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  • Release Date: Dec 6, 2013

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  1. Reviewed by: David Chute
    Dec 9, 2013
    The Whoopee Cushion hijinks here are punctuated with incongruous outbursts of bloody violence.
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  1. Dec 13, 2013
    R... Rajkumar is a film that relies on Kapoor to make his leap against Sood, and it doesn't fail in doing that. The characters are rubbish- lover, girl, and villain- simple Masala Elements. Sonu Sood is good, and he looks like a villain. Drugs and violence- the things that this movie offers you. Bad guys on top of good guys- opium fields and a overtop of rigging romance in between Romeo and Chanda. By the time it's all over- you get a superdose of great masala filmmaking but less effort in making it shine. I would say, a good masala film with corny hijinks that make it look like crap. Full Review »