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  2. Negative: 3 out of 17

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  1. For all its contrivances, the film is cheerfully rude and surprisingly generous to the mothers, most of whom find sizzling new romances at an age when their American counterparts are reduced to sexless dithering or played as humiliating punch lines to jokes about horny old hags.
  2. Pleasant, light-hearted fun that's soft, not edgy, but lest you think it's a Spanish "Birdcage," consider that Forque's nymphomaniac, who gives way to her urges "in the worst moments, and with the least appropriate people," seduces her son's fiancee by "accident."
  3. 70
    Although not quite as uproarious or as wickedly subversive as Pedro Almodóvar's more substantial body of work, Queens is content to scamper gaily in the wake of his achievements -- and to offer one more reason for old Franco to roll anew in his grave.
  4. The movie has no higher ambition than to please a crowd; the fact that it easily does is proof of the world's heartening capacity for change.
  5. The cast is perfect, but the script is like a low ceiling, keeping a lid on what should have been a confluence of riotous misadventures.
  6. 63
    Veteran director Manuel Gomez-Pereira (Boca a Boca, Between Your Legs) falls short of the manic screwball farce he was aiming for.
  7. The most remarkable thing about Queens, a silly but generous Spanish farce from the writer and director Manuel Gómez Pereira, is its unadulterated worship of middle-aged women.
  8. A threadbare crazy-quilt of Spanish sex comedies, Queens wants desperately to be "Women on the Verge of a Big Gay Wedding."
  9. 50
    A lively, well-packaged but meaningless amusement.
  10. 50
    Pereira goes in for lots of time shifts and split screens, piling on the contrivances like so many costume baubles when a single string of pearls would do.
  11. If frenetic pacing alone made a movie interesting, Queens would be cinematic solid gold.
  12. 50
    It's called Queens and, no, silly, it's not about six gay men who want to get married. It's about their MOTHERS. And this being a Spanish comedy of the lowest Almodovar-ian order, the moms are a lot more flamboyant than their sons.
  13. It's the kind of sprawling ensemble piece that screams out for a Pedro Almodovar, but in the absence of an Almodovar it simply screams out -- in persistent, tedious intervals.
  14. 40
    The seasoned actresses are grand enough, but what a waste: Rather than elevate the material, they amplify its banalities.
  15. 30
    This Spanish comedy showcases a gallery of popular actresses, but writer-director Manuel Gomez Pereira gives them nothing to work with aside from tiresome romantic complications.
  16. 30
    Never manages to be either very funny or very compelling.
  17. 25
    There's potential here, but the script is entirely too, shall we say, Hollywood. There's even a dog-poop joke.
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  1. LoreleiQ.
    Sep 8, 2006
    Fun & frivolous farce.
  2. Mase
    Sep 3, 2006
    Warm and colorful spanish romp, should bring a smile to yourself even when it's a bit uneven. A nice little appetized for those eagerly Warm and colorful spanish romp, should bring a smile to yourself even when it's a bit uneven. A nice little appetized for those eagerly awating Almodovar's "Volver". Lot's of cute refrences to Almodovar classics. Go just for the incredible cast if anything, who are all game and look to be having fun. Full Review »