the film and Nolan will be remembered come Oscar time.
  58. Nov 3, 2010
    What I loved about this film is not just the original concept but the thrill factor. It was easy to understand the concept within 5 minutes into the film but the thrill had me going until the final moments. This was another brilliant film from the genius of Christopher Nolan. Great performances by all the actors as I thought it was a pretty decent cast.
  59. Nov 15, 2010
    Go see the Matrix - again - and save your effort. Same movie as Matrix but now takes place inside a dream. Really unoriginal. Drags on far too long. This movie never should have been made.
  60. Dec 10, 2010
    This is a review within a review that's trapped inside another review. Only a defibrillator can release the real score within my subconscious. So I improvised and reconstructed a score of zero based upon my memories of other movies like Glitter, Ishtar and My Giant.
  61. Jan 17, 2011
    Wow! What a tedious, confusing, mess! I have loved many movies with dreamlike sensibilities--"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "Twelve Monkeys," and "Brazil" come to mind--movies which prompt the viewer to question reality and ponder their place in the universe. "Inception" is clearly attempting to be one of these movies, but it fails miserably. Piling layer upon layer of plot and exposition doesn't make a movie more "intelligent" or "thought-provoking," but that is what director Christopher Nolan seems to be doing. Instead of provocative, metaphysical sci-fi we get scene after scene that resemble outtakes from "Mission Impossible 12." None of it adds up to much, except that is, for confusion and boredom. Sure, there are some awe-inspiring CGI sequences of dream worlds folding over onto themselves, and edifices collapsing into nothing, but mostly what we get is meaningless, uninspired action and head-scratching explanations about the why these convoluted events are occurring. If I cared even a little bit about these characters, maybe I could forgive the filmmakers for some (though certainly not all) of the ridiculous plot contortions, but I didn't. Expand
  62. Dec 31, 2010
    Talk about the emperor's new clothes, Nolan's oeuvre is the emperor's whole wardrobe. Although i did like Batman Begins, Inception, like that last Batman film is a big convoluted mess. Having read many complex narrative and metafiction novels, i love complexity when it's delivered by a talented artist with a capacity to deliver, Nolan can't. Who cares about richy rich and his dying father? Who cares about the "kicks" being executed? And the security in the unconscious is paramilitary shootouts? What!? That is devoid of imaginations. Why aren't we seeing Leo's relationship with his wife? That might be a film. But Nolan has never shown any capacity to reveal intimacy so i shouldn't be too surprised. Expand
  63. Jan 29, 2011
    Brilliant concept, but so much action and violence it just seemed tiring after a while. This apparently is the only "reality" Hollywood knows how to produce, even with the opportunity to go "three layers deep". Not hard to follow or understand if you were paying attention. It was "disappointing". I thought it offered something on a deeper level. It's just a *movie* NOT a "film". Kind of felt I wasted 2 hours of "real" time being I am used to films on a much deeper level that don't rely on action, violence and a bunch of shoot-em-up-bang-bang to take one through the movie's concept. Granted its better than most Hollywood movies out there, but still disappointing that it wasn't more on its own without following typical movie footsteps - you'll know what this means by the end of the movie. That's the idea I hope gets out there to save us from more disappointment. Expand
  64. Feb 26, 2011
    No offense, because we all have been 12 years old, but the only way you can consider this film mind blowing, smart, creative and blah blah blah is if you are 12 or below. I give it 3 points because of the city landscape and some well done effects. Everything else is quite vague and boring.
  65. Jan 22, 2012
    Clearly over thought concept, blockbuster budget and all star cast list makes the film feel like its trying too hard to impress. Nolan desperately tries to make the film awe inspiring with genius seeping out of every crevice of the plot. Unfortunately this is all counter productive, making for a very laborious and lacklustre watch.
  66. Apr 2, 2012
    A horrible movie. I don't really care if I didn't comprehend it, it still wasn't interesting to watch. There have been plenty of movies that had complex story lines that I still found intriguing to watch. It was so boring. The only semi good thing was the music. Too long to.
  67. Oct 5, 2012
    It was alright. Worth a watch if you're that bored. Would try to pick it up on DVD second hand though. Giving the movie a 10 doesn't make you more intelligent.
  68. Mar 24, 2013
    A complicated mix of a twisted drama.
  69. Oct 29, 2013
    Just a heap of excruciatingly long and dull action sequences that drag on and on, and in between them there's pseudo-intellectual explanatory dialogue that has no life or feeling to it. That's the whole movie.
    It's amazing what this generation views as a "masterpiece", a movie with no real plot or story, no character development, depth, or emotional engagement; just boring scenes that
    play out like a video game, "Complete this dream level... now on to the next dream level..." It has no soul, it's a borefest from start to finish.

