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Summary: John Rambo's former Vietnam superior, Colonel Samuel Trautman, has been assigned to lead a mission to help the Mujahedeen rebels who are fighting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, but the Buddhist Rambo turns down Trautman's request that Rambo help out. When the mission goes belly up and Trautman is kidnapped and tortured by Russian Colonel Zaysen, Rambo launches a rescue effort and allies himself with the Mujahedeen rebels and gets their help in trying to rescue Trautman from Zaysen.
Runtime: 102 min
Production: Carolco Pictures
Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Country: USA
Languages: English, Russian
Home Release Date: Nov 23, 2004
Director Credit
Peter MacDonald Director
Writer Credit
David Morrell Characters
Sheldon Lettich Written By
Sylvester Stallone Written By
Principal Cast Credit
Sylvester Stallone Rambo
Cast Credit
Alon Aboutboul Nissem
Doudi Shoua Hamid
Hany Said El Deen Gun Dealer
Harold Diamond Stick Fighter
Joseph Shiloach Khalid
Kurtwood Smith Griggs
Mahmoud Assadollahi Rahim
Marc de Jonge Colonel Zaysen
Marcus Gilbert Tomask
Matti Seri Gun Dealer
Randy Raney Kourov
Richard Crenna Trautman
Sasson Gabai Mousa
Spiros Focás Masoud
Producer Credit
Andrew G. Vajna Executive Producer
Buzz Feitshans Producer
Mario Kassar Executive Producer
Tony Munafo Associate Producer
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