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  • Summary: This film is a dramatic adaptation of a racially-charged historical event that took place in central Florida in 1923.
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  1. Positive: 16 out of 20
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  1. 90
    Deliberately paced at the outset, the film slowly establishes a sense of hatred that makes the violent explosion of the film's second half as plausible and inevitable as the laws of physics.
  2. 89
    The director is unflinching in his portrayal of the horrors that occurred, and nearly all the characters, from Voight's Wright to Rhames' Mann, are wonderfully nuanced, desperately believable creations.
  3. 88
    Despite an occasional narrative hiccup, this is a rich and moving motion picture.
  4. 70
    As a director, Singleton shares with Furious a didactic streak. Singleton is no demagogue, but his fast-action style tends to erase the nuances of interracial dynamics.
  5. As written by Gregory Poirier and produced by Jon Peters, whose credits are mostly of the blockbuster variety, the film is broader and more simplistic than it needs to be, settling more than it should for obvious emotions and situations.
  6. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    Ultimately, however, the film's ambition, urgency and acute observations prevail over the many stock elements to forge an estimable work that is notably serious and analytical for a Hollywood-produced film in this day and age.
  7. The film transcends racial divisions by bestowing equally hopeless dialogue on both sides.

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  1. Nov 27, 2012
    This one of the better films released in the past 20 years, and yet it rarely gets enough credit. Excellent acting from Don Cheadle and VIng Rhames anchor this tale of a race riot in 1920's Florida. While the action scenes are unrealistic and the violence overexaggerated, it's still a well-constructed film with an excellent score and riveting drama. Expand