    True as some say, it has awesome special effects, but so do cologne commercials. When will people understand that special effects don't make a movie?

    And to anyone saying it's a "smart" movie; that understanding it makes you more intelligent than people who don't; trust me on this, you're an idiot. There was huge hype surrounding this film, you were told how it's targeted at the intellectuals, how "it's not a movie for everyone", and the goal of this was to convince simpletons like you that understanding the plot makes you intelligent, and that anyone who didn't like it was because he's too stupid to understand it. That couldn't be further from the truth, you are a complete idiot as you are unable to see when people are playing mind tricks on you. I can't help but to think how they laughed at all the people who bought into the hype they created, how they made people overlook what a boring piece of trash they made with simple psychological marketing.

    tl;dr: This movie was made to make stupid people feel smart.
  70. Nov 28, 2013
    Inception is a spider's web woven with such intricacy that only when focused, you can find a way out. With brilliant material for the brilliant cast to work on, Inception delivers a complex masterpiece at an intellectual as well as visceral level. Top-notch directing, acting, cinematography, editing and Hans Zimmer's brilliant soundtrack only cements this as a modern classic.
  71. Nov 9, 2014
    Christopher Nolan directs what must be his magnum opus with the complex Inception, a beautifully realized, tightly plotted surreal experience bolstered by a magnetic score by Hans Zimmer, great acting by the cast and thrilling set pieces.
  72. Jan 21, 2011
    I found that it didn't really amaze me with its plot or character development quite as much as Nolan's other films such as The Dark Knight, but it's a fast-paced and thought provoking action movie that is sure to keep you thinking long after the end credits roll. Plus, the concept is just plain cool.
  73. Aug 11, 2010
    TERRIBLE, it falls, to damn complicated for sal to understand probably because he smells bad davinchi goes into 4th sleep relm and **** ERVEY were thank you
  74. Aug 12, 2010
    I think i was expecting too much from this movie. Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio just sounded so awesome. The storyline was A LOT less confusing then i had hoped, but the average joe might have a bit of trouble with it. I would say this is his 4th best film and it's one of the best movies to come out this year.
  75. Aug 20, 2010
    As with other Nolan movies there's a lot of sleight-of-hand in blinding you to the big plot holes. In the case of this movie, I found those holes genuinely bothersome. See this, there's lots to like, but so far, his masterpiece is still the Dark Knight.
  76. Aug 17, 2010
    Best movie ive seen since the Dark knight! Amazing and original plot, amzing action sequences, and likeable characters! Its a must see movie! a masterpiece!
  77. Aug 19, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Inception... where do I begin? Well, perhaps my expectations were a bit high after one of my film snob friends called it "the first truly important film of the century." It's moderately entertaining, but calling it anything more than a decent movie is a bit of a stretch. People call it original, but it's like a dreamworld version of the Matrix (which used ideas that had already been around a while, but at least made it exciting). However, a dreamworld should be so much more than just a sterile, realistic environment. My thoughts about how bland the dreams are here was magnified after watching the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. That's a movie that showed true imagination and creativity.

    I do enjoy other Nolan films (i.e. Memento, TDK), but I felt no thrills here. Part of the problem is that there is no real consequence of failure. Sure, you may be stuck in "limbo", but it's just another level of dream and you may not be able to escape, but at least you aren't dead.

    The snow level was particularly irritating as it just seemed like it was pulled straight out of a modern shooter game. It was very reminiscent of a level of Call of Duty: MW2.

