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  1. Dec 17, 2013
    More of the way over the top special effects attempting to make up for lack of story and characterization. Not surprised given that Zack Snyder directed. Only plus: ability to fast-forward through the interminably stupid fight scenes since I rented it from Red Box.
  2. Jul 15, 2013
    Man Of Steel Is visually nice the scenario is ok not over the top but it's ok the script was the messy point for me i laughed my ass off sometime some battle or extremely long for no reason

    Cool movie to watch but aint that good
  3. Jul 15, 2013
    i expected more. superman is supposed to be SUPER! this movie makes him look like a second rate copy cat whatever super hero he is. the scenes in the movie aren't that clean also.

    the lamest movie ever
  4. Jul 19, 2013
    es una muy mala pelicula, ni buenas actuaciones, excesivamente larga, tediosa. Las escenas de accion están muy largas y el actor no es ni la mitad del Superman que fue el anterior.
  5. Jul 20, 2013
    The most heavy handed piece of self righteous dribble I've ever seen, with sloppily directed action scenes, appalling dialogue and constant "Jesus" poses makes this film the worst film I've seen in years. It's the closest I've ever come to walking out of a movie.
  6. Jul 21, 2013
    just boring, cheesy and monotone. henry cavill is just annoying -sonny edges....certainly no super-hero! music won`t stop during the entire film, it´s totally packed and you feel nothing else than relieved when it's over! booo!
  7. Jul 23, 2013
    I went to go see Man of Steel with no expectation, mainly because of the last Superman movie. As hard as i tried to like Man of Steel, I just couldn't. There were some enjoyable parts of the movie, but overall, it wasn't worth the price of admission.

    The Good:

    The Casting- I thought that the actors that they chose to play the parts were perfect. Especially superman, Henery Cavill fit
    the role of superman very well. I thought Amy Adams and Michael Shannon were well placed as well. Including others

    FX- I thought the special effects were well done as well. They weren't spectacular, but the were good. Especially the fighting scenes. I really felt the power behind the punches. I thought they did that well. They flying scenes were pretty enjoyable too.

    The Bad:

    Script- Corning and uninteresting. It was hard to care about what was happening because first off there didn't seem to be any basis on why anything was happening in the movie. This was my biggest negative point in the whole movie. It was hard to get into because i didn't make the connection as to what is going on and why, and i think that is the scripts fault. Maybe there is back story in the comics, but i don't read those, so i have nothing to go off of. And there were several lines said in the movie that were like, really, you couldn't have thought of something better to say. The script wasn't all bad. There were moments in the story were I was engaged, but that didn't last long.

    Pacing- I felt like this movie was all over the place. Especially the fighting scenes. They were cool at first but the intensity slow faded, and i felt that nothing new was really offered to make any new encounter different. Another problem was the main spectacular fights happened at the middle of the movie making the final fight scene more of an annoyance then something i actually wanted to watch.

    In conclusion, this movie wasn't terrible, don't get me wrong. It just isn't the crazy awesome movie people are saying it is. It was mediocre at best. It did somethings right, but many wrong. I would recommend this movie as a RENTAL, just to experience the good moments of the movie, but do not waste the money to see it or buy it when it comes to DVD.
  8. Jul 25, 2013
    Critics are being too harsh on this film, but the more i think about it, the more I understand why. Unlike other recent hero films, this isn't the first film adaptation for the character, thus the general pop has differing views on how the character should be portrayed. I can understand that the alien focus on Superman can be jarring. Overall it's an above average, pretty good origin film. While It gets a bit overboard in the third act, I occasionally wished for more Clark Kent flashbacks, and the pacing is a tad iffy throughout the film, overall it's highly entertaining, and has that fantastic visual flair that only Zack Snyder can produce. The cast does a fantastic job, particularly Amy Adams who has no issue portraying the feisty-ness of Lois Lane, yet also showing a tender side we haven't seen since Margot Kidder 7/10
    One final thought on the mixed critical reception *yet positive reaction from the general public*

    Of course opinions differ from person to person but it's becoming blatantly obvious which critics wear blinders for their favorite directors and how biased film critics have become.
  9. Feb 6, 2014
    Man Of Steel is one of the biggest and greatest movies of the year! It had an awesome beginning with action at an high speed with stunning special effects. The music that Hans Zimmer composed is amazing, never heard anything more spectacular in my whole life! I can't understand those who dislike this wonderful movie, but if you must point finger on someone it got to be Zack Snyder, I mean come, on what kind of unique and great movies has he made, well it can't be Christopher Nolan's fault. The movie got a great story, and I never got bored, because there is anything to get bored of! The movie got some weak parts, because there were some places when the special effects could have been better (like fire) and of course there are much unique and spectacular things in this movie, but some of them I've already seen in other movies. Another bad thing is that the movie had in some places "jumping" scenes, as if there were something missing between two scenes, which made it a little strange, and it might have been a little to much fighting near the end of the movie, and I also think that they could have done more in the 2 hours and 23 minutes, but the ending thought, couldn't have been awesome as it is, and I can't wait until the next movie of the Man Of Steel sequel comes out! Man Of Steel is a spectacular, awesome, stunning, cool and a SUPER-MOVIE.
    Man of Steel gets a 9/10
  10. Jul 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't like when a movies are shouldn't be such blatant PR for Christianity at least not so drench in holy water. Over used main villain but praise to city busting fight scene finally superman has his powers back Expand
  11. Jul 30, 2013
    Man of Steel attempts to tackle profound and interesting concepts in a world with a realistic, overly emotional Superman, yet in the process scorches some of the character's foundation. There are some truly touching scenes, but it all feels like trailer content making these feel like a sizzle reel for a possible Superman movie. These are the golden source to an otherwise disjointed construction of cinematic stupidity, but there is enough pretty visuals and those touching scenes do help carry the final product. Expand
  12. Aug 1, 2013
    "Man Of Steel" was a great effort at bringing life back to the Superman franchise but fell short of that goal. The actors & actresses in the film all did a stellar job giving their characters what they needed to bring them to life but without a compelling story, even they couldn't save this film. "Man Of Steel" ultimately is an entertaining film but is easily one of the weaker super hero films to be released. Expand
  13. Aug 11, 2013
    The Nolanites and Hack Snyder fan boys are in self-denial that this was a horrible film. It makes them want to cry when every reputable critic has pointed out the glaring flaws with this mess. Blatant ripping off every other summer blockbuster that came from it including Independence Day, Avatar, and Transformers while trying desperately to be all serious like The Dark Knight. Superman is a fantasy film and not a dark grim ripoff of Batman which it also tries but fails badly. Worst movie of 2013 and any followup or sequel to this tripe will be worse. Expand
  14. Aug 13, 2013
    A generally excellent film. Superman's new look really works with the modern superhero image. The script was weak at times, with a few cheap, unnecessary cliche lines toward the end of the movie. Go figure. Getting a look back on Superman's past was a nice touch to the movie. After all, this is a prequel. There was almost never a boring moment.
  15. Aug 25, 2013
    battle, action scenes
    it's really boring to see movies, story that I already know.
    tired of same superheroes.
    I like Superman when they rescue people from accidents, disaster, hostage, burglar.
    but boring when they fight with villains, superheroes villains.
  16. Aug 26, 2013
    a Superman film that's embarrassed to be Superman, Lois exists for the sole job of Exposition, No emotional impact at all like the Trailers sold it to have. but hey if you like Transformers 3 and cant wait to see Transformers 4 this is the perfect movie for you, a Main actor who is as good as a Plank of wood with a cape, Action that's just there to blow up and a resolution that leaves even the dumbest DC fanboys in shock as to just how dumb it is. 1/10 and that 1 stands for the 1 time i saw the film and will never watch this train wreck gain. Expand
  17. Sep 12, 2013
    Nice movie.. i love Superman, it's really superhero movie. Awesome, i highly recommend it to you if you're fan for example of Superman franchise. I think it's movie is really underrated.
  18. Sep 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I hated it. The violence was unnecessary, the story was dragged out, and I'm pretty sure Superman killed more people than he actually saved, with all those buildings he destroyed and streets he laid waste to. Expand
  19. Sep 16, 2013
    I have a Love/Hate relationship with this film, i really did like it because it has Superman+Action, but i didn't think the destruction was all that necessary. Not to mention it suffers for having really unforgettable characters including Clark Kent himself. Solid film overall worth a watch to judge for yourself.
  20. Oct 17, 2013
    This is one of the best superhero movies ever made. I loved the direction it took; it was very similar to the dark knight series (sans the extensive visual effects) Also like the dark knight series, it was loaded with great actors and sub stories. Hands down to a movie. I consider superior to Iron Man 3.
  21. Oct 20, 2013
    This movie is head on mediocre, there is nothing exceptional in it, no matter how the fan boys proclaiming it as the best superman movie ever. There is a big plot hole issue, and also a quite disturbing Stockholm Syndrome like connection between Superman and Lois Lane.
    Although the CGI is quite spectacular in this piece, it can't bare the weight of the entire production on its shoulders.
  22. Nov 27, 2013
    I went in to this movie excited and with high expectations. These were met and then some. I personally thought the pacing of the movie was brilliant. The cinematography was beautiful and the mix of CGI, not to mention how realistic everything looked, was integrated extremely well. I thought Henry Cavill portrayed Superman flawlessly and the supporting cast were excellent.

