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  1. Jun 30, 2013
    Man of Steel is a decent beginning to a new series of films. The film is action packed, with a semi-boring back story and a Superman that does not feel quite like Superman
  2. Jun 30, 2013
    To watch my video review for this film click this link:

    The film is about whether Superman will be accepted for what he is on earth. The conflict in the film derives from the survival of either earth or Superman’s own species. General Zod is determined to save his own race from extinction even if that means destroying the human race. Despite
    the bullying and the secrecy that he has had to endure, Superman ultimately chooses the place he has grown up over his own race.
    You may recognise Michael Shannon from the Boardwalk Empire and I was surprised to see him fill such a big role in this film as General Zod. His character once again was one with strong beliefs and I think he carried out his role fairly well. Henry Cavel feels and looks right as Superman. However, it’s the performances of Kevin Costner and Russel Crowe that really stand out for me. I’m not usually a massive fan of flashbacks throughout a film but in this case they really work and they illustrate well the relationship between Superman and his father on Earth played by Kevin Costner. Crowe delivered dramatic lines such as, how, he will be a god to them” perfectly and seeing Coster as Superman’s adopted father sacrifice himself to keep Superman’s secret was one of the most heartfelt moments in a film that I have seen in a while and was certainly a highlight. This is where I think the film really delivers, in the relationships between Superman and those around him, from his biological father to his lover Louis Lane.
    For me, the action in the film was a bit repetitive and consisted mainly of Superman and the bad guys flying into one another and into buildings. I couldn’t help but think what’s the point in them endlessly hitting each other and flying into one another if it clearly does no damage. However, I realise that you should probably expect that in a Superman film and it did mean that they could show off some lovely special effects. Another small gripe I have with the film is that there were plenty of opportunities in this film for those slick and funny one liners but unfortunately for the most part they failed to grasp them. Lines such as “where did you learn to fight, on a farm?”, didn’t really pack the punch they needed to. There was certainly more room for humour such as at the end when the woman giggles and says, “well it’s just that he’s kinda hot”. But the script didn’t give Henry Cavel the opportunity to show a witty side of Superman and was therefore portrayed as being very serious.
    Overall though I think that the film was great and a successful reboot of the franchise. Director Zack Snyder brought through the emotions of the film brilliantly and it delivered everything that you expect from a superhero film. My sister loved it and she’s not usually a massive fan of these types of films which I think illustrates its appeal. I have a pretty strict scale when it comes to rating films. Rotten Tomatoes gave this film 56% and IGN gave it a pretty impressive 9/10 but I’m going to go in between the two and give this a 7.8/10.
  3. Jun 30, 2013
    Was a good movie, wish I could see a bit more of everything. Looking forward to Superman man of steel 2 if it being made ^^D Underrated film, really I think this film needs a better metascore.
  4. Jun 30, 2013
    Critics got this movie dead wrong. To start off with the cast, They are very good. Cavill was a great pick to play Superman, Crowe was a great pick to play his real father, Shannon was a little rough at first but in the end turned into a satisfying villain, Adams played a solid love interest. The movie is absolutely filled with special effects, The last 40-50 mins of the film revolves around the destroy of a city, The special effects look amazing and I kind of regret not seeing it in 3D. The plot reveals far more back story to Superman then any of the previous Superman films and was pretty solid over all.

    In the end, Man of Steel is the must see summer action film and I will gladly pre-order it on Blu-ray when it comes out for home release. Go and see this movie, It's amazing.
  5. Jun 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Man of Steel was what a realistic superhero movie should be like! It truly showed the inner turmoil of a young Clark trying to balance saving lives with keeping his secret. Kevin Costner (Jon Kent) and Russell Crowe (Jor-El) contributed heavily to why Clark became Superman. Do you really think the military would not be interested in a super powered being and not be wary? The action sequences were heads above anything Marvel has ever done. The new twists on Krypton and how the Earths atmosphere affects Kryptonians was refreshing. Seen the movie three times! Don't listen to the critics...too many people as collateral damage, Superman doesn't kill, or any of that carp! Superman does kill..remember Superman II? Didn't remorse one bit when he killed Zod and the other two Kryptonians yet people think that's ok. I am a huge Superman fan and therefore really studied this movie and if it stunk, I would say say. We fans are usually the harshest critics! Can't wait for the sequel and Justice League! Henry Cavill is the man...Superman! Expand
  6. Jun 30, 2013
    this is the worst superman i ever seen. this is not superman at all. the story is so far off from the original film.
    and he is so geeky, trying to be mucho. the original superman is more charming, brave, heroic.
    the new superman never saves anyone, he is crashing buildings and dont care about the people, that is not superman. NO, THE MOVIE WAS JUST STUPID!!! the only good in it was
    the special effects. Expand
  7. Jun 30, 2013
    Awesome movie!!! Left us wanting for more. Can't wait for MAN OF STEEL 2. We wanna see more of the Clark & Lois romance in the sequel since there's less of it in this one. The action was just over the top! We came in famish for a good movie & came out fat-bellied with satisfaction, gluttons at best, wanting more of that cinematic buffet greatness. MAN OF STEEL is the beast of all superhero action movies we kid you not! We love this movie so much that we clamor for the next installment to be as great if not greater. We want perhaps a Brainiac-controlled billionaire Lex Luthor versus billionaire Bruce Wayne in the mix as well as the introduction of Wonder Woman's character to pave the way for THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. How will Zack Snyder-David Goyer do it? DC & WB trusted them on the first installment, they couldn't go wrong to leave it up to this team-up for the next ones. Hope Chris Nolan is still on board cuz he does make a difference even for just consultation. Expand
  8. Jun 30, 2013
    I went into this movie not sure what to expect. I was impressed by the trailers but I knew that Zack Snyder has never made a good movie. I'm sad to say that this colossal disappointment is no exception. It seems Snyder was attempting to make an epic, soaring sci-fi film with a genuine sense of wonder, but the resulting movie falls flat on its face, weighed down by dreadful, tedious, overlong action scenes.

    If there's one thing the movie does get right, it's the casting. The lead actors are all fantastic, which helps the audience forgot how mediocre the script is for the first hour or so of the movie. After that point, everything is wall-to-wall building-crunching explosive action which seems to be catered specifically towards the Transformers crowd, but feels horrifically out of place in a Superman movie. For all its attempts to be "realistic", the movie glosses over the apocalyptic destruction and probably massive death toll wreaked by Superman and Zod over the course of what seems like four hours.

    The movie overall is extraordinarily unfaithful to Superman's character and lore. There are little mistakes throughout the movie, but the climax of the movie contains a betrayal so jaw-droppingly huge that I'm honestly surprised DC allowed it on screen. Perhaps the biggest problem the movie has is that it takes itself far too seriously. Superman has always had an aspect of silliness that the original films managed to capture nicely, but is completely absent from Man of Steel. Superman is a timeless character, and rebooting him isn't a bad idea, but it would take a director much more talented and intelligent than Zack Snyder.
  9. Jun 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. El hombre de acero no muestra un mundo Krypton diferente a un Jor-El que lucha y que tenia ideología diferente a la de su planeta algo nuevo nos han traído al cine un hombre de acero diferentes a las otras como se desarrolla el trama y como involucran a los personajes hacen de esta película una de las mejores del 2013 me encanto la verdad Esperamos mucho tiempo para poder ver un superman diferente que muestre como en verdad es ,por eso le doy 10 a esta obra maestra... Expand
  10. Jun 30, 2013
    The tasteless need to explain every aspect of this film causes poorly written and artificial to dialogue to preside. As these explanations are given before the story has really begun, it is hard to care or even listen. Were it not for these problems, the film would amount to nothing more than a generic summer blockbuster. It's worse.
  11. Jun 30, 2013
    The director manage to deliver a fresh and new story about his past and his present, but it does devolve a bit into repeated action and demolishing cities. In general the movie leaves a good taste of what we can expect in the future.
  12. Jun 30, 2013
    I don't exactly know what other people watched but I think this is a great movie! If you want thought provoking drama movies, go to the sundance festival or some such! This movie is supposed to be action and it delivers! This is how superman fights should be!

    I will watch the sequel if it comes out.
  13. Jun 30, 2013
    Watched again yesterday. And still giving it a 10. Just amazing movie. And a first movie I go to see twice in the theatre. Just great, really opened up more with the 2nd viewing. Zod is a great villain!
  14. Jun 30, 2013
    A cinematic blockbuster with action scenes that will just AMAZE you! Yes, this is a different take on the most iconic Superhero that was ever created but, in my opinion, it is better for it. This is a updated and modern Superman for this generation of movie-goers, as it is for those of us who didn't grew up with the original Superman movies back in the late 1970's and 1980's Many fans have already said to ignore critics as most of their reviews are very harsh. I agree with the fans. Many of the critics compare this movie to the original superman movies as they said that those movies had more heart and humor. To me, this is very unfair and biased as they can't accept the fact that this is a reboot and thus a different Superman from the one that they remember from the original films. This new Superman is grounded, and more serious Expand
  15. Jun 29, 2013
    A must-see of the year! Don't wait for the DVD or BluRay to come out. The big screen experience especially the IMAX 3D is total different. Undeniably, the best Superman movie ever! I've seen IRON MAN 3 three times while MAN OF STEEL I've seen five times (and counting) already. It's absolutely a joyride to watch! I say it's a cut above the rest of superhero movies. Dunno how Snyder & other superhero filmmakers will top this one. It makes THE AVENGERS look like child's play (though I still love that movie). Faora makes the Black Widow look like Dora, the Explorer. This movie answers back Iron Man's joke on Thor, "Doth mother knows you're wearing her drapes?" in which Martha Kent compliments Clark as Superman with, "Nice suit, son!" If THE AVENGERS has a Tesseract, MAN OF STEEL has a Codex. Tom Hiddleston's Loki has nothing on Michael Shannon's Zod here. Even The Hulk will have to kneel before him & will just have to settle on a fight with Nam-Ek. MAN OF STEEL dominates, totally smashing & demolishing all competition in its wake! Can't wait how Zack Snyder will top this one out on MAN OF STEEL 2... Expand
  16. Jun 29, 2013
    I've never been a Superman fan despite being a lover of all things superhero related. This film is a little patchy as it seems a directors cut would be great on DVD. The origin feels a little rushed as there seems to be no real connection to becoming Superman, it just happens. After the patchy first 40 minutes we're left with pure action. Personaly I enjoyed the film despite its flaws & I have a feeling the sequal will be amazing. Expand
  17. Jun 29, 2013
    One of the best superhero movies ever made, the look of the film is amazing and destroys Henry Cavill as Superman (Clark Kent and how), and the action scenes are of the highest possible quality, is like the fight scenes transformers but only you know what is happening and of course the action scenes are better filmed, and the story of the film is excellent and has some references to comics, anyway Man of Steel is a movie which is indispensable to REALLY superman fan. Expand
  18. Jun 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Expectations are everything with movies. Before I saw Avengers I heard critics gushing about it and when I went to see it myself I was totally underwhelmed. Still not sure why everyone thought it was so great. I had just the opposite experience with Man of Steel. After hearing critics trash it I was expecting the worst. But I was pleasantly surprised.

