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  1. Aug 24, 2014
    A cute, comfortable movie about a quiet, dying little town and a few of its occupants.

    The young ones are running away into bigger things -
    unless they are held back by their clingy mothers, like is the case with Harris (Orlando Bloom).

    Georgiana (Ellen Burstyn), in her old age, is debating whether to sell the house she was born and lived her entire life in. Her quietly reasonable niece Willa (Patricia Clarkson) is trying not to push her into anything, although she does worry.

    Then Gus Leroy (Colin Firth) comes into town, with new prospects and possibilities. Only there is a slight 'but' coming; the company he represents, and that would help to revive the town again, is in the hazardous waste business.

    This interesting, warm, and strangely compelling movie manages to intrigue without much of anything going on. The story of Harris and Mary (Amber Tamblyn) was quite insignificant (as was Mary's storyline all in all), because the main stage was taken by Leroy and Willa. And yet it was so subtle that you really couldn't tell that while the movie was on.

    There was no big disaster, no dramatic event, and in the end, the finish is quite satisfying. It doesn't preach, it doesn't tell you how to think, but it does give you a look at the two sides of the coin.

    A fairly good movie, in my opinion, for a watch of two. I definitely checked this out to see Orlando Bloom in it, but even without him, I would have liked the film.
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  2. Sep 12, 2011
    Skip-it - If you think Ohio is boring wait 'til you see this "drama" with an ensemble cast of forgettably bland faces in an even blander North Carolina town. Full Review »