    I know the
    movie has been criticized for lengthy action scenes, but I thought they were appropriate for the scope of the movie Superman is extremely powerful and, unlike some weaker superheroes, deserves bigger and longer action/fight sequences. In other words, 10 minute fight scenes with loads of destruction are appropriate for this film/character. However, I can understand completely how this would turn off less hardcore fans of the superhero genre.

    I also got a great Nolan vibe from the movie, reminiscent of the dark knight trilogy. I was thoroughly entertained throughout, especially to the point where I had a cheesy smile practically the entire film. Personally, I loved this movie and believe it to be the first film to accurately give Superman's character and story the justice it so rightly deserves. I cannot wait for the upcoming sequel.
  23. Oct 27, 2013
    for me this was the most awaited film this year, my expectation about this movie was on top, but this movie was another big disappointment for me as it was iron man 3.
  24. Oct 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Incredibly average reboot that relies on excessive CGI (a' la Transformers) to try to make an impact, but misses the mark script wise in so many ways.

    Zod is badly cast and nowhere near villainous enough to be a compelling main enemy, Kent's parents are shocking role models, and Lois Lane was wetter than a mermaid's brassiere...

    Also, I still don't quite get why they felt the need to cast Laurence Fishburne in the role of Perry White, he was criminally underused and the job could just as easily have been played by any old actor they'd simply pulled off the street and thrown a script!

    Whilst the CGI is ok, the plot and overall pacing just don't work, with the laughably poor 'disguise' to end the film, being the crowning turd in the water bowl.

    If you're into the typical action popcorn flick that seems to have taken over modern cinema these days, then chances are you'll find it fairly entertaining, but die hard comic fans and anyone who doesn't clap at the end of a movie in the cinema can find more interesting fare in many other places...
  25. Oct 31, 2013
    this movie sucks so badly. i think superman return 2006 was better then this crap.............................. F THIS sucks. the acting is terrible and the action isnt very good
  26. Dec 1, 2013
    Others have described this film as having a "businesslike" tone, and I would agree. there are numerous plot holes, enough to keep this from a rating of 7 or 8. As a comic-book nerd, I'm used to seeing different takes on Superman's origin, and I really enjoyed that aspect of this film. The first 30-40 minutes are less superhero flick and more sci-fi.
    If you can deal with something
    different than the Christopher Reeve films, and can ignore some holes and inconsistencies in storytelling, you'll enjoy this one. Expand
  27. Nov 14, 2013
    What a disappointment! What a cobbled together reel of clips, jumping from place to place and time to time! With nonsensical renditions of SOME of the historical elements, and new illusions that make the ongoing story virtually impossible, as Lois knows who he is from the beginning!

    Also, since no one even knew him before he became the reason for this invasion of Earth and its
    possible annihilation, who would want the guy around!?

    And, what's with the incessant destruction, without regard for human life, as they meaninglessly push each other around through buildings, knowing they're supposedly invulnerable!