    The actors are all top notch. Cavill plays Superman very well. He's big and brawny but has a soft side. Amy Adams was a very good Lois Lane. Not a damsel in distress at all, but an active part of the story. And it was smart to ditch the silly part of the Superman canon that Lois Lane is a top reporter but can't see through Clark's disguise. Zod was villainous, but not in a cartoony way. He's ruthless, but has his reasons. Faora is fantastic as well.

    The story does suffer a little bit from all of the flashbacks, they can be jarring. But they make sense in that they all tie back to the present. I liked the fact that they show him as a hero during all stages of his life. The pacing was excellent. After starting on Krypton, they jump to the present and he dons the suit and cape relatively early on.

    The action is off the charts. I know some critics have complained that it was too much CGI, but what did they expect? The had to show the epic scale of Superman's powers, so of course there would be a lot of special effects. Fun, fun stuff. It will leave you breathless. The final fight between Superman and Zod is brutal and more violent than seen in previous Superman films.

    The end set up a sequel perfectly. Can't wait for another film plus Justice League. The only problem with that is that given how powerful Superman is in this universe, i can't imagine what kind of threat they would have to come up with that he would need help with.

    Good movie, not great like Dark Knight, but fun and enjoyable.
  19. Jun 29, 2013
    I don't know what think the professional criticism with this film, but I really enjoy it. Blessed effort Trio: Snyder Goyer Nolan, because they managed to shoot a powerful superhero movie and I'm not surprised that I liked, because principal or not, Mr. Nolan does not disappoint me. Neither Snyder, because somehow manages to entertain us with his movies and this has made him do.
    new Superman is, for better and for worse, a grand ENTERTAINMENT. The downside may be that the story of Kal-El is well known, the same way you came to the earth and all that, but had the ability Goyer innovarla aesthetic treatment plot, but can lead to messes.
    From the technical standpoint, The Man of Steel is an outstanding film.
    In between, light, fire and much destruction, perhaps too much, I think why not cheer Snyder in his movies. Here nothing but more blood lacks.
    Nostalgia should not prevent us from recognizing the work of the composer bestial header Nolan, Hans Zimmer I mean, always very well shot and seasoned with his music.
    Good deal, good technology and music bill but what Nolan and Goyer have done with Superman? For they have gone beyond the mere update and have given the hero and his entire mythology a more realistic, but more mature severoy.

    With that, and especially with everything else, The Man of Steel is, not without doubts a thirtysomething as the undersigned will arouses nostalgia gravitational force exerted by the Richard Donner-tape the best Superman to the date in my opinion. Man of Steel is excessive, in its form and in its duration, overloaded, noisy and with a vocation of seriousness and solemnity that kills that eternal innocence endearing character that Christopher Reeve did. That loses but wins more.
    I think I speak for many when I say that at least this movie is better than the last, Superman Returns, that bore more than entertain.
    But when a verdict, we must not forget that this has only just begun. Still hope to see more.
    My Score: 9.3
  20. Jun 29, 2013
    I don't normally write a superhero movie rant out of fear of showing my true nerdom and societal ridicule but I think it's worth it so here it goes:
    Man of Steel is one of the most underrated films of this year and you should see it. If you like alien invasion plots, go see this movie. If you like Russell Crow go this movie. If you like Michael Shannon's ridiculous angry face go this
    movie. If you like people being flung through large grain silos, or flung around in general go see this movie. If you think that anything that Christopher Nolan writes is Gospel, go see this movie. And most importantly if you want to see a something different in a superhero film, story about exploration, ability, empathy, and humanity, then go see this movie. And then go tell your friends. Expand
  21. Jun 29, 2013
    Absolutely brilliant with awesome acting and awesome effects this film is the best film of 2013 and that's is not arguable at all. I don't see why the critics are saying sores like 53 out of 100 as that's wrong and they should change their scores to 90 at least.
  22. Jun 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. SPOILERS AHEAD.
    Amazing how things change over the years. When I was a young boy, I saw a squeaky clean Christoper Reeve in his neon blue outfit and it left a lasting impression. Long after the movie, we would still run around on our farm with red swimming towels flapping in the wind behind our backs. In those moments, the lines between fantasy and reality blurred and I became the super hero I adored.
    But the way we perceived this person, this alien, had to change. This story had to be told from a different angle. We had to see it from a realistic and emotional point of view.
    His personal struggle is beautifully told and succeeds in creating a deep sense of empathy. A man who had to let his farther die because he believed it when his farther told him that the world was not ready for him. A man who had to hide his identity ending up drifting around from one place to the other.
    This is his journey. He brings goodness to us, but also evil and he knows he is accountable.
    In the end, he becomes a being of hope, bridging the divide between a distant extinct planet and earth. He becomes a link between them and us who ends up saving us and fulfilling his father's vision.
    In conclusion. The way Superman was portrayed in the 80ties, was through the eyes of children. In this movie, Kal-El is presented to us through the eyes of the adults we have become. Not only does he bridge the gap between his planet and ours, and the gap between hope and despair. In a sense, he bridges the gap between us and our child like perception of him.
  23. Jun 29, 2013
    Hmm. A mixed bag, this one. The Lord of the Rings style Krypton in the Prologue came as a bit of surprise but not an unwelcome one. The film really came alive, however, once baby Kal-El made it to earth. The growing pains and adoption issues of the first act were beautifully handled and the relationship between Clark and his (human) father and mother was really very touching. But then... well. What happenedin the next two acts? I'll tell you what happened. What happened was that chauvanist arse of an executive producer, Jon Peters (ex-hairdresser to Barbara Streisand) finally got his way after trying to screw up the Superman franchise with his lame-ass, ill-conceived ideas and lack of any real love for the Superman mythology. Peters has wanted for years to re-jig Superman's suit ("too apparently) and have Kryptonians bashing the hell out of each other (and Kansas... and Metropolis...) for a whole hour or more of my (and your) paid-for cinema-going time. The second and third acts of this film are like Independence Day kicking seven bells out of Battleship while Transformers stamps on the Matrix Revolutions' head. This might be a 14 year old boy's idea of a good movie. But it ain't mine. Come back Bryan Singer, all is forgiven. Expand
  24. Jun 29, 2013
    First of all, I'm in no way a fan of Superman. I haven't watched the previous movies, nor have I read the comics. In fact, I find the character pretty dull an outdated he's way too overpowered, too allmighty. But this movie is a different case. As for the plot, it's still pretty average, not always logical and somewhat too serious, BUT the action here is stellar. From the astonishing opening sequence to the epic in all means final battle the action here is the best I've seen in a long while. Seriously, no one, not the Transformers, and not even the Avengers have destroyed half a city in such a spectacular way. Superman and his foes exchange devastating blows, throw trains at each other and punch through buildings, and that really gives the chills. Another chill-giving aspect is the soundtrack Hans Zimmer just couldn't fail in this department, the score is purely epic. To sum up, Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan and David Goyer (director, producer and screenwriter, just in case), considering a pretty weak and bland character they were using as a base, performed admirably, making one of the best blockbuster movies I've seen in a while. Just don't expect a cult classic like the Dark Knight. Expand
  25. Jun 29, 2013
    Hmm. My opinion may not be the popular one, but here goes. I can't say in words how excited I was for this movie. Previews were epic, cast is amazing....this movie just didn't seem to have a soul. My girlfriend hated it, but I thought it was good, just not great. I just didn't care much for many of the characters I was seeing, such as the reporters who somehow seemed to be the only people who survived the entire city being destroyed...too much action and not enough character for me. Also, this movie seemed very corny in spots. It was more Avengers popcorn fun than Batman serious fun, if that makes sense. I WANT to love this movie but I just don't. I do however think the sequel set up was great and looking forward to seeing the other half of the superman alter ego that was missing from this one and provide maybe SOME comic relief. Expand
  26. Jun 29, 2013
    I wanted to like this movie as Superman was a mainstay around our old TV, but alas, it was not to be. This version, poorly written, acted, and presented was a great disappointment, filled with cliches and gratuitous violence. So sad. Left before it ended, thankfully.
  27. Jun 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Apart from the impressive effects really nothing to watch in this movie .First half is more like a documentary that totally mismatch to comic book. Christopher Nolan is always poor and he did great part of ruining the superman as well.Its so stupid that miss Lane appears right after superman kill the General Because before that they were fighting and moved away from her in a lightning speed.I believe Super man returns is far more better movie than this.Also absence of defense Secretary and President is a mistake,Writers were assumed that target audience is brain dead and that a kind of mock to their awareness. Expand
  28. Jun 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Man of Steel is by no means a bad film but it clearly is too loaded, especially for a film which is bound to have the benefit of one or more sequels. Imagine the batman trilogy but with all the plot points established in a week. Clark Kent (well played in all fairness by Henry Cavill) goes from saving kids on a bus as a teen, to saving workers on an oil rig to... destroying towns and cities while battling a small army of similar strengthed supermen. Entertaining, yes, but its all too much. The film suffers from some silliness in trying to get its emotional beats particularly during the final scene where Zod is about to kill four innocent people despite both he and Superman levelling much of metropolis without a care in the world during a (has to be said) visual stunning fist fight.

