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  1. Jun 23, 2013
    I don't quite know how to put my experience of this movie into words.

    Probably the funniest movie I have seen in a long time, even though i'm not sure it was intended to be. A distinct lack of acting and emotions rivaled only by The Room or Nicholas Cage at his best. The story had no direction or narrative as well as some of the cringiest lines in holy wood, yet I wanted to laugh out
    loud at every one, towards the end having to use my fist to stifle the giggles.

    I think a friend best described as either, the worst film ever made or a new form of post-modern comedy that we are incapable of appreciating at this time.

    I would thoroughly recommend everyone go if they have the spare cash and a few hours to kill and are up for some so-bad-its-good gold. Alcohol may help get through the slower sections.
  2. Jun 23, 2013
    nice surprise. not just a remake but new take on a old story. this is not your grandparents Superman, and that is good.
    A movie about a Super Man that shows the Humans as much as the Hero. Thank you Colonel Nathan Hardy and Jonathan Kent.
  3. Jun 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. These critics are an absolute joke! This movie was awesome!! Only things I wasn't crazy about was the beginning scene on Krypton (avatar/star wars vibe) & the female beatin the hell out of Superman with absolute ease. People cryin about Superman killin Zod at the end are a bunch of hippie nerds. Naaa he should have just let Zod kill hundreds of thousands more ppl lol. Anyways if your any kind of fan of Superman or super hero movies go see this movie asap! Expand
  4. Jun 23, 2013
    Wow, I was really concerned about the "critic" review of this film. I mean it's Superman, how can it be bad? I went and saw it it with my wife, and we left the theaters with smiles on our face. Great movie. I take issues with the effects and animation of characters, but I enjoyed the clear crisp picture otherwise. Henry Cavil will be a great Superman, and the villain was great. There were some questionable scenes in the movie like when Louis Lane showed up at the fight scene near the end at Grand Central Station so fast or how they recklessly fight everywhere. But these are just minor things. Nothing like how the critics made it sound it's terrible. It'snot They are terrible at having an opinion. Best Superman yet. Expand
  5. Jun 23, 2013
    I have been anticipating this movie for sometime now and can't help but feel disappointed. For those wanting a solid story look elsewhere. The action/special effects made up for what could've been a disaster.


    + Action
    + Special Effects
    + Good Casting For Superman


    - Story
    - Plot Holes
  6. Jun 23, 2013
    This movie is absolutely awful. The actors are all right, but the story has so many plot holes it just makes me angry. The action scenes are dull at best, and extremely repetitive. I almost walked out of this movie, and was happy when it ended. I would not recommend this movie to anyone.
  7. Jun 23, 2013
    Terrible. Plot holes throughout. Then scenes where they do something that makes no sense just to keep the weak plot moving. This is not a good movie. The special effects were good, but the story just ruins it. Seriously, at one point Superman is being beaten, with no hope to win, then he just wins. That happens like 4 times in the movie. I know it's science fiction, but give me something at least somewhat believable. Expand
  8. Jun 23, 2013
    I usually don't write reviews, but I had to warn you.
    I'm not one of those snobs who can't enjoy a summer flick, and some of my favorite movies are not academy-award material. But this movie is the first to make me it was such a stupid waste of time, that I left the cinema with my friends.

    The movie just takes itself too seriously and ends up not being fun. It's like watching a kid
    telling you a simple story, while being all serious and so sure it's the greatest most important story in the world.

    The dramatic scenes, which could have been the highlight of the movie, are cut too short for the effect to hold. It seems Snyder was worried his audience will get bored by actual story and just cut it down to a minimum in a way which, frankly, was insulting. It's like watching a movie with ADHD.

    The bit of story that did make it in, is full of absolutely idiotic holes, and the characters are flat and undeveloped. I wish I could give you examples without spoiling the movie, but I can't. I can just say that I was laughing occasionally because it was so ridiculous and poorly written. So many "come on!" and "Are you serious" moments. Most characters act out of whim, are totally irrational and they all feel like they are still in junior high.

    And the love story? Twilight fans should be pleased, because we finally found a movie with a worse love story. In this movie, there is simply no story. There's no love, and then there is, just like that with barely any justification.

    The action sequences are terribly long and overdone, as if a little kid took control over the CGI studio and forced them to put his wildest fantasies into the movie. The action was rare and when it did arrive, it was way too much and not really fun. The visuals were very professional but lacked soul, ranging from generic computer game look to a terrible Instagram palette. Honestly, it was disappointing and not worth the price of admission.

    Eventually, during the great (boring to tears) finale, me and my friends realized we're not that target audience (We are a group of 24-30 years old). But knowing myself, I wouldn't have enjoyed this whimsical movie even at age 10. It's just not fun. We left and got something to eat instead.

    I realize there are a lot of fans out there, so before you send me any hate mail, just remember it's a matter of opinion. I found this movie to be a terrible experience for intelligent adults, but that's not a universal fact. It's just an opinion!
  9. Jun 23, 2013
  10. Jun 22, 2013
    Just what we needed...a good Superman movie. About freak'n time! I was so tired of the drab homespun variety. Although modern times brings fresh images that were impossible to imagine back in the day. Even if 'the day' was only ten years ago. New advances in special effects real help make these CGI hero movies so fun to watch.

    Okay, let's lay out what I liked and what I didn't...

    Special effects were...awesome! We are so spoiled especially children of last Century. They can cut and paste right out of the comics and put it in the movies.

    There are several scenes that I can't tell about for fear of spoiling it for someone. Let's just say when Superman hits someone it's a real bash.

    A good bad guy was well established early and doted on often. Most movies fail on this one little hitch. The bad guy needs to be well written. This one was and it really makes the whole movie a cool slide to the final encounter.

    Acting was first rate. They spared no expense and it pays off in spades. There was no weak link.

    "Children of Men" moment. You will know it when you see it. It works almost as well here.

    The very end. Finally, smartly written realism in a comic movie. You will know it when you see it.

    Superman portrayal. It was perfect. Just exactly what I would envision. A stranger in a strange land. Actions limited to the guidance of elders.

    Maybe not so good...

    Female protagonist was a little over the top. I liked that she was there I just thought her look was over done. Even so I was happy with that fight scene.

    Lois was well done but it would have been nice to have had her character developed further. Adams is a scene stealer and more couldn't have hurt.

    I thought the reality of the world finding out about Superman could have been developed better. They did harp on the idea but they didn't do a good job of the reaction. Imagine the Markets reaction for example.