    This looks more like another silly effort for a franchise that could be one of the best movies every year it came out, with a lineage like James Bond but superhuman; but they keep getting these troubled, misguided directors who want to recreate the myth! It's ridiculous!
  28. Nov 15, 2013
    The soulless byproduct of committee thinking: no heart, no warmth, no character, no charm; and a script that has all of the narrative sophistication of the back of a dozen cereal boxes stapled together and left in the rain.
  29. Nov 23, 2013
    This is the best superman movie ever made. Unfortunately, it is still unwatchable. This movie had a bad plot,and dragged on far too long. The fight scenes all felt like they should have ended 10 minutes befor they actually did. At the half way point I was begging for it to be over. I strongly suggest you avoid this one at all costs.
  30. Nov 28, 2013
    It lacks character developement and has repetitive over the top action sequences. However, this reboot of Superman delivers emotionally and follows a sturdy plot for a mostly successful resurrection of a superhero.
  31. Nov 30, 2013
    This movie is a great new look on Superman, this movie is a terrible look at superman. This movie is a great new look at cinema while it also is said to have killed movie. This movie is so controversial that I say it is just meh. The people who like it don't see the problems while the people who hate it don't see the good side. To me with every good thing there is a bad thing. This is a movie I shall 4 times and never again. Expand
  32. Dec 12, 2013
    May not have much heart or many surprises, but the outstanding visuals and pummeling fight scenes make up for that. It's a well deserved modern reboot for the hero.
  33. Dec 16, 2013
    not the superman i know.good FX,bad movie.This was like watching Smallville but worse.
    Snyder next time read the comic book.This is a good example on how to ruin a comic book character.
  34. Feb 13, 2014
    Man of Steel is highly overrated, it's a decent film at best because it's not the definitive Superman movie. Henry Cavill is no Christopher Reeve but at least he's an improvement over Brandon Routh. It's a long-overdue reboot for the franchise but I'm really disappointed by the lack of character development and the movie spends nearly an hour and a half retelling the origins of Superman that we all know to well. Kal-El is born, Krypton gets destroyed, Kal-El is sent to Earth to save their species, ponders his existence, finds out who and what he is, finds out about his parents and where he comes from, finally has a purpose in life, becomes Superman, saves people, Lois, people generally accepts him. There's really no need to spends hours telling a story that everyone is already familiar with, even the reboot of Spider-Man got the origin story over and done with within minutes and we got to see all the other characters in action. This is the problem with Man of Steel, it spends so much time telling this story that they completely forget about all the other characters in the film; even Lois feels diminished. On the other hand, I do like how the story is told. Whereas most action or superhero movies go from one action sequence to another (which can abruptly interrupt with the story), Man of Steel tells the whole story first before they overload on set pieces and CGI effects. I just don't understand how at the end of the fight, the whole city looks like an apocalypse and they're able to fix it so quickly. But I'm guessing with the help of Superman, anything is possible. The amount of action is absurd and buildings falling down is so cheesy but I enjoyed every minute of it, especially when Zod uses some machine that can lift up cars and smashes them back down (that was pretty epic). But obviously, the special effects doesn't any significance to the film. Overall, it's an above-average film. I was a bit disappointed though because we were long-overdue for a Superman film and I really expected better. Whoever tells you that it's better than the first two Superman films, and even Superman Returns, is lying to you. That's how overrated this movie is because a lot of people would go as far as to say that. Man of Steel is better than Superman 3 and 4 obviously (because those were terrible) but it's the weakest "good" Superman entry in the franchise. Expand
  35. Mar 2, 2014
    Ugh just no It was aweful I hated yourself the time...................and don't watch it.............don't lie to me ****......gurl
  36. Apr 1, 2014
    Kevin Costner jumps in a tornado to show superman how it works. He dies. I've laughed for the rest of the film. Lois imprisoned in the room with every single button to escape from the ship, people trapped in a cock shaped ship that want revenge.
  37. May 6, 2014
    I dont get the hate on this movie... i think its really good. A bit dark and a bit to over the top with the action. But the story is great and Cavil is great as superman
  38. Jul 4, 2014
    Instead of trying to make this "The Dark Knight 2.0" with the depressingly dark tone and overwhelming focus on the back-stories, Zack Snyder & The Company should have tried a different approach - a more fun and relaxed one would have been welcome.
  39. BKM
    Dec 17, 2013
    The final hour or so of Zack Snyder's Superman reboot nearly results in sensory overload with its relentless action sequences and eye popping special effects. But before it reaches that point, a solid foundation has been built for future installments of the franchise which will hopefully focus more on The Man of Steel's internal conflict and serve up more worthy villains. Bring on Lex Luthor!
  40. Jun 26, 2013
    Man of Steel isn´t as great as it should have been, but at the very least what we get here is a very enjoyable movie. From a spectacle perspective it doesn´t disappoint, the last 45 minutes or so, is jam packed of exciting action that definitely gives the man of steel justice. From a character point of view however, the movie suffers in some key areas. This is not a lifeless Michael Bay effort in any way whatsoever, there´s genuine character development here that for the most part works really well, but the matter of fact is that it all doesn´t effectively ends with the right amount of emotion. There had to be more emotional weight in the final battle, one that not even Lois Lane is able to provide with Superman. It has some pacing issues and the characters are not as fleshed out as the trailers initially tease they will be, but what is here is good, very good indeed, and so it all happens to add up to a super-fun summer movie. Expand
  41. Mar 1, 2014
    This movie had good things and bad. I'm a fan of Superman in general, so there's always something I'd like about a Superman movie. It had some exciting moments. However, this adaptation was missing a lot of the classic elements that make superhero stories so likable. The biggest thing that bugged me is that he never has a secret from Lois. She knows that he has super powers from the night she meets him, and she knows him as Clark soon after. Also, the two of them had little dialogue during the movie, so it was weird when they got together at the end. I kept thinking "but you don't even really know her..." and we really didn't as the audience either. We got the Kal-El/Clark Kent backstory, but other than that, there was little character development. They didn't feel like real people we cared about. This movie focused a lot on action and didn't have time for dialogue or characters...and some people like the action scenes, but I personally am not into that. I care more about the characters and that they have believability as real people. One of the critiques I hear a lot from people comparing super heroes is that they don't like superman because he's too perfect and inhuman. This movie has more of a gritty, dark Clark Kent, so I guess he's more human in a way, but he seemed like a cold, brooding jerk, and not like someone I wanted to know. I would prefer to see the Superman franchise go for more of a likable, relatable Clark Kent. Expand
  42. Jul 10, 2013
    Yawn... A typical graphics driven action flick, short on story. The fight sequences were far too long and contradictory. One moment someone is being crushed with a freight train, yet is easily choked out the next. I didn't hate it but it never made me care.
  43. Sep 25, 2013
    When it comes to superhero movies, everyone has an opinion of which iterations was better. At least for me, Man of Steel brought credibility to Superman who I felt had never been given a real shot at box office success. If we're lucky, Man of Steel will be the first of multiple movies that give Clark Kent and his super-self a chance at showing why Superman is the most powerful superhero of all time. However, as with other Superman-based movies, it's easy to see how this promising new-beginning could all come crashing down. Mr. Zack Snyder: tread carefully. Expand
  44. Jul 2, 2013
    Poor movie… there was not a single moment that made me enjoy or care about anything that happened on the screen. it was long, over the top, loud, melodramatic, and as deep as a "steel" can of tuna fish. No acting and no characters… a dark and gloomy transformers… If you love the DC universe… then you owe it to the wonderful universe the comics have create to hate this borefest…. Zack Snyder… seriously guy… you suck!!! Expand
  45. Jun 17, 2013
    Overall, despite all the eye rolling ludicrous moments and plot holes, I was entertained by this film. The acting was good across the board, although I wasn't crazy about Michael Shannon's performance as the bad guy, General Zod. Too one note. I also get tired of people beating each other to a pulp only to get back up without a scratch on their body. That is the norm in super hero movies, however. I also felt the movie had one battle too many, and was way too destructive. New York City is decimated in this film. This film is LOUD! The special effects were excellent and the 3D good. Overall, a success, but not great. Expand
  46. May 8, 2014
    Oh, man, this film... I was looking forward to this from the point in time when I saw the first trailer. I couldn't wait for it's release. But damn, it dropped the ball low. Very low. I was beyond disappointed by it Over complicated plot, that really starts to fall apart when you start to think about it, weird, overwhelming and just obvious symbolism and lifeless characters - that's "Man of Steel". I wouldn't mind of that flaws if the characters wouldn't have been one dimensional cardboard cutouts of a bare minimum of what a character is. Besides that, the dialogue is about 80 percent of exposition. Secondary characters were wasted, Superman was just emotionless. But it isn't all bad. I enjoyed the visuals, the way Krypton was presented. The fights were... Good.. Just good, because at the end it becomes repetitive.
    Overall "Man of Steel" was a disappointing action flick without humanity.
  47. Jun 26, 2013
    Reasonable first act, a good second act and then everything is ruined by 40 mins of CGI brawling and utterly stupid writing. It's almost like several different films were written then smashed clumsily together.
  48. Jul 26, 2013
    A horrible disappointment. Well-crafted enough to keep attention on the big screen, but I don't think this will translate well to TVs and other screens as time goes on. The back-story was very well done and touching in parts, but the lack of a real-time plot (they find him, a fight ensues, earth is saved) prevents it from paying off. This would have worked better as two separate movies one about the destruction of Krypton and the hunt for a new planet (including the show-down with Kal-El), and another with Superman discovering his place on earth. But the combined story doesn't work very well.

