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  • Summary: Momma’s Man chronicles the increasingly anxious dilemma of Mikey, a young husband and father who stops off at his parents’ loft during a business trip to New York and finds himself emotionally unable to leave. Unsure of his own motivations, he makes up excuses about why he’s staying – his flight is delayed; his flight is canceled – but while his doting mother (the director’s real mother) is more than happy to enable his procrastination, his father (the director’s real father) grows suspicious of his sons changes of plans. (Kino International) Expand
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  1. It works from a specific place and lets audiences relate to that place, and the people in it, like trusted intimates.
  2. Beautiful, wise, and poker-faced comedy of discombobulation.
  3. 90
    A highly unusual combination of craft, emotion and integrity.
  4. Reviewed by: Stan Hall
    Perhaps the most indispensable cast member is the Jacobs' dwelling, their residence since 1966.
  5. A little miracle, Azazel Jacobs' lovely story of a life lost and found tackles big issues -love, maturity, fulfillment - in deceptively modest fashion.
  6. Reviewed by: Jamie Tipps
    The movie is quiet and minimal in its dialogue, and it has flashes of humor and thoughtfulness. However, it's also unbearably slow and hard to empathize with Mikey when we don't really know what his problem is.

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  1. JulieE.
    Sep 30, 2008
    We walked out. For reference, I liked Tell No One, Roman De Geur and thought with Burn After Reading was fun. There ya have it. Save your money.