    Overall looking forward to more. From what I'm hearing two more are in the works. All that sounds good to me.
  11. Jun 22, 2013
    A WORD OF ADVICE: Don't mind what critics have said about this movie! MAN OF STEEL is a masterpiece! Go watch it for yourselves. The film is worth every dollar you'll spend on movie-going. Don't miss watching this on the big screen especially in 3D to enjoy it in its fullest glory. Even if you have a big flat screen 3D TV, don't wait for the DVD or BluRay format in stores cuz you'll miss a great deal from the actual big screen experience. Of course, we gotta buy our own when its out on the market cuz were going to definitely see & enjoy it again and again. I have seen this 3 times already and, every time, it got better and better to a point of concluding that Zach Snyder is indeed a true directorial genius and the David Goyer-Christopher Nolan storytelling team-up equally outstanding in retelling the Superman canon! Retrofitting in today's advances, the filmmakers succeeded beyond our expectations of rebooting this most loved superhero of all-time. Without the red brief (why is it outside by the way?), Superman looks current and does not look at all like 75 years old. We call this film "Superman Reborn" and aptly so. Fresh as a morning dew, MAN OF STEEL literally saves the day and ultimately takes back his rightful place which is at the top of the heap of all superheroes. All the actors were perfectly cast. A very determined Henry Cavill was not "humorless" as he took on a more serious (not Dark Knight dark) version of the Man of Steel. The-not-too-feminine-blond-more-than-brunette Amy Adams was perfect as Lois Lane to Cavill's Clark. She had enough held-back spunk & flirt in her reminiscent of all the other Lois-es like Margot Kidder & Teri Hatcher who truly owned the role. It was smart of them to make this version of Lois Lane not that dumb to recognize through Superman's disguise (glasses, really?) and it was great that the filmmakers did not explore the romance between these 2 characters (there's just too much to take in) reserving it for the sequel as they focus more on Kal-El's search of being (To critics: this is the reason why Cavill's humor is held at bay. Try checking out MAN OF STEEL's commercial on Carl's Jr and Hardee's. You'll know this actor is far from being "humorless"). Michael Shannon exudes shades of Willem Dafoe/Joaquin Phoenix in his performance as a more likable Zod here---meaning, he is nothing short of brilliant as an actor. His chilling delivery of "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" ominous message gave us goosebumps galore. It has a spooky feel to it reminiscent of "The Ring". The scene-stealer of the house was Antje Traue as Faora. Man, that woman kicks serious ass! And you'd think Michael Shannon's Zod's badass-ness was to the rafters---Hers skyrocketed and blew the top off! She's undeniably the Eve to Zod's Adam, in other words, the whole thingy can't be told without her. And then there's the 2 Robin Hoods, Russell Crowe & Kevin Costner. It was such a treat to see these 2 great thespians in one film. One word to describe their presence---EPIC! Both of them brought a whole new meaning to that word. While Russell Crowe re-introduced us the Gladiator we all loved in the introductory part of the movie, Kevin Costner gave us Field of Dreams all over again bringing (a tug in the) heart, soul and balance throughout the film. Laurence Fishburne as Perry White was a superb choice. He was great as a leader-of-the-pack Morpheus in the Matrix films and he was equally chief to head the Daily Planet in this one. He truly embodied the sharp boss of Amy's Lois Lane Unfaithful's Diane Lane is no stranger to take on the role of a mother to a child gifted with superpowers. Remember she was the mother to Hayden Christensen in JUMPER so it's but naturally fitting for her to be cast as the "hot version" of Martha Kent (You know, hot dude--hot mom, makes sense right?). Lucky Henry Cavill gets to have not just one but two hot mamas here. Although Ayelet Zurer's appearance as Lara Lor-Van El (the real mother of Kal-El) was only brief, her steely heartbreaking performance was searing enough to last. To sum it up, MAN OF STEEL have enough ingredient for every movie-goer to enjoy. The action is fully packed especially in the climax part of the film. Watching the sequences is like being in the final series of loops of a roller coaster leaving you wanting more at the end of the ride. And what better soundtrack than Hans Zimmer's brilliant otherwordly drum-rolling score to keep the excitement going. If John Williams made us believe a man can fly in the Donner films, Hans Zimmer made us believe Superman can soar & battle again for superhero supremacy at 75 in this Snyder extravaganza. On my first viewing of the movie, I thought there were small lapses in the editing but concluded later on in my second and third viewing that it was artfully & thoughtfully done---more cohesive than I have originally thought. Go watch MAN OF STEEL and see for yourselves then watch it again! Expand
  12. Jun 22, 2013
    Its a bird, its a plane, no- its a reboot. This makeover is raw steak without the sizzle. For some it may be hard to swallow if you're used to Disney themes. Don't look for the cute puppy scenes to sooth your family with at this film, because the producers/director let the ravenous bulldogs out. Its silently operatic and combined with themes from Inception and Dark Night. -Derrick G
  13. Jun 22, 2013
    I guess the development of the story is fast, but is visually awesome and a perfect welcome to the century XXI to Superman, I think it fits to this new era.
  14. Jun 22, 2013
    Man of Steel is a new reboot for the next Superman series which was done by director, Zack Snyder and the production was hold by Christopher Nolan after he accomplished his Dark Knight trilogy. Before I discuss about the new reboot, this movie is very different like most other classic Superman films. Superman and Superman II are very memorable and most other three Superman movies are quite disappointing and pretty weak. I would say that the movie is very underwhelming. The new story is about Jor-El (Russell Crowe) from Krypton is sending his son Kal-El (known as Clark Kent/Superman) to the planet Earth, which he'll turn into a super strength superhero with energy source, until General Zod (Michael Shannon) will capture the son and the planet Krypton is been destroyed. After that, the son grows up as a new Superman (Henry Cavill) to fight over General Zod and his men to destruct the entire world. As a follow up like most other Superman movies, this movie is pretty weak. The situation is that the story is too complex with too many cut scenes, the acting wasn't that great, and the plot is too rushed. The characters are also forgettable and I would say that the Superman movies or the animated series from the 90's are well done with memorable characters, take time with their motivation, and acting is good. But the new characters in this reboot are too cliché with throwing too much stereotypes into a wooden dialogues. Henry Cavill portrays the new Superman is okay, but not that memorable and this protagonist is an obvious hero who is here to find some answers and act like he is brave or what? There is an obvious Lois Lane (Amy Adams), there is an obvious military soldiers, there is an obvious henchmen, and there is an obvious people from the city or in the small town of Smallville. That is except for two characters like Jor-El play by Russell Crowe and General Zod play by Michael Shannon. Russell Crowe did very well as the father of Superman with good character development and some good back story about him. Michael Shannon is having fun for playing the over the top villain and acting like Terrence Stamp's performance. But like I say the story and the characters are kind of bland and too forgettable. The movie is not that horrible or bad, it's just that the movie is too underwhelm with confusing back stories, the shaky cams are too fast, and the characters are pretty weak. At the same time, this movie is a minuscule of average superhero flicks. Thumbs Down. Expand
  15. Jun 22, 2013
    Giving a solid origin story and fitting actor, "Man of Steel" takes its well known character and humanizes him, and, in the process, establishes a true hero.
  16. Jun 22, 2013
    The critics gave it bad rating but that is what I come to except from them. They never like comic book movies. The only one they like was the new Batman movies. This movies lives about to everything we except in Superman movie. For those purist yes it is another origin story at the beginning but hey that is what you need we reintroducing to fan who know nothing about superman. Fans who never see will love it and become superman fans of it. So much action so much fun would highly recommend it. It is Hell-Ya movie. Expand
  17. Jun 22, 2013
    Man of Steel is in essence a hollow two hour music video featuring a caricature of Superman. The plot is wafer-thin, utterly incoherent, and instantly falls apart where even an iota of thought is applied. The so-called characters are one-dimensional, lacking any depth, development, or motivation. Nothing and no-one makes any sense. It would seem that the loud and flashy visuals were cranked up to 11 in an attempt to disguise or compensate for this. Shame then the visuals themselves are also quite poor.

    In terms of Superman's world-famous conscience and moral values, both the movie and the portrayal of Superman himself are also repugnant. I find it very difficult to believe that even the most casual of Superman fans would fail to miss the utter disregard for human life displayed. I won't say anything more about this to avoid providing spoilers.

    Fans of Superman or just of decent films in general should avoid this.
  18. Jun 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Henry Cavill is the one major thing that makes this movie worth seeing. He’s vulnerable, but when the scene warrants it, he somehow brings exactly the amount of intimidating gravitas needed. For that reason, the interrogation scene with Lois at the mid-way point of the flick is easily my favorite it’s the moment that ultimately sold me on Cavill in the role. In that scene Kal-El is respectful, but he also carries himself in such a way that it makes you believe it when it’s noted that the military could never even hope to control him. To me, he is utterly believable, and a worthy successor to Christopher Reeve.

    Despite being a glorified Jedi Knight, Russell Crowe made a decent father figure for Kal-El. The amount of screen time he had after being murdered was actually rather startling. No doubt because “Russell Crowe”.

    I’m not entirely familiar with Michael Shannon, but as a bad guy he did his job proper as the Shouty Evil Madman. He’s no Terence Stamp, but this a different Khan. I mean Zod.

    The rest of the cast was pretty much transparent. Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, and Diane Lane seem to exist only to fill the required spaces in the script. None of them brings anything especially memorable to the table. I don’t blame them, as actors, because that’s reflective of the movie in general aside from plot issues, this version of Superman’s world is as dry as a saltine. In contrast, Margot Kidder and Jackie Cooper had immense personality. These same characters in the Man of Steel universe are largely forgettable.

    Much like Star Trek Into Darkness, Man of Steel starts out pretty good, and then around the half-way point, things just begin falling apart. Once Zod re-enters the story, the whole thing descends into an almost endless sequence of fighting, explosions, and raw carnage.

    Honestly, I’m half surprised Michael Bay didn’t get an Executive Producer credit.

    During the numerous battles, Superman takes absolutely no care to keep people from getting killed…until it’s time for his close up at the end, of course. We see him purposely thrust his foes violently through seemingly occupied office buildings and causing gas pumps to explode. This version of Superman, at this point in his life, simply does not give an actual ****

    If this was woven into a larger narrative about the consequences of unchecked power a hard, guilt-fueled lesson for Kal-El to learn this might almost be forgivable. But it’s never addressed, and nobody even blinks.

    On one hand, I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of the vulnerable Kal-El an outsider dealing with heavy childhood issues, raised in a harsh world not his own. But on the other hand, it really needed some moments of levity to balance things out. The movie is so friggin’ deadpan. I’m not asking for comedy, just a little something to take off the edge.

    Because of this, it’s not fun. Batman is the one who’s story is supposed to be grim and serious. The flick only really loosens it’s sphincter at the very end, with the female soldier noting how hot Superman was. I let loose a small smirk finally but it was too little, too late.

    On a more practical level, visually, the special effects are nearly flawless (but in 2013 that’s to be expected nowadays, movies can no longer coast on amazing visuals alone). But those visuals are bogged down by that dark, depressing, gritty, undersaturated, high-contrast, usually blue-tinted tone present in so many movies of this era. The “shakycam” look got tiresome pretty quick, as well.

    The style might have worked if it was just limited to the childhood flashbacks, but it’s used everywhere. At the very least, the style matches the tone of the movie. But that’s definitely not a complement.

    There was a lot of potential for something seriously great here, and we may, some day, see such a movie. A sequel with a better story, starring Cavill, could easily hit it out of the park if done right… but as it is, this was an ominous start to DC’s multi-film “Get Us Some of That Sweet Marvel Movie Cash” arc.

