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  • Summary: This captivating portrait of a lesbian couple's quest to become mothers brings the audience along on their journey, letting them experience the challenges and joys of lesbian motherhood. (First Run Features)


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  1. 75
    The subject is touchy, but Gund handles it with taste and compassion.
  2. 60
    Undemanding, upscale, and agreeable enough in a low-key kind of way. It's a film of subtle, ingratiating charm rather than explosive revelations.
  3. Real, dramatic tension erupts as the strains placed on the women's relationship surface, offering a candid look at what the stresses of parenthood can do to any couple.
  4. Informative, but very slow going.
  5. A small, intimate documentary that patiently observes the highs and lows of a 30-something couple who want to become parents. That the couple are lesbians is perhaps the most remarkable feature of an unremarkable film.