    It's also amusing to me that the antagonist is named Mal, which means "bad". Really, we couldn't have come up with a better name to call our villain than "bad"? It was by no means horrible, but really, I don't see why it's called original, or amazing when it's merely entertaining. It's an average movie with an above average effects budget.
  78. Aug 22, 2010
    Personally,the concept of the movie is not bad.But the plot is just too hard to follow,less action,and some "Why" comes to my mind in some scene.When i was watching this,i keep telling myself "when is this movie going to end ?" Because it just plain boring in my opinion.Maybe i'm just not good at appreciate "new idea".Hell...even The Dark Knight was 1000X better then this :/
  79. Aug 22, 2010
    hmm...nothing is something....Inception is nothing but a stolen concept of MATRIX..........that made it different boring **** with leonard no change in the performance.. :)
  80. Nov 10, 2010
    Almost certainly, but still an exceptional movie, if only for the concept and presentation. This is certainly worth at least one viewing, but i'd say to really get the plot you'd need to see it a few times, this won't effect your enjoyment of the movie though. The effects are very well done and at times breath taking. Characters were mostly pretty shallow, although i thought
    DiCaprio's character was surprisingly and intriguingly complex.
    Definitely recommend, will be buying on blu-ray for certain.
  81. Jul 12, 2013
    I don't really want to explain much as you need to watch the film to understand but anyway, Inception is a film, so if you're not prepared for that then don't watch it.

    Inception is somewhat similar to The Matrix as this film is based on dreams, and you understand more as the film plays out so it makes you think. The character development could had been better but it isn't that much of
    a problem. The action is kind of meh... The thrill of the film is what keeps you entertained. Expand
  82. Sep 1, 2010
    An amazing film. If you love puzzles and are not offendend at that fact that you may not understand everything that you see (the first viewing); then this film is for you.
  83. Sep 4, 2010
    The concept of this film is the most original and thoughtful I have seen in a long time and the cinematography was first class. The actors all did a good job, especially the english guy who was the comic relief. But that was the problem with this film, there was little effort gone in to character development. I really didnt care for any of them when they were in peril and their motivations for joining the mission weren't explained well. Its not to say there weren't some interesting characters its just there were too many to go into enough depth with any of them.
    Don't even start me on the premise that you can enter someones dream via a thin plastic tube from your wrist to a suitcase....
  84. Sep 8, 2010
    An amazing movie showcasing an interesting plot that immerses you right until the end, it's theme - arguably the strongest Inception has going for it - is dreams and i was left satisfied with how said subject matter was treated without dumbing it down in typical Hollywood style. The pacing is outstanding and will always lead you into that next scene at just the right time, my only qualm with this movie was the choice to ratchet it into action country during the back end. Expand
  85. Sep 10, 2010
    Really great movie. It was impeccably structured, visually fantastic, and generally perfectly executed. It was creative, ambitious, and intelligent, which are qualities that make it stand out from typical hollywood fare on their own. People call it a mindf**k, but don't confuse that for trippiness or a convoluted JJ Abrams mess, it made a great deal of sense. It is certainly a movie that wants you to think about after watching it. I think some people are trying to view this movie as an action movie, or an exploration of psychology and dreams, but it's neither of those. Those are all great things, but this is a heist movie. This is the kind of movie that Ocean's 11 would be if Ocean's 11 was far more original, intelligent, and had a greater respect for its audience. Expand
  86. Mar 22, 2011
    I know what you guys are thinking. Yes. I did saw this movie in theaters in Fredricksburg, VA but only once and I don't why I haven't seen it again until my stepfather bought a DVD copy of this movie. So I watched it on the plasma screen TV and really enjoyed it.

    To my shocking surprise, this movie is in my Top 14 favorite movies of 2010 with a creative atmosphere about dreaming in
    reality, excellent acting, Top-Notch action scenes, a magnificent all-star casting including Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and more, and the most important thing about this movie: the superb visuals throughout the whole movie.