    Worse, this movie seriously damages my optimism for the inevitable Justice League movie, and as a guy who tends to enjoy DC comics characters more than Marvel, that hurts quite a bit.
  19. Jun 22, 2013
    This, to me, is one of the best Superman movies in history. It was very informative, it educated the audience on who the Man of Steel was/is. I would have given it a 10, but I felt that his childhood should have been incorporated more into the movie, being how the beginning started off. But, overall, I loved this film.
  20. Jun 22, 2013
    Man of Steel is a generic summer blockbuster with Superman attached to it. It was entertaining, but I didn't take much out of it. The characters & relationships are 2 dimensional, the story is uninteresting and the villain is just plain boring. The cast don't even bring anything interesting to the table, which is a surprise since the cast includes Michael Shannon and Amy Adams. The effects are amazing looking & the action was fun, but even the action felt repetitive and tedious after a while. Man of Steel fails to distinguish itself from other blockbuster films and just ends up being a shallow & generic, but entertaining film. Expand
  21. Jun 22, 2013
    Whatever you do, dont let the reviewers crappy score for the movie miss guide you. Superman Returns has score of 75% by reviewers and we all know how bad that movie was. This movie is at least 2 times the movie superman returns is and trust me when I tell you that the movie will not disappoint.
  22. Jun 22, 2013
    I think a lot of movie critics are being too harsh with this one. I like the darker tone of thos movie and a found the characters very interesting. I do agree the fight sceenes were over done. Overall I really enjoyed this movie.
  23. Jun 22, 2013
    the first part of the film is a bit clueless but the second part starts with a quarter turn and can not be stopped
    for me the film is really good but I was expecting something amazing but what I saw wasn't rotten but the film was a film that mixed superman and 2012
    but otherwise good work snyder and nolan
  24. Jun 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Man of Steel Review (spoilers) English Version.
    How is this?. Superman does not kill ever, is not that their only unbreakable rule?. But no, this is a big change for an entire generation of fans of superman. By putting our hero in a world adapted to our reality would be a little improbable it was over pink.
    This "reboot" (re-start) of the franchise and the superhero loved and wanted more from all periods presented controversy, as many have surely noticed divided the public into two parts (which you can notice in many of the criticisms this movie is having) those who loved him as my (I'm a superman fan-boy) and they did not like (mostly adult fans of the old iconic superman christopher reeve). The biggest problem is that by generating many changes and break so many rules of the old superman to make it "fit" somehow in this generation, takes a break with previous generations. This is where I have seen the iconic movies of reeve and have read comics and everything that surrounds the world of superman tell those generations "get over it". It is simple fact, in previous generations superman was so iconic for one simple reason, it worked for them. I believed possible and others, they served as inspiration, because superman is the best thing a person can aspire to be, beyond his powers, the man just does everything right and as it should be. But the idealism of perfection and practically "utopia" no longer fits in this reality. Not something that serves us more perfect, utopian, unattainable. We need something more "credible" because superman is the most humane thing to be and if it is so human to have problems and difficulties as all of us or possibly much greater than ours. Then a hero who has problems, difficult to adapt, and that to save humanity is to kill someone, it is more credible and more focused on a possible reality like ours, instead of as unattainable utopia of reeve. So the final feature which appears as a reporter superman does not fit all in this new adaptation.

    Final Score: 9/10

    You definitely have to go see it to also form our own opinion. Regardless of the criticism the film is a success statistically speaking in terms of money raised. And are preparing the sequel that if Mr. Nolan confirms again be involved going to be a They imagine that Nolan do what he did for the guason with Lex Luthor??? I blows my mind to imagine that.

    Greetings and thank you all for reading enjoy this new, epic superman that brings our generation, and leave the past behind.
  25. Jun 22, 2013
    Everything wrong with Superman Returns has been righted with Man of Steel. We get to see Supe punch the hell out of Zod and his cronies and we get a more interesting back story. Character development is as good as you can expect for a comicbook adaptation but overall the action sequences steal the show. Triumphant return for Superman. Just wish Zod had asked him to kneel.
  26. Jun 22, 2013
    Really enjoyed the movie and it continues a trend of making our super-hero's more human. The one thing I can respect is how the film tries to show the humanity and morality as a key theme. Russell Crowe was great in his role as superman's father, very solid performance. Amy Adams is always nice to see on the big screen and she was more believable than previous Louis Lanes for sure. Must see
  27. Jun 22, 2013
    I liked Superman, Lois Lane, Perry White, Mama Kent, and a few of the supporting characters. Overall, the cast was not one of my issues with this movie. The exception being Zod, who was really one-note and shouty, despite having a pretty understandable motivation for doing what he was doing. He could have been an interesting character, but they didn't go that route, which is pretty disappointing. But he wasn't the sole disappointment. Another thing that didn't work for me was the prologue on Krypton. It was too long and way more science fiction-y than I was expecting, criticisms that I suppose could be extended to the entire movie. I'm fine with science fiction, but I really think they should have downplayed some of the alien-ness of Krypton. I don't think we needed Russel Crowe riding around on a dragon. It's already ludicrous enough that they're on a different planet yet are identical to us in appearance. You don't need to highlight that by showing the vastly different morphology of Krypton's wildlife. Makes suspension of disbelief a good deal harder. And to be honest, I'm not sure what level of reality they're shooting for in this movie. By making Lois aware of Superman's identity, they've basically conceded that it would be ludicrous for her to be fooled by a pair of glasses. But what about the rest of the world? We see in the last scene that he's working at the Daily Planet (It's real easy to become a reporter at a major metropolitan publication, right?). Not the sort of below-the-radar drifting that he had been doing previously. Seems like just about anyone who has seen Clark and Superman would put two and two together. And I know this is an inherited piece of ridiculousness. It's from the comic books, it's from the previous movies, and they couldn't tear everything to the ground. But the reason it wasn't an issue in previous media (I can only speak for the films as I've not read the comic books), is that they always had an air of campiness to them. Suspending your disbelief wasn't hard because it was clear that the world of Superman didn't really operate on anything resembling real world logic. That's not the case in the dour, self-serious world of Man of Steel. I feel like Superman's identity would be known in about 5 seconds flat. Okay, I'm out of good transitions, so another thing that bothered me was Pa Kent's death. I get that he didn't want his son to reveal himself by saving him, but why didn't he just let Clark get the dog in the first place? He could've done that without raising suspicions. It was just kind of a clumsy way of setting up his death. Also, though I liked Superman and Lois on their own, I thought they had very little chemistry together and their kiss was completely unearned. I'm sure there were other things that bothered me, but I'm not thinking of them right now. Expand
  28. Jun 22, 2013
    I am since my childhood, the first film of a powerful personality I've seen about the super man
    Frankly Marvel abuses figures from DC figures
    The reason is obvious
    Directors of DC
    Stronger than Spider man and Hulk
  29. Jun 21, 2013
    Great reboot to a much beloved super hero. As long as you go into this knowing that it is in fact reimagining you won't be to disappointed. I hope that the keep the sequels coming.
  30. Jun 21, 2013
    “Man of Steel” is, as everyone knows, the new Warner Bros. entry using this previously tried and true franchise about the native from the planet Krypton who finds a new home on Earth. Unfortunately, wearing a cape and an S on the front of his shirt is where the similarity ends. Starring Henry Cavill in the title role (an intentional Chrstopher Reeve look-alike), the film also boasts of a cast consisting of Kevin Kostner, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishbourne and Michael Shannon. Directed by Zack Snyder and co-written by Christopher Nolan and David Geyer, the failure for the film to work must rest with one or all of the aforementioned gentlemen.. Certainly the writing is the main culprit with a plot that is too complicated and a story that lacks total credibility. As a result, the viewing experience is deeply marred by this overly long movie.. The film’s action scenes are excessive and don’t allow for the story, what there is of it, to be told. Being a fan of the old Superman comics and films, I found this movie to do a tremendous disservice to the property and the image of this almost legendary and timeless superhero. I give the film a 5 because it just doesn”t live up to the potential and hype which preceded its opening day. Expand
  31. Jun 21, 2013
    This was the superman movie we needed!!! The director was perfect along with the actors and the story!!! This was the best movie I had ever seen!!! I can not wait to see what Snyder and Goyer have in store for the future!!!
  32. Jun 21, 2013
    This movie had everything this generation loves action thrill it was just suburb. People who liked the old general zod and that movie are just ruining this movie with the bad reviews and I even say next to an annoying guy during the movie and it was so good I still enjoyed it
  33. Jun 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a very mature and serious take on the icon that is Superman. It definitely departs from the Donner film, and it has an almost somber tone... which is reflective of the standard set by Goyer and Nolan in the Batman films. I do like the twist on the Lois and Superman (note... not Lois and Clark) such that it eliminates the ruse that is "Clark has glasses, and is completely unrecognizable as Superman" trick.

    Cavill fits the role nicely, and is convincing and grounded as Superman. Plus, I really wanted to see Superman as action hero, and boy does it deliver on this front. Almost TOO much punching, but I can forgive this sin, as the previous Supes films seemed to shy away from the fact that this is the most powerful dude on the planet. I knew this film was working when I was actively rooting for Superman to win the day, even though he almost ALWAYS wins the day.

    I also can see how this film will set up a sequel nicely, in that Lex Luthor could come in and point to the wreckage that is Metropolis, and blame Superman. This was a great reboot to the DC comic line. Now time for Wonderwoman!
  34. Jun 21, 2013
    Not gonna lie, this is the worst Superman movie. Even the God awful musical from the mid seventies stands tall over this diarrhea-fest. People have said that it's like Dragon Ball Z, but I think those people are like Peter Griffin in that THEY'RE MORONS. The plot is soooo freaking cliche and boring, everyone but superman is poorly developed (if at all) and acting abounds. The fights are lame and somehow less interesting than those in Transformers 3. I really don't see how anyone likes this movie and there's already a sequel in the works so perhaps next time we'll get a good villain and a good actor to play him unlike this time around... Expand
  35. Jun 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Man of Steel takes from Superman lore the aspects that fans of the original films have been dreaming about for over 3 decades.