    The fight scene is ludicrous and boring.
  49. Aug 22, 2013
    It has spectacular action sequences, thanks in part to Zack Snyder's (from 300) masterful directing. Unfortunately, i cannot say the same about the script and character development, which is a weird thing for a movie written (partly) by Christopher Nolan. It was trying to be complex like the Batman trilogy, but it wasn't. And Henry Cavill's acting is not good. And the actors who are, were given underdeveloped characters. Overall, awesome action scenes is what saved this movie from being a total mess. They are that awesome. Expand
  50. Aug 18, 2013
    I never really watched the previous Superman movies and I never read the comic books so my opinion of this movie, as a SF action movie, is unbiased by those or the hype. I am criticizing the movie alone. Although i knew it was directed by Snyder so I didn't expect much. I went to the theater with some friends thinking it would just be another average action movie and it was just that. However what I don't like about these average action movies is that they are bad. They have a weak plot, weak character development and are so full of nonsense. Those movies are just money machines. They have good SFX which can be showcased in the trailer to attract the audience but always fail to deliver. No wonder nearly half of the budget goes into marketing. Producers don't want to invest in an original or creative approach, that's too risky and why should they? People still paid to go, so did I. When you look at these years' big budget movies you'll see that they are either sequels, prequels, spin-offs, adaptations, remakes....etc. No original story. Man of Steel fits perfectly this section. Why bother making a good movie if it will sell anyway? This seems to be Hollywood's guideline nowadays. In conclusion, nearly no character development, boring dialogues, weak reused plot with many inconsistencies and holes, good to average imagery and average action. 4 out of 10. Expand
  51. Dec 20, 2013
    Man of Steel is a nice little round of CGI fisticuffs. Explosions go bang, buildings go crash and super-people get smashed through all manner of concrete items. But where's the fun? And more importantly, where's the heart? Whilst not a terrible film, Man of Steel could have (and should have) been a lot better.
  52. Apr 21, 2014
    Well of course a year before it came out, many people were wondering "Do we really need yet another Superman movie ?!?" The answer was clearly No after seeing this flop. A few positive notes first; I do like Amy Adams in her part as well as Kevin Costner and I'd say the buildup in the first third of the movie as Clark was growing up wasn't terrible. The biggest problem was in the end when you have the inevitable battle with a bad guy; one of those battles that just goes on and on and on ...and on and on. it was ridiculous. Keep in mind its one of those situations where of course Supermnan is essentially indestructible and of course his nemesis is almost equally indestructible, yet they endlessly throw each other through buidlings, throw cars and trucks at each other, bury themselves under tons of concrete and metal... but neither one is hurt of course so you just get totally bored with it. This was a total waste and 143 minutes of my life i will never get back. Expand
  53. Sep 14, 2013
    Superman for the new age, how does it rate? Honestly, quite good- but I feel that this movie shot itself in the foot.
    The story is pretty much a reboot of Superman, how Krypton blew up, a baby was put on a rocket and fired away. Nothing new really, but I liked how it replayed "Supermans" life through arty flashbacks. Nice.
    Great cast, no complaints, all good. Russell Crowe and Kevin
    Costner (both who played Robin Hood!) also added to well played roles.
    My main complaints are them stretched out blurry action sequences that have no real reason for being there. It reminded me of the sequels to the 00's Spiderman movies where nothing much really happens. I watch movies to see good acting, not sub-par blurred CG with lots of explosions and smashing windows... These sections droll on so it gets monotonous rather than stays "fun".

    All in all, its a "good" movie, but it could have been made GREAT!
    A lot of movies seem to fall into the same trap, more quality control is definitely needed to cut down on these 2 hours 30 minute bore fests. Cut off 30 minutes, make a "directors cut" and leave it, PLEASE!
  54. Sep 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a Superman fan, this was the reboot I've been waiting for. This movie helped erase all memories of the lackluster Superman Returns and paved the way for a take on the 75 year old character that feels both fresh and energized.

    The Good: First and foremost, this is a Sci-Fi story at its core and I loved that most about this movie. It was great to see a look of Krypton that did away with the crystalline structure of the Donner films. This movie feels much closer to some of the more recent comics including elements of John Bryne's Man of Steel and Superman Birthright (where we see Clark traveling around the world and taking up various odd jobs). I really enjoyed the non-linear style of story-telling, it was very reminiscent of Batman Begins. Jumping between an older and younger Clark Kent helped us get to know him, without spending too much time treading on old ground.

    Performances: Henry Cavill does an excellent job portraying the Man of Steel. We see a Superman that's lonely, conflicted and struggling to find his place in the world. One of the character traits I, personally have found very relatable. Amy Adams, what can I say, shes awesome. A much better actress and way more attractive than Margot Kidder or to a lesser-extent Kate Bosworth. Michael Shannon nearly stole the show as General Zod, compared to the campy (but still great) performance of Terrance Stamp, we get a Zod that is both ruthless and menacing. Finally, Russell Crowe as Jor-El. One of my favorite characters from the Superman mythos and Crowe absolutely blew me away. He provides the explanations for why Krypton becomes ultimately doomed, why he sends his only son to earth and why Kal-El must use his gifts to help others. Another one of my favorite aspects of the movie was that we got plenty of screen-time with him (both on and off Krypton). I was entertained ;)

    Special Effects: The CGI was some of the best I've seen yet! The scenes with Henry flying around are absolutely spectacular and almost realistic looking. Compare that to the final scene in SR where Brandon Routh looks like a poorly modeled PS3 character.

    The Not-So-Good: Feels a little rushed in a few areas,Maybe a little too much action for the first movie and not enough time spent developing some of the characters. I'm sure we'll get some more of those in the sequel, but the main focus of this movie is Superman.

