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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 33
  2. Negative: 3 out of 33
  1. The overall result is a romantic comedy that indulges fantasies, calms insecurities (can an ordinary bloke stack up?), and breaks and mends hearts with surgical precision.
  2. It comes as a bonus that this romantic comedy is one of the rare pictures of its type that actually is about something -- the double-edged sword of celebrity.
  3. Blithe and exhilarating romantic comedy.
  4. 91
    A pure, sweet romance that moves along with bouncy comedy and a touch of grown-up realism and rue.
  5. It's pure fluff, but as irresistible as cotton candy.
  6. Reviewed by: Norman Green
    It's irresistible.
  7. Reviewed by: Marc Caro
    It's funny, sympathetic, mostly smart, and it boasts a likable cast of characters led by two performers who have star power and know how to use it.
  8. 88
    Its deadpan wit, ingenious fairy-tale premise and superbly accomplished cast will leave you feeling positively oxygenated.
  9. Reviewed by: Eleonore Snow
    A smart, sometimes pissingly funny romantic comedy that is also oddly unmoving and predictable in spots.
  10. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    A brainy weave of satire and fantasy.
  11. Reviewed by: Derek Elley
    Has buckets to spare of that rarest screen commodity — genuine, engaging charm.
  12. In the end, the movie works because Grant and Roberts are disarming geniuses at playing themselves -- and then some.
  13. So the film has this weird postmodernist taint: It has a self-aware script that cleverly plays off the reality of its own cast and their famous real-life contretemps. It's smart and knowing.
  14. 75
    The movie is bright, the dialogue has wit and intelligence, and Roberts and Grant are very easy to like. By the end, as much as we're aware of the ancient story machinery groaning away below deck, we're smiling.
  15. There's some very funny dialogue, but the picture falls apart when it tries to think real thoughts about celebrity, publicity, and the media.
  16. Reviewed by: Rod Dreher
    The frothy, feel-good Notting Hill is about as enchanting as movies get these days.
  17. The deft, hilarious Notting Hill finds Grant's dour-droll-deprecating affliction at its most dead-on.
  18. 70
    Roberts fans will, of course, be delighted to see her in a role that plays to all her strengths -- fresh-faced looks, charming gangliness, air of infinite approachability -- and neatly sidesteps her glaring inability to act by having her more or less play herself.
  19. 70
    It may boil down to little more than a minor variation on Four Weddings' formula, but it's an interesting and entertaining one.
  20. Reviewed by: Robert Horton
    A piece of fluff that can be enjoyed without guilt.
  21. A smartly cast and consistently amusing romantic comedy.
  22. The movie has lots of glossy charm even if Ms. Roberts and Grant seem less like lovers than members of a support group for the desperately attractive.
  23. Reviewed by: Jeff Giles
    Adorable, if uneven, romantic comedy.
  24. 70
    At once a light comedy and a reasonably serious meditation on the perils of fame.
  25. Reviewed by: Jennifer Nowitzky
    If you're looking for Julia Roberts (circa "Pretty Woman") playing, well, herself, and Hugh Grant (circa "Four Weddings and A Funeral") playing, well, himself, then you're in luck.
  26. 63
    Notting Hill does an adequate job, but this isn't one of those landmark romantic comedies that dozens of subsequent movies will seek to emulate.
  27. In the slow coast down Notting Hill, we approach the blessed land of Nodding Off.
  28. Reviewed by: Hollis Chacona
    Funny, bright, sly, and unabashedly romantic, Notting Hill combines fluffy, fairy-tale fantasy with big laughs, snappy dialogue, and small moments of pain and unease to create a surprisingly satisfying two hours.
  29. 50
    The result is two films: a big, dreary star vehicle that sags whenever its leads spend quality time together, and a mettlesome British caper whose nutsosecondary characters walk away with the movie.
  30. Reviewed by: Ernest Hardy
    It has to be noted that the use of music in this film is the worse in recent memory: maudlin, syrupy, and overwrought.
  31. 30
    It's an English movie doing its best to masquerade as the shallowest kind of Hollywood romantic comedy, as if somewhere along the way someone had made a calculated supposition that would be the only kind of comedy American audiences would buy.
  32. 30
    It is not, the filmmakers stress, a sequel to "Four Weddings and a Funeral" (which writer Richard Curtis was also responsible for), but it fits the latter-day Hollywood definition of the term -- same movie, only worse.
  33. Reviewed by: Scott Kelton Jones
    Notting Hill offers another example of moviemakers consoling themselves about how tough it is to be famous while congratulating themselves on how down-to-earth they really are.
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  1. Jan 6, 2013
    This movie was duuuuummmb. It was long and stupid long looks at other characters that led to stupid innuendos that don't work until an ending that just died on the table. Full Review »