    At my highest hopes, this movie deserves a 9/10.
  87. Jun 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is not a film, this is an experience. Stunning visual effects and an intelligent script make Inception your classic summer blockbuster with a twist: it is actually intelligent. The score is beautiful, and Nolan does his usually fantastic job directing. By the end of the film, you will be questioning reality, and most importantly, you will be wondering if it stopped spinning. Expand
  88. j30
    Sep 22, 2011
    Great movie, an action/science fiction movie with an intelligent plot that will have you talking about it way after the credits finish. Leonardo DiCaprio is the best actor in the business today period.
  89. Jul 21, 2011
    The best movie this year! Christopher Nolan has made one of his finest movies of all time! Expect this having a lot of Oscar nominations! This movie will blow your mind! Christopher Nolan this movie that extracts great film making, art and mind dreaming. If you had to choose the movie of the year, this would be the one you were looking for!
  90. Aug 10, 2011
    Yep. I fell for it. The whole idea really sucks me in. How can you not be interested in such an original and mind-bending idea? It's also supported by incredible visuals and some unsung strong acting by the cast, especially Ellen Page
  91. Sep 28, 2011
    It's such an original film. It isn't confusing or hard to understand if you actually watch it, pay attention and listen. It's all about dreams within dreams and the film is a bit like a game. You're introduced to the concepts used within it and then the film starts. Must watch.
  92. Nov 10, 2011
    Absolutely amazing film. Amazing soundtrack, special effects and writing. Would watch it again at least a 100 times. Should have won more awards in my opinion.
  93. Dec 5, 2011
    I seriously don't understand how people are giving this move anything lower than seven, strong dialog, innovative action scenes, and the deep characters all make this an B+, A- movie. But what really distinguishes this movie as one of my favorites is the conflict with Cobb's lost love and the final kick sequence (this being one of the best scenes in the history of film making) forces my hand on to give it a 10. Expand
  94. Jul 21, 2012
    What makes Inception so great is how much thought has gone into it. You need to see it twice to fully understand it. It's brilliantly directed by Nolan and the acting was even better. This is going to stay in my top 5 movies for a very very long time.
  95. Sep 13, 2012
    Brilliant, genius and original. hard for me to understand the movie the first time i watched it, but i felt this movie was something different, so i watched it again and then i understood it. Full of imagination and the acting was super. love it!
  96. Dec 17, 2012
    Chris Nolan is hands down one of my favourite directors of recent times, however Inception fall short of the standards he has set so incredibly high. It pains me to say that the story was needlessly convoluted (but not confusing) and relatively uninteresting. It was unable to grip me even though his use of music and cinematic devices were as per usual of high quality. Di Caprio gave a sense of unease in the role he played but it seemed similar to that of Shutter Island and several other roles he has played in the past. He is capable of so much more but I felt it was not the refined performance he was aiming for. It was a brilliant idea for a film but alas Nolan seemed to be caught up in the idea of "Inception" and thus lost his direction. All in all a good film but personally I won't be watching it again any time soon. Expand
  97. May 25, 2014
    Inception is amazing simple as that it's amazing how Christopher Nolan can have so many Masterpieces pretty much everything the guy does it brilliant. Everything about the movie was great it has an all star cast, amazing visuals and top notch story telling that was easy to understand even back when I first watched the film. I will say that I have seen better of Leonardo DiCaprio even though he still did a great job in this movie. I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt so this is just another reason to love him. Also this is the movie that made me start to like Ellen Page she always seemed annoying to me but not after this. Oh yeah and it's another great score from Hans Zimmer.

    Overall i give it a 10
  98. Oct 26, 2013
    An incredible achievement by Nolan, an absolute masterpiece. The film gets more complicated as it ticks down and while it has a satisfying ending, there is still question regarding what really happened.
  99. May 23, 2014
    Even if you watch 9/11 tapes while reading conspiracy theories on the internet and listening to Silencer, you won't have a more depressing, humorless, dull, pseudo-complex, deadly serious experience than Inception. This movie proves that Chris "Just doin' it for money" Nolan doesn't know what a joke is. His daddy raised him to be a true no-nonsense businessman, and businessmen can never lighten up! They also cannot make art, they can make only carefully engineered, emotionally inept, heartless blockbusters. Expand
  100. May 23, 2014
    First time I watched it in cinema, I was a little bit baffled or misoriented. However after getting the DVD I watch it once a week I think. I just can`t get over this flick! Where do I start - maybe from the best. First off, performance worth of an Oscar by Leonardo DiCaprio, excellent acting by Marion Cotillard and Ken Watanabe, above average by all the rest, especially Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. All of the characters without exceptions are engaging in their own way Expand

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  2. Negative: 3 out of 42
  1. 100
    In terms of sheer originality, ambition and achievement, Inception is the movie of the summer, the movie of the year and the movie of our dreams.
  2. In a summer of remakes, reboots and sequels comes Inception, easily the most original movie idea in ages.
  3. Reviewed by: Justin Chang
    If Inception is a metaphysical puzzle, it's also a metaphorical one: It's hard not to draw connections between Cobb's dream-weaving and Nolan's filmmaking -- an activity devoted to constructing a simulacrum of reality, intended to seduce us, mess with our heads and leave a lasting impression. Mission accomplished.