    Overall: 9.5/10
  55. Nov 4, 2013
    This was a terrible film. A terribly-told story that was poorly paced and needlessly convoluted. Cavill as Superman is well cast and the photography is visually pleasing. Other than that, this was a total miss.
  56. Dec 22, 2013
    A typical American movie. Crazy budget, great visuals, lots of explosions but no real substance. The direction is fantastic and the explosions look great in high definition. The underlying premise isn't too shabby but lacks major development. Most of the time anything exciting which happens does so for the sake of it. There seems to be no connection between any of the characters, the action is far too OTT and there are a number of unexplained events. All that aside, Man of Steel certainly doesn't lack funding. It does however, lack a compelling story and is far too unrealistic to take seriously. Even though it's not bad, you quickly become bored with it all. Expand
  57. Aug 1, 2013
    A powerful, entertaining and well-written rebirth of the American icon that has been clearly made with complete care to the source material and as a film as well. This well-paced reboot only suffers from a campy performance by Michael Shannon and an under-developed relationship between our hero Clark and his love Lois. Man of Steel is definitely the ultimate Superhero/Superman film and is one of the best action/superhero films to come out since The Avengers. Expand
  58. Jul 13, 2013
    I was really disappointed in Man of Steel. Henry Cavil makes a great looking Superman yes, but that's where the enjoyment ended for me. Zach Snyder's tone is just too serious for what should be the ultimate comic book movie feast experience. The movie feels self-indulgent and overblown, and not in a good way. I was missing the fun to balance out the heavy gloom of the the movie. But I'm not too surprised after seeing what Snyder did with, or is that to Watchmen. Lately the best examples of superhero movies have been X-men and The Avengers. What a pity Man of Steel doesn't deliver on that kind of fun. Expand
  59. Jun 24, 2013
    This film felt like 2 completely different films mashed together and I'm still not sure if it worked.
    The first half dealing with Clark as a young boy and krypton was excellent. It felt well paced and gave depth to parts of the superman story previously ignored.
    But the 2nd half with the fights against Zod were I felt not handled as good as they could. The fight choreography was very
    poor and at no point did I really feel like I was getting into a true fight between 2 supermen. Camera angles were all over the place, and sometimes I didn't know who was hitting who and who was winning The focus on the destruction of the buildings took away from the true essence of the fight. Felt like the fight scenes in Transformers. If you are going to have a 1h long fight, then you need to make it a damn good one.
    I did enjoy the film for the most part, but it could have better.
  60. Jun 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I became of Zack Snyder fan with Watchmen, a film that is very near and dear to my heart. I was totally excited when I heard that he was making MOS, and became more so as the trailers were trickled out. MOS is an unusual movie and part of that feeling may come from its otherworldly music score. It wastes no time at all and gets to the meat of the story quickly, giving it a kind of dense feel. However, there are points in the movie that are hard to digest. The plot always finds a contrived way of getting Lois Lane in all of Superman's set pieces on board a space ship, in the tundra, in Kansas she never far behind. She might as well have been in the Zod fights. Also, Superman's never flown until the events of this movie?! I give Snyder huge credit for making this movie all his own, it's different in the same way Tim Burton made Batman in his own vision. I had fun, see this movie but don't nit pick its odd parts. Expand
  61. Nov 23, 2013
    I never usually watch Superman films, as it is not something that really does it for me, however this film took me by surprise.
    A fully entertaining movie with some great actors.
    Action is well paced and thought out, this film is brilliant.
  62. Nov 10, 2013
    This was the Superman movie I've always wished for. For so long I wanted to see Superman kick ass, and finally I got the movie I wanted. Previous Superman movies focused too much on romance, and his double-life as Clark Kent, and not enough on the fact that he's damn powerful. I loved every battle, especially the final one.
  63. Mar 19, 2014
    I would have walked out on this dog after 15 minutes if I hadn't invested a kingly sum in tickets, popcorn, candy and pop. I hated everything about this film. 1. Crappy handheld jerky camera work throughout the whole film. 2. Natural color washed out with a blue tone. 3. Ridiculous, never-ending jumbled flashbacks. And believe it or not, this poor excuse for a director was hired to do a sequel. No thanks- I'll be popping corn at home watching a Marvel movie instead. Expand
  64. Apr 20, 2014
    It's not really fantastic, it's not really bad. If you love the explosions and lights and things flying around, this is a good way to spend 2 hours. The plot is basic, the characters are all kinda flat and one dimensional, but it was fun seeing a lot of smaller actors as side roles.
  65. Aug 11, 2013
    One of the best superhero movies I've seen in a long while... and that says a lot. Don't listen to the critics or silly nostalgiac, biased fanboys on this one they're mostly angry because Superman's more humanized (makes mistakes not the traditional boyscout as Donner's movies made him out to be), it's more serious in tone (not as much over-the-top humor as past Marvel movies) and saying it has too much action (a tad bit too much explosions but this is a Superman movie; what'd they expect?)!!

    I've seen even more ridiculous reasons for hating this movie from simply hating the director, how they chose to get rid of Superman's silly and not-so-iconic underwear and Superman destroying half the city (compare this to the Avengers where there's 6 superheres in a team-up movie, Superman needs to be in two places at once and Superman's relatively inexperienced in this one).

    If you were expecting a Summer Blockbuster (that shows off CGI), a reinvention of the Superman mythos and some emotional scenes which cause us to see why Superman is the man he is today then you'll be loving this movie. Don't go in with ridiculous expectations and go in open-minded. That's all I can say.

    Go and see it!!
  66. Jul 2, 2013
    i had rather high expectations for this, and I must concede myself disappointed. The movie does not flow as a well-made film should, and there are many innaccuracies and oversights that make the fi;m difficult to watch. Coupled with the overlong running time, ridiculously extended battle scenes, and the 3 separate 'final' battles, you end up feeling like you just want it to end. As an action movie, it's a decent one at best. Expand
  67. Jun 17, 2013
    “Man of Steel” is a new interpretation of Superman for the modern post “Dark Knight” age of superhero films. The story is more serious and asks the question of “will I be accepted into this world or be feared?” While I like the new take on the Superman origin story and how uniquely it’s told, I found the script to be rather weak. The character moments are scarce, everything feels a bit rushed, and the dialogue comes off as super cheesy almost to the point where I was cringing. However, I am a huge fan of how this film is directed. Zack Snyder does an awesome job with what he has. The action sequences are choreographed amazingly, quit possibly the best action all year. Camera work in this film is really well done and the editing is spot on. There are some really inventive shots and the final fight sequence with Zod is riveting.

    The actors do a fine job with their characters. However, no one really stands out aside from Henry Cavill as Superman. While he’s no Christopher Reeve, I really like his take on the character. Amy Adams as Lois Lane is decent, but the way the character is written is kind of weak as I never really cared for her and she came off as a bit forced. Michael Shannon is pretty good as Zod, but the character could have used more screen time. Russell Crowe and the rest of the cast is solid and play their roles well.

    Visual effects in this film are top-notch. From Kypton to Earth, everything from a visual standpoint is breathtaking. I’ve always been a fan of Zack Snyder’s visual style in film and here he’s put them to great use. The score on the other hand is okay. While it’s great in the film, it’s rather loud and forgettable.