    Superman II is the film that really grabbed my imagination from the original motion pictures during my youth. It excited me like nothing else had before. It was the baddie film. Superbeings fighting and throwing each other through Coke signs! Despite the Lester/Donnar pollution, the film is iconic. Not least for Terrance Stamps role as General Zod and the über-sexy Sarah Douglas as Ursa.

    This retelling of the franchise, grounded in the Zod story arc is just an incredible proposition for fans like me.

    To open on the visualisation of the birth of the Man of Steel is brilliant story telling. The old story is fresh and new straight away. The film gives us enough on screen, and, coupled with 'the good jist', the story romps along without treading to closely on old worn ground and risk growing stale whilst stumbling over a back-story most of the audience will know.

    All grown up and Superman who is known, excellently, as Kal-El throughout the film, is unsure of himself, new, or initially without, good knowledge of his past he appears a vulnerable lost soul. His powers are unrealised and he simply uses his moral compass (and some good hear-say)to direct him to an answer, if there is one...and there is *thumbs up* Then gets real.

    Michael Shannon's portrayal of General Zod is nothing short of sensational. His character is not the 'Bad' guy in the usual sense of the word. He is a creation of a society who's morals are questionable 'even' by our human standards and he is driven in his beliefs and is all the more dangerous for it.

    Henry 'Kal-El' Cavill is brilliant. The character is written so well you can identify with this vision of Superman like never before. With Cavill you feel that we are all along for the same ride and we like where it is going.

    Amy Adams is perfectly cast as Lois Lane. She is a remarkable actress and this role seems naturally made for her. The relationship between Lois and Superman is fresh and uncertain. I enjoyed the story arc but missed a little chemistry between the two and the last kiss didn't impact on me and, looking back, I thought it should have. Teed up nicely for the sequel though I have no doubt.

    I did have a couple of winces and the biggie for me was the 'Jesus Christ' shot of Kal-El departing the spacecraft following a final farewell to his father, Jor-El. I am not a massive follower of every Superman comic in print. I have a collection but would not consider myself an expert. So I cannot say whether this imagery is integral for the die hard comic fans'. For me, it is not needed, the symbolism of religious connotation is obvious if you 'want' look for it, without it being rammed down our throats so crassly.

    Another stab came from the military subordinates' question regarding terraforming. In order to better explain the situation (spoonfeed the audience) a soldier/officer pipes up and asks "What's Terraforming". I truly believe that the majority of fans and people in general will have heard of the word terraforming and have a grasp on, essentially, what it is. A better put 'explain please' question would have been, in response to "They're terraforming" would be "How are they doing it"?

    Good eyes also, on intrepid reporter Lois Lane, to spot a shadowy figure on her digital camera preview screen!?!

    Influentially I think that Christopher Nolan was on the bus but Zach Snyder and David Goyer were definitely in the driving seat. The pace of the film is relentless, I thought that the 3rd act needed to take breath before the final showdown to prepare the audience a little more for the upcoming clash. And... What a battle. What a fight. Nothing was spared, those buildings were empty by then, smash 'em up and ..oh and *He breaks his freakin' neck* Evolution or extinction? Right there the Superman character took a massive evolutionary leap forward.

    Man of Steel is visually stunning with an incredible soundtrack. The 3D aspect is good. I thought that the effect worked best during close up shots especially between Jor-El and his wife Lara before launching the capsule. I am not a fan of the art at all so I would have preferred a 2D viewing (not possible at our local cinema) So I look forward to that fresh viewing on a beautiful Steel-book Blu-Ray with a flawless transfer...I hope.

    Leaving the cinema, I immediately wanted turn round, sit down and watch it again (Very rare since I was probably 16) and took with me the message that I got from the film and that was; We can be better. We all, really can be 'Superman' if we choose to be. And that's not bad.

    I don't often dole out top marks. Many people believe that a 10/10 or 5 Stars is not the done thing? 'No such thing as a perfect film'! But when a film comes along that has so much riding on it and is much more than the sum of it's parts and is really bloody good then really; Fair Play, Sold!

    Suffice it to say that Man of Steel is a benchmark Summer Blockbuster classic.
  36. Jun 21, 2013
    Making a movie for Superman must be very hard but I think that they did a pretty good job at it. It is great to see a next gen Superman but to be honest I don't think fans of the original Superman movies are gonna like this as Superman does not keep his identity much of a secret. It was great to see what Superman's younger life was like as I don't think that has ever been addressed before. The fight scene effects where great but after seeing him fly threw 3 building it quickly gets dull and this really makes the movie drag. The movie is not terrible but you could easily give it a miss. Expand
  37. Jun 21, 2013
    Man of Steel was not what I expected it to be. Snyder and Nolan took a huge risk but I think it may have been well worth it. Many people complain and compare these superhero films to their comic book counterparts (which I never do). It is nearly a known fact that text sources are substantially greater than anything a film studio could ever compile. As a film, Man of Steel has a well developed plot which isn't too complicated along with what many may call "excess" action. Cavill and Adams have good chemistry as Clark and Lois which I hope may develop more in the following films. Overall, the film was great but there is some room for improvement for the next films. Expand
  38. Jun 21, 2013
    I don't know what it was, but it wasn't Superman I know and love. It felt more like space alien invasion movie than Superman movie. Stupid soulless action movie without any real contents.
  39. Jun 21, 2013
    First of all, i´m a huge superman fanboy, that being said, this movie rocks as far as being a darker version more realistic Superman movie, not the seudo tribute to Richard Donner that was Superman Returns.
    It´s superman meets The dark knight trilogy. Only complaint i had was the lack of John Williams superb soundtrack, it´s not there and that´s not cool at all, otherwise, it´s
  40. Jun 21, 2013
    This for me was a four star movie. I will admit I went in expecting to like it but that has never made me bias, example Iron Man 3, or The Amazing Spiderman. This movie delivers from start to finish. The story is fast paced and for being 2 hours and 23 mins it flies by so fast I couldn't believe when it was over. There are certain characters that are not given the time they deserve but I feel it all made sense for the story. This isn't your Richard Donner Superman movie, this is Superman in the real world. When he is discovered things move fast and with the arrival of Gerneral Zod things really pick up. There is plenty of development of Clark, and General Zod is a creepily good character. The real surprise for me was Russell Crowe, Jor-El was given an excellent role and his character was one of my favorite parts of the movie. Like I said not all characters get great attention, like Perry White, but I feel that we will get that in the next movie. The ending of the movie sets up the next ones perfectly and I left truly excited to see more. The movie is action heavy, and it has awesome set pieces and the special effects are truly spectacular. If your looking for your family style happy go lucky Superman movie this isn't it. If your looking for a great Superman movie that taps into the full potential of this great iconic character this movie is exactly what your looking for. Could there be improvements made? Yes, Does that effect the quality of the movie, absolutely not. I don't think I really could've enjoyed this movie anymore than I did. Expand
  41. Jun 21, 2013
    Very good movie. I liked everything: visual effects, actors, action, and music. Beautiful panorama of Krypton. Do not feed boring flashbacks. Best film of Superman to date.
  42. Jun 21, 2013
    Produced on a $225 million budget, the special effects are the only thing that impress. At least at the beginning. After the 597th explosion and the 245th fighting scene you just get bored of all the noise and the visual effects that try to be realistic but are just too big to look in any way compelling. Little dialogue and even less story just give the film the last "kick in the ass". I seriously tried to be impressed, to be thrilled but by any means I was bound to fail! Expand
  43. Jun 21, 2013
    Man of Steel is more than just Avengers-sized escapism; it's an artistic introduction to a movie superhero we only thought we knew.Nolan and Synder set out to do something with this film that most fans of Superman have longed for, create a Superman that is relevant. Man of Steel delivers on almost every level. The vision is epic, the delivery is epic and there is action. Tons of SUPER action. I saw the movie in 3D...honestly, didn't improve the movie over a 2D I am quite sure. Expand
  44. Jun 21, 2013
    Christopher Nolan and Zack need to do more films together. With Nolan dealing with the writing and Zack dealing with the directing they could go really far. This was a superman movie with no generic kryptonite weaknesses or corny lines but one that was actually serious
  45. Jun 21, 2013
    Somewhat humorless and a few silly story elements, but spectacular set pieces and visuals. Even acting throughout. A nice, different kick at the can at the Superman character. First movie to really show how powerful Superman really is in the comic books. (without oddities like turning back time or memory-sapping kisses) Thoroughly enjoyed it despite it's problems.
  46. Jun 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. To be honest in my humble opinion, the opening sequence on planet Krypton felt so much more fleshed out than the entire Star Trek reboot films. That blew my mind away and got me sold on the whole movie instantly. Man of steel was an emotional ride for me. I found myself tearing up a couple of times during the first act of the film. Credit must go to David Goyer and Snyder for capturing the internal turmoil and strife that Clark Kent faces before accepting his calling to be the beacon of light that guides mankind from becoming extinct like Krypton. The action sequences were a beauty to behold. I was glad there was no use of slow-mo effects that Snyder is infamous for in his other films. I actually can picture Nolan’s universe of batman existing in Snyder’s superman universe. The lack of comedic relief in this 1st outing of man of steel can be forgiven because it was important to get his back story fleshed out for potential sequels. I think by taking a serious and realistic approach to this franchise they can build a solid foundation for JL movie or a World’s Finest movie. What also liked about man of steel was how the “villains” where defined in their motivations. General Zod and Faora’s back stories were really logical enough and added more depth to why they wanted to takeover earth in order to continue Krypton’s existence. Last but not least, Hans Zimmer’s score really pulled the strings in magnifying the scale of this movie. He captured all the emotions you should feel in every scene just by the use of music. Simply amazing! I’m gonna watch again 2moro in Imax 3D because I watched it in 2D only. I have to see planet Krypton in glorious 3D. Expand
  47. Jun 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've now watched the film 3 times... After the initial trailers hit the screen I couldn't wait to see it but I have to admit after the first viewing I felt a little disappointed and a bit cheated However, on viewing it a second time... What can I say... The sound track was the first thing I noticed and it frankly blew me away finally we can move on from Mr Williams wee tune. My thoughts regarding the film are probably best summed up in the following review Expand
  48. Jun 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is by far the best superman movie, but to be fair that not saying much. There are moments in this movie that are very good, like the battle in Smallville. But the story line in places could of been much better like destroying the world to re-colonise it...why? If they left it as it was they would of been unstoppable as they would all be as powerful as superman... Also Zod is a trained soldier who has been bred and trained his entire life to fight and yet was beaten by somebody who has actively avoided fighting his entire life...

