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  1. Nov 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. All though P2 may stand to some to be formulaic or just another by-the-book slasher, it is in some small way the diamond in the rockpile.

    We are facing the dark days of horror, almost everything coming out these days are following the grandfather of all horror; Halloween. If you take time to look back, it did in fact set the stage for all forthcoming horror films of its time. While genre does have the capability to progress and evolve, the genre of horror seemingly is set in the past. The last big move was Scream, it set the book for the 90's, then Texas Chainsaw set the books for remakes. Every so often, we get a film that is not a remake, they can be crap, or they can be great, what is this you ask?

    Well, the film actually in some way shadows the plot of Misery, my favorite of all horror movies. It's a snowy winter night, late at night, an office busibee is leaving work just at the last minute. When she finds her car is dead, without signal, and the grid (P2) locked down, she is unwelcomely accompanied by Thomas, a man who is deeply in love with her.

    So, yes, we have seen this before, but what the film does is it takes us out of the woods, out of the haunted houses or cabins, out of the suburbs, and places us in a parking structure, and we all know how creepy these places get at night; it's all dark, only few people around and cold as all hell. This film begs the question; what if the only man who can let you out doesn't want you to leave (a la Misery). So that sets up a good start.

    As the film progresses, tensions begin rising and palms get clammy. Paul Bettany's portrayal of the tormented young man is truly acceptable and an underestimated credit to his career, it might be the cherry on the sundae for some, and it sure is for me. Rachel Nichols (his opposite) also serves the film well, in modern horror you have to wait forever for the main to put on the fighter face, but she comes prepared. But up against Bettany, she does a fine job, but he really steals the show.

    I can't help but give the film a 10/10. It is a well crafted film, that was in my eyes underestimated.
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  2. Oct 31, 2013
    Salvageable thriller flick but predictable. The acting was passable, and the actions of Rachel Nichols was at least sensible mostly. Bentley's performance was over-the-top and far too exaggerated to be frightening. With a limited cast, it was above-average. The ending was a bit unsatisfying though. Full Review »
  3. Feb 22, 2013
    Movies derived from naturally creepy places and situations should be the scariest movies of all-time. Unfortunately, most of the time they are way too predictable to even be entertaining and that was the case with P2. A woman gets trapped in her office parking garage, on a holiday weekend, and is being stalked. Sounds interesting, but it wasn't. This film has got to be one of the slowest moving "thrillers" I've ever seen. The acting was actually pretty good in this film, but everything that happens, you know it's coming sooner or later and there are no surprises what so ever. Like I said the acting was pretty good, so it's not a total piece of but it's slow, predictable, and just a really weak story. I usually love the "it could happen" type of films, but if P2 really did happen, no one would be surprised or really care all that much. Full Review »