    Overall, “Man of Steel” is a solid piece of cinema and it has me pumped for more Superman movies as well as a potential Justice League film. However, it does fall short in the story department. I felt like I was going from one ride to the next without having a chance to breath. The film has some interesting things to say, but only on a few occasions does it take the time to say it and even then not very clearly. On the bright side though, we get the most action packed Superman movie and quit possibly superhero movie of all time. There’s a lot of fun to be had, but if you’re looking for something deeper and thought provoking this isn’t the place. I give it 3.5/5, weak story that is made better with great action, stunning visual effects, and fantastic direction.
  68. Jan 5, 2014
    A lifeless tiresome drag of one huge explosion followed by another. The directing, writing, and editing are all pretty bad. The characters don't feel real and identifiable. Top it all off was the fact that there was no comedy relief from this bore.
  69. Jun 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is by far the best superman movie, but to be fair that not saying much. There are moments in this movie that are very good, like the battle in Smallville. But the story line in places could of been much better like destroying the world to re-colonise it...why? If they left it as it was they would of been unstoppable as they would all be as powerful as superman... Also Zod is a trained soldier who has been bred and trained his entire life to fight and yet was beaten by somebody who has actively avoided fighting his entire life...

    But anyway not a bad movie, worth a watch, but not the best superhero movie.
  70. Jul 7, 2013
    Superman is the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' of comic book characters. An extremely well designed, and well loved, object of intellectual property who ultimately isn't in many well done things. This movie is a pure example of this the character style is awesome, the art style is ok, and the plot is adequate at best. The current aggregate score of 55 is absolutely appropriate this is the Sizzlers of comic book blockbusters. Expand
  71. Dec 17, 2013
    "Man of Steel" has some terrific and intense 3-D action but needs more humor and emotion. There are some excellent and beautiful visual effects, but the fact that Henry Cavill who plays Superman, is not very emotional, disappointed me.
  72. Aug 2, 2013
    Critics are right on this one. Uninspiring action movie of Snyder that doesn't deserve Nolan's name on it. Hans Zimmer made a great score which made me give it a 6 instead of a 5. The masses wil love a dumbed down Superman like this, it's a guaranteed summer cash cow.
  73. Dec 16, 2013
    No redeeming value. Big budget, dumb plot, just action sequence after action sequence. When two invincible people fight, how do you decide what a "deadly" move is? I just don't get it.
  74. Feb 25, 2014
    Easily best Superman-movie ever made! Script, acting, soundtrack, Superman's costume.. everything is just one big "WOW!"

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with this movie!
  75. Jun 20, 2013
    Leave your brain at home and enjoy comic book capers.
    There are plenty of 'WTF??' moments related to the plot. Constantly shaky camera means you can't really get into the action scenes easily. Lois is not that hot. Superman himself is cool. The bad guys will scare 12 year olds.
    BUT there's tons of action, thousands get splatted and massive destruction and incredible CGI.
    Not really
    worth the 3d ticket. One of those films where you have to see it on the big screen. Watch later at home and you'll be facebooking on your mobile on the sofa and only half watching before you know it. Expand
  76. Dec 20, 2013
    Holy crapstacks Batman! It's official. This director shall forever be known as Hack Snyder. That's 3 horrific bombs in a row and yet this man is revered as genius. Can anyone answer why? He's another Michael Bay. His characters are flat and soulless. His actors are always chewing scenery and completely over the top. The action is ridiculous and akin to watching someone play their XBox for 2 hours. Thank god there was about 11 minutes of credits. I kept checking to see how much longer the pain would last. This is one giant stinking excrement of a movie and Warner Brothers is letting him make another one? I'm going to go watch Richard Donner's 1978 classic. You know, the one with heart, passion, great characters that you actually care about and a story that leaves you with a smile, not headed to the toilet. How far we have slipped as an audience to accept this crap. Expand
  77. Jul 5, 2013
    Man of Steel reaches no great heights. It is just a good film, not great, not a memorable film. It's failings are not the fault of cast or their performances. It has been let down in the editing department, the movie is jolted around from flashback to present day far to often. It spoils the flow. Worth seeing if you have nothing better to do.
  78. Aug 23, 2013
    This movie is very entertaining, and definitely worth seeing if you're a fan of Superman or superheroes in general, but it has some significant flaws that keep it from being a great movie. First of all, it is fairly slow getting started: we don't see Clarke becoming Superman until like a third of the way through the movie, which is kind of a big deal for a Superman movie. Also, the last third or more of the movie is almost entirely Superman fighting the bad guys, which is fun to watch, but lacks substance--and even gets a bit boring. Finally, the movie hurts itself some by leaving some plot holes/character inconsistencies open. I don't want to give away anything, but it takes you out of the movie a bit when you see Superman being overly concerned with protecting life one moment, but then casually endangering it the next. All in all, still a good movie, but it really relies on the strength of its action scenes, not the introspective stuff it tries to pull off. Expand
  79. Jan 6, 2014
    Better then Superman returns, great plot, average acting, was a lot less cheesy then i expected. While the plot is great it is rather rushed and im not entirely sure how long Lois was searching for Clark making it kinda awkward in my opinion when they kiss near the end of the film
    Overall the film does a great job bring superman to a modern era where superhero movies are a lot more
    gritty and dark slightly believable.

    Man Of Steel is 8/10
  80. Aug 25, 2013
    Man of Steel deserves a classic superhero movie comeback! Otherwise the story is so amazing and the action was too intense. I enjoyed this movie but what I expected like The Dark Knight.
  81. Nov 11, 2013
    I had a good impression to seeing the film. The story isn't neither too simply and banal nor too difficult to follow.
    The character have been reinvented and rewritten with good results. For me has been a success. I think that on the base of this movie is possible to launch an interesting trilogy. Maybe was properly that who wanted the producer after abandoned the last film launched in 2006
  82. Jul 6, 2013
    I may be impartial because I never have been much of a Superman fan, but compared to other Super Hero genre movies in the last decade I don't thing Man of Steel was all that great. I think they could have done a lot more with the movie. Also Superman is supposed to be a bright vibrant "Good Guy" and they mad him way too serious and made the movie kind of dark and gloomy, which fits with Batman, but not Superman. They made the same sort of mistake with Amazing Spider-man. Expand
  83. Nov 4, 2013
    In a word: Absurd. Is extremely predictable and full of absurd situations also, actors performances are not very good. I do not understand why the developers created it this film this way...

    Perhaps it was only designed for children.
  84. Jun 27, 2013
    This is a popcorn flick. That's what I was thinking mid-way through the movie.
    After seeing the first trailer and having Christopher Nolan's named pasted on credits I was expecting the same kind of vibe from Christopher Nolan's Batman films, even though he's just handling production that's just the vibe I was getting from the trailer. Then reviews started making it's way to the internet.
    The more the reviews came out the more I was less excited about this movie.
    Going to the theatre with low expectations, then coming out after watching it, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this movie a lot, and I don't think it's unfair to say I wanted this movie to be deeper emotionally, because it did have some potential to be that just by watching some of the scenes. It didn't have to be the same dark themed level as batman(Christopher Nolan films) but it could've still been a pretty dark film.