    But anyway not a bad movie, worth a watch, but not the best superhero movie.
  49. Jun 21, 2013
    This ain't yo daddy's Superman. Badass. Now to address the hate.

    This film is being torn down by people saying it's both technically terrible, and a disservice to the character. I've got news for ya: f**k Sam Raimi. Y'all want Spiderman with bright colours and comic panels come to life. If you want that, there's Superman Returns, and it was awful. Like every Superman movie except the
    first one, and even that has aged horribly. Go watch the Marvel movies. DC have gotten the two filmmakers who redefined the tonal spectrum of the superhero working TOGETHER. I'm sick of live action cartoons this is a film. Expand
  50. Jun 21, 2013
    This is the Zack-Christopher Masterpiece, combined with Hans Zimmer awesomeness, this movie gives you chills, from the beginning until the end !
    Don't know what is wrong about the critics on this..
  51. Jun 21, 2013
    Why did they change Superman? What was wrong with him? I feel like its the same as with the Dark Knight Rises... So different from the source that it may as well be something completely different.
  52. Jun 20, 2013
    I thought Man of Steel was a good Superman movie. A decent action movie. As far as the 2006 Superman Returns movie, Man of Steel was so much better. Henry Cavill makes a much better Superman then Brandon
    Routh did and Amy Adams a much better Lois Lane. Although Man of Steel downplays the chemistry between Cavill and Adams. I saw potential in them as a screen couple, but there wasn't
    enough of a buildup.
    to their first kiss. Hopefully the sequel.will play up more as a couple. The action was good. Somehow I felt disappointed though. Not by the acting. There was no bad acting in the movie. Everyone plays their part well. I just felt like there was something missing. Like there wasn't enough story or something. I guess I just expected more
  53. Jun 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a new beginning for man of steel, but the action can be some annoy, but the plot is good, and this movie is excellent for christopher nolan and David goyer. Expand
  54. Jun 20, 2013
    A strong and solid Superhero Origins movie, may not be the absolute masterpiece of the genre but is one of the best beginning.

    Man of Steel is in line with Nolan's Batman Begins or Sam Raimi's Spider-man, and while being not very much better than the first Iron Man is indeed more epic, more human, more deep and more BIG.

    What is less: is less witty, less funny and less rich of humor
    wich is really bad! (Straczinsky's Superman: Earth One has a lot to teach about!)

    What is more than any other movie: this Man of Steel is more concerning the true meaning of superheros than any other movie and than ALL other movies together we have seen during the last 3-4 years.

    The Greatest Superhero has finally returned.
  55. Jun 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One of the most enjoyable movies this summer so far. Critics have no idea what they're talking about. The soundtrack was a little overpowering at times, but that's all I have to say about this movie in a bad way. This movie is action-packed, has really good acting, and pretty good presentation. I think that some people don't really like the way Zod is defeated in battle, when Supes cracks his neck, and I understand that. But he really didn't want to. He had to save that innocent family from dying. I would've done the same thing if I was him. It takes a little while to get some where, but you will not regret going to see this movie, I promise. Expand
  56. Jun 20, 2013
    I was a huge fan of Superman 1 and 2. I did not have high hopes for a reboot. This movie was amazing! Superman looked tough. The beginning of the movie is fantastic. There is not a boring spot in the whole movie. The villains were cool. I will see this in theaters more than once and from me that is saying a lot. I hope they make many more just like this one.
  57. Jun 20, 2013
    This is one of those movies that is mostly good but has some glaring weaknesses. The direction and feel of the movie was stylish and the effects were phenomenal. The acting was good and the movie told a good story with a resolution. On the other hand, the dialogue in this movie was sub par. The lines felt like they belonged in a trailer and that is not the way that real people talk. The weak script led to a disconnect between the audience and characters. Also, I personally enjoyed the final action sequence, but I can see why some thought it was too long and drawn out. Expand
  58. Jun 20, 2013
    Leave your brain at home and enjoy comic book capers.
    There are plenty of 'WTF??' moments related to the plot. Constantly shaky camera means you can't really get into the action scenes easily. Lois is not that hot. Superman himself is cool. The bad guys will scare 12 year olds.
    BUT there's tons of action, thousands get splatted and massive destruction and incredible CGI.
    Not really
    worth the 3d ticket. One of those films where you have to see it on the big screen. Watch later at home and you'll be facebooking on your mobile on the sofa and only half watching before you know it. Expand
  59. Jun 20, 2013
    Visuals: one of the best I've seen (espec in a blockbuster)
    Cast: ok, althought the actor of Superman has too big imho
    Storyline: same as 99% of blockbusters, this got me really sad. Imagine if they really put a GOOD, not braindead story with these visuals.. wouldn't that be magical? -3 points for griffindor for that.
    i think I'll add one more thing: if you have control of the
    spaceship, WHY on earth don't you simply remove the athmosphere and kill all the villains? Expand
  60. Jun 20, 2013
    I got high hope for the movie after I witnessed how Nolan accomplished for Batman franchise. The movie is great, I must say. But it got multiple rough edges. My actual score is 7.8.
    I don't think the superman is too serious. He is funny enough in another way, like a normal human. He is optimistic, helpful, just like what a great person should be. The movie also reached my expectation on
    the stance of delivering emotion. The movie truely showed me the conflict in Clark about being normal or unusual.
    However, my first complain about the movie is the performance of some characters. Take Zod as an example, he never showed any sort of emotion. He was just shouting about how he love his people. I believe the movie wants to squeeze a little bit more from him but failed. General Zod and his people are like bad guys with BAD on their faces.
    Second is some of the plot made no sense. Why Zod wants Louise aboard? Why there's a control plug-in in her supposed jail? Why their ships' control is that easy to be overwritten? Why Zod is that easy to be killed even after he takes off his armor? It feels like the good guys were hacking to win.
    The third is the fighting scenes are way too chaotic even on Superman's stance. With the help of Bourne-like shaky camera and half-ass 3D effect, my eyes hurt a little. The fighting sequences are always like "Superman shut up, he gets hit; Superman shout, he wins."
    Overall, the movie worth the tickets, and I'm highly recommended it to DC fans and guys who want to see a blockbuster to kill some time. But I don't think it will be as memorable as Dark Knight Trilogy after couple of years.
  61. Jun 20, 2013
    How wrong can the critics be, seriously? What did they actually watch!?

    I expected Man of Steel to be akin to the slew of superhero movie remakes and fall into the Green Lantern trap of dull sci-fi escapism, especially when I read a few plot overviews ahead of seeing it.

    Instead, it hit every note perfectly a spectacular re-imagining of the Superman franchise, providing back story,
    vulnerability and presence to the character. Amy Adams is well cast as Lois Lane, whist Lawrence Fishburne provides a good, surprisingly level-headed Perry White, a stark contrast to the 80s movie offering.

    All in all, really entertaining, does exactly what it meant to do and sets up the franchise for exciting times ahead. For this one, the Metacritic users are definitely right, the critics need to reassess.
  62. Jun 20, 2013
    I find too many things wrong with this movie and not enough right. 1) Movie isn't in chronological order, which is fine, but not when the scenes with the most emotion were put in the trailer. 2) Everyone loves an action scene that shows intense struggle with a realistic turn around. In this case the action was over extended and leaves of feeling of exhaustion. 3) Graphics are cool, but it doesn't make it cool to use it on everything. Clark Kent's body wasn't real, all the action looked more like a video than a movie, and it takes away a feeling of reality which is what a move of this nature should be about.

    4) The overall story line wasn't too bad, but they ruined it by making 30% of the movie based on action scenes that didn't contribute to the story.

    * At the end of it all, it had potential, great story line, and nice plotting. It was a shame that Znyder went with a more 300 approach than a Dark Knight.
  63. Jun 19, 2013
    Upon hearing general zod as the main villain....I was a bit dissapointed.....but well, after seing the trailer....I guessed MoS still have hope to be decent movie....but after seeing this movie....THIS IS THE BEST SUPERMAN MOVIE YETTTTT!!!!!!! Pure Action..... I never like Superman stories being told with stupid drama and romance like Superman Returns....I don't care about those critics too
  64. Jun 19, 2013
    I went into this movie with high expectations. And wow was I pleased. The work done on this movie was phenomenal.
    People have issues with the casting for a few characters, but I will say that it was perfect. The movie nailed it. And I can not wait to see a new one.

    My only problem was that it was short, and if the movie was longer, then there would have been more character development.
    Other than that I had no issue.

