Sony Pictures Classics | Release Date: March 24, 2006
Summary: Dispossessed twenty-year old Bruno lives with his eighteen-year-old girlfriend Sonia in Seraing, an eastern Belgian steel town. They live off Sonia's unemployment benefits and the panhandling and petty theft committed by Bruno and his gang. Their lives change forever when Sonia gives birth to their child, Jimmy. [Sony Pictures Classics]
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Runtime: 100 min
Rating: Rated R for brief language
Production: Canal+
Genres: Drama, Romance, Crime
Countries: France, Belgium
Language: French
Home Release Date: Aug 15, 2006
Director Credit
Jean-Pierre Dardenne Director
Luc Dardenne Director
Writer Credit
Jean-Pierre Dardenne Writer
Luc Dardenne Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Déborah François Sonia
Jérémie Renier Bruno
Cast Credit
Anne Gerard Commerçante
Bernard Marbaix Commerçant
Delphine Tomson La Fille Aux Cheveux Rouges
Fabrizio Rongione Jeune Bandit
François Olivier Remy
Frédéric Bodson Bandit Plus Âgé
Jean-Claude Boniverd Le Policier En Civil
Jérémie Segard Steve
Leon Michaux Policier Commissariat
Marie-Rose Roland Une Infirmière
Olivier Gourmet Policier En Civil
Samuel De Ryck Thomas
Stéphane Marsin Jeune Homme
Producer Credit
Alexandre Lippens Associate Producer
Arlette Zylberberg Associate Producer
Denis Freyd Producer
Genevieve Lemal Associate Producer
Jean-Pierre Dardenne Producer
Luc Dardenne Producer
Olivier Bronckart Executive Producer
Rémi Burah Co-Producer