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  1. Apr 8, 2014
    This is a funny funny movie. I avoided it like the plague with all the bad reviews but happened to catch it on TV so figured i would give it 10 minutes to see how bad it was. It wasnt. It was funny funny funny. The part with the Mum and Son and the sons' first awkward kiss. That is priceless.
  2. Mar 27, 2014
    i don't know how to write 150 character for this movie . the movie is really a waste of natural resources and time . actually this movie is "One of the worst movies I've ever seen" or even created
  3. Mar 18, 2014
    Hilarious throughout. Absolutely brilliant stuff from director Bob Odenkirk. Would highly recommend this film to anyone and everyone. Devastated that it wasn't nominated for an Oscar.
  4. Mar 8, 2014
    Oh my God, so many talented cast members decided to waste their time in this sort of **** This is perhaps one of the dullest comedy film I have ever seen. To be honest, I enjoyed the trailer more than the actual movie itself.
  5. Mar 2, 2014
    I give it a ten partly because everybody else is giving it undeservedly low ratings for no other reason I think other than they are crowd followers. this movie is a series of sketches that are very funny and has huge stars in it, so the only thing I don't like about it are it's bad ratings
  6. Feb 17, 2014
    Unfunny garbage made by overrated overpaid hacks, for mouthbreating idiots with a sophomoric and pedestrian sense of humor. Nonstop dick/poop jokes for the masses. Offensive simply for the sake of offensive and appealing only to people who constantly congratulate themselves on not being PC. Unfortunately none of it is actually funny.
    A literal copy-paste of Kentucky Fried Movie, claiming
    to be original, and failing to be either.

    The only reason this movie even touched a screen, is due entirely to the bewildering star power of the cast.
  7. Feb 10, 2014
    Insanely funny parody movie. If you're one of the ever increasing number of Americans who are appalled or offended by everything - you'll hate it most likely. If you can pull the stick out your ass and drop the pretense - you'll love it.
  8. AGK
    Feb 10, 2014
    Ok, most of the people and the critics don't know what they're saying! this movie was all around hilarious! I'm really getting sick and tired of people rewarding garbage over pure movie gold (the great gatsby, all those other boring and overrated movies) the only bad thing(s) about movie 43 is that the comedy sketches were a bit short and and watching the non-comedy bits was also a bit stail but a good offensive, comedy movie to watch
  9. Feb 2, 2014
    he poor reviews are really annoying me. I'm all for "everyone has the right to their own opinion", but I do think people have been very unfair to this movie. It's actually a very funny watch, featuring very risqué performances from A-list actors and even Oscar-winners. Halle Berry is without a doubt the most shocking (and equally hilarious) cast member as she truly shines in her 'Truth or Dare' segment with Stephen Merchant. Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Gerard Butler and Elizabeth Banks give incredibly funny performances, Butler in particular had me crying. The comedy is silly, but I've seen much, much worse. Movie 43 is silly within reason, it's not slapstick, it's just a funny and I wish people hadn't so quick to call it the worst movie ever made. Expand
  10. Feb 2, 2014
    The movie is not as bad, as the critics are making it out to be. Its a serious a short comedy bits, and made into one movie. some of the stuff is funny!
  11. Feb 1, 2014
    I am so suprised by how a movie with so many of my favorite actors could be so bad. I went into it knowing all the bad reviews and everyone hating it and it was still below my expectations! The only skit i liked in the entire movie was the Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin bit. The superhero one also had its moments but still not good.
  12. Jan 31, 2014
    I am infertile because of this film. I'm ashamed to see people like Emma Stone, Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman in this film. I made it about an hour and fifteen minutes into this film before finally surrendering. Upset because of this film.
  13. Jan 22, 2014
    The concept behind Movie 43, in which a crazy screenwriter pitches terrible movie ideas at an increasingly confused and agitated movie producer, is potentially a good one. Unfortunately the execution is almost universally awful.

    Virtually every one of the fifteen or so short segments relies on gross out humour and, on top of being unfunny, a few are just horrible to watch. Even
    seemingly promising concepts, such as superhero speed dating go by without raising so much as a smile. The only question left to ask is how the hell did it attract such a stellar cast?

