Make It Funky!

  • Release Date: Sep 9, 2005

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  1. There's not a second in the film that isn't a reminder that New Orleans in its architecture, cuisine and multicultural diversity as well as in its music is a unique and major American center of culture. Murphy has made a film more valuable than he surely ever could have imagined.
  2. A love letter to New Orleans, Make It Funky! reminds us of what has been lost in the flood, and of an artistic spirit that will never dissipate.
  3. The accidental poignancy of Make It Funky! comes from juxtaposing the charisma and dignity of those musicians - and the knowledge of how much great music New Orleans has given the world - with the unavoidable images of devastation from the last two weeks.
  4. A suddenly vital biography, Make It Funky, pays apt homage to the unique gifts New ­Orleans has given its country over the last century. Watching it ought to inspire anyone to return the favor.
  5. The love people have for this city just comes tumbling out of every part of this movie.
  6. 70
    In many respects a stock item, filled with talking heads, archival film and photographs and vintage concert footage, but what gives the film newfound ache is the copious amount of time it spends on the streets with ordinary citizens (including fledgling young musicians) and the incidentals it captures.
  7. 63
    Despite the attention focused on New Orleans these days, though, the film won't win many new converts. The musicians swear this is dance music, but the beats are far too ponderous to get a rise out of the hip-hop generation.

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  1. ThomasW.
    Nov 30, 2006
    Superb evocation of the unique spirit of New Orleans, and post-Katrina it is especially poignant.