    All that said, Man of Steel is an enjoyable re-spin of Superman and sets up the main characters well. Maybe I would have warmed more to it if the threat of Zod (Michael Shannon is quite good in the few scenes we get with him) was merely introduced, and left for the sequel. But its overlong and I cant help but feel that maybe DC or Warners wanted something to rival Avengers a bit too much. I look forward to a sequel but part of me wonders how they can up the stakes on what happens in this first movie.
  29. Jun 28, 2013
    Disappointing. One of the most unimaginative creations to come out of Hollywood in a long time. Special effects distracted from what story there was. Minimal character development. Plenty of explosions, weapons and fistfights, though. I wondered frequently throughout if I was actually watching a "Superman" movie.
  30. Jun 28, 2013
    Pretty good Superman! Way better than the 3 ordinary 1 before. I can't believe those "pro" gave it a 55. What the heck are they basing their rating on? This is the kind of superheros movie we need. CONTENT! I learned more about Superman then the 3 old craps with their RIDICULOUS vilains. I want more of this kind.
  31. Jun 28, 2013
    This movie is completely canon. Critics simply don't understand what superman is about, they can go f**** themselves, only retarded hipsters would hate this movie and rate turd movies like the dark knight and ironman. This is by far the best superman movie I've ever seen. Glad it didn't fall into Nolans hands, he would ruin it like he did with batman.
  32. Jun 28, 2013
    I was so looking forward to seeing it after all the great looking trailers, but this is a mess and the worst movie i have ever seen. Everything was a mess. Long, boring and predictable like every other stupid summer blockbuster.
  33. Jun 27, 2013
    the "S" must stand for stupidity. They spent so much time with the cinematics that they forgot the plot. It was weak, corny and absolutely predictable. It had the essentials in there. But they were just slapped in with no real focus. There was no originality, it was just a remake. The only thing special about this movie was the special effects. If they are going to remake these movies they have to do it differently.

    Superman? or Moral:
    of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong; ethical: moral attitudes.

    I could tear this movie apart into tiny pieces and then tear those tiny pieces into more tiny pieces.

    I wanted to leave the cinema halfway through this "blockbuster".
    An absolute shocker.
  34. Jun 27, 2013
    This is a popcorn flick. That's what I was thinking mid-way through the movie.
    After seeing the first trailer and having Christopher Nolan's named pasted on credits I was expecting the same kind of vibe from Christopher Nolan's Batman films, even though he's just handling production that's just the vibe I was getting from the trailer. Then reviews started making it's way to the internet.
    The more the reviews came out the more I was less excited about this movie.
    Going to the theatre with low expectations, then coming out after watching it, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this movie a lot, and I don't think it's unfair to say I wanted this movie to be deeper emotionally, because it did have some potential to be that just by watching some of the scenes. It didn't have to be the same dark themed level as batman(Christopher Nolan films) but it could've still been a pretty dark film.

    . Visually very beautiful. From watching superman's cape slither smoothly around the ice, to General Zod tearing places up.
    . The first 20-30 min? Seeing the world of Krypton and watching it get destroyed was really interesting. I've never seen a super man movie start out like this, usually it would be the first 5 min of krypton, then you'd see Kal grow up on the farm.
    . Flashbacks of Kal growing up, trying to understand his purpose, struggling to fit in was something to expect but still done well with some very emotional scenes.
    . General Zod. Interesting character, and great acting by Michael Shannon.
    . ACTION, ACTION, ACTION! Man there were some really great action scenes, if there's something to look forward to in this movie it's the action.


    . Poor character development. Lois Lane? C'mon.
    . A lot of the scenes felt very rushed, especially when it was progressing towards the "Super man" reveal.
    . There were moments where it had some great potential to be very dark and emotional but they squander it with some unnecessary comedy scenes.
    . I liked the action a lot but I felt if they cut down some of the action scenes that were taking more than half the movie to bring life to some of these characters (Kal) then I think I might have enjoyed it more.

    So yes overall I enjoyed it a lot, but like I said it had some great potential that was shut off for a lot of explosive action and some mindless comedy scenes. Still, I'm actually really excited for the next Super man film.
  35. Jun 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Minor Spoilers Below

    Man of Steel is the biggest disappointment of the year. What makes it such a letdown is that despite the interesting ideas it presents it fails completely with the execution. Take for example, the character development of the main character. Henry Cavill is a fine actor but you wouldn't know from this film. Clark Kent in MOS is a very poorly developed character. He has no personality and a severe lack of character development. And when I say personality, I don't mean that Clark has to be glib or witty, I mean that we as an audience don't get a sense of his point of view. We don't really see how he feels or where he stands. We don't see him develop a sense of morality or a sense of purpose. And this is largely because he spends most of his time listening to exposition of other characters of what he should be doing. We don't see him make any important decisions as a result. Instead he spends much of his life wondering from one place to another until through a very contrived circumstance; he overhears the discovery of an alien craft (Seriously?!) And when he finds the ship, he is told again through exposition of what he should be. Thus when he finally becomes a superhero (which in other origin films-ex. Batman Begins- is one of the most triumphant moments of those films) it is very flat and uneventful. The other main character Lois Lane, doesn't fair much better. Amy Adams is again a fine actress, but she is not a very interesting character because much of her presence is contrived. She often shows up in the film inorganically and is forced into situations with Clark and the other characters to keep the plot moving. As a result, she has really little chemistry with Clark because their relationship feels forced. Thus when (small spoiler) they finally kiss at the end, it comes off very flat and uneventful. The other characters are suitable but if the two major characters are bland and dull, that is a major issue.
    The film also struggles to develop its themes. In the beginning of the film two major themes are introduced: hope and faith. The film suggests that Superman will be a symbol of hope and how he will be the one find a way, do the impossible, defy the constraints etc. The film also introduces this idea that Superman will have a reciprocal relationship with the people of earth: he will have faith in them in making the right choices and they will in return have faith in Superman in saving them in their time of need. Only, these themes, as interesting as they, are again developed very poorly. Superman is hardly a symbol of hope in this movie because he simply doesn't do anything really hopeful. We don't see him inspire people to be better. We don't see him try to do the impossible. In fact, in the last scene of the movie, when superman has a chance to deal with the main antagonist in way that defies expectations (hence hope), he instead opts for the lazy and predictable way. As for faith, this theme is poorly developed for the simple fact that we barely see Superman interact with the people of the world. We don't see them "stumble and fall" or "join him in the Sun" because the film simply didn't care to develop these ideas. If you notice a pattern in my criticism, its that the film likes to introduce ideas but has either no idea what to do with them or the film decides to distract you with action.
    Which leads me to another major issue, the nonstop CG action in the final 40 minutes of the film. About a little more than half way through the film, the movie forgets about the character development and themes(which it handled so poorly already) and decides to show 40 mins of pummeling and tiresome action. If you are fan of Dragonball Z or the Matrix films you may be amused for a while. But there is only so many times that I can see someone be thrown through a building before it becomes tiring. And during these ridiculous action scenes, Superman forgets to do the one thing he does in every other version of Superman (comics, cartoon, Reeve's films): saving people. So many building are destroyed and so many people are injured and yet we barely see Superman even acknowledge his surroundings. Snyder was more interesting in topping the previous action scene than providing the proper balance of Superman fighting and saving.

    This last point is indicative of the problem of the film: style over substance. The film gives the illusion of depth by introducing interesting ideas but does such a poor job developing these ideas. Instead the film tries to distract you with expensive CG action scenes, but even these scenes ring hollow because there is nothing beneath the action. If you are looking for film with interesting and relatable characters, quality storytelling, and good thematic development look elsewhere. If all you care about is action, you may enjoy the last half of the film.
  36. Jun 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Finally a good Superman movie that is grounded in the real world while still being about a God like Alien. Also nice to see Zod having a legitimate reason for what he is doing and making Superman have some hard choices. Bring on the next one. Expand
  37. Jun 27, 2013
    Haters gonna like. I have to admit that I don't like Superman but Man of steel was an extraordinary action packed film with extraordinary visual effects and music. Tries to reach The Avengers though it doesn't achieve it. The appearance of Christopher Nolan is something that can be easily seen with all that dark stuff on that movie. Michael Shannon was the best enemy that Superman could have. Amy Adams was always as if she was crying through the whole movie. I will watch the sequel (if they make one). I enjoyed it and it is certainly a film for the cinema and not for the DVD. i liked that it also showed past and now at the same time. Thumbs up! Expand
  38. Jun 27, 2013
    As an avid fan of superhero movies, I started this one with high hopes and expectations but was highly disappointed. There was really no character development with most of the movie being outrageous fight scenes that ran so long they frequently lost my attention. The dialogue was cheesy and filled with cliches and awkward attempts at humor. The acting itself wasn't overly terrible but the horrible script and jumbled mess of overused special effects make this move just not worth watching. Expand
  39. Jun 27, 2013
    MOS (Zack Snyder) is the latest comic-book based reboot of the Superman story where first contact is the main epilogue for the film.

    Where Superman Returns (2006) paid homage to the Donner-Reeve films, Man of Steel gives this boy scout a well needed injection of sun light in a back-story heavy extravaganza. The film uses a variety of source materials for inspiration (Sullivans, Whitney)
    as well as setting up a possible JL movie Whilst many question the ending, you have to say to yourself surely the way we expected him to be comes from somewhere? Expand
  40. Jun 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. incredible movie,incredible soundtrack,incredible action!Best superman movie ever seen.Henry cavill is ideal,Russell crowe is amazing and the action?Ohh is unstoppable! Expand
  41. Jun 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Man of Steel was a great re-imagining of the Superman origin story and gave a fresh taste combined with tons of action to make a true entertaining popcorn movie of the summer.

    Zack Snyder is a loyal comic book fan and those of you that did not like Watchmen did not read the comics. He was hired for one real purpose, to breathe action and special effects into Superman, something he excels at.

    Moviegoers, and I call them that to separate them from fans which have a different take on Superman, had spoken at the close of Superman Returns. They said things from, "too much like Christopher Reeve" to "not enough action" to "Superman is stale, let him let loose". Warner Brothers listened and they gave you the opposite of a Christopher Reeve Superman. In Man of Steel, Superman did all of those things, he let loose his rage and fought an army of people with the same abilities. No Lex Luthor, no mind games, all action. We got a mythology rich in science fiction story not to mention we got Russell Crowe as daddy Superman Jor-El who got lots of screen time to show us what the house of El can do!