    If you want a better example of the same concept seek out a movie called 'The Independent' starring Jerry Stiller, it’s far from perfect but much better than this load disgusting rubbish.
  14. Jan 16, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really don't know what's more disturbing, the amount of good actors, and major stars, that agreed to star on this abomination of a movie, or what this movie considers funny, which is just gross, and I don't even want to describe it for your sake. Expand
  15. Jan 10, 2014
    I have no idea what any of the people who negatively reviewed the movie were expecting. Of course it's tasteless and vulgar. The previews told you that was the case.
    This movie was hilarious. My wife and I laughed out loud and still reference a number of the bits. I watched a few of the shorts at work, and the whole office was rolling. Now, I just need to see the Dennis Quaid part in the
    theatrical release... Expand
  16. Jan 2, 2014
    I didn't originally know this was a movie told through sketches, but now that I do, I also know this movie is terrible. There are one or two funny sketches but the rest of the movie is a huge waste of time and an embarrassment.
  17. Dec 30, 2013
    I'm ashamed to admit I chuckled a few times, but largely, I just laughed at the fact that this was made. Someone out there thought this was a good idea and managed to get A-List actors involved. While it is horrible, it should be seen by anyone in the mood to watch something awful.
  18. Dec 23, 2013
    do you know the end scenes on the hangover movies, where Stu always makes something hilarious that you just cant stop laughing? be it the tooth scene, the face tattoo or the epic breast implants scene?
    Well this movie is a collection of lil stories like that one, they make no sense but you laugh your ass off!!
  19. Nov 2, 2013
    I was laughing the whole time. It was good to see well known actors letting them selves show there funny side. most of them would never star in a comedy. good movie for laughs not for serious viewing. If your seriously reviewing this move of award winning roles then your nuts
  20. Oct 22, 2013
    Is Movie 43 the worst film ever made? Probably, I know it's definitely the worst film I've ever seen so I wouldn't be surprised. Honestly, I couldn't even make it past the 1-hour mark before I had to stop watching, and I rarely get so tired of a movie that I have to stop. The movie essentially centers around Dennis Quaid's character trying to get his movie purchased from a studio, by any means necessary. Well this "movie" is less of a movie and more of a bunch of skits, horrible skits, that feature endless stupidity and minimal, if any, laughter. Honestly, I feel like they should've paid me to watch this movie and I watched it for free. I truly feel sorry for anyone who watched this in theaters. They should steal awards from any actor who appeared in this film. Just pathetic. Expand
  21. Oct 18, 2013
    Vulgar, offensive, and disgusting humor is at the center of this comedy that features a large and talented cast of actors starring in various short sketches. I am more than a little ashamed to say that I found this hilarious. Watching these talented, big-named actors star in some of the weirdest, immature, and outrageous skits makes it even more enjoyable. It's gross-out humor at its finest, and if you've got a vulgar and immature sense of humor than you will love this. It's not smart, it's not appropriate, but it is very funny. Maybe I'm just immature and rude but this movie made me laugh-out-loud numerous times. So in my book it's a winner. Expand
  22. Aug 31, 2013
    So bad I thought I might have endless nightmares of this pitiful pointless movie. Am I allowed to call it a movie because it was more like a toilet bowl. These actors should be flushed.
  23. Aug 31, 2013
    It's a movie to have fun with friends. It's funny, and I don't understand why critics say that it's very bad. It's good. My opinion: Do not listen to anyone and watch it!!!
  24. Aug 29, 2013
    Just pure This movie has none redeemable quality to it: the actors are really bad (and I love almost all of them in other movies) and the story is god-awful and non-existent. I know this movie was made to make a horrible movie, they admit it in the movie itself. They just succeded too much.
  25. Aug 13, 2013
    I laughed more in the 2 minute trailer for Kick-Ass 2 than I did in 90 minutes of Movie 43. Every joke is about poo, wee, farts, sex, vomit, periods and even more farts. Thank god Christopher Mintz Plasse and Chloe Moretz were in their to provide about 3 laughs.
  26. Aug 13, 2013
    Just because it has a lot of famous stars it doesn't mean that it is a good film.
    I admit: some scenes were nice and I laughed, but most of them were so stupid that i was embarrassed for the actors/actresses who played in.
    I can't say that it's so bad that it deserves 0 as scores because the idea was nice but just that.
    It seems to be written by a 16 years old guy.
    Probably they
    thought that just for the stars, they would have gain a lot of money... If they just worked more on it (and not just putting some trashy jokes in it) it would be the funniest movie of the year! Expand
  27. Aug 11, 2013
    I mean its just plain bad, but I got a few laughs out of its over the top ridiculous scenarios. I can't say much good about it though, its so bad...
  28. Aug 7, 2013
    How does this get such bad reviews? It's hilarious! And the fact that its filled with celebrities, how don't you like it? It's very inappropriate, but still...
  29. Aug 6, 2013
    I think it should be illegal in all countries to watch and rate comedies if you have no sense of humor or if you watch the trailer and don't like it. A review here said: "I love immature comedy, but this takes it too far". What are you talking about, immature comedy has no boundaries. If you get easily offended, don't watch comedies! In fact, don't even leave your house, because you might overhear a swear word outside!

    The trailer shows exactly what you should expect, except it had to be a bit censored obviously. So if you don't like it, don't watch it and don't spam all review sites with how bad it is. I feel sorry for you guys, I really do. Can't even begin to image how sad your lives are if you get so angry over a movie.

    The story is great for it's purpose. You can't tie unrelated situations with huge movie stars in a better way than this.

    You would assume that a person of average intellect can decide what would be enjoyable for him and what wouldn't. Apparently not.
  30. Aug 5, 2013
    A total embarrassment of filmmaking. No sane person can actually find this funny or in the slightest enjoyable. No words can describe how pitiful this is. Pathetic.

Overwhelming dislike - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 23
  2. Negative: 18 out of 23
  1. Reviewed by: Robbie Collin
    Dec 24, 2013
    After watching Peter Farrelly’s Movie 43, I was immediately overcome with a sudden rush of emotion: not amusement, anger or even mild irritation, but a profound and faintly tragic sense of pity.
  2. Reviewed by: Laremy Legel
    Feb 26, 2013
    An epically miserable viewing experience, go ahead and skip this one unless you’re seeking to answer the riddle of what happens when people don’t try at their jobs.
  3. Reviewed by: Peter Bradshaw
    Feb 3, 2013
    Movie 43 is sketchy, in every sense. It's a collection of short comedy films in the manner of the 70s cult classic "Kentucky Fried Movie," each with a separate director, in which many very famous actors have been persuaded to take part.