Monsieur N.


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  2. Negative: 1 out of 13

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  1. With some excellent staging, fine cinematography and first-rate acting, the film largely overcomes the awe it demonstrates for its principal character and succeeds in creating a mystery where perhaps there is none.
  2. If it all adds up to too much for one film to encompass with ease, Monsieur N, is certainly richer than most of what you'll find on the History Channel.
  3. The film holds us principally because of its Napoleon. Philippe Torreton doesn't perform the role: he exists.
  4. An elegant, sophisticated mystery.
  5. Has a certain captivating quality about it.
  6. Reviewed by: Lisa Nesselson
    An intricate, fetchingly lensed tale of historical speculation framed as a plausible thriller.
  7. 70
    De Caunes and screenwriter René Manzor do well when they dwell on history from a mundane human perspective, but Monsieur N. is too dry and too unsurprising for its two-hour running time.
  8. 70
    As modest conspiracy-mongering, the movie is perfectly robust, earning its dramatic impact from its classical sense of intrigue and Philippe Torreton's testy performance in the title role.
  9. 70
    And though at over two hours the movie is too long and too slow, de Caunes sustains a sense of mystery and ambiguity to the end of what is both a satisfying character study and a stately quasi-thriller for amateur historians.
  10. 60
    Even when the script takes a turn for the chatty, there's always something pretty to look at.
  11. In the end Monsieur N. could use a little less cloak-and-dagger and more of what made "The Emperor's New Clothes" work, i.e., heart.
  12. 50
    The film tends to be pretentious and melodramatic; and Grant, better suited to comic roles, gives a heavy-handed performance.
  13. The second half of Antoine de Caunes' Monsieur N., about the post-exile life and death of Napoleon, plays less like a movie than a suggestion for one. This is a great disappointment because the first half is very cinematic and very compelling.
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  1. IgorC.
    Oct 7, 2005
    Beautiful to watch but script plods & steps on it's wank for more than 2 hours. I'll never get those 2 hours back!