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  1. Sep 28, 2014
    A stunning and dark fairy-tale movie. It's deep, moving, and filled with symbolism. It's a treat for the eyes with gorgeous effects and creatures that just look real. It's a mix of a fantasy and a war movie with touches of horror. It's overall just a work of art that can appeal to audiences of all ages, although due to some mature content and potentially frightening images it is probably better left to the older ones. Del Toro created a masterpiece, one that should be at the top of your must-watch list. It is one that will stick with you long after watching. Expand
  2. Sep 23, 2014
    I seriously don't understand the love for this movie. It is far from being a bad movie but its a 7 out of 10, not an 11 like most would have you believe.
  3. Sep 14, 2014
    Del Toro is one of the few directors currently out there with the sort of unique vision that Kubrick or Lucas (forget the dialogue...think of the how far Star Wars was ahead of it's time in '77) had...Pan's Labyrinth is well deserving of it's 98...
  4. Sep 13, 2014
    A visual feast of extraordinary effects and a well told tale of fantasy for all ages with great style.
  5. Aug 30, 2014
    It is, in my humble opinion, perfect from start to finish, a visionary, thrilling, moving, completely unique film-watching experience. I love this movie.
  6. Aug 28, 2014
    In this movie, it was easy to pick the chacacters you liked, and the ones you hated. The difference between the two was so great; the insane violence versus the will to do good. A complete confrontation of black and white with no grey in between.

    All in all, the whole fairytales-mixing-with-reality worked really well. In the end of the story, I couldn't really tell what happened for
    real - but then again, that does not matter. It gives the story a final touch of mystery.

    The movie is visually dark and beautiful, with full of themes about love, justice, fear, caring, right and wrong... The opression of war is ever present, casting a dark shadow on every deed. It makes the people look almost desperate in a way.

    There is nothing really new as far as it comes into telling the watcher something about humanity, but the morals of the story are strong.
  7. Aug 16, 2014
    Visually stunning , with an excellent amount of depth and some of the best storytelling and Pale face was as perfect as I imagined. It was just let down by its stupid characters such as Omelia and at times I found my self yelling at the screen at her stupidity.
  8. Aug 10, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. do not pan Pan's labyrinth, because quite frankly, it happens to be a truly fabulous and greatly inspired mish-mash of fairy-tale fantasy (told in an eerie, unnerving perspective) and a little historical adventure too (the film is based in the Spanish civil war). As a little advice though, don't go crawling inside large trees to go looking for giant burping frogs, no 1: because there won't be any, just insects and not very happy badgers, and no 2: like Ophelia in the film, you'll be very muddy. otherwise, enjoy!!!!!!!!! Expand
  9. Aug 1, 2014
    Despite its plot is mostly symbolic, it feels like a gripping adventure. Unlike "Narnia" (that some mistakenly say is similar to "Pan's Labyrinth"), this film has a much darker tone that almost has the makings of a horror thriller. Thought-provoking and remarkably original, it still confuses with its allegorical ending.
  10. Jun 13, 2014
    Damn, this was a really good film. Visually stunning, Guillermo del Toro has crafted a marvelous film here. The visual effects are to perfection and brilliantly done. The sheer beauty of the film is amazing. The cinematography, the themes, the visual effects, are all ravishing. In addition, the thrills, the darkness, the terror, all work extremely well and have the desired effect on the audience. This one is truly magical to watch and really keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch the events unfold. The comparisons It is truly impossible to not like this film. The combination of the fantasy elements with the war elements are very well done as well and both only serve to further one another. While the film is undeniably about the fantasy element, it would be nothing without the war element. Not a minute of the film was wasted.

