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  1. Positive: 13 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. 89
    Piglet, your time has arrived. Sooth us.
  2. In the knockabout world of animated movies, Piglet's Big Movie is an oasis of gentleness and wit.
  3. 75
    With its welcome lessons on friendship and self-esteem, is not only appropriate for preschoolers, but it also has enough sophistication for older kids.
  4. Reviewed by: Glenn Lovell
    While it won't do much for those into cutting-edge computer animation, it won't disappoint parents looking for wholesome high-quality entertainment for preschoolers.
  5. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    If you've got some very small fry on your hands and 75 minutes to kill, this is as bright, colorful, and fuzzy as you're going to get.
  6. 70
    Charming, animated retelling of stories from A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh books.
  7. Parents may find their attention wandering, but the simple tale contains valuable life lessons for their youngest offspring, who will likely be enchanted.
  8. Reviewed by: Scott Foundas
    Fine new chapter in the long-running franchise should score well with family audiences.
  9. Maybe not wonderful, but still pretty darn good.
  10. 70
    Sure it's slight, but also as cute as the curly tail on its tender protagonist.
  11. Built on the most basic (though quite charming) animation, songs and plots, the film does have an inescapably straight-to-video feel.
  12. 63
    When the world gets too big and scary, the Hundred Acre Wood remains a clearly delineated comfort zone.
  13. Sort of feel-good lesson kids will enjoy and parents should welcome.
  14. 60
    Though it's tough to find much fault with a film so sweet, Piglet's Big Movie never lives up to its title.
  15. Reviewed by: Scott Brown
    A collection of shorts, here presented as flashbacks. All three derive from A.A. Milne's original tales, but retain only a smidgen of his droll, easy-chair wit.
  16. Certainly kept the toddlers (including mine) at an advance screening engrossed, but for parents and reviewers, it was more of a struggle.
  17. Reviewed by: C.W. Nevius
    This is harmless fun for the kindergarten crowd, but even they will notice that the "Blustery Day" video they've been playing at home is a lot better.
  18. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    The movie feels more like a slightly longer episode of Disney's old "Winnie the Pooh" television series.
  19. So it's a pretty faded experience. I suggest you get out the books, which for once can truly be said to be more spectacular than the movie.
  20. Reviewed by: Angel Cohn
    The original Carly Simon songs are well performed, but their soothing lullaby qualities may cause those with short attention spans to nod off.
  21. The movie features several political themes for adults and is mostly delightful for kids. Just consider yourself warned about the live-action Carly Simon video at its tail end.
  22. Reviewed by: Bob Campbell
    Enough. There's no fun in bashing a Piglet movie, even a nickel-cadging spinoff.
  23. 40
    Indifferently scripted and shoddily animated feature.
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  1. Dec 18, 2011
    Cute, adorable, charming and extremely heartwarming. I find the Winnie the Pooh franchises to be the best of Disney and this film provides an encouraging message for kids. I give this movie 98%. Full Review »
  2. Nov 22, 2011
    A great Pooh movie that actually entertained me not only with the dull morales and life lessons the franchise always had, but also with vivid, beautiful visuals. Well made! Full Review »
  3. Apr 21, 2014
    Piglet's Big Movie is a great film for all ages. It is so heartwarming and cute, and the animation is surprisingly good. Even though it is a spin-off of Pooh, Piglet is enough of a likable character that he pulls it off. Full Review »