    The casting was terific! Henry Cavill's Superman is bold, fresh and lets face it, he looks like Superman. Amy Adams is much more level headed and has a great deal more of common sense then Kate Bosworth did as Lois Lane. She is believable in the role. I loved Brandon Routh and thought he was a great Superman, but he was Christopher Reeve, so if we are going to move beyond Christopher Reeve then Cavill makes a nice contrast. Laurence Fishburn as Perry White! Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as the Kents. It all made for rich storytelling and well acted roles. The only thing better was imagining who was going to be in the next movie and what bad guy was going to get screen time!

    If you were hoping for another Superman Returns, then this is not your picture. This is a rollercoaster moving at mach speeds with enough action to give you PTSD by the end of the movie. It's not Shakespeare but it is an iconic comic book character come to life in true comic book fashion. I highly recommend seeing this movie in a movie theater and if possible, spend the extra 10 bucks for iMax.
  42. Jun 27, 2013
    (Note: There are spoilers at the bottom of this review, but the top half is a simple, non-revealing review)

    Man of Steel. What can I say about my favorite superhero and his first action-packed genesis story? Simply amazing. Before I get hit with accusations from the purists, let me make one thing clear: it was fantastic for what it was meant to be (a super-powered exhibition). Director
    Zack Snyder is catching a lot of heat for the creative decisions he made for the film, but I thought they were smart choices (and no, I am not a die-hard Snyder fan). In short, the film was, in my opinion, the best Superman movie of our time. Yes, the technology that is now available to filmmakers plays a huge role in my critique; but Superman is a powerhouse of a hero that has deserved this type of platform for quite some time. I feel that any technical missteps in plot, structure, character or conception are HEAVILY trounced by cinematography, pacing, sound, setting, lightning, effects, and great execution by both the cast and the crew. Henry Cavill did a super job as our hero, and quite honestly, I don't think his performance could be criticized in any way. In short, go see this movie if you want to be thoroughly entertained by our modern day Man of Steel.


    The good:

    The film starts off in a way unique to the Superman franchise on Krypton, birthplace of our hero. The planet has been depicted in many ways over the years, often as a highly advanced aristocratic metropolis. In this film however, the technological advancements were there, but there was also a primal feel to the setting. We even see Jor-El riding a giant winged beast!

    They chose to skip over the scenes where the Kents find Kal-El in the field, as well as a lot of the back-story that we often see where he's growing up. Instead, the important moments in his life (like discovering powers, early moral decisions, or losing his adopted father) are displayed via flashbacks. This was a nice change of pace because the scenes were wisely positioned throughout the film and were only revealed when directly related to the issues he was facing in the present.

    The bad:

    As a huge fan of this production, there was very little I didn't like. However, there were some things that struck me as odd, and they mostly revolved around Lois Lane. Let me start off by saying that I think Amy Adams is a fine actress. There was nothing wrong with her performance, but it didn't feel 'right'. Perhaps I was distracted by the fact that she was not a brunette? I'm not sure how much that factored into my perception of the character, but it was definitely something I took note of. Despite this however, I thought Adams did a really good job, and the remaining issues I have with Lois are strictly not her fault. A big issue for me was how close she and Kal seemed to get throughout the course of the story, which was in actuality, a mere couple of days in length. The big romance and deep connection they seemed to have, simply did not make sense to me.

    I also am not a fan of how the two meet, which is in the "fortress of solitude". As a side note, I did not like the reimagined fortress, but I understand why it was presented to us that way. There is a Kryptonian droid of sorts guarding the fortress that strikes and hurts Kal, but when Lois is attacked by it, she manages to survive. She is injured by it, but it seems that if something can make the Man of Steel wince, it should probably straight up kill a human. Finally, if the ship is Kryptonian and operational, wouldn't the ship's atmosphere be calibrated to that of Krypton, like Zod's ship? Therefore knocking Kal unconscious? Again, I did not have huge problems with these things, I just felt like I should point them out.

    The REALLY good!

    Henry Cavill as Superman was not the right choice, it was the ONLY choice. Honestly, he killed it as Superman, there was no one else that could have done it better. The scenes that followed him in flight were gorgeous, and really made you feel like you were right up there with him. The costume was absolutely amazing, and the cape brought all the iconic glory that Superman has deserved all these years.

    The fight scenes between Superman and lieutenant Faora-Ul and the other Kryptonian were epic. The sheer power of the brawl was outstanding and it made me feel that if that fight was real, that's exactly how it would look.

    Another very cool plot point was the whole terraforming thing. The way the machine worked in the film brought a real desperation to the "end of the world" theme and it just made you root for Superman even harder.

    Other stuff:

    People are upset about Kal killing Zod, but I liked it. Snyder's explanation was that since this is an origin story, there was not enough time to properly explain why he would normally choose to not kill Zod. Since we don't have that time, Superman NEEDS to save the people. I fully get it, and it makes sense.

    In summation: GO SEE THIS! AGAIN
  43. Jun 27, 2013
    Instead of telling all obvious good things about this movie, I will just say that i will watch it again tomorrow. I have NEVER done this with any movie. And this is coming from a person who was never a big fan of Superman.
  44. Jun 27, 2013
    First off, screw the critics, I've lost any respect I had left for them, MOS is a masterpiece, THE greatest comic book film made, this is what Superman fans have been begging for and it was delivered with perfection! Stunning visuals, gripping story and the best action fight scenes I've ever seen, it was brutal! It made the The Dark Knight trilogy look like the Brady Bunch, I also loved the Sci-Fi aspect of it as well, Krypton and the spaceships were unreal, thankyou Mr Snyder for this amazing movie and please don't listen to the critics they don't have a clue, they still want Superman in red tights saving cats out of trees! MOS smashes 1978 Superman in every area, it's how a Superman film should be, absolute carnage! I was blown away by this and if the critics think it was so poor then why did the whole cinema I went to cheered and clapped in the end? I've never seen that before with any movie! Man of Steel is the new benchmark for superhero films now, It's way better than anything marvel has brought out, if I could rate it more than 10 then I would, EPIC in everyway possible!!!! 15/10 Expand
  45. Jun 27, 2013
    First things first, I loved this movie! It has it's flaws but still a great film to watch. I was actually very impressed with Henry Cavill. He did an amazing job as superman. Overall the acting was superb, though maybe not the best script ever. The action was epic in scale but it didn't have the same weight as The Avengers' action did, it felt a bit generic and bland. Overall this film has much of everything, emotion, action and some humor. Great film Expand
  46. Jun 27, 2013
    this is not an origin story. they do the origin of krypton but everything else is a flash back. the moment where clark realises who he is is not even portrayed with any significance. this movie is one very expensively done saturday morming cartoon drama.
  47. Jun 26, 2013
    The movie was awesome lots of action, a little bit of humor not much though and had some very emotion parts.The visual were spectacular and hans zimmer did ah wonderful good on the soundtrack. Henry cavil was an very good superman i still liked reeves more. Overall it was very good and my favorite movie of the summer so far
  48. Jun 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The content in this movie is incredible. The horrid pacing... isn't enough to detract from my overall enjoyment of this film. I know it's making everyone think the movie is just Michael Bay-esque explosions, but it's not. Get past the pacing, and you'll find an intelligent, well made sci fi that pays respect to my most beloved superhero.

    Points of Controversy I'd Like to Counter:

    -The destruction caused by Kal. I have watched the final fight between Kal and Zod dozens of times on Youtube. Kal ALWAYS takes the fight to the side of the building or in places where people wouldn't readily get hurt. It is in fact General Zod who takes Kal and throws him into buildings. The only problem I have with the destruction is the pacing of it and the fact that there is one building that falls which would most likely be responsible for a lot of deaths that Kal doesn't really do anything about (again, he isn't the cause for it, it's General Zod's heat vision that takes the building down, it's just he doesn't really try to save the people under it).

    -Lois Lane being brought aboard Zod's ship. People seem to think that she was brought on board the ship as nothing but an exposition device and that General Zod had no purpose for her. In actuality, Lois' name was broadcast on national television by another news reporter as having a connection to Kal. Given that she is the only other person who seems to have a special relationship with the Kryptonian, Zod decides to bring her on board and contain the situation entirely. There is another thematic reason Lois is brought on board, and I will detail that in the next point.

    -Perry White's character arc, and various other "unnecessary" plot threads. These "unnecessary" plot threads are actually enforcing a thematic value of the story- that everyone can be a hero. Jor-El himself says "Everyone can be a force for good." These "unnecessary" plot threads are actually bolstering his claim. They give everyone their chance to be the hero, from a small scale, such as Perry letting Jenny know that there was still someone who cared in the midst of the end of the world, or the scientist figuring out how the Command Key works, to a large scale, such as the Colonel sacrificing himself to kill Faora or Kal's antics himself. Lois' involvement on Zod's ship also gives her a chance to be the hero, showing that she wasn't brought in just as an exposition device, but as a thematic expression too.

    -Various references to Jesus. I don't know about you, but regardless of what it's referencing, I prefer there to be allegories to renowned texts, be it religious or not. Biblical allusions are not a negative (and this is coming from a Muslim).

    -Above all, the ending decision. Many people have decided to base their entire opinion on Kal's final decision in the movie and have written the movie off as a pile of garbage simply due to this being "out of Superman's character."

    Have you recognized that throughout this review/counter argument, I have only referred to the protagonist as Kal, and not as Superman? This is because Kal-El, for the most part in this movie, is not Superman. He is Kal-El.

    One of the main themes in this movie is that of choice. From the beginning this is explored, with Krypton's selective "bloodline" system that removes freedom of choice, to Jonathan Kent's talks about his son (and his death). Not once in his life had Kal acted on impulse (aside from the school bus scene, which he was later scolded for). He always played it safe. Never tried to act on his own feelings but based on what everyone else was telling him was right. He had never explored the other area of choice- the ones his instincts were compelling him to make.

    In that final, climactic scene, General Zod threatens to kill a family. After Kal beats him outright, and he realizes his "you die or I do" mentality wouldn't work in a normal battle due to Kal's morality, he shifts his focus to killing as many people as he could before forcing Kal's hand ("Stop!"- "Never."). Kal finally decides to act on impulse. He snaps Zod's neck. Realizing what he has just done, he drops to his knees and screams.

