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  • Summary: A mother and her 10-year old son, who has an active fantasy life, drive across the country on the proceeds of the mother's trick-turning; that is, until her car dies. She temporarily moves in with a hardware store owner, and the boy's father tries to track them down.
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  1. What counts here is the acute psychological validity with which Gordon evokes a coming of age that's seen with a darkly outrageous sense of humor--and no small amount of compassionate detachment.
  2. Reviewed by: Holly Willis
    The elegant gambol through ideas, combined with Gordon's clear love of luminous motion -- literally -- is a welcome treat.
  3. Fine acting and creative directing lend three-dimensional life to this absorbing story, which blends dreamlike elements with sharply etched drama and touches of pure cinematic ingenuity.
  4. An ambitious film that sticks with you long after you have left the theater -- because of both what it achieves and what it does not.
  5. 60
    If Lloyd's performance is the film's near-fatal flaw, Unger's is its saving grace.
  6. It's a bit like "The Sixth Sense," but without the melodramatic comfort of the supernatural.
  7. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Gordon makes the mistake of preserving Bradfield's highly idiosyncratic dialogue -- dazzling on the page, deadly in any actor's mouths -- and the otherwise talented Lloyd is miscast.

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