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Description: In Lake Havasu, Arizona, a tremor causes the lake's floor to open, setting free scores of prehistoric piranhas. blood?" Jaws... lots and lots of jaws. From acclaimed director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes) comes the new action thriller PIRANHA 3D, in the latest eye-popping 3D technology. A new type of terror is about to be cut loose on beautiful Lake Victoria. After a sudden underwater tremor sets free scores of the prehistoric man-eating fish, an unlikely group of strangers must band together to stop themselves from becoming fish food for the area's new razor-toothed residents. But our heroine (Elisabeth Shue) is seriously outnumbered, and with only one chance to save the lake and her family from totally being devoured, she must risk everything to destroy the aquatic carnivores herself.

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Comments (7)

  • RONGIU  

    Lovers of this kind, many will chew nails. Beware, because the 3D can take away the whole finger. Good vision.

  • DiegoF  

    I thought this will be just one more commercial shit movie as bas as James Cameron Piranha II but after see the highly positive reviews im interested to see it!

  • noburns  

    @FrozenStar90, it totally does

  • FrozenStar90  

    @noburns, I totally just figured out that it IS Eli Roth. He has a cameo as an emcee.

  • FrozenStar90  

    The dude in the bottom left at 1:41 looks like Eli Roth. :O

  • LamontRaymond  

    Not sure if it's Day ! mandatory - but I'll see it. Scantily clad women have always been the hallmark of this fine series. Who was that one lady?? I think one died recently. But not by way of fish.

  • MarcDoyle  

    I'm fire UP to see this sucker. Day 1 mandatory.