    This scene is not only respectful of Superman's character, but easily one of the most powerful advancements of it I have ever seen. Kal finally explores the "other" area. He acts on impulse and stops Zod, but he realizes after that the price he paid (taking someone else's life) was far too great to pay. Just as in Superman: Executioner (where he similarly executes Zod) he decides from then on to stop killing. From that moment on, he truly becomes Superman, and not Kal. He realizes that he isn't supposed to give into the constraints of choice. When there are two options, he creates a third (he even tells General Swanwick that he will help only "on his own terms" shortly after). That is what Superman is. And through that final scene, that is what this origin story has helped Kal El become.
  49. Jun 26, 2013
    first, english is not my mother tongue so forgive me my mistakes. and lets start with the critic of superman, the well as it seems, most discussed and most dividing comic book adapting movie so far.

    which is basiclly zacks snyders doing. cause like not a lot of other directors, he provokes people into making a stand for their opinion, no matter if its postiv or negativ on his behalf.
    its simple and easy: you love or you hate a zack snyder movie, there is no inbetween. no "thx, it was nice but left no impression whatsoever" movie, like we have a lot going on nowadays.
    the story was solid, logical and easy to follow for people who never heard of superman before, and even for fans of the comics, it wasn't boring thx to the non linear story telling of supermans childhood. the glimpses of the past give the viewer a good look into the brooding and drifting beeing, that superman is at the beginning of the story. and helps understand why he is living this vagabond live and not already is the great superhero you would expect.
    the cast was perfect and everyone showed his best in portraing his/her character. the action was epic, but, and there the movie lost the one point to the perfect 10 with me, it was a little to much. means 10 minutes lesser action and 10 minutes more character moments would have made the movie perfect. the music was, like always with hans zimmer, brilliant. it set the right tone to every scene.
    and no, it was not a colourful or witty movie, like the old ones with christopher reeves. it was serious and dark. but this is what made the movie so enjoyable. cause we are not lving in colourful and witty times. and no one wants to see a bing bang comic book hero anymore. there not believable and they are not human.
    the outstanding part of the movie was done by henry cavill. he made the main character, an alien, human and relatable. not with grand gestures, not with wits or charms. but by showing, under the hardest circumstances that he has not only the looks to play superman but also the acting skills,espacialy with his small but honest facetts ins his face. playing with a cast where several members were oscar nominated more than once and even win the oscar more than once in some cases is already huge. but having more than the half of the movie green and blue screen time, more than his share of physical action and the weight of one of the most iconic characters in comic book and movie history on his shoulders, given all that, he realy did a super human beeing job. cause his superman is more human than some of the humans surrounding him. and he's believable. and the bright honest smile he gives at the end of the movie, when he finaly turns into clark kent (no, not into superman, into his alter ego), gives us hope to see more of this in a sequel that may come. it gives us a glimps of the charm, the witts and the humanity we're to expect.
    so this movie and his main character did their best, to bring a new superman on screen. one that is relatable to the 21 centuries. and to all the critics out there, you realy should watch it a second time and you should watch closely....cause for me, you haven't understood the movie at all. which is bad, considering your line of work.
  50. Jun 26, 2013
    Man of Steel isn´t as great as it should have been, but at the very least what we get here is a very enjoyable movie. From a spectacle perspective it doesn´t disappoint, the last 45 minutes or so, is jam packed of exciting action that definitely gives the man of steel justice. From a character point of view however, the movie suffers in some key areas. This is not a lifeless Michael Bay effort in any way whatsoever, there´s genuine character development here that for the most part works really well, but the matter of fact is that it all doesn´t effectively ends with the right amount of emotion. There had to be more emotional weight in the final battle, one that not even Lois Lane is able to provide with Superman. It has some pacing issues and the characters are not as fleshed out as the trailers initially tease they will be, but what is here is good, very good indeed, and so it all happens to add up to a super-fun summer movie. Expand
  51. Jun 26, 2013
    Man of steel is so great those critics realy nothing I mean the story was great the cast was good and henry vavill was perfect as superman for someone who just stepped on the scene okay he aint no christian bale or robert Downey jr but he is on the right way love this movie thanks to this my love for superman grew even stronger
  52. Jun 26, 2013
    Welcome to the Planet" VERY happy to report that Man of Steel was a VERY satisfying movie. 9/10 for sure. Really wish I could have seen it on opening day instead of reading reviews, listening to feedback that almost put another image of the movie in my mind. But taking away 1 point only because there was an action sequence that could have been removed and the pacing was just a bit off.

    But all in all, really happy as a Superman fan to see so much of his sci-fi mythos incorporated. For people's reactions to his existence being similar to that shown in the earliest depictions of him, late 1930s, early 1940s.

    And for some witty one liners. If you are still hung up on the variant of the character you saw in either the 1950s TV series or the first two Christopher Reeve movies, you will be disappointed. I want to see the movie again. Indeed I do
  53. Jun 26, 2013
    Good movie, but fans of comics should be aware that this is slightly different interpretation of the well-known stories. The only thing that upsets is an abundance of special effects. Sometimes you want to say, "Whoa, wait. I do not understand what's going on.". A start. I hope they can bring the franchise to a new level, more than just a summer blockbuster.
  54. Jun 26, 2013
    So many don't like it. I loved it.

    This is what I call the Prometheus syndrome. Many hate it, but many loved it, and I loved Man of Steel, even though I am aware of some of it's problems- the same with Prometheus, but I don't think it brings down the film as much as it has been made out to be.

    This was my most anticipated movie of the year, and to be honest I had been hesitant from
    the start, as I had never been fully keen on Zack Snyder's work, I always found that they were good, but never great, with films such as Watchmen and the Owls movie- or they were just plain awful... Sucker Punch. This is, by far, Snyder's best work, and although many haven't liked the action- it flew by for me- the whole film whizzed past actually, while for most it seemed to drag. This film made me feel like a kid, as at one point I was sitting with my mouth wide open at the scale of the thing, and I literally jumped out of my seat when Superman himself, or Kal-El I should say, started throwing down in the air, against Zod.

    Another concern I had did come to fruition, with many saying David S. Goyer will bring greatness to the project, but actually he has written some awful movies, and when people said 'He wrote The Dark knight Rises'- this is incorrect, he did the story for it. Films that he has written recently would be 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance', 'Jumper' and 'The Unborn'. Three awful films, that although the script isn't as bad as I am making it out to be, there are a few weird lines that pulled me out of the scene. I liked the structure Goyer gave, although it did lack some depth, I felt like I got enough to become emotionally connected to the characters.

    The two strongest parts of the film would probably be the performances, and also the effects. I normally would criticize a film for one of it's strongest parts being the effects. But this is probably some of the best effects work I have ever seen. In this kind of scale anyway. As this film is big, and there is a hell of a lot of carnage.

    Sure when you think about it. A lot of people died. But hey. Superman. it's all that's needed to be said. Bad argument, I know. But... Superman.

    As part of the effects work, this also some of the best action I have personally ever witnessed, in scale and execution. It's crazy. I have heard that many simply turned off and got numbed by it, but I was the guy who wanted more. As I said earlier, I honestly felt like a kid watching my favorite comic books moments coming to life. Properly.

    Here's a rundown of the performances:

    Henry Caville- He plays a great Superman, and although the character was lacking in the script department, I definitely connected with him. And he WAS Superman.

    Michael Shannon- He worked for me, and I preferred his reasons to go to Earth. There is an established reason for what he is doing, and he believes what he is doing is for the better. It is not I'm a bad guy. Blah. Although anyone could have really played the character, it wasn't a stand out role, but served a purpose.

    Russell Crowe- Awesome. Krypton scenes- some of the best of the film. Amazing stuff there. And he is perfect.

    Amy Adams- Good Lois Lane. She is given some weird lines though that doesn't suit the tone of the film, e.g. 'What if I need to tinkle?' Also the Superman-Lane relationship is a little rushed, and could have been left to a later film.

    Kevin Costner- Again, great, although almost a bit underused. But he is almost the underlying hero of the film.

    Diane Lane- Also good etc.

    In other words. Go see it. Here, The Prometheus Syndrome, comes into effect. And today we see the creation of The Man of Steel Syndrome.
  55. Jun 26, 2013
    Went yesterday to see it, and i was very excited about it! But it was a disappointment! Two hours of useless fight and meaningless words! I mean there was a basic story which i liked no Lex Louthor, the bad guy Zod was from Krypton etc.), but there was no script! Even the fights were hyper. I did not like the music, there was not any flow in the story. I only save the effects, and of course Kevin Costner, Russel Crow and Michael Shannon! The couple was not too convincing, and Henry Cavil was average but ''empty'' as Superman! Expand
  56. Jun 26, 2013
    I don't know if it's because I've never been a huge fan of Superman. I've never read the comics and I've watched the other movies once or twice, but I really liked this film. Even if it's a reboot, it tries to tell Superman's story from a more 'feet-to-ground' level, giving justifications to Superman's motivations and goals. I really liked that. The action scenes where very good and it even gave space for a good measure of character development --lots of film with a higher Metacritic score can't say half of that.

    I understand die-hard fans of Superman may expected something else, something more 'faithful' to what the comic may be, and that's why some were disappointed. But I hope you get to this film without expectations, just with the desire to watch something fun and good, then you may enjoy this very, very good film.

    Waiting for the blu-ray release.
  57. Jun 26, 2013
    Gets better each time you watch it. I understand the critics' and their need to see more character development, but with the powers that the characters possess, they needed it to be realistic, i.e., globally impacted. The sequel will redeem Zack and Henry.
  58. Jun 26, 2013
    Reasonable first act, a good second act and then everything is ruined by 40 mins of CGI brawling and utterly stupid writing. It's almost like several different films were written then smashed clumsily together.
  59. Jun 26, 2013
    Good movie. A bit too overblown on action in the third act, but the movie has a good story, good acting, a refreshingly new take on the origin story of Superman, beautiful visuals and incredible action-scenes. A good start to what is hopefully going to become a new Superman franchise with Henry Cavill as the Superman for generations to come.
  60. Jun 25, 2013
    bcos i am superman i felt good here watching this movie
    so i rate this movie full explicit of kryptonian with maximum green score
    and have a good time
  61. Jun 25, 2013
    The critics who have rated this down strike me as some what shortsighted. There are some valid complaints in their reviews that I think did detract from the movie (the shaking camera is my biggest pet peeve), but as far as the core of the movie is concerned, this is a Superman movie. No critic can convince me otherwise.
    What the critics who say it fails to live up to the Superman brand
    do not realize is that this is a new Superman. This is a reboot of the franchise after the abysmal "dead-beat dad" story of "Superman Returns". Very similar to the Dark Knight reboot of Batman, this is a different Superman. He has different issues and a different history, he is not ripped from the comic books or garnered from the Christopher Reeves movies. He is a unique and completely different Man of Steel. That is not to say that he does not share similarities with the previous Superman, of course he does. At his core he is Superman, the Man of Steel, a Kryptonian sent to Earth by his parents to escape a dying world.