    I love new and dark approach to the heroes of the DC Universe, and I pray that the rest of the heroes and heroine have the same feeling.

    This movie has the story, the characters, the acting and the action.

  65. Jun 19, 2013
    I wanted to like this movie, and it started out promising with some interesting development into Clark's past. Unfortunately, it quickly devolved into a completely boring, formulaic, unintelligent, twist-less, and one-dimensional good guy/bad guy movie, with about 60 straight minutes worth of repetitive action scenes that reminded me of Transformers 3 (which also, not coincidentally was well-reviewed by the mindless public, but despised by critics). Might be worth seeing for the first hour, but certainly at least wait for the dvd, or don't see it all. Expand
  66. Jun 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Honestly, I was very excited for this movie. Very excited. The opening scene was well done. They changed a few aspects of the storyline, but I am really okay with this. However, a lot of that changed once the story shifted to Superman and his background. All of the dialogue was extremely cheesy and hokey, very little made sense, most of the plot and scenes seemed thrown together in fact, although I was bored, I felt as though this was supposed to be a 4-hour movie that had someone cut random scenes out. It was actually that disconnected.

    Zod was probably the most redeeming aspect of this film, and Russell Crowe wasn't too bad. But there are too many poor aspects of this film to make it enjoyable for me, including the extremely overblown CGI and action, which actually made me feel that the director was trying to distract me from the rest of the movie, rather than entertain me. Here are some questions I pose.

    Was this movie really directed by Michael Bay? I've never seen so many explosions, and I saw the first Transformers movie 3 times in theaters.

    Amy Adams kept teleporting everywhere. Is she Nightcrawler?

    How come Superman has just met this woman, and is immediately in love with her? Is this the Notebook?

    Superman was struggling for (what we assume is) 20+ years with his power. One pep talk from his "dad" and now he has everything under control and can fly? How? And how come Zod just went "GRRR I'M A WARRIOR" and then could automatically fly? There was no learning curve, build up, or well... any logic, even in the fictional sense of logic. I guess my real question here is ...why?

    Three superhuman aliens are fighting, and one is protecting you. Why is our military wantonly shooting (with no effect) all three of them? And then declaring HE IS NOT OUR ENEMY like some 1984 computer? And on that note, how come nobody in the movie made mention of the weapons having no effect? "MORE BULLETS." Is this what we've reduced our military to? Pathetic.

    How come everyone in this movie magically knows what's going on? The plot seemed to move along so quickly and without consequence. Amy Adams makes this discovery. Her boss believes her but also ascertains she's right to keep quiet. Superman is satisfied with this result. Zod shows up. All within, what, 2 hours?

    The part that killed it for me, where I absolutely knew this movie was ruined, was when one of the chief officers of NORAD says, about a U.F.O. they know nothing about, including if it's a manned spacecraft, "Whoever's at the helm of that ship, he's lining up to make a dramatic entrance." Dumbest. Line. In the World. And this movie had many of them.

    Keeping in mind, there were some redeeming qualities. The action, although overblown, was somewhat entertaining although the "climactic" scene wasn't actually the "final" fight, and that next fight was dumb and reminded me of the Family Guy chicken fight. Some of the actors did okay, and.. that's about it. The opener was well done, too. But I already said all of this.

    If you loved Transformers 2, you'll love this. If you didn't, avoid this movie. And thank Michael Bay for the inspiration.
  67. Jun 19, 2013
    Love the movie, this was the Superman, I've been waiting for better than the old ones no disrespect to Reeves, they did a awesome job, effects, action, seen the movie on the 14, and going back again to watch it on 3d, was worth every penny!!! Really don't care about what the critics had to say. Can't wait for blue-ray to come out pre-ordering at Wal-mart!! Whoever did not watch man of steel, go watch it do not listen to rotten tomatoes and all them critics, they have no idea what they talking about! Expand
  68. Jun 19, 2013
    This movie was exactly what I wanted to see with my favorite comic book hero, Superman. Snyder has that unique ability to take the universes right out of the comic and put them to the big screen. There are a few things that I still had questions about once the end credits rolled, but it wasn't enough of a drawback to the awe I felt seeing Kal-el, Jor-el, Zod, and especially Faora done so well. It elaborated the sci-fi element beyond just crystals and more crystals which I thought was an improvement over the older movies. And Man of Steel may have some plot holes but so did Superman 1-4. Such as if he can turn back time, why not use that every time a villain gets the upper hand? You could call it Superman: Groundhog Day. He just keeps repeating things till he gets it done right. But despite that people still loved the movies, and I think the critics got it wrong with this one. I highly recommend checking it out. Expand
  69. Jun 19, 2013
    Superman has got to be the lamest hero. Honestly, the character is comparable to a hot dog from the old tale about the casings being stuffed with whatever the butcher swept off his floor Superman has got everything. A man that was dreamt of being forged in empyrean; an essential god simply created to out-do whatever other heroes had been envisioned at the time; a simple product of testosterone fueled imaginations. At least that’s how it seems to me, and yet, that very individual is the champion of what could very well be one of my favorite movies of the past few years, Man of Steel.

    Sure, call it high praise, but I’m serious; it’s at least managed to claim the title of “Favorite Superhero Movie,” quite easily. Before I get into it, let me talk about the biggest issue and then clarify it for you: this isn’t Christopher Nolan’s movie. I lost track of how many times, when talking about Man of Steel, people have claimed, “Well it’s gotta be good, Nolan did it.” No, he didn’t. He is one of five or so executive producers, and had a finger or two not even a hand in its entirety in the story (though, arguably he is the one that had this project green lit, so cheers to that). Similarly, many reviews suggest that Director Zack Snyder attempted to “Nolan-ize” Superman, but assuming that causes expectations to never be fulfilled this is not The Dark Knight with Superman. So let’s give commendation to those who may have gone unnoticed under Nolan’s shadow: Snyder and Writer David Goyer.

    Read more
  70. Jun 19, 2013
    Best movie that I paid to see since Avatar. Some of the scenes even remind me of Avatar. The action was intense, the actors were very good, some of the scenes were very touching, I really love the Krypton scenes and how David wrote it as being a planet like Pandora and also some Star Wars mixed in. Paid a lot of homage in my opinion to Smallville the TV series. I think I will go see it again.
  71. Jun 19, 2013
    This movie does a lot of things well and a lot of things REALLY BADLY. Single scenes are inspired, Jor-El's role in assisting Clark oppose Zod is very well-written and acted, and the production of the film is stellar. Yet plot holes abound, Cavill obviously interpreted Clark as a cinder block in a cape, and the entire second half smacks of typical Zack Snyder trash, all action, no thoughts, hero and villain punching each other from set piece to set piece. The bipolar film careens from intelligent, interesting and boisterous to utterly imbecilic and back again, sometimes all in the same scene. Sadly, this movie is not worth the price of admission as the sum of its parts are less than the individual brilliance of certain ideas.

    You spend the first half dealing with garbled backstory, presented via flashbacks. The actors playing Young and Teen Clark convey a good deal emotion, which is to say they do a whole lot more in their limited screen time than Cavill. The character of Jonathan Kent is laughably stupid (Seriously, the theater laughed at him in nearly every flashback) While the individual flashbacks mostly work, they are jarring in the course of present-day plot and make the entire first act feel disjointed. One has to wonder if this is where a better director would have helped, as the movie lacks a cohesive feel. It harms the slower pacing and bores the viewer. Overall, the film attempts something similar to Bruce Willis' Unstoppable: the creation of a superhero in the modern world. It's not a bad idea and there is some merit to the film's attempt but it comes across as a mediocre sci-fi film (much like Unstoppable). It certainly doesn't feel like a superhero movie, which doesn't seem so bad until compared to...

    ...the special effects-laden, seemingly endless punchfest the second half devolves into. Given Zack Snyder's track record of making over-produced soulless action flicks, I suppose this should have been expected. It's almost as if one of the producers helmed the first half while Snyder yawned and interrupted all the talky scenes with incessant one-liners and cries of "Booo-ring" like a highly paid high school student, then snapped to attention and started making race car noises when it was time to choreograph the action scenes. There's not a lot to say past that. It's highly produced action, non-stop, until the end of the movie. Some of it is smart, some is moronic, there are highlights and lowlights, but with no serious plot behind it, it feels weightless.

    This movie does a lot of things, though none entirely well. At points every aspect is great and at others terrible. As such it can only ever top out as a mediocre movie: an action movie that bores you to tears for half the time or an interesting plot device riddled with holes and a mind-numbingly stupid ending. No matter which side you pick, you wind up disappointed.
  72. Jun 19, 2013
    Extremely entertaining. A very interesting look at the world of Superman. Very much enjoyed the action sequences and the film's cinematography. Lost me a few times with it's cheesy moments, but that's expected from a summer blockbuster. Looking forward to seeing it again.
  73. Jun 19, 2013
    Not the perfect Superman movie, but its the best one. Some people want to be nostalgic and still say the first Superman with Christopher Reeves. That's wrong. Regardless of how nostalgic they want to be, they're wrong quite frankly. There were numerous things within the story that really bothered me, especially the end with Zod. Anyway, it was a fun movie to watch. A very enjoyable superhero movie. Warner Bros. green lit the sequel, and I expect the sequel to be better. The origin story was necessary due to the reboot, however, I felt like they spent a little too much time on it. We GET IT. HE'S AN ALIEN. I felt that was excessively pushed that he wasn't human. Anyway, I recommend it if you're a DC fan or even a Superhero fan. Its hard to make a Superman film, but Zack Snyder & Christopher Nolan did a damn good job. Expand
  74. Jun 19, 2013
    It's not a great improvement from Superman movies, but "Man Of Steel" has some great special effects, is well acted, with a very interesting storyline.
  75. Jun 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. (Contains some spoilers)
    After viewing Man of Steel I found that I was talking myself into having a positive reaction for it. Now don't confuse this for a condemnation, there was plenty to like about the newest iteration of the Superman story, but there was a lot to be critical of as well. Let's start with the good stuff.