    . Visually very beautiful. From watching superman's cape slither smoothly around the ice, to General Zod tearing places up.
    . The first 20-30 min? Seeing the world of Krypton and watching it get destroyed was really interesting. I've never seen a super man movie start out like this, usually it would be the first 5 min of krypton, then you'd see Kal grow up on the farm.
    . Flashbacks of Kal growing up, trying to understand his purpose, struggling to fit in was something to expect but still done well with some very emotional scenes.
    . General Zod. Interesting character, and great acting by Michael Shannon.
    . ACTION, ACTION, ACTION! Man there were some really great action scenes, if there's something to look forward to in this movie it's the action.


    . Poor character development. Lois Lane? C'mon.
    . A lot of the scenes felt very rushed, especially when it was progressing towards the "Super man" reveal.
    . There were moments where it had some great potential to be very dark and emotional but they squander it with some unnecessary comedy scenes.
    . I liked the action a lot but I felt if they cut down some of the action scenes that were taking more than half the movie to bring life to some of these characters (Kal) then I think I might have enjoyed it more.

    So yes overall I enjoyed it a lot, but like I said it had some great potential that was shut off for a lot of explosive action and some mindless comedy scenes. Still, I'm actually really excited for the next Super man film.
  85. Oct 21, 2013
    In one super man movie he turns back time, sadly for the franchise this cant be done. It has been cursed to walk the earth as a dry cliche american pie Jesus swagger piece of junk. Avoids it or better yet just skip around and save your self 2 hours.
  86. Dec 8, 2013
    Very overrated movie. Henry Cavill does a great job as Superman, but the character Zod lacks the depth that he had in smallville and is overall very bland. The thing that surprised me most was the extreme death count of innocent bystanders, it was ridiculous and not in keeping with Superman's history at all. Superman is supposed to do everything he can to keep the innocent people safe (to the point of risking his own life), but in this movie he did not seem to care at all. Overall the plot is hardly immersing and the actress that played Lois was a horrible choice. It's an "ok" movie like most Superman movies, but not great. Expand
  87. Jul 5, 2013
    the story is well written,the actors are great,the effect are awsome.but..........they made a little mass,this is how the movie progress:talking,talking,talking,talking,talking,talking,action,action,action,action,action.a good movie whould mix talking with action.not do talking 80 minutes of the movie and 60 minutes only action with almost no talking.
    this movie could have been better but
    i still reccomend to go and see this movie becuase it is a good movie.well it better from the horrible superman returns.and they succeded doing a good reboot i am hoping for a sequel. Expand
  88. May 10, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Best Super man I have watched! It took me a long time before watching this, cause I dislike most superman movies with the same tired story. I finally watched it, and was surprised how good it was. Expand
  89. Mar 5, 2014
    After watching all those comic heroes on the big screen, I always wondered how ordinary people, not the ones from the main cast, managed to survive in their entirety. With buildings exploding and guns blaring, no one seemed to get hurt, let alone lose their lives. Of course I'm referring to The Avengers, Transformers, Spiderman and the many others (Nolan's Batman does not count for it is in a league of its own). In this regard at least, Man of Steel has been original in that not only a lot of deaths were hinted at, some of them were shown right on screen without any qualms. Call that creative if you will, or whatever, for better or for worse the invincible man himself could not keep every single human being on the planet safe from death.

    Henry Cavill is cast as Superman. He is charismatic, charming and good-looking, and perhaps the best cast for the role. Amy Adams plays Lois Lane, the much older love interest. Diane Lane is cast as Kent's mother on Earth. Russell Crowe portrays Superman's biological father, and is seen throughout the movie at key moments. Michael Shannon is General Zod, the villain who equals Superman in strength and skill, essentially rendering the former's physical superiority redundant, for he has followers too which brings the odds of numbers into play the same way any human encounters and confrontations would have.

    Nolan's involvement is palpable. A sense of realism was attempted to be incorporated. For example, the name Superman is not uttered until three quarters into the second hour. The buildings collapse as the larger than life opponents battle it out. Cars are crushed and fires break out. It's safe to say that people die in great numbers.

    The first hour is mainly about Superman's origins. We get to see Krypton, the alien home-world, for the first time. Unlike the other instalments in the franchise, Kent is nearing middle age before he decides (or is forced by circumstances) to take an active part in saving people openly. Before that, he roams around incognito and changes jobs and identities if he is forced by his good nature to save someone's skin. Some of his childhood on Earth is also explored.

    It is around the one and a half hour mark when the larger chunk of the budget for the movie begins to show, and it depletes quickly as the action sequences follow one another in succession until the very end.

    The film was an interesting take on the superhero concept. A degree of realism was certainly there. The lead was a good choice. And the whole idea of beings of superhuman strength getting it on with each other in the middle of civilization and spreading carnage indiscriminately was something that would have been virtually impossible to depict on screen before the advent of visual effects. But still something was missing. An ingredient which would have perhaps brought it to a final, perfect conclusion. I can't fault it for it for I could not say what they could have done differently. But I had a good time, if not stellar, so I will rate it accordingly.
  90. Oct 27, 2013
    I'm not sure that any director or writing team could fit enough Superman lore into one movie and it being enough. Superman's story is just far to long and complex. With that being said I am utterly surprised just how good this movie was. I was expecting it to be a major letdown. But for what it is Zack Snyder delivered this generation's Superman and showed it as much love and attention as the screen time allowed.

    However I do have a few gripes:
    1) First time I have ever complain that there is too much action. The movie is an exciting roller coaster, and like a roller coaster rider to much for too long can leave you a little nauseated. A few pauses, perhaps with some rich narrative, between battle would have been nice.
    2) While I get this is a reimagining, I'm a little bummed about there being no Kryptonite, at least not in the traditional sense. But at the very least it wasn't ruled out, so it is still possible to it in future movies.
    3) While Zod gives a great performance, Faora seriously steals the show every scene she's in. She is more what I expect Zod to be. Zod's OK but I found him to sympathetic.

    Grievances aside, I had a blast watching this movie. While it my have been the action movie equivalent of a sugar rush, it was a great rush and I look forward to future installments.
  91. Apr 4, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A good superhero movie...