    On the negative, I only have one thing, but it is a big thing for me that turned me off at times. The violence was over the top, it was far too graphic for my liking. I can connect the dots as to what is about to happen without having to see it happen. Most films do not commit this sin, but sadly, this one does. I still love the film, but I cannot give it a higher rating for that reason.
  11. May 21, 2014
    I would like to refer to the critic's quote left of page: "A critic trots out the word 'masterpiece' at his own peril.. but here it is." Truer words were never spoken. The film is good... it has real conviction of tone... but it is essentially scary for people who scare easy, gory only to those who don't watch any gory movies (and fair enough most do not but then they should not be film critics either) and only bewildering or intoxicating in tone because critics like to overplay foreign movies (I judge all films purely on merit and am not American, so I have no preference, except for superior film, from anywhere) whilst user reviewers get confused and react with overly negative reviews as these films often go over their head or they need subtitles even though the film is in English already or hate subtitles when they are required! lolz....
    Anyhow, the point is this: Pan's Labyrinth is mind f*** done light.... and the tone I found to be quite melodramatic, but perhaps this was lost on the "oh no, but it's foreign, it is allowed" critics or just forgiven for the same reason. Regardless it is only very good-to-good.. it is no masterpiece.... which is why the guy went on to make Pacific Rim. What do these two movies have in common? Well one is supposed to be very, very scary (and is for sure in parts unnerving if unused to unnerving images) and the other awesomely exciting... but neither are, or else I would not have fallen asleep during both films and had to re-watch... In the case of Pacific Rim, I fell asleep the second time too... that is never good. Never. I am a night owl too and do not fall asleep easily.... you get the idea... The critics have made this mistake before whenever they get a half decent genre film they can tolerate and want to look bad ass... but fail.... they did it with The Conjuring (one of the great horror films my hairy bum - grow some balls) and also with The Orphanage (notably also a foreign film of sorts).... and yes, I fell asleep during The Orphanage too... Conjuring was okay though... when the doll parts were going (freaky stuff!!)... rest was any ol' yawn exorcist rip-off film.. true story or not.
    Also critics seem to set each other off, as if one sets precedent for the other like a court room ruling... and so everyone has to love it, cos the first esteemed critic happened to be high on crack that night or something... Try and be less hysterical critics? That's the users' job! You know you prepare your review and then search around first for some validation and then submit to your editor.. so, um, stop being a **** and just write what you think? Cheers...
  12. Apr 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Master-peace is really the only way to describe Pan's Labyrinth, what the film does with a simple premise is amazing, it basically reinvents the fairy tale genre by adding Darker, more realistic, circumstances to the situation presented by the film, Believable yet still feeling very Fictional, a fine blend between the two. Del Toro has really out done himself and you can see how much passion and work went into the project throughout chemistry between characters, the dialog, the amazing setting and visuals, every scene takes you by the hand and guides you through this fantastic film giving every little device detail and personality.

    Watch the Film, it will win you other, truly the only way to watch this film is Subbed, if it is ever remade in English the simple structure, charm and beauty within the movie will be violated.

    10/10: Master-peace
  13. Apr 14, 2014
    Few movies shock me like Del Toro's masterpiece "Pan's Labyrinth". This is a movie which manages to present an original and brilliantly written fantasy world with some fantastic characters. I don't even know what should I talk about next: the beautiful cinematography or the amazing soundtrack. Well, let's start with the one that pleases our eyes: this movie looks beautiful with every frame being dominated by a certain color, more than a simple film grain. But our ears aren't ignored either, the soundtrack being mesmerizing and epic. These two elements combined create an amazing body of art which make the movie looking like a dystopian fantasy painting. So, these two elements are great, but the script it's what sends this movie into a class of its own. This is not just another fantasy picture, this is a deeply emotional and thrilling battle between the cruel reality which is Fascist Spain and the beautiful world of fantasy. Yes, I said beautiful, because through all the grotesque imaging of the fantasy world, it is more beautiful in the end because of the power of human emotion which surpass all the evil.

    In the end, I think this movie's greatest achievement it's that it managed to show us that there it's beauty in the dissonance, and it managed this through its artful cinematography and soundtrack, and, of course. through the sheer originality and complexity of the script.
  14. Apr 3, 2014
    This movie blew my mind. Filled with a moving story and amazing visuals, Guillermo del Toro crafted his best movie to date. Be careful: it's not at all a kids movie.
  15. Jan 31, 2014
    During and after for a while, I didn't know how to think of this movie to be a masterpiece. But as one of my early mature film experiences, it took a day;s venture to discover that Pan's Labyrinth is the most unforgettably harmonious and well-contrasted and magical piece of cinematic film I've ever seen. Just my style, just my kind.
  16. Jan 24, 2014
    ''Stunning.'' Inventive.'' ''A Masterpiece and nearly the greatest film ever made..'' In misery there can be beauty... In death there can be life..In simplicity, there can be Greatness... Pan's Labyrinth will fires your nerve.
  17. Jan 11, 2014
    Pan's Labyrinth is one of those movies whose sound and look is so distinctive that you instantly recognize it. Guillermo del Toro combines great storytelling and elements of fantasy to create a surging plot which succeeds in capturing our imagination, mood and emotions.

    We follow two story lines. The one rooted in reality is about a secluded small town ruled by a despotic captain tasked
    with wiping out the remnants of the resistance which has taken shelter in the surrounding jungles. The other one is about a young girl, Ofelia, who is forced to accept the captain as her stepfather. She is fond of fairy tales which she carries everywhere. Whether the faun promising her passage to the virtually perfect world is an escapist fantasy of hers or not is left up to the viewer to decide.

    Del Toro relies chiefly on score, voice-over and narration to create momentum. The editing was successful in keeping the audience eyeing every dialogue. The fact that the majority must have been following subtitles for the entire length of the movie did not lessen the effect the film has on you, but on the contrary created a world that was mesmerizing.

    The movie is set in Francoist Spain. The art direction painted a vivid picture of the 1940s through depicting the buildings, cars and costumes of that era. We also get to witness some of the lifestyle of the time. The faun creature, who gives Ofelia tasks to complete in order to gain entrance into the Underground Realm was a particularly unique creation. The work done deserved the Oscar it received.