    The most exciting and perfect part of Man of Steel had to be the man himself. Henry Cavill was an excellent choice to play the last son of Krypton. His physical presence never sways far from the center of the film, as it should be when talking about THE superhero of superheroes. Looks, brawn, and a subtle magnetism combine to give us the most believable Superman since the late Christopher Reeve. That said, there was too much brooding and emotional detachment brought to the character this time around. I don't necessarily blame Cavill for this as much as I blame the writer (David S. Goyer) and the director (Zack Snyder). While gritty realism and a darker, foreboding landscape has become the post-9/11 norm in cinema, it does not work in the world of Superman, who has always been an optimistic beacon of hope in the comic and film world. I think a little too much Dark Knight crept into the screenplay and creative input from Goyer and Nolan.
    Other members of the cast were equally excellent in supporting roles. Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner deliver as the two fathers of Kal-El/Clark Kent. Michael Shannon makes us almost sympathetic for the formidable General Zod in the end. Amy Adams, while not a standout in this cast, turns out an worthy performance as the tenacious reporter who will eventually steal the heart of Superman.
    Also of note are the stunning visual effects, refreshing when this well done.

    Although there was enough in this film to make me hopeful for some even better sequels in the future, there was also enough in this particular film to cause some concern. There was so much content in the form of origin, flashbacks, exposition, and the overly drawn out final confrontation in this film that the pacing suffered as a result. There was simply too much story to tell in too little time. The franchise would have been much better served had they left several backstory elements for future films. Also of concern was the tremendous lack of character development of anyone outside of Superman and Zod. I kept anticipating a scene where we could get some Superman/Lois connection, maybe not a deep emotional bond, but something other than random flirtation. The frantic pacing and need for overlong building destruction was what we got instead. Seriously, if I saw another random building come crashing down I was going to scream. There is no way they can rebuild a city after all that, it would take a century, even with Superman's help.

    My greatest irritation with the movie was the way in which Johnathan Kent was killed. Anyone who knows even a little about the story of Clark Kent knows that his adopted father dies when hes a teenager, and it's important to keep that part of the story because it was such a pivotal moment in the character's history. However, to have Jonathan tell Clark to watch him die in a tornado just to protect his secret seemed a little unbelievable. No one, not even Superman, would stand idly by and watch their father die when they could have saved him. Not even to protect his secret, not ever.

    All that being said, I thought it was a noble first effort to reboot a storied franchise. The film did an excellent job of setting up a classic superhero in the midst of our modern world. I eagerly await the much higher potential that this story can climb, or fly, to.
  76. Jun 19, 2013
    Lifeless product. Not the loving film we deserve for time and money. Thirty years from now, no one will cite this film as an example of good film making, but Richard Donner's Superman will always be remembered.
  77. Jun 19, 2013
    With one repetative fight scene after the next. Poorly utilizing Crowe and Costner and no character development of any kind for a number of key people in the movie. This gives you a joyless superman with no charisma or charm even from the man of steel. I was hoping for much more than just your average popcorn action movie. I love action movies but i understand others when they said the action seemed to dull down other elements such as who the characters are, why they are important, and why they do what they do. Expand
  78. Jun 19, 2013
    "Man Of Steel" was totally entertaining and enjoyable for a fantasy sci-fi action film and as such I give it a 9 of 10. I like the fresh and different approach to this franchise and hope they continue to expand the upcoming sequels with the same freshness. I am thinking Henry Cavill has just become a superstar personality and rightly so for he does a fine job as the man of steel. Worth a look.
  79. Jun 19, 2013
    I have to say this movie really came with an eraser to remove all the old superman history and start fresh. We enjoyed the film as a whole and would recommend it to our friends. It is more than a refreshing update on an old comic book hero.
  80. Jun 19, 2013
    It wasn't prefect but I liked the way they tried to reinvent the canon. The acting was well done in my opinion, even though the story was nothing new. Some of the action sequences were a bit drawn out but other than that I enjoyed this installment of the Superman franchise.
  81. Jun 19, 2013
    Find the postivie reviews by users odd for this one. I had high hopes for the picture however the story fell very very short. Michael Shannon as Zod was amazing. Great acting. The story regarding Lois Lane was awful (knowing how to shoot a gun, from another planet, 2 seconds after being handed to her is just one example). Special effects were amazing, however movie was an easy 30 to 45 minutes too long. The only way I can see users liking this is because it is a "Superman Movie". I think in 3-4 years people will look back and say this is a disappointment. Expand
  82. Jun 19, 2013
    First off be warned that this version is a completely different take any Superman you will have ever known or seen. This is why we get people complaining.. But if Snyder and Goyer followed the story traditionally, then you'd have people complain that it brought nothing new to the table. How can they win? Well they win by successfully presenting a fresh and updated take. It's moving with the times. It's very good so give it a chance. There are hardly any boring moments and the action is great. Cavill makes a sombre and amateurish Superman in his early days believable. Amy Adams is good in just about anything she appears in and in Lois Lane she has given us the best version, be it comic book or film. Which leads me on to state that this movie is just as much about Lois Lane as Superman. Never would I have ever imagined that a Lois Lane movie would work and it has here.
    I'll finish off on why this movie didn't get a perfect 10. Well it is long at over 140 minutes. But here's the thing, it didn't feel like it at all and the time flew by. A good sign, though that's where MOS falters a little. The film has a lot crammed in and could have done with more character and story development. Let'd hope the director's cut sorts this out.

    Lastly I have no idea why the critics have have been so harsh. But it just seems like it's their current M.O. Just to hate. Heed my warnings/tips and watch it for yourself. I didn't regret it.
  83. Jun 19, 2013
    Man of Steel may have the greatest action in a movie, ever and has a pretty good story to go with it. The film starts with great action with a huge battle on krypton and finishes with a huge battle on earth. The actors did there part and were able to engage the audience most of the time.

    Towards the begging of the film there was forced chemistry between some characters but towards the
    end they greatly improved. Superman's origin was greatly told through flashbacks.

    The special effects were amazing and always kept me entertained.
  84. Jun 19, 2013
    Man Of Steel shows some promising aspects but is flawed. the relationship between Kal-El Henry Cavil) and Lois Lane Amy Adams) seemed unnatural and forced the battle scenes were repetitive and the climax was exceedingly disappointing and didn't stir any emotion within me apart from boredom Kevin Costner's touching performance as Jonathan Kent was the highlight of the film.
  85. Jun 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Man of Tin

    As you can guess from the title of my review, I did not enjoy “Man of Steel.” It had great effects and the scenes that took place on Krypton were awesome. But overall the MoS was poorly paced, poorly directed, and didn’t provide characters that I could really connect with. The action sequences also lacked a sense of peril because the combatants were invulnerable.

    I’ll start off tin what I liked about MoS, Krypton. Krypton was amazing in this film. It looked and felt completely alien. There was a giant flying creature that Jor’El rode on at one point. The structures and plains in the background were uniquely designed. Krypton in this movie was a breathtaking sight to behold. The narrative on Krypton flowed better than the rest of the movie also. Major plot points are setup masterfully on Krypton but soon begin falling apart once the story moves forward to Earth.

    On to Earth, and the bad aspects of the film. MoS does a poor job of telling Superman’s origin story and establishing him as a character that we can root for and care about. We get to see Clark Kent roam around aimlessly with a big depression beard, while throwing in flashbacks of his childhood. This part of the movie wasn’t horrible but the pacing was odd. He’s a man, then a boy, then back to a man, then a teen. The individual scenes were good but they were linked in an uncomfortable, schizophrenic manner. The movie begins with Clark’s birth on Krypton, so how about maintaining a linear structure throughout the rest of the movie. Clark discovers his true identity and becomes Superman in a rather matter the fact way also.

    Which brings me to another and the most problematic aspect of the movie, unnecessary subplots and superfluous characters. There’s a constant cutting away from Superman to give screen time to characters and subplots that could’ve easily been cut from the movie. Uninteresting shots of military personnel meticulously setting up they’re gear and they’re guns. Scientists who reiterate plot points that General Zod just explained two scenes ago. Lois Lane’s search for Clark after seeing him use his powers really fell flat. All of these subplots detracted from Superman’s story and character development and he felt like a significantly underdeveloped character by the end of the film when we’re supposed to be really rooting for and empathizing with him.

    When this movie was first announced I was really put off by the darker tone, but it turns out they stayed true to what and how Superman is supposed to be. Well…. Up until the very end. When the writers put Superman in an impossible situation and he’s forced to do a very Un-Superman like act to save lives.

    The villains were not interesting at all in MoS. General Zod is no Joker, Bane, or even Loki for that matter. Zod has zero charisma and he’s completely uninteresting when he’s on screen. I didn't care about what his evil plan was, his fist fights with Superman lacked impact because they were both practically invincible, and his minions were of a dime a dozen seen’em before variety. Zod was the absolute pinnacle of mediocrity. So he fit the rest of this mess of a movie perfectly.

