Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 15 Critics

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  2. Negative: 11 out of 15
  1. The movie is sentimental and reliant on bodily-function humour, but it also has a generous spirit, a multicultural rainbow of characters, and a social message about approaching fatherhood responsibly.
  2. A fairly harmless fertility rite with a skewed if not downright ugly view of women.
  3. Reviewed by: David Ng
    Homies can make good hubbies, goes the moral of this January dump job, a tired send-up of hip-hop-isms that also aspires to be a Waiting to Exhale for men.
  4. Reviewed by: Dennis Harvey
    Isn't an embarrassment. Rather, it's an acceptably executed, thoroughly routine time-killer.
  5. There's no story to speak of - three cohabiting bachelors are dragged into adulthood by the simultaneous pregnancies of their girlfriends - but Anderson, Imperioli and Eddie Griffin are amiable company and there's an earned laugh here and there.
  6. 30
    As to the dream sequence featuring Lonnie's and Brandy's trash-talking babies, it's just creepy.
  7. 30
    Strictly Urban Comedy 101, as if the filmmakers had neither the inclination nor the chops to move the genre past timeworn stereotypes.
  8. A tedious comedy... It's not the worst premise for humor dashed with a little wisdom, but the script, written by the film's star Eddie Griffin and others, is less than inspired and tends to blur the line between immaturity and just plain stupidity.
  9. Having established its premise and set in motion an overloaded plot, the picture lurches this way and that, evoking more restlessness than laughter and more boredom than pathos.
  10. 25
    Diapers, even from three babies, can't stink worse than this.
  11. 25
    The finished product looks like it was thrown together during a lunch break -- by a drunk person. The level of ineptitude on display in this urban version of "Three Men and a Baby" is simply gobsmacking.
  12. probably less painful than actual childbirth, but it's still a very long 86 minutes.
  13. Every bit as pathetic and unfunny as it looks.
  14. Though the three leads are all likable performers, their lunkheaded characters are as thinly drawn as their cartoon counterparts, and the supporting cast is littered with one racial stereotype after another.
  15. 10
    Reflects poorly on everyone, particularly its makers, its stars, and the studio laboring under the delusion that this stuff was worthy of release.
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  1. JayH.
    Feb 4, 2008
    This movie has universally horrible reviews. Granted, it's no great comedy and it is predictable, but I though some of it was amusing and thought the cast was rather decent. There are too many fart jokes though. Full Review »