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  • Summary: Lights in the Dusk concludes the trilogy began by "Drifting Clouds" and "The Man Without a Past." Where the trilogy's first film was about unemployment and the second about homelessness, this final installment is about loneliness. (Strand Releasing)
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  1. There's great music, an excellent dog, and that indescribable Kaurismäki tension between misery and a cosmic joke.
  2. 75
    If you're new to Kaurismaki, the film will make you a fan. If you've seen everything else he's ever done, the comedy will confirm your commitment.
  3. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    It's a handsome production, and a pleasure to watch. With a shadowy palette and a set design reminiscent of Edward Hopper's nocturnes, a soundtrack hearkening back to the sounds of vintage rock 'n' roll, and a cast of characters straight out of a James M. Cain novel.
  4. 60
    There's a dry humor underlying the absurdity of Koistinen's experience. When things cannot possibly get worse, they do.
  5. Reviewed by: Leslie Felperin
    Lights in the Dusk finds veteran Finnish helmer Aki Kaurismaki treading water with an amiable but very undercooked noirish fable about a security guard done wrong by a femme fatale.
  6. 50
    So stylized and slow-moving (even at a spare 75 minutes) that you may have trouble adapting to its hypnotic rhythms -- but if you can, there are sumptuous visual rewards to be found, plus the faintest emotional uptick right at the end.
  7. Reviewed by: Nathan Lee
    Lights in the Dusk derives scant excitement from its melodramatic plot, which satisfies a dismal, ineluctable formula with stultifying efficiency. Nor is it enlivened by the airless performances.

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