    So…… Since Superman and Zod can’t really hurt each other, everything around them gets destroyed. They manage to almost completely level Metropolis during the last 30 minutes of this movie (in between uninteresting shots of military personnel meticulously setting up they’re gear and they’re guns.) I haven’t been this bored watching things blow up since Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I ended up just feeling sorry for all of the fictional people who were going to get stuck with rebuilding Metropolis and cleaning up this mess. During the final battle in Marvel’s Avengers there was destruction, but it was mainly cars and parts of buildings. You didn't feel like there was a catastrophic loss of life during the final showdown in the Avengers. MoS feels like a hundred 9/11s are happening all at once. It felt a little sad, because if city blocks are being completely leveled left and right, you just logically assume that thousands of innocent people are dying during this dumb slug-fest.

    That’s my opinion on MoS. It feels like another failed Hollywood attempt to bring Superman to life. Made by people with no respect for the franchise or the comic book art form. Superman’s story has been told correctly in animated form and re-imagined in countless comic books for years. But the director, Zack Snider, and the writers of MoS thought they were all smarter than all of the people who have brought this character to life successfully. Sad. But this movie is still going to make a billion dollars because you people don’t care. You just want mass destruction and explosions. You don’t even care if the plot makes sense or if the characters are fully developed..
  86. Jun 19, 2013
    I never was a huge comic book fan throughout my years, and this is the first time I have ever been exposed to Superman on any medium. Let me say first like every other user review on her that the critic score does not do this movie justice. The acting in this movie was extremely well done. Everyone had great performances, especially Micheal Shannon. The scale of this movie is literally nothing you have ever experienced before. The amount of carnage and building destruction is unbelievable but at the same time you believe it, which brings me to the visual FX because this has to be the most visually stunning movie ever made and for a superhero movie, it works. Zach Snyder is the king and ever since the watchmen (10 out of 10 as well) hes proven that he along with Nolan is the best a bringing these extraordinary characters to life. This movie is a must see and a must buy when it is released, because I see people watching it over and over again. Expand
  87. Jun 19, 2013
    Anyone who went to see "Man of Steel" expecting a Dances with wolves" or Black Swan" class of film will be sorely dissapointed. Superhero movies are not meant to winn best movie at the oscars; In the best of cases they are meant to be entertaining.
    That said its pleasing to see that this film does rise above the average superhero movie, Zack Snyder presents a fresh new version of the
    Superman storyline with a hero that had roots on a much darker corrupted Krypton. The film makes an attempt at staining our beloved boyscout with tryials both moral and philosophical, in this they succeed at least in part. The end result is a more believable human, Superman, one that doesnt just fight for good simply because he does; there is now reason and emotion behind his way of thinking, leaving the audience to ponder how close it all came for him to turn into someone like Zod. Expand
  88. Jun 19, 2013
    When I first found out about Man of Steel, I quickly assumed it's place in the world of cinema was to fill the void left behind by the recent, and also brilliant, Batman trilogy. While I didn't particularly expect something similar from a film with the same producer, I did at the very least expect something with a fraction of the quality.

    I found Man of Steel to be a rather soulless
    affair, missing that certain quality that drives you to feel for the plot and those within- a low standard easily achieved by the decidedly bland acting from the majority of the cast, lack of development in the characters, and the poor screenplay riddled with clichés.

    That said, the special effects were superb throughout, with only the camera shake effect becoming far too jarring and over-employed. It is for this reason that Man of Steel can only be described as a film that embodies the notion of style over substance. If you like the sound of a film that is overindulgent in explosions and tiresome action action sequences, this may be just the thing you're looking for.
  89. Jun 19, 2013
    Man of Steel (2013) is a modern day take on the Superman lore, it introduces the viewers to Superman's past and his birth on Planet Krypton. The movie wastes no time and plunges the viewer into great action set pieces, while building the foundation for the movies lore.

    The characters are believable and their performances are very solid for this type of movie. The so called critics who
    slam the movie for not having enough humor or for over the top action or for whatever unprofessional reason are completely unfounded in their "arguments" and just prove how arrogant non objective they are, this is not 1970's, hero movies must retain a serious tone to be relevant nowadays.

    For the type of movie this is, it is a 8/10 any day of the week! It is by far the most ambitious take on a Superman movie, and it whole heartily succeeds.

    Go see this movie if you are a action/science fiction/superhero fan. You won't be disappointed.
  90. Jun 19, 2013
    Don't let the negative critics ruin your mood to watch this movie. It's awesome! Man of Steel provides amazing visuals and fight scenes worthy of a modern Superman movie. Although some of the scenes and dialogue can be a little shifty towards the Hollywood stereotype, there aren't any major problems with the overall aspect of the film. It's beautiful, exhilarating, and overall, fun.
  91. Jun 19, 2013
    There are more holes in this shoddy story then in a pair of fish net tights.The pace of the film is stupid.The story makes no sense at points.Like Lois just randomly climbing across an ice mountain edge just because. Its a joke.Like its the first film I have ever wanted it to end so I could leave the cinema.
  92. Jun 19, 2013
    Amazing action, wonderfully put together and a joy to watch .Brings Superman straight into the 21st century! Cant wait to watch it again! I'm a massive Superman fan, and wasnt that impressed by Singer's 2006 Superman, and ultimatly, thought he would fall behind as the worlds favorite Superhero. But this film has restored my faith and is a rip-roaring ride! Wonderful!!!
  93. Jun 19, 2013
    Words can't even begin to describe how awesome this movie is!Heartbreaking performances,outstanding fights scenes and CGI.Man of Steel reaches perfection.EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!
  94. Jun 19, 2013
    Do not listen to the critics.. this is by far the best superman movie till date!!
    The action is phenomenal and Henry Cavill has done an amazing job, he is Superman!

    I wasn't not a huge Superman fan to be honest but after watching this movie I am now!
  95. Jun 18, 2013
    Acting: 7
    Story Line: 10
    Picture: 9.5
    Action: 8.2
    Average: 9 (round off)
    Movie is worth watching. Do not listen to the critics. It is great and powerful; just how superhero movies should be made. If this turns into a full on justice league movie you will be proud to say that you followed the story from its epic beginnings.
  96. Jun 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Completely MIND-BLOWING action scenes mixed with very choppy and sometimes bad character development. The main fault of the movie is Superman himself. While he can be shown struggling at a young age, and gives you a sense of where he's coming from and what he's been dealing with, he's never shown as being a fun, humorous character, which is something I personally disliked, but might be completely the opposite for other viewers. Michael Shannon does an ok job as Zod, but feels like a missed opportunity. Antje Traue, who plays Faora, is amazingly good. Some characters are in the movie with practically no purpose at all, but the action scenes can be so good, and keep your mind off of the huge missteps the movie took. All in all, a great "action" movie, but falls in certain areas. Expand
  97. Jun 18, 2013
    You can't hate a movie for the hype you build up for it. I do believe the critics here are a little harsh for this film. Origin stories are always hard for superheroes, but this has to be the perfect one for Superman. In this day and age we live in a world where superhero films are relatively darker than those made ten or twenty years ago. This film definitley captures the essence of that darkness. Its a darker, smarter, and brilliant Superman and superhero film. Zack Snyder wouldnt have be my first choice for this film, but took what he had and used it well. I think what really offputs critics and viewers was the use of Nolans (The director of The Dark Knight franchise) name in the film. I think alot expected to see a brilliant witty and twisty dark film, but were instead given a brilliant Superman film. Superman is not Batman, and never will be. In my view, this is just a start in what will be an amazing new imagining of the Man of Steel. Expand
  98. Jun 18, 2013
    Why does this have a 55 out of 100?! This movie is EXCELLENT! There is no other way to describe it. Henry Cavil, Amy Adams, Russel Crowe and Michael Shannon.....Michael "M*****F******" Shannon were AMAZING! Story was rich, acting was superb and lets not even get started with the special effects. Some of the best I've seen to date! Personally, this beats the Dark Knight, Iron Man and pretty much any superhero movie ever made. Do yourself a favor and go buy yourself a ticket to go see this movie. You'll want to watch it over and over and over again! Expand
  99. Jun 18, 2013
    Blew my mind. Over the top Zack Snyder action, good story telling to accompany it. Went into it with high expectations and it still knocked my socks off. It's not perfect, but for a Superman movie it's as close as it gets.
  100. Jun 18, 2013
    I had an amazing time watching it, all the action was far superior than any other movie I have seen, but what critics and some fans are saying that the movie is too "dark" and heavy it's true, but avoiding it would be wrong too, because life, real life, is way darker than that, we all face heavy moments, impossible moments and that's what we have in the movie. What really have trashed superheroes movies is the way most companies have them done for kids. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 47
  2. Negative: 3 out of 47
  1. Reviewed by: Glen Weldon
    Jun 14, 2013
    What it fails to supply much of — surprisingly, it must be said — is fun. This is serious business, Snyder seems always to be saying. This is badass. And given the sheer logistical size of the spectacle on display, it's a position that's hard to argue with.
  2. Reviewed by: Matt Zoller Seitz
    Jun 14, 2013
    The most striking and curious aspect of Man of Steel is the way it minimizes and even shuts out women.
  3. Reviewed by: Lawrence Toppman
    Jun 13, 2013
    David Goyer, who wrote the script for Man of Steel from a story he concocted with Christopher Nolan, found a new way to make us care: The title character is disturbed by everything in his adopted home.