    In fact my only big complaint is the shaky camera. There are moments when the footage looks as if it is being shot by a guy holding a camcorder and it steals from the theatrical overture as well as making the scene itself nauseating to watch. This only happens maybe a half dozen times in the movie, but every time it happens it is annoying and unwarranted. My only other complaint is minor and that is with some of the story elements regarding Zodd's banishment and his return as well as the so called "Kryptonian Empire". These are minor as I am aware this is a different Superman, but these elements seemed to have been written in too hastily and not thought through properly.
    Aside from that this is an Epic movie and I look forward to the sequel. Also eagle eyed viewers will catch a few easter eggs in the movie hinting at some great future possibilites, most notably was the LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises logos cleverly shown during some of the fighting.
  62. Jun 25, 2013
    I went into this movie REALLY wanting to love it. All of the teasers made it seem like it was going to be the best Superman movie and possible one of the best comic book movies of all time. To my dismay, I was sadly mistaken.

    All of the changes that were made to the origin story didn't bother me like they did some people. That wasn't my gripe. My gripe was what seemed like a lack
    of character development and relationship development. The movie gave me no reason to care about the relationship between Clark and Lois. There was no development of it, just all of the sudden they are gazing into each other's eyes.

    There was a severe lack of development of the relationships between Clark and his parents. We get little snippets here an there, but again, not enough to make me believe they had any impact on him at all.

    Lastly, there was no development of Superman at all. Its like he just wakes up one day and he is Superman.

    Don't get me wrong. The world the movie takes place in is big, the scenes are big, the action is big. But Nolan set a new bar with the Dark Knight Trilogy on what it takes to make a good Comic book movie. You need all of the action with a great story that makes you connect with the characters and care about their relationships. This was all missing from Man of Steel.

    Here's hoping that the next one takes the time to do all of these things write. I believe they have all of the write pieces in place to make a truly Epic Superman Franchise, but I must say, I feel it is off to a slow start.
  63. Jun 25, 2013
    The film gets off to a slow start, but makes up for it later on with an 'almost' overly long action sequence but luckily the action scenes are well played out and are stunning to watch. This really is superman redesigned, if your a fan of the old superman and come here expecting the old superman, then your probably going to leave the cinema feeling disappointed. On the other hand, look at it in a brand spanking new superman and the effect is quite different. The story was basic but well delivered, but the narration could have used abit of work. Some characters didn't feel at all fleshed out and kind of bland at times, even superman himself at times. The biggest and liveliest character of the film was supermans enemy, Zod. Simply put, one of the best villains in a hero movie ever. Infact saying he was a villain would be almost unfair, if you actually get inside Zod's mind, you see that he isn't doing the things out of pure evil nature but for the good of his race and that is what he has been born for. I give this film a very strong 7 or a 7.5 if the rating system had it. Expand
  64. Jun 25, 2013
    Lets be honest its better than Superman Returns just kidding. Man Of Steel is a fresh, darker reboot of the superman franchise and its done really well with the film lasting 3 hours everything is explained from him being sent to earth but more importantly, why? A factor that a lot of past superman films left out. you don't need to be a massive superman fan to go see this i took my girlfriend and she loved it and i did to. General Zod is a fantastic bad guy and Russell crow is a fabulous Jur-al. The film has some amazing fighting scenes and a lot of flashbacks to a young Clark Kent to explain the hardships of him growing up this is certainly the superman film i was waiting for and its the one i got. Expand
  65. Jun 25, 2013
    Honestly, people argue that there wasn't enough emotion or light-heartened acting, but there was. I do think that there was a bit too much action at parts but the way that Snyder captures Superman is just incredible. He is definitely and Alien and deserves more credit at a critical stance (talking about Superman)
  66. Jun 25, 2013
    Loved it! I'm not usually a supes fan but this had me the whole film. I wasn't bored for a single second and I honestly couldn't see a single negative about the film that seems to have divided most critics. I actually felt far more emotionally involved with this film than any of the new Marvel films.
    Specifically I was worried about the religious undertones in this film and that it would
    have classic Zak Snider empty characterisation, but I think Nolan has had a really positive effect on Zak, This is by far the most interesting Superman and Zod is just pure cool.
    Loved it all and was definitely one of those "I could go straight back into the cinema and watch it again" movies.
  67. Jun 25, 2013
    I been waiting for a perfect superman my whole life
    and yes i got to see it in Man of steel
    The story was perfect. this is exactly how one should say a superman story
    itss just perfect
    the movie had everything from emotions to actions
    i give a 10 on 10 for this movie
    and waitng to watch it the 5th time in theatre
  68. Jun 24, 2013
    If you enjoyed The Avengers & Iron Man 3, then you haven't seen MAN OF STEEL yet. This movie up the ante for the superheroes genre. The action alone leaves all others in the dustbin. While all other superheroes in recent past were all patterned after Donner's Superman films (except for Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy), this one is not. You won't find Robert Downey Jr.'s humor here. Henry Cavill's elusive "brooding" take of the comic character is far different from Christopher Reeve's charismatic friendly turn because Snyder's darkly-serious MAN OF STEEL is not Donner's straight-from-the-comic-book colorful SUPERMAN. Despite the stark contrast, Cavill was able to capture the magic back that was long-missing since Chris Reeve hang up his bright red cape. Cavill on film, you would swear, on several scenes and at certain angles, looking like the late great Reeve. He has the same convincing intensity onscreen as the late actor. You wouldn't wince but nod in familiar recognition that this actor is indeed the Superman we all missed all these years despite of many others' attempt to measure up with Reeve's indelible iconic take. We remember the media were all hailing Brandon Routh's close resemblance to Chris Reeve but after getting picked & cast for this reason in 2006's SUPERMAN RETURNS, it turned out he didn't look the part & came across unconvincing. Indeed, good things come to those who are willing to wait & the wait paid off for Henry Cavill and for this reboot. It's everything we ever wanted from a Superman film minus the cheesiness. With today's technical advances, Snyder & company were able to re-imagine for us what our favorite hero could be without limits. Forget about what critics are saying about MAN OF STEEL. They did not get a pay cut from the film's promoters that's why. Instead, listen to the movie-going public who were right to give it an A- rating in Cinemascore. In Rotten Tomatoes, SUPERMAN RETURNS got a 75% rating from the critics while MAN OF STEEL gets only 56%? Go figure... Expand
  69. Jun 24, 2013
    This is a movie about Truth, Justice, Honor, Tradition, and Culture. Everything that made America great in the past. This is why the Liberal Movie Critics are trashing it.

    Politics aside, the movie is great!
  70. Jun 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really enjoyed this incarnation of The Man Of Steel. Henry did a great job as well as the rest of the cast. I loved the imagery, I love the story cause it was an entirely new take on supermans origins. My absolute favorite scene of him was when he learned how to fly. And my absolute favorite was that score made by Hans Zimmer. Expand
  71. Jun 24, 2013
    I loved the movie; the action sequences were certainly fantastic, but watching Clark/Kal grapple with his Kryptonian legacy and his love of earth and step into the role of Superman was amazing. The *lack* of levity and cheese really made this movie; the critics seem to hate this taking on the role of a serious sci-fi movie, but that’s what made it for me. I’m certain that the sequel will have more levity in it, now that Superman has really arrived. The acting was fantastic, the visuals were spectacular, and I found it to be quite moving. Yes, the Christ-imagery is overplayed, but he *is* a modern savior figure. I had low expectations after Superman Returns, but I loved this film.

    Also, Russell Crowe nearly stole the show. I’d watch a prequel, “Krypton,” starring him as Jor-El. The opening sequence on Krypton was really, really good!
  72. Jun 24, 2013
    I was super hyped about this movie, but started doubted if it was going to be good from seeing the critics hate on it. But boy were they wrong this movie is AMAZING! Not as good as the Dark Knight movies but still a hundred times better than Superman Returns. Also this movie has superb action (you finally get to see Superman kick some ass!) and emotion, and a great villain, and they don't shove all the love stuff with Lois Lane down your throat, it's natural. Overall best Superman movie, and best origin story (for a superhero, but Batman Begins is still amazing) Expand
  73. Jun 24, 2013
    Pretty good movie. Story is familiar. Lois Lane is ok. The chemistry between her and Superman is a bit weak. Good popcorn movie. Action was great. It's superman. You gotta see it.
  74. Jun 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I so wanted to like this movie. It's hard to explain how much I wanted to like this movie. Superman Returns had nearly killed the franchise but this was my hope for a redemption. I watched closely at Rotten Tomatoes and the Metascore for this movie, and then dismissed them. Even though the critics didn't love this movie didn't necessarily mean that it was bad. I didn't read any of the reviews and went into the film wanting to defy them. Then, I saw the movie and my heart sank.

    This film is a tremendous disappointment that looks good, but is only skin deep. Man of Steel introduces itself as a new version of Superman for this modern age. However, it feels the need to spell out every aspect of an origin story that everybody already knows with few bizarre changes to feed its predictable story. While I liked parts of it: the visual effects are stunning (in 2D) and the character interaction can be good, when the script allows the characters to have fun, I have to conclude in the end that this is a bad movie.

    There are some parts of the film that I enjoyed, so I can't completely pan this film. First of all, I did like the special effects, especially on Krypton and during the flying sequences. They are well done and quite stylized and a good use of Zack Snyder's talent. Some of the flashback sequences are good for the character, especially the first one in which young Clark is hiding in the closet. Michael Shannon is glorious as General Zod, bellowing every line in villainous contempt in a suitably over-the-top performance that fits the grandiose Zod. (He doesn't hold a candle to Terrance Stamp, though.) Russell Crowe is surprisingly good as Jor-El who is in much more of the film than you'd expect. Finally, I can't say that I wasn't excited once Zod began to fly in the final battle and trade punches with our hero, an occurrence that Superman fans have been waiting for ever since there have ben movies about the Man of Tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, the film totally collapses under the weight of its own screenplay with tremendous actors having little-to-nothing to do. Amy Adams' redheaded Lois Lane is generally a bland character with little chemistry with Cavill's Superman. After the halfway point she serves almost no purpose to the plot, only being there because she's Lois Lane (apparently) and needs to be in the movie. Lawrence Fishburn has nothing to do as Perry White, although the film cuts to him every once and a while, though the audience has little reason to care what happens to him. We watch him try to evacuate the Daily Planet as we have to assume thousands of people are trying, and failing to do the same in nearby buildings.