    Frequently the story transitions into the fantasy part. We learn about the lost princess, who Ofelia thinks is herself. The pregnancy of Ofelia's mother is a major concern throughout the movie. It is feared that there's an informer for the rebels inside the camp, of whose identity Ofelia comes to learn of.

    The captain is a megalomaniac who insults people with his every breath and is bent on destroying the insurgency. Despite proof of his madness, Del Toro resists the temptation of painting him as an irredeemable person. He shows leniency now and then, and on one occasion hints that loyalty to him would have worked out better for a certain character. He is a man built for conflict, and actively seeks it. He always carries a watch on him which ticks loudly to keep him on schedule, even in the middle of gunfights. He is also fond of torturing captured people.

    The action sequences were well drawn and made what was happening clear. Light is used to control mood. The score is poignant and memorable and haunting. The visual effects creates the creatures of this fantasy world which rivals any done by the mainstream Hollywood. A lot of this creativity went into showing how people were killed.

    The pace picks up during the second half. The resistance becomes bolder and gets reinforcements. There were a few scenes of cathartic killing and blood-letting. And we also learn the final fate of the main characters.

    Despite the fact that the fantasy element has a marginal effect on the progress of the story, the movie becomes something special with its inclusion. The contrast between a child's wish to be somewhere safe where she would be loved and the skirmishes between the government troops and the rebels finally makes the message very clear in the end.
  18. Nov 5, 2013
    Good movie, but i don't understand why everyone gives this a 10/10, its really good done but i don't see how this story is good enough for more...i don't see the big meaning in the movie or story for more than 7 or 8.
  19. Oct 25, 2013
    With incredible visual effects and a superb collection of actors, 'Pan's Labyrinth', despite being a fantasy film, is emotionally raw, dark, and real. Despite its fairy tale-like imaginary properties, the film is heart-breaking and puts its protagonist through a distressing (and at times disturbing) adventure leading up to its tragic conclusion that will resonate with its viewers long after its closing credits pass. Expand
  20. Sep 19, 2013
    if you said this movie was bad or average I will say why do you see movies
    visuals are top notch every thing involving the film is top notch. the score,cinematography, the performance especially segi Lopez
  21. Aug 13, 2013
    Marvelous to the deep core, 'Pan's Labyrinth' is s astounding, so fantastic, that one must wonder how Guillermo del Toro came about some of the instances in the film.
  22. Jul 21, 2013
    Una pelĂ­cula espectacular, divertida, reflexiva, entretenida.
    Es grandiosa de principio a fin. Sin duda de lo mejor que he visto en mi vida y la mejor pelicula que ha hecho Guillermo
  23. Jul 9, 2013
    It would be an understatement to say that this movie is even somewhat enjoyable. It is without a doubt one of the greatest fantasy films I have ever seen.
    Guillermo del Toro has knocked this gem out of the park with amazingly horrific visuals, fantastic performances, outstanding intricacy all surrounded around a beautifully intelligent script.
    If you are looking for a darker, maturer
    version of Alice in Wonderland, I couldn't recommend this film more strongly. This is the Citizen Kane of the fantasy genre. Check it out and experience the awe and enchantment of Pan's Labyrinth! Expand
  24. Jul 3, 2013
    A magnificent achievement that breaks through barriers of foreign language films. Intensely and delicately directed film that leaves quite an impression. A beautiful story that excels on all levels.
  25. Jun 6, 2013
    great. This movie shows the pain and tragedy of war.
    i can't enlish. so i can't write a reaview in english. but. this movie great i know it
  26. May 14, 2013
    It's like a fairy tale a brutal fairy tale.
    The characters, the costumes, the makeup, the amazing but sad story a really great fantasy highlight!
  27. Apr 22, 2013
    This is the most dark and brutal fantasy film I ever saw, even better than Sleeping Hollow. Amazing movie, I was chained to monitor from beginning to the end. Incredible precision and attention to details. Watch this if you dare.
  28. Apr 13, 2013
    Increadibly overated...plot full of holes,for example:what's the reason girl's mother get married to sadistic psychopath at the first place?Girl had been told for a million times not to eat food when comes to the monster and yet that's the first thing she did there,why?And maiden didn't kill sadistic bastard when she had a chance-she cut his mouth with a knife but didn't kill him,why?And so on...
  29. Apr 9, 2013
    Pan's labyrinth is a beautiful film (not only is it pretty to look at, but the story is also captivating). The acting is also excellent particularly from Baquero and Lopez. Baquero is particularly deserving of praise given the fact she was only 12 years old when this was filmed. Pan's labyrinth is pure escapism which commands your attention and will leave you stunned by the end of the film. An absolute must see! Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 37 Critics

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  1. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Pan's Labyrinth artfully fuses a war film with a family melodrama and a fairy tale. The result is visually stunning and emotionally shattering.
  2. Reviewed by: Kim Newman
    Dark, twisted and beautiful, this entwines fairy-tale fantasy with war-movie horror to startling effect.
  3. 100
    One of the greatest of all fantasy films.