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  • Summary: This is the story of Romeo. He had the works – the mansion to live in, the chicks to party with and the cars to be driven around in. Until one day, his family decided to move and left him behind in the mean streets of Mumbai. Now faced with situations he has never been in before, Romeo encounters 4 new friends. Then, Romeo meets the beautiful, ravishing Laila, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. He tries to win her heart, but the dreaded Charlie Anna, the resident Don, gets in his way. (Yash Raj Films) Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Rachel Saltz
    Perhaps Bollywood’s most ingratiating quality is how hard the actors work to entertain you: they dance, they cry, they risk appearing silly. The animated dogs in "Romeo" aren't particularly appealing.
  2. Reviewed by: Derek Elley
    Scores high on the tech front but considerably lower on script smarts.
  3. 40
    It would be charitable to forgive this first attempt its technical shortcomings; while the virtual set design is first-rate, the character animation is often clunky and inexpressive. What's harder to excuse is the drabness of the storytelling, the repetitive sitcom dilemmas that are closer to "Top Cat" than "Ratatouille."
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