    The characters in this movie are uncharacterized, poorly characterized, or mischaracterized. The film seems to be upset with the concept of Superman while not really making us care about Superman the person. He has little opportunity to show any of the charm that Reeve brought to the character, robbing Man of Steel of some of the fun. I also couldn't get over the characterization of Jonathan Kent in this film. While Jonathan Kent is, and should be, highly protective of Clark and his secret, he doesn't do so in a constructive way. Jonathan Kent is meant to be a tether that binds Superman to the human world and teaches his son the value of life. Otherwise, this Superman really shouldn't care about the people, and cannot really be the savior he needs to be.

    The movie is filled with plot holes, questionable judgments, and stupid characters. Why do the Kryptonians, especially Lara allow Zod to be imprisoned in space when the planet is about to blow up? Where is the rest of Zod's army when he lands on Earth, there only seem to be three or four that exit the ship? Why does Superman choose to fly to the other side of the earth to destroy the world machine, while he can do more good fighting the machine in Metropolis and save lives doing it? Most importantly, why does Superman not try to limit the damage done to Metropolis during the final battle?

    Now I could forgive this, all of this, and call this maybe a six out of ten movie, if not for the final factor. Superman KILLS Zod. He just murders him, snaps his neck to save a family of four. First of all, after the thousands of deaths your fight has caused, why do those people matter so much? I kid, Superman is supposed to protect all people, but also never supposed to kill anybody. He is supposed to be able to find a way out, that why he's SUPERMAN. He is a symbol and an ideal, something to strive toward, which we can't and shouldn't do if Superman falls to what we would do in that situation. The idea that this makes him more modern shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the character by Goyer and Nolan. Superman is supposed to be better than we are, in mind and body, to say that he would do that, and that someone could give him no choice is an insult to the character. To the inevitable sequel, I say this, SUPERMAN DESERVES BETTER.
  75. Jun 24, 2013
    Man of Steel is the breath of fresh air that's been so needed in the Superman film saga. It does its own thing respectively, completely ignoring the Donner films and instead, focusing more on the comic book material. At times a bit uneven with its pacing, and occasionally sacrificing character development/backstory for action, Man of Steel nevertheless is the crowd pleasing, action packed spectacle that Superman fans have been waiting years for. 3.5/5 Expand
  76. Jun 24, 2013
    So I finally saw this movie today and I must admit that it was really everything that I wanted in a Superman movie. Henry Cavill was Superman, even though I really liked Brandon Routh, he just wasnt given the right medium to really fully embody the character that Cavill played in this film.

    Amy Adams was a very good Lois Lane, with her larger than life reporter. She was given little
    time to grow as a character but I am sure if there is a sequel then that will give her more time to shine.

    The actor who played Zod was very good. I mean I will always have a place in my heart of Terrence Stamp, but this new Zod was very good.

    Russel Crowe as Jor-El was very well played and not over acted at all.

    Overall this was a very interesting and refreshing new take on Superman, and I hope there is something more coming down the pipeline on this one
  77. Jun 24, 2013
    I was never a big fan of superman, I just thought he was a pretty generic superhero when I was a kid. this movie though, while being very slow at parts, managed to make superman look epic. General Zod was a great villain also and the fight scenes were good as well.
  78. Jun 24, 2013
    The first half of "Man of Steel" (MoS) is well written and engaging. There are noteworthy, if not entirely believable performances from the cast in the first act. The second act is where the film begins to fall down, eschewing quality writing for rapid fire action sequences. These are over the top, but fitting considering the abilities and powers on display. The film tries at times to reach the quality of writing on display during the first act, but it never quite reaches it. That's by the by though, we're talking about a summer movie, it was never intended to be as heavy weighted toward drama as "A beautiful mind," it's aims squarely for entertainment, and it does entertain, and it manages to have a coherent story, with understandable motivations. As a superhero film it isn't as engaging as the Batman films, nor is it a standout like "The Avengers." It is as a summer film, decent enough, and it is in that milieu the score above should be viewed. Expand
  79. Jun 24, 2013
    Action sequences drag on and are extremely repetitive. I watched identical looking buildings collapse and superman vs zod and company fight in seemingly identical action sequences too many times throughout the entirety of the movie. Plot was very cliché and acting was mediocre. If you are looking for high end cgi action sequences, that is about all you will get from watching this movie
  80. Jun 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This review may be a bit biased since I've never been a huge fan of the Superman comic book however, as a film I found this one in particular to be completely uninspired and unoriginal. Hope this doesn't count as a spoiler but, the fate of Superman basically rests on a flash drive. Also the outdated CG made every character animated through it seem like rubber. Expand
  81. Jun 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This movie was underwhelming considering the names associated with it. Much of the plot felt rushed and haphazardly pieced together. The relationship between Lane/Clark was severely underdeveloped, I really didn't feel their connection at all. There probably could have been about 30 minutes less of CGI in the ending.

    It was still entertaining, which is why I still gave it a dead-smack-in-the-middle 5. Lots of action, a pretty interesting story. I just expected more from the likes of Nolan and co.
  82. Jun 24, 2013
    There is one word that best describes this movie. Disappointing.
    Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad movie. It's actually quite good. The issue is that this movie was meant to be a revival for the Superman franchise, one that excited its audience and built a lot of anticipation for a soon to follow sequel. Instead, it just acts as another normal superhero movie. That's all.

    There are a
    few things that are outstanding in this movie. For example, the sound design is amazing. Everything from the music to the sound of buildings collapsing and lasers firing was spot on. It really helped to add more depth to the action scenes, which were numerous and awesome. This, however, is one of the issues with the movie. There are way too many actions scenes. It's odd, really. Usually one would think that the point of an action movie is to have a lot of action all the time. However, Man of Steel just takes it way too far. The basic formula of the movie is actions, flashback, action, flashback, action, flashback, so on and so forth. It got to the point where the action scenes began to bore me, which is never a good thing.

    Another flaw with this movie was the acting, which was at times laughable, especially due to some rather awkward one liners, such as "evolution always wins". This is more a gripe with the movie and less an actual complaint, but it is something I noticed.

    The other minor issues involve spoilers, so I won't bother.

    All in all, the movie is definitely worth seeing. It is a good movie, no doubt, hence the score of a 7. It just doesn't quite live up to the quality of other movies in the same genre.
  83. Jun 24, 2013
    The movie was awesome and is in my opinion the best in the franchise. Well done Zack Snyder, cast, crew and everyone else involved, you have done a great job, I highly recommend it
  84. Jun 24, 2013
    This film felt like 2 completely different films mashed together and I'm still not sure if it worked.
    The first half dealing with Clark as a young boy and krypton was excellent. It felt well paced and gave depth to parts of the superman story previously ignored.
    But the 2nd half with the fights against Zod were I felt not handled as good as they could. The fight choreography was very
    poor and at no point did I really feel like I was getting into a true fight between 2 supermen. Camera angles were all over the place, and sometimes I didn't know who was hitting who and who was winning The focus on the destruction of the buildings took away from the true essence of the fight. Felt like the fight scenes in Transformers. If you are going to have a 1h long fight, then you need to make it a damn good one.
    I did enjoy the film for the most part, but it could have better.
  85. Jun 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The movie in the beginning after he was sent to Earth felt rushed to the point he found out he's from another planet and then after that it dragged out. You never got to see his childhood expect in flashbacks, which is another thing I didn't like about the movie. I would have loved to see his human parents finding him and showing him grow instead we saw him saving people on a boat, in the water, then somewhere else. I'm at least glad they showed his childhood though, the actors and actress were a good pick, they did well. The part in the movie where you see Clark watching his human father die was sad and well done, I almost cried. Overall I liked the movie in a sense that it was okay, but it will never live up to the original movie and comic books. Expand
  86. Jun 24, 2013
    A good attempt to revive a classic, but just shy of a home run. The action scenes were fantastic, and you'll leave the theater thinking of how fantastic they were. But don't expect the movie to make any lasting marks. The film felt cliche' from start to finish, topped off with an eye rolling ending. The protagonist (need I say who) was extremely static and monotone throughout the whole film, along with every other oblivious character. Beyond these problems, Man of Steel is a decent film that nails a plethora of things like costume design, music, and special effects. I believe Super Man fans should feel lucky this came out at as good as it did. Expand
  87. Jun 23, 2013
    It's not a masterpiece that will go on to win the Oscars next year. But it's the biggest, loudest, action packed movie that Superman deserved. It definitely has the Snyder touch, and you can see Nolan's influence in it too.
    The pacing is good (not great though) and it keeps some balance at least for the first half of the movie. Then we get to see some good old school Superman action, with
    enemies that can fight toe to toe with him.
    The supporting cast is good, the story flows, sometimes a little forced, but overall it's a great movie.
  88. Jun 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Let's face it folks, there has not been a great Superman movie since Christopher Reeves soared the screens in 1978. With a new reboot of the Man of Steel, we can anticipate it as either being very good or really bad. The big critics seem to agree with such a notion. They either liked it or hated it. There is no middle ground. For me, the revived super hero film is something to admire again with a fresh slate.

    Many of the strengths of this new Superman is its imaginative creativity on how it focuses on both the hero's struggles and his origin. The opening sequence of Krypton is simply a stunning visual feast that puts the compacted ice cave from the past Superman films to shame. Here, Zack Snyder and the VFX team has given us a world with spaceships, monsters, people, battles, and ultimately life and destruction. In other words, the beginning sets the tone in plot and action, like any good superhero flick should. The rest of the film is dedicated to how the protagonist learns of his past and how he evolves from an outcast with special abilities to something more. While this is sounds familiar, writer David S. Goyer gives us more back story, filling factors that were never really explored in other movies of the franchise. One such example is rather than jumping ahead with the famed Lex Luther villain, this movie's plot introduces an antagonist that has seemed to slip into oblivion...General Zod from the home world of Krypton. Like with the League of Shadows for Batman, this establishes hero's first and most important villain that has come to haunt him...a blast from the past so to speak.

