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  • Summary: This father-son action/drama is based on the inspiring true story of the tiny, dying town of Madison, Indiana and its legendary, come-from-behind win in the 1971 race for the Gold Cup of hydroplane boat racing. (Addison Street Films)


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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 15
  2. Negative: 2 out of 15
  1. The result is a feeling of quiet heroism--people doing things because it's right to do them, even if it's not easy.
  2. 75
    What is it about Indiana that inspires movies about small-town dreamers who come from behind to win?
  3. While Madison is earnest and inoffensive, it offers no surprises, few fascinating characters and a hackneyed script.
  4. 50
    Tends toward the generic, and Jim Caviezel is hopelessly bland in the lead. Among the bright spots are Mary McCormack as the hero's wife and Bruce Dern as the wise old motorboat guru.
  5. Wants to be both heartwarming and quirky but is sometimes just cutesy instead.
  6. The drama gets stuck in a dispiritingly dull rut and fails to build toward what is supposed to be a something of a crowd-rousing triumph over adversity.
  7. There isn't a scene, an action or a character that rings true, yet the narrative summary of the events that inspired it is a matter of record.

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