    But a terrible Superman movie.
    Look up on Google "Truth Justice" or "Truth Justice and the American Way", and you will see Superman connected to the 3rd auto finish. Both the top two sites are also linked with Superman.
    Early on in the movie you see "Superman" lie, steal, and you see Superman's Earth dad ,Jonathan Kent( Kevin Costner), infer that saving a school bus of kids wasn't a good choice. Those are some great morals this "new superman" has been brought up on.
    Throughout the 45-minute-bashfest-ending it seemed like this new superman had almost no regard for where fights would happen. One scene Zod and cohorts come to confront Mrs. Kent and what does superman do? Drive one away while leaving the other two to do whatever they wished with his Earth mother.
    As if all this isn't bad enough. No matter superman's intentions, the death toll has been estimated by a disaster expert as being between 139,000 and 389,000 and over a million injured. Though he may have fought to protect them, how can they not lay some of the blame upon him? A dubious start to a 'hero' and not Superman.
  92. Aug 4, 2013
    One of the most disappointing movies of 2013. It started off brilliant, and quickly slipped into a barrage of pointless action that all seemed the same. Not looking forward to the sequel.
  93. Dec 13, 2013
    Unfortunately, this Superman reboot was an enormous disappointment. I had relatively high hopes from Zack Snyder, director of the highly underrated Watchmen, which I enjoyed immensely. However, as the movie demonstrated, the premise of portraying Superman in a serious and dramatic tone turned out to be a completely ludicrous idea given the inherent camp of the source material. The Man of Steel has always been the most comically overpowered and cheesy superhero. It simply doesn't make sense to place such a dramatic tone on this kind of story. It might have worked had it been handled by a more capable screenwriter, since the wooden nature of the dialogue and terrible characterization of everyone including Superman/Clark Kent himself. Not to mention a very thin plot and overindulgent violence and destruction that bored the audience to death by taking up the final forty five minutes of the film only to lead to an unsatisfying and anticlimactic final act. This colossal movie that was a colossal bummer. Expand
  94. Aug 16, 2013
    This movie was so good although it has it's own flaws, this is possibly the most realistic take on Superman. The critics seem to like to look at Superman movies differently compare to the fans or audiences because Superman Returns got good critic reviews although majority of the fans HATED it and then Man of Steel got 55 rating but the user review have over 1,500 positive? Some do complain about the destruction of the battle but obviously something like that would take place if u had 2 overpowered kryptonians in our world....although there was alot of destrution, Superman did save the entire world from the World Engine. Expand
  95. Dec 8, 2013
    This is one of those few clear cases of critics doing the most. This movie has the most impacting action ever in a super-hero movie. That´s a great point. The character is difficult to handle by nature, so I think they did a really good job. It was very entertaining, it gets better in a second watch, and I also like the way they portrayed the female character. All actors were good. It was about time Superman got a serious film, a decent one. It is darker than what I thought, and that´s another point. The score is absolutely perfect for the movie. Just the whole first part in Krypton alone is surprisingly enjoyable and well put together. Super hero movies can´t really make it to the best films of the year. But damn it, this was the best summer blockbuster of 2013 (Iron Man 3 being the worst, as usual) Definitely. Can´t wait for the upcoming sequels. They got it right guys! Expand
  96. Apr 4, 2014
    How the heck did this get mixed reviews? In my opinion Man of Steel has to be one of the best superhero films ever made. It's eye popping, intelligent, well acted, amazingly well directed, and emotionally resonant. I also think Cavell, (did I spell that right?), makes a pretty good Superman. Having Nolan work with the screenplay was a masterstroke. The movie is very well written, and I give credit to all the other screenwriters involved as well. The movie does bog down in too much action towards the end, but since it's all handled spectacularly it doesn't matter much. Man of Steel is no campy comic-book movie. It's a work of art. My faith in the critics has been shaken but not broken. My guess is that the film will be re-evaluated more positively in the future just like Blade Runner or 2001. Expand
  97. Jul 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't think it's the worst Superman movie so far, but it certainly was the most disapointing. Maybe a real hardcore comic book nerd might rejoice in the details (origins and technical jargon) but I thought it went WAY overboard. Chris Nolan is a genius. If anyone could've breathed life back into this tired franchise, it would be him. He failed (at least in my opinion and by the low critic ratings.) So, it begs the question--Is this comic book character on his way out? My only saving hope is the fact that The Dark Knight was far and away a much better movie than Batman begins. However, Batman begins was a really good movie. The Man of Steel was not! I'm rooting for the next one to be good. Perhaps, they should stop promoting and teasing these flicks a year prior to releasing them. It would not have made this a better movie, but at the very least we might not feel such a strong sense of deceipt. I know the promos for The Dark knight began long before it's premeire date, but I was unaware of the movie until I saw the trailer when I went to see the first installment of Ironman. When I went back to the theatre about a month later, I had fairly modest expectations and was Blown Away by the greatest comic book movie ever. Of course you can't replicate the success of the Dark Knight just by limiting the exposure, but I think some lower expectations would work wonders! There were many things wrong with the Man of Steel. It was a bit scattershot, trying to tell an origins story and everything else all at once. For what it's worth, I found the psychogy of the young Clark Kent to be somewhat fascinating at times, and would have liked to have seen more of that. I don't like the fact that perhaps the most physically imposing villian of the franchise was trotted out in the first film (and there will BE another film!) Lex Luther is a criminal mastermind, but not super human. Come to think of it that may be the achilles heal of all superman movies. This character only has one weakness and it SHOULD be more difficult to come by. He could easily defeat any other super hero on the planet. So throwing out his only Kryptonian enemy in the first film may have been premature. I can't help but think their may have been a better way to execute it, but it's useless now since the fight is over and (SPOILER ALERT!!!)...Superman won! As I said before Chris Nolan is a genius. Despite this flop, there's still no one I'd rather see directing these movies. I will be rooting for him to have lightning struck twice in his 2nd effort. Well, That is if he is in fact the one directing it! Expand
  98. Aug 26, 2013
    Wow! What a hollow piece of Christian propaganda... Absolutely disgusting. Thank Jebus I didn't pay money to watch this tripe... This movie deserves 0 dollars.
  99. Aug 31, 2014
    "A good death is its own reward" - Faora

    A superhero movies ..not really what i like.Maybe this is why i give score "5".I don't know, not caught my attention.
  100. Jun 20, 2013
    I thought Man of Steel was a good Superman movie. A decent action movie. As far as the 2006 Superman Returns movie, Man of Steel was so much better. Henry Cavill makes a much better Superman then Brandon
    Routh did and Amy Adams a much better Lois Lane. Although Man of Steel downplays the chemistry between Cavill and Adams. I saw potential in them as a screen couple, but there wasn't
    enough of a buildup.
    to their first kiss. Hopefully the sequel.will play up more as a couple. The action was good. Somehow I felt disappointed though. Not by the acting. There was no bad acting in the movie. Everyone plays their part well. I just felt like there was something missing. Like there wasn't enough story or something. I guess I just expected more

Mixed or average reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 47
  2. Negative: 3 out of 47
  1. Reviewed by: Glen Weldon
    Jun 14, 2013
    What it fails to supply much of — surprisingly, it must be said — is fun. This is serious business, Snyder seems always to be saying. This is badass. And given the sheer logistical size of the spectacle on display, it's a position that's hard to argue with.
  2. Reviewed by: Matt Zoller Seitz
    Jun 14, 2013
    The most striking and curious aspect of Man of Steel is the way it minimizes and even shuts out women.
  3. Reviewed by: Lawrence Toppman
    Jun 13, 2013
    David Goyer, who wrote the script for Man of Steel from a story he concocted with Christopher Nolan, found a new way to make us care: The title character is disturbed by everything in his adopted home.