    Zack Snyder as director has an eye for stunning visual effects and knowing how to form a wide scope of imagination (just watch 300 and Watchmen). He also knows how to create action sequences worth remembering. Believe me, they are abundant in this movie, but they are not overbearing like in a Michael Bay film. There is a reason to them for the plot. The one thing that I seem to enjoy about the most of this movie is Hans Zimmer's musical composition. While it is unfair to say that it is better than what John Williams did in 1978, he makes something memorable and uplifting. Though doubtful, it would be appropriate for him to receive some accolades for it.

    The cast in this movie is full of big names and stars. They range from the popular Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, and Amy Adams to the small players like Christopher Meloni, Michael Shannon, and Laurence Fishburne. Each appear to fit their parts well, but some are greater than others. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane turn in some subtle and believable performances as Superman's human parents. Whereas Russell Crowe seems to be playing himself more or less as Jor-el and Michael Shannon as General Zod has the overgrowing tendency of swelling up with anger like a child who's toy has been taken from him. Amy Adams is a little old than what I imagine for Lois Lane, but she is still lovely and plausible. Henry Cavill as Superman is the man who carries the film. He is gentle in his role and plays the outcast side of the Man of Steel well. As a superhero, he appears a bit emotionless. Then again, Superman was not known for showing much emotion.

    Though I kind of have mixed feelings about the casts' performances, I am bothered the most by the style of storytelling. In comparison to the linear story method used in the 1978 film, this movie jumps around from different scenes in the first hour that seem not to relate or make sense. The accompanied flashbacks thrown in of Superman's childhood on earth makes it even more perplexing. Fortunately, the second half of the film makes up for the confusion that the first act and a half make. All things considering, "Man of Steel" has started a potentially promising new restart for Superman.
  89. Jun 23, 2013
    To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from Man of Steel, what with Zack Snyder behind the camera and David S. Goyer writing the screenplay. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the film. Man of Steel retells the origin story of Kal El and follows the story of him as an alien trying to find his place in the world. The film benefits from a smart, fresh take on Superman and strong performances from the cast, with Henry Cavill owning the role of Superman. While very different from the older Superman movies, yet somehow similar, Man of Steel delivers on what Superman Returns failed to give moviegoers back in 2006. High octane intense action sequences, and consistently strong writing. Overall, a fantastic, yet imperfect superhero film, with something for hardcore fans and newcomers alike. Expand
  90. Jun 23, 2013
    This is by far the best depiction of the Superman origin story ever put on screen. The critics are dead wrong about this movie, I simply cannot understand what is going on in their heads. This isn't a Donner/Lester sequel, this isn't Superman Returns, it's a brand new Superman origin story. Just watch it, you won't regret it. It also deserves at least two viewings to get at all the nuances of the epic SF scope the movie sets up, which is also my only gripe with Man of Steel it crams maybe a little bit too much into one movie, which makes the dialogue feel "stiff". However, on the second viewing you notice that almost every spoken sentence makes sense and carries weight, adding meaning and detail to a very thought through story. Excellent reboot. Expand
  91. Jun 23, 2013
    I don't quite know how to put my experience of this movie into words.

    Probably the funniest movie I have seen in a long time, even though i'm not sure it was intended to be. A distinct lack of acting and emotions rivaled only by The Room or Nicholas Cage at his best. The story had no direction or narrative as well as some of the cringiest lines in holy wood, yet I wanted to laugh out
    loud at every one, towards the end having to use my fist to stifle the giggles.

    I think a friend best described as either, the worst film ever made or a new form of post-modern comedy that we are incapable of appreciating at this time.

    I would thoroughly recommend everyone go if they have the spare cash and a few hours to kill and are up for some so-bad-its-good gold. Alcohol may help get through the slower sections.
  92. Jun 23, 2013
    nice surprise. not just a remake but new take on a old story. this is not your grandparents Superman, and that is good.
    A movie about a Super Man that shows the Humans as much as the Hero. Thank you Colonel Nathan Hardy and Jonathan Kent.
  93. Jun 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. These critics are an absolute joke! This movie was awesome!! Only things I wasn't crazy about was the beginning scene on Krypton (avatar/star wars vibe) & the female beatin the hell out of Superman with absolute ease. People cryin about Superman killin Zod at the end are a bunch of hippie nerds. Naaa he should have just let Zod kill hundreds of thousands more ppl lol. Anyways if your any kind of fan of Superman or super hero movies go see this movie asap! Expand
  94. Jun 23, 2013
    Wow, I was really concerned about the "critic" review of this film. I mean it's Superman, how can it be bad? I went and saw it it with my wife, and we left the theaters with smiles on our face. Great movie. I take issues with the effects and animation of characters, but I enjoyed the clear crisp picture otherwise. Henry Cavil will be a great Superman, and the villain was great. There were some questionable scenes in the movie like when Louis Lane showed up at the fight scene near the end at Grand Central Station so fast or how they recklessly fight everywhere. But these are just minor things. Nothing like how the critics made it sound it's terrible. It'snot They are terrible at having an opinion. Best Superman yet. Expand
  95. Jun 23, 2013
    I have been anticipating this movie for sometime now and can't help but feel disappointed. For those wanting a solid story look elsewhere. The action/special effects made up for what could've been a disaster.


    + Action
    + Special Effects
    + Good Casting For Superman


    - Story
    - Plot Holes
  96. Jun 23, 2013
    This movie is absolutely awful. The actors are all right, but the story has so many plot holes it just makes me angry. The action scenes are dull at best, and extremely repetitive. I almost walked out of this movie, and was happy when it ended. I would not recommend this movie to anyone.
  97. Jun 23, 2013
    Terrible. Plot holes throughout. Then scenes where they do something that makes no sense just to keep the weak plot moving. This is not a good movie. The special effects were good, but the story just ruins it. Seriously, at one point Superman is being beaten, with no hope to win, then he just wins. That happens like 4 times in the movie. I know it's science fiction, but give me something at least somewhat believable. Expand
  98. Jun 23, 2013
    I usually don't write reviews, but I had to warn you.
    I'm not one of those snobs who can't enjoy a summer flick, and some of my favorite movies are not academy-award material. But this movie is the first to make me it was such a stupid waste of time, that I left the cinema with my friends.

    The movie just takes itself too seriously and ends up not being fun. It's like watching a kid
    telling you a simple story, while being all serious and so sure it's the greatest most important story in the world.

    The dramatic scenes, which could have been the highlight of the movie, are cut too short for the effect to hold. It seems Snyder was worried his audience will get bored by actual story and just cut it down to a minimum in a way which, frankly, was insulting. It's like watching a movie with ADHD.

    The bit of story that did make it in, is full of absolutely idiotic holes, and the characters are flat and undeveloped. I wish I could give you examples without spoiling the movie, but I can't. I can just say that I was laughing occasionally because it was so ridiculous and poorly written. So many "come on!" and "Are you serious" moments. Most characters act out of whim, are totally irrational and they all feel like they are still in junior high.

    And the love story? Twilight fans should be pleased, because we finally found a movie with a worse love story. In this movie, there is simply no story. There's no love, and then there is, just like that with barely any justification.

    The action sequences are terribly long and overdone, as if a little kid took control over the CGI studio and forced them to put his wildest fantasies into the movie. The action was rare and when it did arrive, it was way too much and not really fun. The visuals were very professional but lacked soul, ranging from generic computer game look to a terrible Instagram palette. Honestly, it was disappointing and not worth the price of admission.

    Eventually, during the great (boring to tears) finale, me and my friends realized we're not that target audience (We are a group of 24-30 years old). But knowing myself, I wouldn't have enjoyed this whimsical movie even at age 10. It's just not fun. We left and got something to eat instead.

    I realize there are a lot of fans out there, so before you send me any hate mail, just remember it's a matter of opinion. I found this movie to be a terrible experience for intelligent adults, but that's not a universal fact. It's just an opinion!
  99. Jun 23, 2013
  100. Jun 22, 2013
    Just what we needed...a good Superman movie. About freak'n time! I was so tired of the drab homespun variety. Although modern times brings fresh images that were impossible to imagine back in the day. Even if 'the day' was only ten years ago. New advances in special effects real help make these CGI hero movies so fun to watch.

    Okay, let's lay out what I liked and what I didn't...

    Special effects were...awesome! We are so spoiled especially children of last Century. They can cut and paste right out of the comics and put it in the movies.

    There are several scenes that I can't tell about for fear of spoiling it for someone. Let's just say when Superman hits someone it's a real bash.

    A good bad guy was well established early and doted on often. Most movies fail on this one little hitch. The bad guy needs to be well written. This one was and it really makes the whole movie a cool slide to the final encounter.

    Acting was first rate. They spared no expense and it pays off in spades. There was no weak link.

    "Children of Men" moment. You will know it when you see it. It works almost as well here.

    The very end. Finally, smartly written realism in a comic movie. You will know it when you see it.

    Superman portrayal. It was perfect. Just exactly what I would envision. A stranger in a strange land. Actions limited to the guidance of elders.

    Maybe not so good...

    Female protagonist was a little over the top. I liked that she was there I just thought her look was over done. Even so I was happy with that fight scene.

    Lois was well done but it would have been nice to have had her character developed further. Adams is a scene stealer and more couldn't have hurt.

    I thought the reality of the world finding out about Superman could have been developed better. They did harp on the idea but they didn't do a good job of the reaction. Imagine the Markets reaction for example.

    Overall looking forward to more. From what I'm hearing two more are in the works. All that sounds good to me.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 47
  2. Negative: 3 out of 47
  1. Reviewed by: Glen Weldon
    Jun 14, 2013
    What it fails to supply much of — surprisingly, it must be said — is fun. This is serious business, Snyder seems always to be saying. This is badass. And given the sheer logistical size of the spectacle on display, it's a position that's hard to argue with.
  2. Reviewed by: Matt Zoller Seitz
    Jun 14, 2013
    The most striking and curious aspect of Man of Steel is the way it minimizes and even shuts out women.
  3. Reviewed by: Lawrence Toppman
    Jun 13, 2013
    David Goyer, who wrote the script for Man of Steel from a story he concocted with Christopher Nolan, found a new way to make us care: The title character is disturbed by everything in his adopted home.